He got his hand on his back and shook his head.

"I can't save you."

"Then tell me how to make it again."

"That's not what Ami and the girl were talking about. (That would be completely different from Army.)"

Adrian's gaze fell to the ground.

I remember him who was the foremost horse in the victory march of the Holy Horse War.

It was an intense majesty that was felt before the beautiful appearance of all the precious things in the world.

Among the articles, Knight was the daughter of Duke Amitier, and even the fluffy fur he bought was as cold as snowflake.

I suddenly thought no one would be able to hurt him.

But this kid I see now was scary. It's so dangerous that my chest is numb.

"But I can't make you a grave."

Let's say little Bune [Baby Strawberry]!] I couldn't help but pretend I didn't hear.

Adrian raised his head and looked at me, and I didn't avoid his eyes.

* * *

"We have to dig deeper."

Adrian carefully holds Army in one hand and looks at the girl pointing to the floor.

"Then sell it all at a certain count. Come on out, Bar."

The girl tucks Adrian's hand and puts Army back on her hand.

Then I sat down and squeezed out the dirt. In less than a few minutes, the pits of Adrian have been doubled.

"It's time to bury it."

He was a really weird kid.

It looks like a farmer who sells dirt well, but he did better than the Crown.

The child had never seen anyone beg without such violence.


But this kid would be different if he knew who I was.

Everyone did.

The aristocrats, nobles, and archers considered themselves to be the genitals. It's scary to touch. Let's just leave it alone.

I disliked Adrian, who was restrained by Emperor Eivonne, the eldest son of Emperor Eivonne, the eldest nephew of Emperor Falchon and Duke Marche.

He was alive, but he wasn't.

So this kid would be different if he knew who he was.

The glittering eyes that looked at him were darkened with horror, and the vibrant expression was bound to die. I felt sorry for myself, but I thought I should say it sooner.

"I am an imperial firstborn."

"How dare you?"

"I told you he was a son of a dead Empress, I....."

"Because it's frozen?"

Adrian blinked because the horses were blocked.


I should be surprised.

Even if you don't know the political relations that are so intertwined, you should be afraid of the word royalty.

Adrian glances at him with a strange eye, and the child raises his head.

"Does that matter now?"

"…… huh?

"If it doesn't matter, let's give Amir some more. (If it doesn't matter, let's bury Army quickly.)"

The child grabbed my hand.

Adrian, who sat with the child in a frozen state, poured his abandoned Army into the pit.

The child covered the soil over the water on Adrian's behalf.

"It's time to pray."

Adrian holds her hands together and looks at the child with her eyes closed.

"Keep me going for a long time in Darum's life."


"Even if you fight and are tormented, say hello in the morning."


"It doesn't hurt. I walk every day so that the pain of the day becomes just a whimsical conversation."

The child stared into Adrian's eyes.

"Let this kid have a hamburger."

It was like saying to yourself,

He said nothing and looked at the child unconsciously.

Adrian didn't know why his throat was hot and his eyes were thirsty.

It was only clear that it was now the first time that he thought he would never forget someone's name.

* * *

After burying Army and finishing his prayers, I got up.

"Are you going?"

Adrian grabbed my hand and asked, and I answered in a bit of a panic.


"…… come again?"


"Come again."

I was so tired of her eyes that I rolled my eyes.

"Don't do that."

"But if you don't come....."

Adrian's eyes were blurred. The long, shiny eyelashes are half-covered in sunlight.


It's a handsome centuries-old man who has lost the spirit of foreign spirits beyond the Empire.

My heartfelt condolences for getting used to Duke Dubled's beauty were such that my heart was choking for a moment.

"It's our Qinggu now. Qinggu keeps his promise. I'll see you one day."


Adrian, who mutters a few times, smiles in his mouth.

Then he shook his hand and greeted him, then turned around and ran.

'Too late, too late!'

I came here as an excuse to hide, but it was half an hour ago.

"Where are you, baby?" And I heard you looking for me.

The soldiers and servants with their faces were looking for me frantically.

"Le Bou, Yoquita!"

