For real?

You're giving this as a gift?

It's a license.

That's the biggest toy shop license in the store.

Let's calm down. We need to calm down.

Swallowing something so scary might tear your throat.

I know how painful it gets when I have something out of my power, a child of fake destiny.

You can't pack when you're in exile.

Since I can't run such a big shop, the castle manager will take my place. Then it's money you can't touch anyway.

The duc will know as soon as he tries to sell it and cash it, so the asylum plan will be out in no time.

I put the paperwork into the duc with a bloody tearful heart.

"You can't read the writing."

When the duc said arrogantly, Leah said, "Let me read it to you." I smiled lovingly.

"Oh, my God, this is a toy shop license, baby!"

I said in a gloomy voice.

"Le Bou, this is not going."

"It's not just paper, baby. If you have this, you can have all the toys in the store."

I shake my head with a sad expression.

"To try this..... Just more toys, Joey."

Then I heard a little silhouette around Cook.

Henri and Ishak were looking at the Duke with their nasty faces wrapped around my shoulders.

"For a child, a shop license is an untouchable item."

"Well, yes. I'm not more happy with the bow or the dress."

The Duke was struck by lightning. But the princes laughed raw, wrapped around me.

"Let's go to the room, LeBlaine."

"Yeah, we'll take care of it."

I heard the duc's low voice behind me following the princess without hips.

"Those who took care of this, bring me the list."

There was another thing I didn't know about the castle.

* * *

I got up before sunrise and snuck out of bed.

'Okay, I took care of the bow Ishak gave me.'

In case you don't know, I put it in my pocket with the tracking tool that Leah gave me.

There are people who target me enough to break into the castle, so be careful.

I walked into the basement.

Soldiers were on patrol, but I managed to sneak in by reviving my experience as a mouse.

Of course, picking the key was also a skill I learned from my handshake colleague.


When I called out a little, she raised her head as she was curled up.



When I put my index finger on his lips, Seria blemished and killed his voice.

"What are you doing here?"

"Here's where I'm going with Seria."

I went out to Oxa with the hand of a blinking seria, as if I could not understand it.

The place where I took her was Oxa, in the most corner of the basement.

In the iron spear, a horrible groaning sounds like scratching iron.

Seria breathes heavily when she sees the figure inside the iron spear.


She stares at me with a look at why she brought herself here.

I say, "Say, help." I shrugged.

"But it's going to be locked."

"I don't think so."

Then I opened the door.


Jacob did not say who the "guest" was at the end. I cried, saying I really don't know.

So the Duke must have left the door open.

'Let Jacob flee.'

It was Jacob who was chased from Dubled who told him to kidnap me.

'That's why Oxa was so empty.'

Thanks to you, I was easy to move.

There is a good chance that Jacob might have been fed or attached to a tracking device earlier.

The Duke Dubled I heard was that scary.

"Let's go in."

And when I opened the door, he entered slowly into the house of Jacob.

Jacob, stretched out on the ground, barely moved his eyes and looked at us.

"Save me..... save me....."

"I don't want to hear that!"

Seria screams in response to evil.

She ran to Jacob like a jackal and grabbed him by the neck.

Jacob, who had already been subjected to terrible torture for a few hours, had no power to sow ceria.

"Where are my brothers in the House of Hope? Where did you sell it……!"

Jacob did not answer and she began to tighten his neck.

Jacob, whose face was freshened, said, "Argh!" I groaned like a fish that fell to the ground.

"Cow, it's a guest."


"My guest took me."

"You mean the guest who told you to kidnap the baby? You said you didn't know who you were."

And when he had loosened his hand, Jacob took hold of the reddish neck, and breathed.

"I don't know who I am. It's true. Every time I checked in, I bought them. All the kids I raised in Hope's house were bought by him."

"What did you take my brothers for?"


"Tell me!"

Jacob swallowed up the drool and looked up at ceria.

