Katlea Wilston was the prettiest child in Dublin.

A glorious blode that resembles her handsome mother and a clear blue eye like Lake Dublin, the symbol of Dublin.

When a child like a doll opens his or her eyes, no adult can be more beautiful.

A few days ago, Baron Wilston came back to the mansion with a lot of excitement.

"Opportunity! Opportunity!"

The baron asked her husband who was happy to run.


"A chance for our daughter to be a Dublin Red Mermaid!"

"What the hell are you talking about? That was already rejected once, wasn't it?"

It was boring to send a child from Bunga to the main street to adopt him. Besides, if you're a brilliant kid like Katlea.

Wilston's daughter was an excellent owner of divine power. Because of this, I was educated at the temple from an early age and sometimes came to check on the child's growth in the temple of the Islands.

If I had grown up like this, I would have set aside the position of high priest, and if I had the help of Duke Dubled, I could have looked at the position of cardinal.

The couple asked the Duke to take her daughter to set the stage, but she was refused. The reason was that the child was already kicking and overflowing.

"The elders and the bridegroom promised to give me strength."

"Suddenly for some reason....."

"What's what? It's because of a child who's destined to chase after her."

The baron's wife frowned.

Only the word "child of destiny" turns upside down.

He said he was cold and overcrowded and he adopted a child.

Even if it was a request from the Emperor, I cried out when I thought that the crazy kid who couldn't even reach Katlea had stitched up the place my daughter should have.

"Will the Duke change his mind this time?"

"I didn't see Katlea right then, so I refused. With a child of destiny, you will realize how foolish my judgment was."

The baron's mouth went up to the baron's testimony.

Rumor has it that the child of destiny has given the name of the Grand Duke as Middle Name.

If she grows up a little, she will be able to speak for the Dublin Red Society on behalf of the Duchess.

It was horrible to think of wielding it on a child of ordinary origin.

But if Katlea is admitted to the mainland and takes her place.

On the pretext of helping my daughter, I could also intervene in the saving of nature.

You will be able to rule over the noble princesses who were ignored as the powerless baron of the world.

The baron handed over Katlea's hair and said,

"Can you please the President and the officials?"

In response to a question, Katlea smiled at Saint-Germain.

"When did I ever let you down?"

"Cancer, my daughter has never let her down."

Huhu laughed and the baron's wife kissed her daughter's cheek.

.... I did.

Katlea grips her cheeky toes tightly.

The Duke transferred the meat I gave him to a dish of Leblane.

"Eat slowly."

LeBlaine opens her eyes in a circle and looks back at herself and the Duke several times.

He saw himself shooting sharply, picking up the meat again and putting it on the Duke's plate.

"No, Princess Mugger."

The Duke hardened his face. And shouted at the butler.

"Call for the stuffer!"

Surprised by what I said, people hopped their eyes and looked at the Duke.

However, the Duke picks up the meat that LeBlaine put down again with a clean spoon.

"This is the first meat my daughter gave me."

Katlea's face twitched.

I gave it to you first...!

* * *

After the supper broke out, Katlea went to the castle with the gangsters, and it was evil.

I couldn't stand being torn apart.

'What the hell!'

He was a speechless kid.

A child who is neither cuter nor more powerful nor clever than I am.

His eyes were sprinkled with contempt that he had been pushed to such an extent.

"Don't look at Shy's tears."

Katlea was astonished at the voice she heard next to her.

When he turned his head, the elder, who had cooked his face, smiled.

"How can a child, as a Dublin infant, be so excited about this?"

"Can I really be a Dublin Mermaid?"


"But the Duke didn't look at me....."

Katlea stares at the elder.

Neither was Baron Wilston's anxious couple.

The baron asked the elder.

"Your Highness cares for the child of destiny more than you think. It was a real sight to see her."

"What kind of man is that, sir?"

"What if……?"

"A fateful child accidentally helped the family a few times."

It was something only a few knew.

Tell me where Oracle is buried and let me find Etwal.

"I was lucky. '

"Because of that girl, you get this door and think like a glutton."

The elder knocked on the baron's shoulder and said,

"Don't worry. The Lord's heart is where we will turn."

