When the story was over, he held his forehead.

"Do you wish your baby all the luck that happened in Dublin?"


"Huh.... To a four-year-old, no matter how regressive, who had never learned monarchy before, and who was constrained to do adult thinking, the powers were so swayed....."

He really looked awkward.

"Anyway, I need your help. Buy me a metaphor instead of mine."

Then I take out the bounty bag of Seria that I left under my feet.

"I can live with this."

He presses his forehead as if he were clearing his mind, and he opens his eyes within.

Will you do me a favor? '

No matter how threatened with Louis' soul, he will not be eaten properly.

When I looked at him with the slightest sentiment, the Chairman asked.

"Can you see Louis again if he's with you?"

"Then I can't do what I want....."


"I accidentally summoned Anma, I assure you, twice."

"Do you think there's a possibility?"

That's how it is.

I didn't understand everything Bourne said the last time, but I knew that he said, "Meet me again."

So there's another way to meet.

Besides Boone, there may be demons who can summon souls.

If you summon him, you can lift your wish and summon Louis.

I nodded and Lee returned to the Chairman's eyes.

He got up from the gazebo and fell at my feet low. And I tried to put my forehead on my foot, so I jumped.

That's it. The oath of allegiance North made to me!

I didn't want to be Dubled's second in command.

"Jan-Marc Nuanok to the new lord."

"No! Don't do that!"

"Greet the new lord."

"Come on!"

"Greetings Drippini."

I ran away from the Hudadak Gazebo before he greeted me.

No, I'm a spinel metamorph, but I just need to buy some, so why is Dublin's double?

* * *

"Jean-Marc Nuanok greets the new lord."

"Will you please stop going?"

I've been chasing after the chairman for days, shooting at the chairman with an oath of allegiance.

The Chairman of the Senate keeps chasing me, so everyone's looking at me.

I looked around at the workers who were getting tired and staring at us.

You may not have heard of us because we were so far away, but the Chairman of the Senate was very curious as to why he kept chasing me like a goldfish poop.

"Jan-Marc Nuanok....."

I found the elders coming from behind me looking at him with a tired face and was flawed.

Even though we may be employed, it bothers me to notice our relationship with the elders.

I slaughtered my voice and whispered.

"Make an impression, Grandpa."

Speaking of which, the Chairman wrote a confirmation statue, and the elders came to us at the end of the day.

"What's going on, Chairman?"

Viscount Roman asked the Chairman, who crunched his glabella.

"It's no big deal."

"You look uncomfortable planting. What did she do?"

"Isn't that right?"

As the Chairman turned around, Roman laughed and followed him. While busy moving, Roman didn't give up on me.

"What are you so angry about because of the fateful child?"


"He's got a crappy corner, huh?"

At that time.

"What did that bastard say?"

Ishaq, who came to me, muttered coldly. As soon as the training was over, my hand had a wooden sword.

I quickly attract Ishak, who spurts the ground like it's about to pop out.

Then I turned the topic around.

"Are you training alone today? Aninun?"

"My brother is searching for the master's fortune."


"I'm pressuring the nobles around the temple to fuck the temple. No, that son of a bitch dared to tell the kid...!"

"Hardy, don't."

When I stretched my eyebrows and looked up, Ishak sighed.

"You're so nice."

It can't be.

The Roman Duke must still be safe. Because...

'Because the Spinel variant is owned by the Roman Viscount.'

I laughed bitterly in my heart.

If you want to trade that land, nothing should happen to the Roman Duke yet.

And if I find Spinel there, he's gonna get sick.

It was more than just a few words that Viscount Roman said to me.

'And to be honest, I'm so stupid that I don't feel like dealing with it.'

Roman hated me so much that I might be a child of real destiny because I thought it was my fault that I was hanging from the wall a long time ago.

He had a little bit of pride, but he was a jerk with a neck.

Ishaq was very sorry that he couldn't beat Roman.

"Hey, how close is our ice cream mug?"

"... can I feed you?"


The child's face widened. And when I stared at him, he was flawed and had a glorious face.

