Same time, Tower of Wisdom.

There were many nobles in the residence of the Senate, unlike usual.

"Reset! How could you make such a decision...! Where is the Chairman who should advise the President of such a city!"

"In the aftermath of the Terramore incident, you will hide it for a while." "

"You all have a hard time with a rat."

"Yes, he said, because his due date is near."

Excited nobles shout.

"If the Chairman doesn't step up, we have to stop him!"

"Isn't your will stubborn?"

"But if we do this, the child of destiny will act on behalf of the mistress!"

"Does it make sense for an adopted child of civilian origin to take care of the castle and govern all of me in the name of Dublin Red?"

Even the nobles with jurisdiction sighed, and the members of the Senate burst into division.

"If you had remarried, this terrible thing would not have happened. Even now, why don't you give it to me?"

"It'll take at least a year or two to find the right family and get the right sum."

"Toothless, the Duchess should have given birth to another daughter. so you don't get swayed by unqualified girls."

The elder, who was sitting at the table on behalf of the Chairman, rubbed his chin.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have another qualified daughter?"


Elder looks back on Baron Wilston.

"How old was the daughter of the ball?"

Baron Wilston, who was watching the Mulfatty meeting, said, "Yes?" I asked.

* * *

Middle name becomes' reset 'for a week. My daily life was ruined.

"Baby, the people in our library have been Dublin's blood for generations. If we were around, it would definitely help."

"Les, Leah and we can take care of the baby too!"

Like every day, the employers were not as sane as the barrels.

I took refuge in the garden, avoiding the Library's employees.

'It's annoying.'

I can't even go after Hado and see the money in the greenhouse.

Sitting in the back of a large tree, squeaking and breathing, I sat still, only after the sound of the maids' feet was far away.

"I have to go for dinner while playing yogi muggles."

I looked around at the flowers in the garden.

The winter breeze didn't even retreat, but there were flowers all around.

It was the magic stone that was in the air.

Just as you can make Holy Tools with Blue Spinel, you can make Horse Tools with Magic Stones. It was because of the high horsepower conductivity.

The clearer the color, the stronger the power. The magic stone in the garden was very clear purple. Plus, it's huge.

'I wish I could take that one off while I'm in exile. It's going to be very expensive.'

I thought so and broke the flowers in the garden.

'We should make a bunch of flowers and give them to Leah.'

Leah likes wild flowers more naturally than they do with human hands.

So I went looking for a little field flower that the gardeners hadn't seen before.

Just like at any time, as I watched the ground, I ran into someone else who was focused on flowers.



The man who struck me screamed and sat down.

He's a kid, isn't he?

It was a girl who looked like ten or three more.

He wore a wide bonnet and wore a rich skirt dress, which was also expensive to pretend.

I couldn't see it as the beginning of a serendipity in the castle.

'Oh, let's get him up first.'

I thought so and put out my hand, and she frowned and frowned. Then I woke up and shot myself.

"What are you doing?"


"You don't have to apologize."

I nodded gently and said,

"Come on, let's apologize to each other."


"Neither was the one who hit me because I couldn't."

It was when he frowned as if he was stubborn.


I heard Ishaq's voice.

"Where is it around here……."

The muttering child searches the rose vine by hand. Then he glanced at me with a crack.

Ishak grabbed the ornament of the garden and swung over the vine.

"It was here."

I looked at the crystal ball in the child's hand and blurred my eyes.

"What, are you tracking me again?"

After Jacob's work, I received a tracking horse tool.

This costly stabler was not only able to grasp its current location, it was also able to make travel routes and emergency calls.

"Uh, are you mad?"

"I track them all the time, Guroch."

Henri and Ishak looked all over for me with this.

At least Henri controlled the number of times I didn't bother, but Ishak remained unchanged.

The child smiled and shook her face.

At first, I was surprised when a handsome face approached me, but now I'm used to it and it's just a burden.

"I wouldn't be mad if I knew what I told you to prepare for today's snack."

"..... How far?"

"French toast."

"Why are you here now?"

I greeted him with a cold.

Frenchtoast was my favorite snack after soaking a well-cooked egg and grilling it with honey and butter.

