Depending on the child's destiny, they made it impossible for the newcomers to properly measure the child's bowl.

I was strangled on the faculty, and I had no choice but to finger my soul for generations after it was written in history.

'The divine power inherent in the girl was not a preliminary priesthood.'

Ferdo Ferdo was full of pure divine power, like a lake with springs of water.

Not all confirmed, but at least the 21 seats in the central temple, not the preliminary shrine, were sacred enough to be comparable to the cardinal.

It maintains the power of the devil.

What's even weirder is that that horrible bitch knew how to manipulate divine power verification.

[Manipulate Holy Power Validation! That can't be possible!]

[Validation is about how deep my 'cistern' is. By sending the divine power of the divine officials instead of the expedition. But what happens if you pull the divine power of the divine officials from the test towards you? That's a dead end, the depth of the cistern that the fateful child has.]

The central priests, as they were confident, did not properly ascertain the child's divinity.

"Devil bitch."

Ugh, Urso went to dry cleaning.

'Do you think I'll be like this?'

The eyes of the new Urso glow black with a frowning finger.

1. Urso cannot tell anyone what happened in the chapel today and who LeBlaine is.

Yesterday's contract clause was this.

In other words, if you don't tell me what happened at the chapel yesterday,

Urso's mouth rises.


As he shouts, a crowded old man comes inside.

"Boo, you called. Ooh, Urso."

"Come and write a letter and tell them before the central priests arrive in the Islands."

"Open, what about the letter...?"

"There's a girl in the temple. I don't like her very much."

Urso raises his tail, and Crook says, "Ahh!" I quickly nodded.

"You don't have to tell me anything that could tear the limbs of a child."

"With the power of the Apostle, we have increased our divine power. How much?"

Urso laughed in Crook's words.

It was Crook who sent a fake bookkeeper to the Islands to steal money around him.

Needless to say, the sum was right.

When Crook completes the letter and grabs the doorknob, Urso touches him.

"Bring the girls to some bedrooms before you leave the temple."

"Who are you going to be?"

"Young things are delicious."

After wandering around, Urso watches Crook and twists his purchases.

'How dare you come to anyone.'

The level of the brain is different from that of a bitch.

The moment I tore my limbs from the temple, I realized who I had touched and regretted yesterday's arrogance.

Urso licks his splashy lips and leaves the room.

When he came out of the bedroom, an unknown boy was caught in the hair and would be dragged to the temple.

After a while, Urso opens the bedroom door and enters.

The popular feeling was that Crook had taken the new woman.

Urso closes the curtain and approaches the bed.

"I didn't notice her this time. I should have taken my clothes off before I came."

His pupils were expanding greatly.

A sharp hand pierces the chest.

"I'm tired of waiting, old man."


His back pierced with sharp nails fell with dark red blood.

"Uh, why…… the promise is, to save me…………."

In Urso's words, Bune twisted his hands and replied.

"She told me to tell you."


"You said you wouldn't kill me, and I never said I'd save you."

Urso, the whistle-blower, shook and collapsed.

'Sexual assailants, sexual assailants, it is natural to die' was LeBlaine's theory.

* * *

Bune arrived at the chapel where I was with a sunny face.

"I've done everything you asked me to do."

Then give me a letter.

I swiftly swept through the contents of the envelope.

It was a speculation that he saw the child of destiny increase his divine power with the wrong power.

'Maybe this is what I expected.'

I shrugged my shoulders and burned the letter with the candle that appeared in the chapel.

"I knocked out the umbilical cord just like the baby said and put it in the perverted room."

If a man named Crook had to follow Urso's words, he would have tried to save his life.

However, his face was rejoicing as he went out of the room with a letter.

[This time, I can buy a big house, not pay as much as I did the other time.]

"You're doing great."

With a proud expression on his head, Bune rubs his face against my cheek.

"You're clever."

You must be naive to make Boone look like a demon.

'Well, then.'

I opened the door that the jewels were to be displayed. Yesterday I ordered Urso to open the shield, so there was no crowd.

I took the goddess's tears and jumped.

With this, we can send Bune back, and we didn't have any divine power in the verification, so we didn't get dragged straight to the Central Temple, and we took care of the humble and the bad guy.


When I thought about it, Bourne said,

"The evil of a baby is not evil! Evil enough to summon me. I will continue to be sincere and even more sinister."

Then my eyes sparkled as if I were satisfied, and I became a little ridiculous.

* * *

The Northwest Temple was overturned.

Urso, the shrine, was found dead, and his servant, Crook, was identified as a murderer.

Moreover, Crook's testimony proceeded, and Urso and his sin were revealed.

Even the tears of the goddess who disappeared there were said to be Urso's doing.

It was he who terminated the shield, so it was also a matter of time before it was confirmed.

"Baby, there was a problem at the temple and I didn't get an entry permit."

Leah said with a hard face.