"Let's go. Come on, come on, come on."

I chased after Ishaq, who was walking like a runner.

* * *

Roman seals his paperwork with a godforsaken face.

In addition to being in the active volcano, the thick roots of the Elza tree in the ground became entangled and sold the troubled land. That's also at a better price than my price.

He smiles and looks at the chairman who has sold the land.

"But why are you buying this land?"

"Since when have you been trying to figure out what I'm doing?"

Roman flinched in a low voice.

"Oh, no! I'm not like that……."

"Now that the paperwork is done, please go back."

Viscount Roman notices the graceful livestock spirit and steps out of the chairman's mansion.

The deputy of the Roman Duke, who was waiting in front of the wagon, approached.

"Are you sure the Chairman bought the land? What kind of solidarity is that? The land cannot be used as agricultural land because of volcanic ashes, even if you pluck up all the Elza trees."

"I didn't tell you why. But....."

The Roman Duke raises his tail.

"That's why you bought useless land for a good price, isn't it obvious?"


"It's an adversary. It means you're pregnant and you're going to use me."

He didn't tell me if he was worried that he would get excited and do something wrong, but there was no other reason.

"Didn't the Chairman keep you away from the others?"

"I liked the precautions I made for him."

It means abducting a child of destiny, handing it over to a slaver, and informing the temple to get the child.

It could have secured the temple and the rope, and could have taken the spinel from them to promote a strong military force, which was a great excuse.

'If the Chairman raises the prestige of the Senate and passes it on to me.....'

I will keep Dublin Red under my feet and save the world.

"Go and get the magicians of the castle who have been bribed by me."

"Why are you looking for the witches?"

"We should help the Chairman."

Hmph, the deputy smiling at him looks suspicious.

* * *

A letter came to me. The maids gave the letter with a happy face to the 'acquaintance you knew from the outset of the nursery.'

The content was a normal greeting, but it had a completely different meaning when it was read vertically with only the preceding letters.

[It's okay.]

It's Seria.

It looks like she made a deal with the temple and got out of prison.

'All right, then, we'll have someone in the Islands to help us get our hands and feet.'

If the Chairman buys you Spinel Transformation Paper, you can distribute it through Seria.

'How much is all this money?'

As I rolled my head, I was amazed by the countless scents of zero.

'You have to get out and buy a big house.'

I'll get a good cook and ask him to make French toast every day.

I asked the maids to write back.

I wish I could write, but I was still learning to write to them.

[Che Che Anong.

I only gave her the blue stone in the garden. And sell it and make money. So Le Bou, Masit is Go Marni Samerger. Shepherd, how are you?]

I say it like a child deliberately, so the maids grabbed the sheep cheeks and said, "Haaah...." I groaned.

"My baby is cute!"

"Did you pick up the pretty blue stone?"

"Yes, yes. Buy a lot of delicious things!"

I was a little shaky, but I hid my insides proficiently.

"Send a letter. Unni!"

A clever seria would know enough.

Leah, who wrote the letter, laughed and sealed the envelope well.

"I'll pass it on to the post office."

"I'll bring you a fairy tale book to read when Leah comes."

"My baby, it's time for a snack."

"It's chilly, so I have to get some firewood."

The maids stood up looking for work one by one.

"I'll be right back, so stay."

I said that and waved my hands to the maids who were leaving.

Then I looked for the elephant bag and pulled out the sketchbook.

I have drawn it up a few days ago.

Scissors in a yellow circle with gold coins.

'I got the money.'

A scissors on an apricot curve drawn by a person.

'I saved a man too.'

Then all that's left is.....

It was time to hand it over to the next chapter.


My chest was flustered and dizzy. It felt like something was pushing intensely towards me.

I feel like a black tentacle under my feet when I hold my dizzy head.

Magic power!

I quickly jumped to the other side to avoid it. I hurriedly ran to the door, but just before I caught the doorknob, something like a rotten tree stalk escaped from the pit and surrounded my body.

"Who, me...!"

Even before his eyes, when he was blindfolded by a black tentacle, his mind became confused.