The nobles of the protégé raised their voices.

"Keep your horses off the ball!"

"You are the child of destiny verified by the Temple!"

The nobles on the elder side opened their mouths without any support.

"How come you've never seen me use divine power before?"

"Which of you witnessed the divine power of the baby?"

"Especially when it's a child, I can't control my power, so I'm going to give it to him in secret."

This was the second objective.

Taking my Godliness from the nobles of the protégé.

At that time, the Duke, who was sitting on the temple with his eyes closed, opened his mouth.

"They're playing."

It was a low and quiet voice, but its back was sufficiently intimidating to be flawless.

As he slowly lifted up his eyelids, a sharp brow appeared in his blue eyes.

Oxygen swallowed the lungs, and the elders and his near-sided nobles drowned in their gaze.

Elder and other wizards claiming adoption of Katlea bend their knees at the same time.

"Look down on the villagers. It's all for Dubled's light."

"For the light of Dublin Red!"

"For the Light!"

Most of the psychics gathered in reality shouted Dubled's radiance together.

I used to be crazy and jumpy.

Don't do it, you idiots! '

They seemed to think that the Duke would have no choice but to push them to the other side.

In the future, some people used to write a memorandum of understanding, which is the supreme authority of the Senate.

More than a majority of the vast Dublin spirits agreed and invited the Duke to attend.

At that time, Duke Dubled buried all the nobles who wrote the plaque alive.

Maybe now, when they're all dead, the temple will be taken away again because the Duke is not the right father to raise me.

'I can't help it.'

I said, "Wow!" I screamed and ran to a box full of minerals.

"Is this Le Bourgo?"

When I pretended to be naive, Viscount Dubois panicked and said, "Oh, baby." I said.

The elder opened his eyes and said,

"If the baby can break the shield, yes."

"So Le Bou wants to do it!"

The purchase of those who insisted on the adoption of Katlea was twisted.

You look like you can do it.

Katlea said, "I..." pretend to be sad, "he said.

"It would be dangerous if there was no divine power to break the shield."

Even the North and Dubois, even the Confucians, seemed to think I couldn't do it.

"LeBlaine, let it go because it's dangerous."

"Yeah, I'll buy you a better toy!"

I know it's gonna be dangerous.

Probably not. No, I was sure I would never.

I felt it as soon as I picked up the minerals.

It wasn't the level I could solve.

It is surrounded by a triple shield and even feels a strange energy in the mineral.

'But you might be able to feel what minerals are.'

There is no need for strong divine power in emotion.

All you have to do is push the very thready force into the gap.

And by calculating the quality of the forces inherent in it, we can figure out which elements.

Rather, it was something that could be done because the divine power was weak.

The weak have developed abilities in this way, because if they are strong, they will break the shield.

'This can really summon a water spirit, but you just have to make sure.'

If it cannot be summoned, there is no need for Katlea to fight for the release of the shield of minerals.

I carefully energized the minerals.

It was that moment.

Fruit and vegetables!!

The castle shook violently as if an earthquake had erupted at the same time as a red light emanated from the mineral.


Quang Guang!

A crack went to the wall and ceiling and a broken piece fell.

"Well, what is it?"

All the people were embarrassed and were sitting on their right and left sides.

The Duke raised his body.



Henri and Ishaq hurriedly released their magic power. The same seal that appeared in the hands of the two starters came to mind over my head.

However, blocking the fragments of the wall was scattered with sharp cracks within.

"What, why is my power...."

It was when Ishaq murmured as if he could not believe it.

I wanted to see if my eyes turned blurry, and my voice flowed into my ears.

[I finally met the baby.]

It was always the first moment when the noise sounded clear.

However, the surroundings turned into a mess without a bird to judge the situation.

Soon, black circles were created in the air, and those in black hoods appeared.

The man in the golden hood hurriedly took off his hat and shouted.

"This huge sacred power is a temple raid!"

And the others lifted up their rods and said,

"No matter how many thousand combat priests come, it's no use. The Wizards of Dublin will destroy you!"

"How many thousand? How many thousand!?"

And I look around.

'Oh, somebody knock me out.'

The witches looked at me with a puzzled face.

'Why is the wave.... to the child?' The words are written on the face.

But neither do I know English. I was just trying to appraise the minerals, and suddenly I heard a voice and the divine power came out strongly.

"Aren't you the baby?"

The Magician reaches out to me across the golden robe.

[Dare not!]