Then he bends his knee and stares at Katlea.

"All you have to do is trust us. And reward us for this in the future."

It was as polite as it really was for the Dublin infant.

Then a smile came back on Katlea's face.

* * *

The next day.

I looked at Ishak and Henri, who stood in my way with their backs against the wall.



"I'm telling you because I don't think you know."


"I know how to eat meat."


Henri was just laughing, but his smile was brighter than usual and he wanted to say the same thing.


I only gave back the meat that Katlea gave to the Duke.

The child, who was emanating an aura that she wanted to be cute from her whole body, stared at me as soon as she gave me the meat.

I gave it back because I didn't want Han to frost because of the meat.

Ishaq said.

"If you discriminate like this, I will discriminate against you."

Not me. Henri?

I looked up at Ishak, who was making a serious face because he was ridiculous.

Henri looks at Ishak like a cockroach.

I sighed and searched my pockets.


I searched the possiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepossiblepo

I couldn't make a bouquet of flowers in the wind that hit Katlea, so I just put it in my pocket.

The unnamed wild flowers in my pocket for a day were a little rusty, but that's all.

I gave the wild flowers to Henri and Ishaq one by one.

Then the princes opened their eyes wide.

"Are you giving it to us?"


The two of them received flowers with trembling hands.

"The kid told me....."

"Give me flowers……."

Ishaq said, "Pumpkin!" I cried out. It was a tone I've heard a lot about.

"Excuse me." The knight, Henri's accomplice, who opened the door quickly, approached.

"I've put up a petition asking for permission to release the shield of sleeping minerals from Wilston Young."

'If you're a sleeping mineral, you're talking about it.'

Gabo of Dubled.

The sacred shield was put in place, so only the one with the sacred power could unlock it.

I don't even know what it's for.

The Progenitor left a garbo and nailed it, saying, 'It will only be possible to use it when the daughter of Bonga is born with divine power.' But all the foods born since then have not been declared to be of magical power.

Ishak shouts.

"What nonsense! The Duke's daughter is a child, so why would Katlea Wilston break the shield?"

Henri's expression also thickened.

He asked the knight.

"Where are the goblins now?"

"You're in reality."

Henri and Ishaq left the corridor immediately.

There were so many psychics in reality.

It was mostly the authorities with jurisdiction over 3,000 square kilometres.

Katlea, who was standing between them, smiled at me and the officials who had just come into reality.

There was a lavish box between the Duke's chair and the wizards.

It seemed like a big stone to me.

'Is that a sleeping mineral?'

The lizards opened their mouths to the Duke.

"Meteorological predictions suggest a severe drought next year."

That's right.

Imperial, noble, and temple forecasts were prepared, but the drought continues from seeding to autumn.

"Maybe now is the time to need the power of sleeping minerals."

"It would be helpful if this mineral could summon a spirit of water, as the record speculates."

"And Miss Wilston is the owner of a powerful divine power. You can break the shield."

Henri, who heard the story, looked back at the Duke.

"We cannot leave a precedent for the rebellion to unleash the sanctuary belonging to the Bonga."

I nod in my head.

In the future, the ruling aristocrats will be able to target other holy things belonging to the mainland.

A man across the lobe of the Senate said.

"Of course, we know the dangers of leaving a precedent behind. It could be an internal cause."

Ishaq twisted the purchase.

"Why are you talking nonsense knowing?"

The mouth of the elder rises.

"If you adopt Katleah Wilston to the mainland, I'm afraid you can save the people of the Territory without leaving a dangerous precedent."

'This was the purpose.'

I looked at Katlea, who was shamefully swarming her cheeks.

Ishak burst into laughter.

"So you don't want to see a kid organize resistance?"

The elder laughed as if he was in trouble.

"How can you say that? It's just, you know, giving advice to the people of the Territory."

"Of course. If you could break the shield, would we raise this invitation?"

"You can't break the shield for a baby who lacks divine power more than a normal believer."

At the words of the protégé, the psychics shouted.

"How can you judge your baby so harshly!"

"Can you do it?"


"I'm sorry."

The eyes of the elder turned towards me, standing next to Duke Dubois Odokani.

"Is it true that the baby is divine?"