"The slaughterhouse is a place for meat, not a place for guests."


I kicked his face.

"I know this is a horse! (I thought this was it!)"

Seria, who was shaking with her fist tightly, frowned at Jacob's face. The trampler looks at me with a bruised face.

"Come, you two should be slaughtered once!"


I climbed up to my face and ran, and I heard the sound of them all dying.

"Oh, baby."

Rather, how surprised Seria was, she hugged me.

I stared at Jacob who was fainted and said,

"I'm so scared that I can't run, I don't know who I am."

As I breathed out, I felt the power in my hand.

I lean back on the floor and look up at her.

"I have something to ask you."

"Tell me."

I stared at her face and opened my mouth.

"How desperate are you to find your brothers?"

"…… Yes?"

Seria's eyes shake sharply.

"You want to apply human bones, get drunk and find blood, Cipher? How many more demons have you and your brothers killed?"

When I asked her, Seria's eyes were twisted strangely.

"You... are not a normal child."

I smiled.

"If you have a chance, I'll help you."

I slowly reached out my hand.

Seria, who looked at my hand quietly like a little maple leaf, bit her lips tightly.

"I've already done my best to kill the writer."

She took my hand.

"What can I do?"

I spoke freshly to her asking with a slightly nervous face.

"Can I get your bounty?"

I want to do it.

* * *

Seria looks at me, smiling naively like a child with a ridiculous face.

"Go to the police station with my foot? Is that with my acquaintance?"

"Yes, so get the bounty. If you turn yourself in, you can't take it."

"Then I will be executed!"

"I don't live."

"How can you be sure?"

"Let the priests come and pray to God before the prisoner dies. That's when you say,"

I stretched my index finger and lowered my voice.

"I know where the source of the Bible is."

Seria's eyes widened.

"That's ridiculous. That's what I told Ali...!"

"I know."

And if that's the case, the temple will turn your eyes upside down.

Obviously, it would be a pity to get it, and save Seria.

"If it's the source of the Bible, it's a huge thing that can't be valued. Why would you use that for me?"

"Seria is a man worth it."

She says nothing and stares at me for a while.

With trembling pupils and twitching lips, I could see how much I was touched now.

'I'm telling you, seria is a man worth it.'

He devoted his life to his brothers who had not been mixed with a drop of blood because they had grown up together in the nursery.

It is a man who would never betray if he could earn loyalty.

Most importantly, Seria was smart.

Unlike Jacob, who had barely entered as an administrator with the help of a 'guest' or Charlie, who had been trained by a wealthy aristocrat and passed the test.

I was not properly educated in the nursery, and I passed Dubled's Administrator's exam just by learning from my noble side.

'Besides, knowing that I'm not an ordinary child, I didn't ask about the situation.'

It didn't matter who I was or who I was.

If only I could hold your hand.

He was determined and noticeable.

"North American talent." '

There was no one so good as to put it next to me.

"So where do I tell the original?"

"The secret stand of the Emperor."

Besides, you can screw the Emperor until the end of the reign.

The pristine Emperor kept the original secret.

The Temple was a betrayal to the Emperor when he found out that he had the original Bible to keep in the Chapel Temple.

I tried to make a majestic face by smiling and feeling the look of seria.

"Leave before sunrise."

"The grace of the baby, I will not forget."

On his knees, Seria tightens her head.

"Absolutely, absolutely, but I really don't care, but can I ask you a favor?"


"Please leave here first."

She used to look at Jacob with her cool eyes.

"And no matter what you hear, don't come back."

I stared at her with a black glow.

"…… verbal."

I went to Oxa first, as she asked.

Jacob's desperate screams followed behind his back.

On that day Jacob went out to Oxah as a corpse, and Seraiah left the city of Euphrates.

A few days later, I was delivered a bottle of the nominal 'Kid's Day Gift'.

There were 30,000 francs in the bottle.

It was the amount of the bounty on Seria.