But the chefs said, "We can't give food to ordinary people or to babies." I couldn't eat too often because I burned my passion.

"Oh, my God, you were the baby."

I heard a loud voice next to me.

"I didn't get to meet you and say hello."

Ishaq frowned.

"What, why are you here?"

"Long time no see."

The child who hit me earlier smiled shyly and bowed his head. Then he looked at me.

"It's called Katlea Wilston. It's my brother and sister from the Confucius."


"Yes, you were surprised earlier, weren't you? Forgive me. I didn't recognize you because you're an outfit."

My makeup came out.

The duc opened his eyes since his finger reached the dress last time.

Ishak tore his clothes to shreds, 'he hurt me,' and Henri smiled freshly and said to my clothing worker, 'If you consider my family's disgrace in the future, I will strip you of leather and make you into clothes.'

After that, I only wore comfortable clothes.

Of course, cloth was the best thing on the market, but it was dull because it lacked any decoration.

Besides, it was on the dirt floor, so it looked like it was covered in dirt.

The girl grabbed my hand with both hands and said,

"Please forgive me."

She folded her eyes and spoke.

"I will be staying with you in the castle in the future, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

Stay together in the castle?

Me and Ishaq look at each other and their eyes widen.

* * *

I heard about Katlea, who went into the room where Henri was with Ishaq.

She said she was twelve years old, but she was really preoccupied.

He was very clever when he poured out the hard words. Henri and Ishak followed him to the level of talent.

Also, in Dublin, he is a very rare child of divine power. It was also quite strong, so I was being educated in the temple.

Ishak took a strawberry with a fork and gave it to me with a frowny face.

"Why bring out the blood type education that you don't usually do?"

I looked at Henri's eyes.

Blood education refers to a system in which the household collects and manages all Dubled's blood in order to control the family.

The duc was forced to hand over the three princesses to his predecessor.

In other words, I was cautious because Henri had a trauma.

However, Henri said with a face that was nothing.

"I heard it was Wilston's voluntary request."

"Are you crazy? The Guardian family always trembled in fear that my family would take my child."

"Well, it's a benefit to us. Just by educating Wilston Young Love for a few weeks, you can crack down on other rebellious families."


"I'm afraid you'll want to educate the bloodline in full, just like you did in the old days."

"So Wilston must resent the other family? Why?"

After answering Ishak's question, Henri looked at me and turned around. Suddenly, it was a cozy voice.

"I have to go to the dining room now, but can I call you back already?"

Snack boats and meal boats are separate.

"It's possible with a solemn face." They laughed, "said Cook.

"Shall we go then?"

I grabbed the hands of the officials and headed to the banquet hall.

Dubled's dinner was not a common meal. The same was true of exchanges between cerebral ministries.

When I entered the dining room, there were nobles who had seen me at the competition the other day.

When the children of the household appeared, they all got up from their seats and laid their hands on their breasts and bowed their heads.

"Welcome to the family's ghosts."

I was a little nervous about the polite greetings of the authorities, but the officials were accustomed to the position.

As we sat on the left side of the table, Katlea across the street smiled.

'She's here, too.'

At that time, the Duke appeared.

Another courteous greeting followed.

The Duke sat down and the meal began.

While the adults were talking difficult stories, I focused on meals.

'Beef, too good.'

Dubled melts as soon as he puts it in his mouth.

Even when the Emperor bit me and sucked me and was pretty before the regression, it tasted like nothing I had ever tasted. It was then.


The people who talked in Katlea's voice focused on her.

"I beg your pardon. I'm surprised……."

Her mother, Baron Wilston, said, "What's going on?" I asked, but Katlea stood up constantly.

Then he approached me and wiped my face with a napkin.

"That's it."

I looked at Katlea with a steamy face.

"I didn't eat much when I was buried. '

I took care of it because it was a dinner table.

But the adults who were focused on the story didn't know, and they laughed that Katlea was unusual.

"I want to watch the cute look of the baby, but I don't think so....."

Katlea returned to her place with a smile.

Then I put the meat on his plate with a shy expression.

"Delicious, Duke."

Even this time, the goblins laughed, saying they were really sweet.