The Roman Duke secretly summoned the goblins before they even retreated.

"The Duke was held firmly by the girl. Without going crazy, how can we make the beginning with Dublin into this mess!"


"You must bring down Theodore Dubled and punish that whore who holds the Gaju."

However, even Roman's words, the hypocrites' reaction was not new.

"Do you really need to?"


"I think it's better. The duchess doesn't have someone to hold the rope to."

"Yeah, it's not fake! It's plain!"

"Well, it's also a rumor of vanity."

The psychic who said that looked around at others with a real smile.

"Didn't you see the miracle your baby did in Al Reality this time?"

"It was a remarkable force."

"I have also proven that the divine power has increased. I heard that the Pope was also very pleased."

"In fact, escalation is also extremely rare."

"So there's a saying that the first validation was wrong. In fact, I had already expected this to happen. He was a deaf man who looked at me."

Leggings that could never be used as a Bonga's love turned upside down and added all kinds of compliments.

"How sick it is to see the other family members who ignored the fact that a child of fake destiny has become a Dublin infant."

"Not only is it true, but none of the noble nutrition is so lovely."

"How can a child not distinguish between good and evil? Even though we did that, the angel who came down from the sky must have seen you wrapped up."

The beanstalkers of life roar with a murky face.

"These people……! Come to your senses.The girl is not a child of destiny, but a demon possessed by a duke!"

Then another psychic said, "Uh-huh!" I lowered the table screaming.

"The word is too much!"

"You saved my life because of the Roman ball baby! I didn't know the ball was such an ungrateful beast!"

"I don't want to be modest, so go back!"

The lizards come together, but Roman pushes out the Viscount.

* * *

After dinner, the Duke called me to the executive office.

I stare at the Duke with my eyes wide open.



"Why don't you give me a flower ring?"


When he looks at me, he looks at Henri and Ishaq, who are smiling.

Throughout the day, as you can see, you bloom your hands and say, "Flower Horse Love," and "Love of LeBlaine," and you end up in the duc's ear.

I pointed to the Duke's index finger.

"This is a princess ring."

Pointing at the seal of Dubled on his index finger, he said, "Whoops! I pulled out the ring and threw it at North.

"There is no more."

Are you going to throw it like that...?

It was amazing to think that Duke Valois was wearing a seal.

'It's too late to bring the swallows.'

I found a yellow tulip stuck in a vase.

I brought it and made a flower ring with a groan.

Tulips have thick stems and cannot be tied to their fingers, so they are replaced with bracelets.


After completing the flower bracelet and putting the seal in North's hand, he sighs.

The Duke looks at the flower bracelet I made.

You don't like it? '

Maybe a flower ring made of small swallows, but a big tulip bracelet like that seemed a bit burdensome.

The Duke looked back at the princess. Then Zec raised his arm.

"Mine is bigger."

I felt like screaming.

That's enough!

"I'll double yours."


"Isn't mine prettier?"

Stop that mouth!

Why did the Duke say, but the figures are mine?

I panicked and looked around at Henri, Ishak and the people.

Leah and the maids were jealous, biting their handkerchiefs, and Ishak was furious.

"But I'm the first to get it."

When the child choked and said, the duc's mouth was swollen. Ishaq did not know what to do with the defeater's ulcer.

However, Henri was fortunate to be quiet.

'As you can see, Henri is still in the normal category.'

At the very least, Henry smiles brightly and looks at the Duke as he nods.

"Yellow Tulip's Flower Horse is a nonsense."

"…… what?"

"The purple flower is love."

Henri folds his eyes and the Duke's purchase hardens.

Then Ishak looked at my purple swallow flower ring and the Duke's yellow tulip flower bracelet alternately and smiled.

"Aha, vain love."

And he said,

The world was going crazy.

After the Duke chased the princess with his cold eyes, I soothed him hard.

"Le Bou, I don't know any flowers. It's real."


"Tomorrow I'm going to make a pollen ring. Turn it off. Two!"

After promising to put it in both hands, the Duke's face was released.

I sat on the duc's knee and sighed.


Why do you keep feeling like you're raising kids?

The Duke gave me a cup of orange juice.

"Drink it."

It was a sweet voice.

While I was drinking juice, the Duke swept my hair wet with sweat.

"Are you sick? You're sweating."


That's because I'm using my powers to keep Boone.

When Bune first showed up, I thought I'd be a baby, but I couldn't wait to hang Etwal around my neck.


At that time, Duke Dubois rushed into the room.

"What's going on?"

