I've been riding a wagon for a long time, leaving the castle.

I went to a nearby temple to revalidate my divine power because of the passing on of my divine power by the Baron and Baron Katlea.

The Duke did not try to let me go, but Duke Dubois persuaded him to be reckless.

[The baby has exercised a power that even Dublin's elite magicians will not be able to endure. Maybe there's more than the doctor doesn't know. You need to be properly diagnosed at the temple.]

Of course, it was not only my concern, but the persuasion that included Dubled's concern.

If you don't let me go, the relationship with the temple will be irreversible.

Anyway, when my health story came out, the Duke decided to let me go.

I looked out the window with a disfigured look.

[Baby, you don't feel so good.]



Katlea's horseman or divine power has become so powerful that she may be taken to the Central Temple.

[Do you want me to get rid of the temple?]

'Can you do that?!'

[If you use all the divine power of the baby, maybe.]

Pussy, Kim is missing.

Better to die than to go crazy.

If you die, you will come back to your senses, but if you go mad, you will neither die nor be delivered as a temple tool.

'No, let's be positive.'

The tears of the goddess Bune's wish were in the temple she was going to.

You can send it back if you sneak up on Bune by looking at the gap. Then you don't have to worry about being a child or running out of divine power and going crazy.

'We need to find the goddess's tears so quickly.'

When I thought about it, the wagon stopped.

I pushed out my head because I wanted to arrive, but it was the mouth of a mountain where there was still a temple.

"I beg your pardon, baby. There was a problem with the wheels."

Then, the faces of the escorts inside the wagon were bruised badly.

"Did you leave without touching the wagon properly?"

"Uh, because it rained yesterday, the road was full of mud and the wheels were tangled."

The horse was pompously tired of blue.


I calmed them down on the pretext that it would take a long time to climb the mountain anyway.

When I went out, there were as many horses as there were trade processions in the Merchant Guild.

All of the Dublin Knights' squadrons came to my escort.

So many people move the same step every time I move, and when I stop, they stand together.

I opened my eyes and looked at them.

"I'm going to do this near Yogi. Everybody take a break."

I need to find a way to escape just in case I get caught stealing the goddess's tears.

"You're a tough guy, baby."

I turned around and said, "No!" I shouted.

"Yes, baby."

"If it's worth going to, don't worry."


The escorts jumped before she said anything.

"With a woman's body, how can you keep her perfectly?"

I tilted my head.

"Sir, are you stronger than I am?"

"Well, of course....."

"You're from here, too."


Her eyes widened whether she didn't know she was from Dublin's elite, Erie.

Leah smiled and said,

"How many stages?"

"It's stage 438……."

"Stage I 372. My deputy commander has frequently questioned me now."


Leah tugs her shoulders as the Guard General is stunned.

Leah's frequent questioning of the deputy commander allowed me to learn the way.

The mountain with the temple was green, even though it was as winter as Dubled's garden.

'Spinello must be keeping the temperature. You must be getting a lot of sacraments here.'

I looked around on foot. It was a little dark because the sun was covered in clouds, but it wasn't particularly difficult to explore.

Leah walks with a moderate fall to keep me out of her way.

Then I opened my eyes wide after discovering an exceptionally light leafy tree.

"Great! Elza Tree! '

That was a really precious tree.

It is a tree that grows after eating divine power. It has a peculiar effect on leaves.

"50 francs a gram if you dry the leaves and sell them! '

I ran to Udada with a glittering elza tree.

It was time to grasp the trunk of the tree to rip the leaves.

Basrak, with the sound of grass touching, heard popularity behind the trees.

At that moment, the clouds were lifted and the sun was revealed.

As the surroundings brighten, the branches are heard, and a beautiful blonde boy appears to melt in between.


And I'm getting stiff.

Glorious blonde with vivid ruby red eyes.

I knew a boy of this beautiful appearance comparable to Duke Dubled.

Dubled's three accomplices, his appearance, his physical abilities, his managing director, and even his lineage,

'Adrian Louerg.'

He is the only enemy of the Emperor and is the man who will be sealed by the Emperor for organizing the Holy War in the future.