I screamed and ran, and people came running.

"Oh my God……."

Leah flaunted at the day she became dirt.

"Where the hell were you? Do you have any idea how surprised I am that I can't find it?"

I was not far from the garden, but it looks like Adrian set up a shield when he didn't find it.

I squirmed my hand and said, "Even if I couldn't make it." I froze.

Leah sighed and tucked, tucked, and robbed my skirt.

"It's okay because you're okay. But the next time it disappears, I might actually stop my heart."


"I have a transit permit. Now you want to go back to Dublin Red?"

She said so and I nodded with a bright face.

[Strawberry! Baby, ask if you're giving me ten strawberries.]

Bune wipes, and I look up at Leah.

"No, ten strawberry eyes?"


Leah's eyes narrowed.

"You broke your promise, so I'll give you five."

I can't believe this.

A smile burst around her as she wrapped her cheeks in a shocked face.

* * *

I only got five strawberries, but I felt pretty good.

I gave Bune back all the money Urso had surrendered to the original owner, and there was still a lot of money left.

Other than the money, the annuitants did not give it back as a bribe.

"6,000 francs for this. '

Serbia's appropriation was 30,000 francs, bringing the total to 36,000 francs.

'Now I have to roll the money in earnest so I can get an asylum and buy a home.'

Investment places know a few good things.

Problem is, I'm too young to make contact with the investment firm.

This was also why I lived poor in my days as a beggar.

Of course, I had to live as quietly as possible because I didn't have to be noticed, but I couldn't invest because of my age.

"I need an adult to help me. '

There's a seria, but she's a criminal anyway, so there's a constraint. He's in jail now.

I can't even keep getting Bune's help. The divine power has already been taken for a while and we will not be able to keep him in the future.

'We have to decide where to use Bune's talent.'

It's a power I don't really need, but it's too bad I don't use it.

'It might make money.'

As I was pondering, the wagon stopped. I arrived at Dubled Castle.

Henri and Ishaq came to me as soon as the door opened.

"Why are you here so late?"

When Ishaque blushes at me and asks, Henri shakes his face and hugs me.

"Did you have a hard time coming?"

And Ishaq took me, and stretched out his hand to hold me.

"I asked you to set up a whole bunch of your favorite meats in the restaurant."

Henri turns his back on the other side of Ishaq and shoots me.

"Wouldn't it be unhealthy to eat late at night? Why don't you have a simple meal on the terrace and have a delicious breakfast tomorrow."

"Eating that doesn't hurt your health."

"The child is weak. Don't compare it to a monster like you."

Then I heard the two of them trying to take me away from each other, and my eyes were like a sequin stone.


It was when I groaned. Phew! When I woke up, I was in the Duke's arms.

"Don't fight with your brother."

As the Duke solemnly said, Henri and Ishaq looked at each other with a dissatisfied face, but within "Yes…." And he replied with delicacy.

'Oh, I'll live.'

Even the wagon was riding for a long time, and it was hard to stay between the two of them because they were using so much power to maintain Bune.

I leaned on the Duke's arms and looked forward to it.

Your ears should say hello.

"I've been there."

Then the purchase of the Duke, Henri and Ishak softened.



"Let's go in."

I thought you said you were home. I really felt like I was home for a few months here.

* * *

The next day, I received the strawberries I promised Leah for lunch.

Let's look at the strawberries with lots of raw cream in them with sparkling eyes. [Boone] Well done, baby.] and rejoiced.

Leah gives me a bib and then releases strawberries into the bowl.

"…… three, four, five."

She smiles at me with a glimmer of eyes, and shifts two more.

"No, Joa."

As a token of my gratitude, I kissed Leah's cheek and it was austere, as if the maids were jealous.

"Baby, it's me who prepared the cream."

Then Dalia gave me the ball.

"I picked strawberries."

Linda came close to me.

"I just want you to do it."

Uni wets her head towards me.

I kissed them once in their balls and grabbed the fork again.

[I can bring you milk, too.]


[I can also get you strawberry taps. Is it modern?]