It was when he laughed.

"…… huh?"

Urso's hand twisted strangely at some point.


The body flew and hit the wall.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

A chair that was bent in the air flew over his head, under his feet, and by his arms. Like a dart.

It happened instantly without a bird screaming.


I was amazed, and Urso was just before the wedding.

In the chapel, which was silenced by the shock, the sound of Bune's feet sounded low.

He stares at Urso, who is bluishly bored with dry eyes.

"You're a fool."

Urso's eyes widened. It was only after hearing his voice that he did not know that Boone was a man.

"Shall the scrotum be broken, or shall it bend the lust?"

"W-what... what... what...?"

"Oh, don't worry. If you don't like both, there's a way to blow your glutes, SiX."

Then Bune was compassionate.

Urso glances at the door in haste.

"Bar, outside! Anybody out there? Hey! Help me!!"

I yelled, but it's quiet outside.

'A man would have come already.'

The crusaders at the door disappeared when Urso came in. I must have handed down the Chapel Crusaders to do something dirty. Causal.

"Who, who, who. The assassin from Dory Farm? From the Lotail Merchant Guild? Or the chief? Uh, it doesn't matter where he's from. I'll give you three times the amount of their referral!"

Did you save more money? I don't know how many people have been looted around here.

But Bune wasn't even a little impressed. He raises his other hand while holding Urso's neck. Nail lengthens and sharpens like a blade.


I quickly ran out.

Urso's eyes widen as if he saw me glowing with moonlight.

"You can't give it to me now. (You can't kill him now.)"

"Honey, there are people in the world who don't deserve to live."

"Ara, he doesn't just beat me up. (I know, but I can't.)"

This man was the one who had to revalidate my divine power.

If anything happens to Urso before the revalidation, I think it was done to monopolize my divine power in Dublin.

'You can leave the diocese.'

I moved quickly and almost became even more angry.

Bune was a dissatisfied face, but he let go of Urso's hand within a week.

Urso poured out of the wall! I fell to the floor with the sound.

"Ooh, the child of destiny?"

Then he tears Bune apart and looks like he's going to kill her.

"Ohora, you're Dubled's escort. Are you here? You dare to hurt the Temple Field! I told the Pope about you in the Central Temple..!"

"This is a real situation, Mo Tae-goo. (This is real, I don't know what's going on.)"

Urso, who was squawking at the glorious words, looked at me with his swollen eyes.

I realized I wasn't just a kid.

"You, you, you...!"

And I looked at Bune.

"I'll beat the Goddess to the point where it works. (Knock and knock until the conversation works.)"

Urso hardens and Bune's face brightens.

* * *

"Dory Farmland, Lotail, Fanzirenea, Town Tonjane, Holdings Three, Baron Panoch."

I put my finger on Urso's back with a string of names of the people he ate.

Then I looked at Urso, who was terribly bored.

"That's it?"

"Yes, old school! Yes!"

"Do you know how much fun it is to lie?"

Let's take a good look at Bune. Urso flinched and said, "To the Moderland Hospital and some of the ring vendors...." I murmured.

I've eaten a lot.

I looked at Bourne again. Then the messy Urso shook his shoulder when he was beaten by Bourne.

Boone, even if you didn't summon the devil yourself, can you make a deal? '

Bourne replied without a sound when he asked.

[If you need my talent, you can use the power of Agatha to seal the contract.]

Bune's talent is necromancy. It is to summon the dead soul.

"Do you want to make a deal with Anma? (Can the Shrine also contract with the devil?)"

"Every human being can make a deal with me."

I nod, and Urso's face bites with awe.

"Ah, demon...?"


"A child of destiny summons a demon! This horrible thing...!"

"I'm not talking about the God who has surrendered to the people."

"How can the sin of summoning a demon be the same as the sin of receiving a little money! I will only be dismissed, but your baby will have to be tried by an apostle!"

I replied with a smile.

"Ganchana. You don't have a contract. You'll do it."

"I'll make a deal with the devil that I'm crazy!"

When Urso yells, Boone grabs his back head and hits the floor! I got off.

"If you raise your voice in front of the baby, I can't stand you any longer."

Urso gasps, exhales, and is silent.

I sat tight and looked at Urso.

"Don't worry. It's not the contract you're trying to lose."

"Look, if I make a contract, what do I get?"

"You can't get out of here without dying."

Urso was appalled by where the contract was, but I smiled.

"Look, it's not your fault, is it?"

