Viscount Roman's gaze on the Chairman was not multiplied.

"What the hell are you thinking? '

Today I heard the story of a fateful child in the castle and that he walked together in a kind and loving atmosphere.

The chairman walking with the child of destiny said he was rarely seen and looked harmful.

"No way. The author is Jan-Marc Nuanok. '

A man who was too cold for his only son.

Some argued that the death of his son, Louis Nuanok, might actually be suicide.

There was no way that the man who pushed his son so neatly was a child of destiny, so he could not be comfortable and carefree.

"Do you intend to do something with the child of destiny? '

The purchase of the Roman Virgin rose sharply.

Then it was a good thing.

He was eagerly hoping for discord between the Chairman and Duke Dubled.

During the preeminence, the senator trembled with a powerful force within Dublin.

Before his son died, the Chairman came out of the front and promoted the Senate's gains.

After his son died, Theodore Dubled took over the Duke, and the chairman acted like a toothed tiger.

It was not that I was not interested in the gains of the Senate, but that did not mean that I would come before Theodore and restrain him and regain his former glory.


On Roman's call, the Chairman looked at him with a desiccated expression.

"If you're thinking about taking this opportunity, I'll look in the back."

"Don't cut the front and back."

Roman laughed as he thought, "You don't know."

"Will Spinel only be used in the battle against Silk Kruger? Defensive gear with Spinel in any battle is a must for soldiers. The Duke's military might must be weakened if the Temple does not hand out the Spinel to Dubled."


"Don't you have a rope in the temple?"


"If you come to save the Duchess Spinel without knowing it, our military might will laugh at the Duchess' power."

"Even in a civil war."

Roman shrugs with a slow face.

"The senator needs to have the power to fight the Duke's madness. Well, if the Duke is exaggerating, it wouldn't be a bad idea to show him the time."

When the Chairman said nothing, Roman approached him.

"How long must we be defeated by the Duke?"

"It's true that I have a string in the temple, but you can't help us."

"You have a child of destiny, don't you?"

Roman smiles and looks out the window at Dublin Castle.

"The Holy Power has also been reassessed, so the diocese will somehow want to bring back the child of destiny. There's nothing you can't do if you trade with her."

Roman said to himself, "God has spoken."

"Here's what I think. Kidnapping a girl, entrusting her to a slaver, and spilling words in a temple. If the temple regains the child, the Duke who neglected his care will be forced to open his eyes and take it away, and the temple will secure the child."

It was then.

Knock, knock. I heard a knock and the butler of the Nuanoke family came in.

"Master, a letter came from the castle."


"The seal of the letter was not the Duke's seal."

It's not the Duke's seal, but a letter came from the castle, La.

For a moment, the chairman narrowed his eyes and received a letter from the deacon.

What I saw when I opened the envelope was a crooked child's writing.

[I invite Jean-Marc Nuanoke to the first refreshment of LeBlaine.

Cookie crumbs look like dirt, but they're not as mysterious as dirt. Please come in secret.]

The Chairman's eyes trembled when he saw the invitation, which had no date or place on it.

[Father, Cookie's crumbs look like dirt. But why isn't it as mysterious as dirt?]

How did you get this?

How does a child of destiny know what his dead son said as a child?


Roman cut his throat as if he knew what was going on.

However, the Chairman stabbed the letter in his jacket without saying a word and raised his body.

"Prepare the wagon!"

Little Roman glances at the Chairman who hurries out of the library with puzzled eyes.

* * *

I kissed the maid uni ten times.

It was a price for no one to sneak my invitation to the Chairman.

"Do it here, do it here."

"Give me ten kisses."

"You should also give me interest!"

I keep my interest in case someone doesn't come from the lookout merchant.

I kissed the other cheek that Uni pointed at.

"What do you mean?"


Uni hugs me with a blunt face once and leaves Rulurala's room.

'Well, now all we have to do is wait.'

I waited for him in the gazebo in the corner of the garden to talk comfortably when the chairman came.

Swinging a drink from the bottle to match the assortment of refreshments.

And at nightfall, the Chairman came to me.

He's been looking for me for a long time and breathing to see if I look like Heman.

"How, how did you know that?"

It was the whole point without greeting. The mind was very impatient.