The voice shrieks. And without a bird to dry, a more powerful divine power emanated.


I thought into my head to dry it somehow.

But at that moment.


Katlea hesitates and stops her mouth. Hematopoiesis drops between fingers.

'What the hell did his voice do.....'

The surroundings became more chaotic.


Beyond reality, screaming is fine outside.

Bang! Bang! The spikes caught in the falling debris groaned loudly.

When the situation gets rough, Rob of Gold says, "Jinjin!" I shouted. To do so, Robes dreadfully surrounded me and set up a defensive camp.

[Who's Threatening My Baby!]

My voice was furious, and I was terrified.

I don't want to attack people, but I don't have much strength. No, it gets more intense every time my tensions and fears increase.

It seems to be the blame of that voice that seems to have lost his mind.

Sharp attacks persisted. The wizards were pushed backwards and eventually heard Wand holding the golden robe. It was a signal to cast attack magic.

At that time.


It was the Duke's voice.

"But to stop the divine power, we have to take that stone away from the baby...!"

The embarrassed goldsmith said, but the Duke only came to me without saying a word.

Every step closer, a wave of divine power stopped him. Soon, however, it was broken by the Duke's magic power.

It was repeated several times. The wave stops him, destroys him and is regenerated.

As the wave broke with a sharp rupture, it poured into him like a piece of glass.

He came to me and stood before me until the end, though the dark red blood was poured out without rest on his arm.

"It's okay."


"It's okay, LeBlaine."

He put his hand on my back of the hand.

As soon as I felt the warmth, the stone that seemed to have fallen into my hands fell to the ground.

And I fell into the Duke's arms.

* * *

After that, I was moved to my room.

The doctor took care of me and said there was nothing wrong with my body. I didn't seem to have much of a problem with my body.

I was fine, but the castle was a mess.

When I left reality earlier, the gaze of the wizards on me was terror itself.

'Apprenticeship…… What should I do?'

This was not the only problem.

[Baby, are you okay? Huh?]

I keep talking in my head.

This voice was the biggest problem.

Every time I hear a voice, I lose all my strength. Besides, I keep getting hungry and sleepy.

And it seemed like tears were just beginning to make it impossible to keep up with adult accidents.

'Let's wrap things up.'

I've never heard a voice like this in my last three lives.

It is not the first time that my divine power is so strong.

'Did you change something this time by regressing? No, then the priests must have noticed before they came to Dublin.'

I think it's because of the voice that the divine power is stronger.

And his voice was heard from the moment he touched Newit.

'Exactly. It was written in the records of the Emperor's invitation.' Newit is the key. '

Did the key bloom me?

Then the divine power suddenly becomes stronger.

'Then I am a child of real destiny?! Not…….'

The conditions of a child's destiny are three.

1. To be born on February 29.

2. There shall be divine power.

3. Express the Crest of God.

Because these three are a prerequisite for sealing evil.

Mina was suitable for all three and succeeded in sealing the demon. It was the best thing I knew that was the offering of the seal.

'In this life, I will never dream of anything.'

In my first life, I didn't know what I was really young for, but this time never.

'Huh? So, how do I keep and use adult accidents like this in my life?'

If it had been like a second or third life, it would not have been easy.

I thought you ate well and slept well, but that wasn't it.

'This is also because the power is flowering.'

[Baby, are you okay? Huh?]

I heard another voice and I thought,

"Who the hell are you? No, who is it? '

[That can't be said until you qualify.]

It was a gloomy voice.

"How do you qualify? '

[I can't tell you that either. Only after you are qualified can you answer my question, my dear. But she already knows where she deserves to be. So..... Argh!]

A shrieking voice murmured.

[You're not even allowed this. I'll have nothing more to say to her.]

That's what my voice said, but I got a hint. With the words, "Where are you?"

It means "stuff." '

There is only one thing that is special enough to be called a qualification.

'The second Etwal.'

[But is your body okay? Baby, are you too strong to answer? Ah, if he had been here...! Maybe I shouldn't have been the first. You're a pain in the ass. He needs to be qualified, so that he can....]

'There is.'

Let's think without force. [Voice breaking] Yeah!] and answered quickly.

'Will you please be quiet? I think I need to rest.'

Whenever my voice speaks, an adult accident fades and I, the child, pop out.

I might have already popped out when I saw even the word "rest."

Imagining the day I peed on the bed, Oss creeped me out.

'I have to go find Etwal quickly before I become a complete child.'

I woke up in bed.