He says nothing and draws a muddy face.

I looked back at Bourne.


Bune was a little dissatisfied. But within a minute, I sighed thinly.

"If that's what you mean."

I told you about the contract.

1. Urso cannot tell anyone what happened in the chapel today and who LeBlaine is.

2. Urso gives away all the money he has taken from the people.

3. LeBlaine does not kill Urso when all the contracts are kept.

"One last thing."

What else does Urso have to say? He looked at me with his eyes.

I whispered the fourth clause in his ear.

* * *

The next day.

I slept like a sick chicken while Leah was dressed.

"Are you tired?"

Leah bites with a worried face, and I nod.


"Do you want to see the shrine?"

I asked so quickly and shook my head.

'I know what Urso will do to me.'

It's anxious too, but I don't want to be treated like a pervert.

"Gangna, I'm sleepy."

"Let's go back to Dublin before this evening. I'll get you a cozy new duvet, so you can roll around."

"Strawberries, too."

Leah smiled eagerly and kissed her cheek.

"I'll put up a bunch of creams."

It's exciting!

I held Leah's hand warmly, shouting for all my life.

After going outside, the priests of the Central Temple had already arrived.

"Good to see you, baby."

When the two priests greeted each other, the procession of the central priests bowed down at the same time.


The young starter looked at me with astonished eyes.

Here's a quick summary of the Temple of the Wigggentra Empire.

The diocese of the Pope and Cardinals

Central Temple guarded by 21 priests

And small and medium-sized temples stretched out like trunks all over the Empire.

The Shrine was neither ordinary nor noble.

Even if I was born a civilian, I enjoyed the same rights as a nobleman.

The central temple, from which only the most outstanding of such priests were borrowed, was the object of admiration.

Even the nobility of the Islands is a powerful power that is inevitable.

Everyone would have only heard that I was a fake, so I didn't know that the priests in the central temple would behave like this.

'Till I was nine years old, I was a fisherman.'

To some extent, 21 priests were called to the diocese and broke and returned because I fell and fell to my knees.

However, even when they were nine years old, their attitude changed when they were unable to improve their divine power to the level they wanted.

I was completely disappointed and there was not a single person in the temple who considered me to be a child of destiny.

It was around that time that Duke Valois began to beat me.

We headed to the front room for verification.

Urso was there in advance.

The clergymen of the central temple who saw him with a bandage called the East Man filled their tongues.

"I'm not careful about this important day...."

Urso looked at me with an unfair expression in Hillan's eyes, but soon after I opened my eyes, he avoided it.

Soon I climbed on a circular statue in the front room, said the Shrine of the Central Temple.

"You know, you did the verification the other day. If you're sitting still and counting the numbers, it'll be over before it even becomes a hundred, so don't worry."

The newcomers said comfortably.

Leah supported me with her fist behind her back.

Two of the central temple's shrines and Urso surround the statue. One knee was bent and the Zoarins began to pray.

My feet are getting hotter, and I swallow my breath.


When I recited the name, Urso's back, tied to the contract with me, was flawed.

After the verification, the faces of the newcomers who went to the exhibition were bright. The divine power hovering on the floor was clearly different from the first verification.

"I was not the only one in the diocese who was worried about the poor divine power of the baby, but I'm glad."

"I have to hurry back and tell you the good news."

The central priests held onto Urso and emphasized his role as the craftsman of the temple closest to the Dubled.

After the Shrines of the Central Shrine returned, the Northwest Shrine was a festive atmosphere.

The third temple in the Northwest with Urso is far from the Islands, and it is near Dubled, where the temple and chuck are located, almost as far as the centre.

But the status of the Northwest Temple could not be compared to now, as long as the fate of the child was likely to be real.

"If only the child of destiny were to grow up safely, we would be able to move to the center as well."

"Absolutely not. The first beneficiary must be the Temple Master."

"Urso, wouldn't it be better not to send the child of destiny back?"

"Yes, now all the temples around here are going to be blood for the baby's education. We have to secure it first."

However, Urso went into the room, closing the door roughly unanswered.

The priests shook their heads with their tongues.

"However, Urso..."

"Yes, you don't know what's important."

"You have turned your eyes to ashes only."

"It's a shock."

Urso, who was listening to the priests' voices inside the door, lowered his desk roughly.

"I'll be the beneficiary? Bullshit! '

If I knew what I had done in the verification, my borrowing to the Central Temple would be taken to the Apostolic Tribunal.

'I manipulated the verification!!'