'You can walk and meet the prince....'

Near the Dublin Islands, far from the Islands.

I swallowed the dried saliva.

My heart jumped so hard that it seemed to pop out of my mouth.

I would not have been so surprised if I had been another prince. It's Adrian, so she's got white hair.

Because he shouldn't be here right now.

'This winter, they must be abandoned and expelled from the Imperial Palace!'

It certainly happens at this time.

Marquis Châtelet, the father of the deceased Emperor, is Adrian's forefather and rebelled to raise his grandson to the throne.

But if it fails, Marquis Châtelet dies, and Adrian is obliterated.

And only fifteen years later, he was appointed youngest cardinal and his status was lottery.

"The future has changed. '

What the hell?

There is only one case where the future changes.

'When I did something.'

But what did I do to Adrian that changed the future?

Why didn't Marquis Châtelet rebel?

What's he doing here?

I touched my nose, something that was confused.

With his eyes wide open, two small fish made of water floated in the air.

[That boy's power is amazing. I can't believe you gave yourself to something made with divine power.]

In Bune's words, I nodded.

That's it. So on the fifteenth day, it will also be appointed Cardinal as the abolished Prince.

"Army, Amand. Come here."

In Adrian's words, the fish on the small side went straight back, but the fish on the large side kept looking back at me, stretching their tails. I didn't seem to want to go.

'It's not a fish, it's a puppy.'

When I was thinking like that, his gaze touched me.

"Who is it? How did you get into my shield?"


"How did you see the Elza Tree?"

Did you use the shield to make it invisible?

'But why did it look like that to me?'

[I made it visible because she likes to watch!]

But even if I did, I wouldn't be able to get into the shield.

[I broke the shield because I think she wants to go towards the tree!]

Bourne said cheerfully.

'What do you do if you want to do that?'

It is very, very rude to break through the shield unless the opponent attacks me.

The shield that is not for attack is to bypass the surrounding space, so you can pass without breaking it.

'So it's like standing still and slapping your cheeks!'

Adrian was generally generous to the people, but he was not a decent man.

Some sides were as cold as creepy. Especially for someone who's attacking himself.

He was a thoroughbred who never spared a single fire of dust to himself.

"Who are you?"

Problem here.

Following the Cardinal, he did the same with a thorough slap on the cheek of a child who would become a prince. So what do we do?

"My room is an interest!"

I smiled brightly.



"This mountain can only come in with permission, how did it come in?"

"Uh, um…… I am a seed of the Dubredu Knights."

He stares at me.

I looked too young to believe it.

[That bird...... the baby just checked the baby's Mana. Goyan!]

He must have checked because he said something unbelievable.

And it wasn't particularly bad to check on Mana's sheep.

I didn't drag my powers towards me to see if my kind of Mana was divine or magical.

'Didn't you try to call him a son of a bitch?'

Bune is quiet.

Anyway, Adrian seemed to have confirmed the amount of my divine power and believed that I was a seed.

It was often because a child with divine power was first taken from the nobility before entering the temple and used as a knight.

Besides, I would have been more persuasive because my clothes were really dull like seeds.

"Did you bring the seed to serve the child of destiny?"

Adrian looked at me and said, "It's going to be hard." I murmured.


"…… a canister trap?"

You broke the shield?

Even an adult was angry with the fire and grabbed his forehead.

"It's what kids do."

Adrian was young enough to say that.

He's four years old, now he's eight. Of course, in a fortnight or so, you can be nine years old.

Let's get out of here. '


I was gonna go back in the air! I hit him.


'Boone! If you let me in, I'll let you out!'

[I told you not to do what you want.....]

Unnoticed Boone said delicately.

At that time.

Goo Woong.

With a small vibration, a thin light emerged from Adrian's hand.

And soon there was a small door in the shield.

I looked up, and I said, "Don't do this." I said little.


I shook my hand and left the door, pretending it was okay.

Leah said from a distance, "Where are you? And I heard him looking for me. I wasn't aware of the change at the time because I lost my mind running towards her.

I know that the forehead I hit is no longer frowning.