When I tilted my head, Bune became gloomy and had no words.

Why else would I be depressed? I thought about what to do with this timid demon, picking strawberries with a cock fork.

When I put a lot of raw cream in my mouth, my mouth was ecstatic with a mixture of sour juice and savoury and soft cream.

'I don't think I'm tired of eating a hundred.'

When I put the last remaining strawberries in my mouth with regret, the door opened.

It was Ishaq.

"Let's go see the presents!"

A gift?

Henri, who came in later, said, "Don't be surprised." Then I gently wiped the raw cream on my mouth.

"Monde has a gift?"

When I ask you that, Ishaq kills like a bad boy.

Strangely anxious.

I went to see presents with Henri and Ishak, and I saw them healing.

Gift with ears? …… No work.

It's been a child's day, so it's not even a toy.

My birthday is still far away.

So what kind of gift are you talking about?

After I arrived at my destination, I confirmed that my anxiety was not wrong.

Numerous pseudonyms were kneeling before the Duke.

"Kill me, baby!"

"Save me, baby!"

On the one hand, Ausung begged to be killed, and on the other, begged to be saved.

I turned my eyes and looked at the Duke, Henri and Ishak.

The Duke looked at me with his eyes, and Ishaq was proud.

"And Moya...?"

"Those bastards who promised to adopt Katlea Wilston last time."

In Ishaq's proud reply, I looked at the prostitutes on their knees again.

On the day I summoned Bune, I was right about the goblins I saw in Al Reality.

Some were wearing wounds and bruises. Most of them were fine, but they seemed to faint when their faces were blunted.

"This is..... (So this is.....)"

When I muttered, Ishak said, "Ah." And I laughed.

"How many are missing? Exactly three are missing, two are in the torture room, and one is hung from the castle as an example."

Henri continued:

"There are even those who live every month. I think it'll be over soon."

Before I went to the temple, I flew one shot at Katlea and interwoven the wigs. I anticipated it then. They will pay the price of that day.

But I never wished for this.

"Gonzalez. And Annie."

When I muttered a little, three people looked at me.


"Did you just slap everyone in the throat?"

After Ishaque's words, the faces of the goblins are white.


I said with an impression.

"If you give it to me, Meer. (I hate it if I kill you.)"

The three men were flawed.

* * *

"Go get this. Go get your presents. Go back to your homes!"

The light has come.

The shrugs on their knees were greatly impressed by LeBlaine, who kept the duc and the duc's miniatures immobile.

Two days ago, after LeBlaine left for the temple, Dublin became a shy field.

Those involved in the Katlea Wilston case have been dragged to Mojo Castle.

[Go, sir. How can you do this?]

As someone trembled less and barely spoke, Henri looked around at them with a sweet smile.

[It is not a sin to die because I tried to devour the family by making it into a family.]

[Don't be ridiculous. We couldn't just see a child of the same fate as the temple's snuff, so we'd rather have Wilston, the bloodline...!]

In his words, the goblins sympathized with one voice.

It was a wonder.

I can't believe everyone in the hall is going to make it.

They are descendants of a prestigious family with jurisdiction, who have served Dubled for a long time and cannot be easily touched…….


…… I thought it would work.

Until the wrist of one of the elders flew in front of his eyes.

Theodore Dubled succession over the Gaju for five years. Those who had become accustomed to peace only realized that.

That man was a ruthless man who slaughtered his brothers, and brought down the strong good ones.

[You have a high head.]

When the Duke speaks differently, the whiteness of his complexion rests on the floor for a while.

And this is what it looks like.

The duc and the duc's miniatures bear all kinds of sins for days.

[Mercy Corps Fund Embezzlement]

It was only three francs.

[Bribery at the Shop]

The owner of the flower shop asked me to give it to my wife, and I gave her one of Hansako Tulips.

[Denial of Registration]

It was just a day.

It was an absurd sin, but it was enough to frighten the garbage.

It was so trivial that he forgot even himself, and he knew everything that no one else knew.

In other words, all the spines were in the Duke's field of view.

The deliberate enumeration of minor crimes meant that they should be selfish. It means that if you rob in earnest, you won't even be safe in your pockets.

I wanted to die like this.


"But, kid, they drove you."

When Ishaque was forced to speak, LeBlaine said decisively.

"You don't have to give people shit. (You can't kill people with that.)"

Next to him, Henri persuaded the child.

"We have to take out the stepped cogs and crush them. That way we can get back to the right place, LeBlaine."

"You're not a person, are you?"

The Duke said, "Lev." I reached out with a call.

"Go get it."