I jumped off the gazebo chair and looked up at the chair.

"I want to ask you before."


"How many sons does Harabuji draw? (How much do you miss your son?)"

"..... you're saying."

"If I can see Louis again, can I pay any price for this?"

He looked at me with a firm face and said,

"I'll sell you a soul."

All right, I've been waiting for that.

I grabbed Etwal a little. The Chairman frowned at me.

"Now answer my question. How the hell do you know about that?"

"You must not yell at the child……."

In a slightly timid voice heard behind the sperm, the Chairman hardened without turning his head.

The pupil expands and the gaze of the castle wavers to me within.

Like I can't believe it.

He turns his head slowly.


Louis Nuanoke smiled painfully at his father, who was tired of his face.

The Chairman just stared at his son without saying anything. He asked his son with his eyes fixed.

"What did you do? Who the hell made you look like my son? Is it the Duke who told you to mock me here, or the baby himself?"

As if I couldn't believe it, my gaze was still trembling.

Louie's neck swings up and down. He bites his lips tightly as if he was trying to hold his cry, and he looks at my father again.

"I asked you to eat pancakes together first, and I'm sorry I couldn't keep it."

The Chairman's face was distorted when the only story he knew came out of Louis' mouth.

My shoulders shrug and wrinkles become dark all over my face.

That was not the appearance of a ruling power in the Senate. It was the appearance of an old and lonely father who lost his son.


I grabbed the Chairman's sleeve without saying a word.

"Say something. Quickly!"


"Do you know how hard it is to keep a soul? It'll be gone soon!"

Bourne was gone and lost his strength, but the Chairman, who missed his son so much, was forced to maintain his soul.

As Louis approached cautiously, the Chairman evidently condemned it.

"..... the ugly one."

'Huh? No, this isn't it!'

I opened my eyes in amazement, and the chairman punched Louis in the chest with a stabler.

"Bad guy! Ugly, ugly...!"


"I've lived so miserably my whole life, you let me down to the end! You ugly bastard! Why did you leave me first!"

The Chairman's face was wet.

Louis stood up and bore his fist just because he said nothing.

The Chairman, who groaned as if his breath were about to be cut off, fell to the ground soon.

"Did you..... commit suicide?"


Is it true that I was afraid to kill myself because I did not find a landfill, as people say? "

Louis bent his knee and stared at my father.

"Every time I did something nasty..... so I wanted to give you a spinel as my father's birthday present."


"It was an accident with a rush of heart. My father once feared, but there was more respect, gratitude, and love than fear."

The Chairman cried out like a child. Not until Louis is gone.

* * *

I stared at the chairman who was sitting in the gazebo with a face full of strength.

What am I supposed to say in this case? '

I don't know because I don't have a father.

I heard the Chairman's voice as I was pondering over the temples of both fists.

"What is your baby?"


"I anticipate that a normal child will never be."

His thirsty gaze turned to me.

I didn't avoid his eyes.

"I don't believe you. Why don't you tell the chief? (What can I believe and tell the Chairman?)"

"I was sincere in saying that I would sacrifice my soul."

I know.

The look in his eyes was genuine.

So I took the risk and showed Louis to the Chairman.

'If I told you, no one would believe me.'

Above all, Louis left and emphasized to him firmly.

[I belong to the one who cares about the baby. If my father does harm to my baby, my soul will not find rest.]

Even though he looked completely different from the Chairman, he was indeed his son. The blackmail looks exactly like the Chairman.

Louis, like the Chairman, threatened with his own life, not others'.

He was very grateful to me for letting me see my father again. A good man who knows how to repay a favor.

I looked at him with that in mind.

'First of all, I need the Chairman's help right now.'

There is no way that I, a child, can possess Spinel variant paper.

Moreover, the Chairperson is an appropriate person to receive assistance.

A person who is appropriately humiliated, prioritizes personal gain over family or country, and above all, who will not be harmed when I am in exile.

'But in case you don't know....'

"Take off your jacket bar."


"I flipped my pants."


I didn't hit him in the back once or twice. I robbed him and confirmed that there were no horse-drawn tools and divine tools.

Only then did I start talking.

"I regressed three times. And call the devil this time of year."

The Chairman's expression was appalled.