"There was a problem with the Spinel mine belonging to the Selvon Merchant Guild."


"The volcano exploded and the mine was buried in lava."

Dubois spoke with an impression.

"If you do it now..... If you don't get Spinel now that you've waged war with the Kruger Kingdom, there's no chance of winning."

Kruger was a country famous for its powerful Maestro unit.

Since the witches have been protecting Kruger's knights from the rear, the opponent must use Spinel (a mineral that can contain holy power) to build a line of defense.

'This happened this year.'

And Dubled's ready for Kruger's battle?

He must have been the Duke of Amity in this battle.

'No wonder Dubled gave up the battle because he couldn't save Spinel.'

The Selvon Merchant Mine was eventually not recovered.

So after this, Spinel's value soars to the realm of heaven.

Even though Dubled's funding would have made it more expensive, the problem was that they wouldn't have enough to hold the spinel for all the knights.

'Besides the Selvon Merchant Guild, it is the Temple that supplies the most spinels.'

It looks like you gave the Spinel to Duke Amitier to stop Dubled in the Temple.

The Duke immediately summoned the witches.

* * *

There was only one answer, although some people had spent hours discussing it.

Get help from temples that supply the most spinels besides Selvon Merchant Guild.

Dubled's concubine, who led the Dubois, made contact with the central temple.

I looked over the duc's knees at the saddlebags waiting for a conversation with the temple.

I heard a familiar voice from the contact tool connected by the witches.

It was Adolf who didn't get along well with the poisonous Dubled.

[Dubled's situation is unfortunate, but we also had trouble because Spinel's supply was not smooth.]

It's a difficult look on the outside, but I couldn't hide the tide from my eyes.

Dubois said, enduring the boiling fury.

"The Emperor himself sent a veteran to Dubled. If we join the war without the Spinel, all of our soldiers will die."

[If you really want to, there's no way.]

"What is it?"

Dubois' face was brightened.

[If you ask the Pope yourself, how can the Most Merciful bite the petition?]


The plasters have hardened.

That was the sound of the Duke coming in person and kneeling before the Pope.

I snuck out Adolf, who was smiling elegantly.

'Adolf can't do it now or ever again.'

Unlike other families, he regarded Dublin Red as a thorn that did not fear the temple.

He was deliberately sent out of the temple to negotiate with Dubled.

"Sleep tight."

I don't want to give you a spinel anyway.

The Duke slowly tugs, tugs and taps the table.


"Yes, sir."

"Take LeBlaine. The next story will be a little rough for the kid to hear."

It was an idle voice, but it was intimidating enough to be swallowed.

I quickly left the room before the fire broke out.

"Come on, I'll go alone. Noz, help the princess."

North sat down with a shriveled and touched face, "Kind, sweet, compassionate……." I was touched.

I sent North back to the conference room and walked down the hall alone to get back to the room.

"Strange. '

[Why, baby.]

'I feel like I'm forgetting something.

I think I heard something about Spinel....

No matter how much I thought about it, it didn't come to mind.

"What was it?"

It was time to turn the corner, pondering.


I hit someone.

I raise my head while rubbing my forehead.

"Are you all right?"

When I saw the man who hit me, my eyes widened.

Elderly, yet wrinkled waist with wide shoulders and no curves at all, neat neck.

He was a grandfather who seemed to have made a pile of followers when he was young.

"I'm the chairman of the Senate. '

Scratch, shrug your shoulders, the Chairman said.

"You must have been surprised."


"Well, let me get you up."

He flashes me and stares at me.

It was a sharp and tiresome look that the insides looked into.

I am a power that is not favorable to me, so I am a little nervous.

I stretched my eyebrows and looked at his eyes.

"You are as lovely as I've ever heard."

"Thank you?"

When I wanted to say hello, the Chairman's eyebrows snapped and went up.

"Nuanok ball!"

I heard a familiar voice from a distance.

The elder who tried to drive me away by wielding the wizards, was Viscount Roman.

He frowned at me and frowned at the stubborn impression he had stopped.

"What are you doing here? To the Chairman to do something like a rat..!"


In the Chairman's words, Roman had his teeth and his tongue full.

"Let's go. There's a group of people coming to the Spinel gun."

When Roman opened the path, the Chairman looked at me and moved on.

Viscount Roman grumbles after him.

"What kind of child is destined to bring hope? There's all kinds of misfortune behind her coming here."

"If you make fun of your mouth in the castle, your tongue will be plucked."

I looked at them and I said, "Oh." and muttered a little.

'I remembered.'

Where did you hear the Spinel story?