LeBlaine frowns and frowns as he looks around three people who are not relieved.

"Gonzalez and Annie, I'm not playing with you."


I saw three men who were hardened as if they had heard of the power of the Cheongcheon Wall, and they were flattered.

'Ah, baby....'

It was not a lie to say that he was a child destined to bring hope.

My baby might be too compassionate!

* * *

The Garcines have been released safely.

In front of the castle, the children, husbands and wives, were noisy with the cries of the families who were rolling their feet in the east in case their parents died.

"Aigoo, you seven pennies! I thought you'd rather defeat the dragon!"

"Honey, my wife! I was wondering if she was going to die... Uh-huh!"

"Father, are you okay? Your wrist is rattling? I'm so glad I didn't rattle my neck!"

Bourne, who saw them, seemed dissatisfied.

[They deserve to die. Why are you saving them?]

'It wasn't enough to die.'

Nor did he abuse a child like Teramore, nor did he force a woman like Urso.

And most of all, the reason why the Gossips tried to drive me out was convincing.

Some people tried to get Congo by putting Katlea in the main house, but the floor was definitely filled with loyalty to Dubled.

I am the child of destiny in the temple, and it is certainly dangerous for me to hold the power of resistance.

Above all, Dubled's status would be shaky if he were to be swayed by a child of ordinary origin called a fake.

'Besides, if you kill them all, the chairman of the Senate will be there.'

The Dublin Duke's largest static januark, Nouakchok.

[Who is he?]

'Well, in a nutshell..... who is so scared?'

It wasn't just because they worked for the patriots that the patriots, who were famous for their tyranny, folded into the Senate.

The bigger reason is that the chairman of the Senate was Jean-Marc Nuanok.

With Dubled's opening, Nuanok had a thick rope with the Islands nobles, and in the temple he preferred Dubled over the Duke.

[Why did you go to such power?]

"I'm not just a psychic when I'm chairman. Dubled's two-factor. '

Moreover, in the near future, you will be completely united with the temple, boasting a stronger force.

'But why is the fortress so quiet?'

If it was any other time, I should've gone.

As I was pondering, the Dublin Confucians, who noticed me, asked me a small question.

"Kid, are you still mad...?"

"LeBlaine, I have a good day. Should we take a walk?"

Sitting on the couch, my eyes move and I look at them.

The two became gloomy.

"People just hung from next time, didn't they?"

The two of them, whose faces were brightened, rushed quickly.

"I'm not hanging!"


I sighed and came down from the couch.

"Let's take a walk, then."

"Shall we go to the garden?"

"How's the greenhouse?"

I walked out of the room with the connoisseurs who seemed to be shaking their tail.

The two of them stared at each other a few times, and set the trail as a garden.

It was because Ishak strongly insisted that there was a flower he wanted to show me.

I was surprised when I went to the garden.


A few days ago, a flowering vase of tulips was full of Angchos and swallows.

Wildflowers, Angchos and Swallows, were the hardest to see in the nobility's flowerbeds. Most preferred expensive, handy flowers like tulips.

But I prefer chatty wildflowers. Especially the swallow was my favorite flower.

"It's a flower that Le Bou loves."

Ishaq became conscious.

"I told you to plant it just to know!"

"Thank you."

Henri smiled as he smelled the scent of God.

"What have you done so unusual?"

"I'm not stupid."

"Yes, I'll admit it today. Tomorrow, I don't know."

My brother began to squash again and I pulled the two men's sleeves.

And I made a flower ring for Henri and Ishaq, who were sitting next to me.

I was trying to distract myself before fighting in earnest.

Ishaq was interested in flower rings as intended.

"Kid, how do you know how to do this little thing?"

"Learn from parenting. (I learned it in the nursery.)"

Ishak was curious as to why the nursery taught him how to make flower rings.

I said with a little dry grass attached to the flower ring stalk.

"Let the nobles give you a ring when the babies are born."

"Yes. Ruby ring."

It meant that it would grow until the day you could seal the family.

"Ordinary people make flower rings and put them on their fingers. Because the nurturing babies don't have a mother, the children in the nurturing talk are made and put in."

"Why do ordinary people do things like flower rings that don't make money? It bothers me."

"Because I love you."

Even though you can't give a child a ruby ring as expensive as a noble, loving a child is like a noble.

"Because it's old, I tell the kids how to make flower rings in childcare.... Huh?"

They don't listen to me, they stare at the flower ring I made.

"If the flower ring means love....."

"Because LeBlaine gave this to us...."


Then I grazed my face and grabbed my hand with a precious flower ring.