Before Crook confesses his sins, he won't let anyone out of the temple.

I nodded as I expected.

"If you tell your master the news, he'll fix it soon. I'll be in touch, so you can hang out with the soldiers here for a while."


"If you're well, I'll go back to the castle and give you ten strawberries."


When I answered loudly, Leah left the garden laughing.

I strolled through the temple's garden.

Soldiers follow behind me looking around the thorns.

The child's heart 'Jump! Run, wild horse, fur!' I felt like pinching me, but I looked at the hiccups and walked slowly.

"My baby is also calm."

As Dubled's servant laughed, the soldiers responded with a storm nod.

'Yes, I walked slowly, so be sure to tell me when Leah comes.'

Then there are ten strawberries with cream.

I laughed bitterly, one by one.

But it was weird.

As I walked forward, I saw water marks on the dry grass, and eventually I was soaked as if it had been raining.


It was so wet, there was no mud on the shoes.

I was amazed when I blinked because I wanted to do something.

It was a fish made of water that I saw yesterday.


The servants and soldiers humbled their heads, shouting without knowing it either.


You'd be surprised to see a fish like this, but people were quiet.

[Others don't see this.]

'I think so.'

The fish keep hovering around me with their tails open.

You want me to come with you?

To where?

'Did something happen to your master, Adrian?'

[It's none of your business.]

Bune's right. I don't have to care.

But it is.


'He has a conscience left in him, so he's harassing him.'

I took a deep sigh and looked back at the servants and soldiers.


I looked up at the Dublins with a desperate expression on my hands.

This is what I call a 'requested shy posture', and it was my handwriting that was once taken down by Dubled's butler.

The bridesmaids, whose tails became dim, wiped the soldiers with their eyes wide open.

"Now hide and seek!"


I nodded graciously, identifying the man I needed to get rid of in order to find Adrian.

"The Great Party is the Sulaiman. Come up to the hundred. (Squadron Leader Sulay. Count to the hundred.)"


The captain of the squadron, who replied as if he were receiving any of the Duke's orders, buried his face in the tree and said, "Hanath! Two, three!" I cried out like that.

I ran out of my mind.

'Leah told me to give you ten strawberries if you stay calm.'

It's nothing, or I won't stand still.

Where the fish were headed was in front of a huge tree base.

Adrian sits alone and holds something in his hand.

It was the fish that was stuck in her hand as if the ice had melted.

'It's a sacred order.'

A couple of fish who picked me up.

I wonder if Adrian was seriously injured or if he was violent in his divine power, but it was just time for his reign to go away.

The power created by condensing the divine power cannot last long.

It is weathered and vanishes, as if it were dispersed into nature.

Her eyes were empty, something seemed to be worn out.

I sat carefully and looked at him.

"The speed of the fire is also made by Mon. (You can make another one.)"

So don't make that look annoying.

It bothers me if a child looks like this.

Adrian looks up a little and looks at me.

"…… how?"

Adrian is silent.

It's different from building a shield.

You can learn how to make a shield from temples or books, but no one teaches you how to make a bond.

It's useless because it's not as sturdy as a real person or an animal. I couldn't go for three days until the newcomer made a commitment. Above all, I felt enormous power.

"What about the fish?"

When asked, Adrian looks at the deceased fish in his hand.

"I just...... woke up and was by my side."


"In the morning when the rubella was better."

[Send our children to Prince Adrian's birthday party? Oh, my God, honey! Do you want to see our children out of the eyes of Emperor Yvonne? If the archers had died, they would have caught rubella and abandoned the dying prince!]

The words of the Duke of Valois came to mind.

'If it's rubella, it was when she was six.'

I would never have heard it wrong since I was quite a grown-up.

So you've been in charge for two years?

Usually it's the limit of a week, no matter how long. It was indeed the power to appoint the youngest Cardinal.

Adrian looked at me.

"Can you save Army again?"

Bourne grumbled at her words.

[You're a strange man. What are you trying to do with your divine power? Baby, it doesn't seem like you care. Let's go back.]

[Bune says ten precious strawberries of a baby disappear.] and convinced me.

But I couldn't move.

There is only one case where a child who doesn't know how to make a commitment.

When you're desperate for something to stay by your side.

Adrian desperately wanted someone to stroke her head the whole time she was dying of rubella.

Empress Mohu is dead, and the Foreign Ministry regards her grandson as just an instrument of power.

The Emperor did not take care of his son, and the Emperor hated him for obstructing my son.

No one spoke to the child who was alone in the huge Imperial Palace. No one reached out their hands and no one wanted the child to be alive.

That's why I had authority.

'Just like I created a kingdom in my first life.'

Of course, I wasn't as strong as Adrian at the time, so my reign was gone for less than an hour.

I remember a little girl who used to turn over a blanket and cry without a sound because of her missing family.

Adrian must have felt the same way about me then.

I reached out to him cautiously.