"A lot?"

"My sister who lived near the nursery showed me a lot of these things back in the day."

"Really? Are you sure about Spinel?!"

"It looks the same....."

In my words, the goblins exchanged their gaze.

Dubois approached me and asked.

"Who is the owner? Where do you live?"

I said, "Shepherd!" I shouted and gave him the address.

Where Seria was when I bought the Blunt Armor Horse Tool with the money I gave her by now.

* * *

Dubois immediately sent an administrative officer to the place LeBlaine told him about.

And three days later, the administrator actually brought a box full of spinels.

"Do you really think there was a owner of the Spinel Landfill that we didn't know about……."

When Duke Dubois was alarmed, he grabbed his forehead and asked the Administrator.

"What's going on?"

"That shepherd was a clever woman. It seems that the ordinary people knew that if they knew that they owned the landfill, they would be taken away from the nobility or temple."

"So you didn't release the spinel on the market?"

"It took me a while to get ready to decorate the Merchant Guild and find a noble to be the back ship."

The faces of the hypocrites were clearly illuminated.

"This made it unnecessary to lean on the temple. We call in the lions we're negotiating."

The duc who knocked, tucked, and knocked on the handle of the chair opened his mouth.

"No. Don't let the temple know we have Spinel."

"What does that mean……."

"North, buy as much as the owner mines the spinel."

"Do we need to stockpile that much?"

"Not stockpiles. It will be distributed on the market at a low price."

The psychics howled to see what it meant, but Henri, who was attending the meeting, twisted his purchases.

"You're trying to bring down the value of Spinel."

If there are too many spinels on the market, the price will have to go down.

If the value of Spinel, the shrine's funding line, was reduced, the shrine would naturally be struck directly.

The psychic who grasped the Duke's weight asked in a worried voice.

"It's going to affect us, too."

Henri replied.

"The temple won't last long. You will be forced to sell the worthless Spinel Mine."

That way, Spinel will end up monopolizing the Shepherd's Merchant Guild. After that, it was enough to raise the price.

"But if we're going to sell those many spinels back to Hull, we're going to need a lot of money. I don't know if I can make it..."

Ishaq, who sat loosely by Henri's side with his chin fastened, said:

"The ball is stupid?"


"Who are we?"

In addition to the worst families in Dublin, there were aliases that followed.

The golden vein of the West.

Ferdo Ferdo is a funding force that doesn't dry up.

In these chicken games, the family always boasted the odds of a backpro.

The Duke said in a low, sunken voice as he sleeps around the temples.

"When you come from the temple, tell them. We will preach the education of LeBlaine. If you don't put the same nonsense in your mouth, I will let you eat some blood."

The Imperial First Sign declared.

The lizards clench their heads in a moment.

A psychic came out laughing after the meeting broke down.

"Isn't your baby a real mystery?"

"Yes, I would have played in the temple without him."

"You didn't save Dubled like this once or twice. like a goddess of fortune."

The gossips we were talking about were locked into each other's thoughts.

'You were an angel too.'

'Little Nymph of Dublin Red…….'


LeBlaine, who took that visual nap, did not know that his followers had grown into a heap.

* * *

Huaam, when I got up yawning, I rubbed my eyes.

I felt like I had taken a nap for quite some time, but my body was a thousand muscles.

A few days ago, because of Viscount Roman, for the first time, I wrote my own divine power without Boone. It was unfamiliar, and I had exhausted much more divine power than I had planned.

'Since then, I've had a lot of adult accidents because of Spinel, so I'm not feeling well.'

I turned on the base and came down from the bed.

"I'm hungry, brother Mercedes..... (I'm hungry. I want to eat bread....)"

Then I sucked my finger and blew it.

'I think this is in bad shape.'

More than when I first met Bune.

I was scared because there was no one in the room. It was a rebuttal that my mind was returning to my child.

I shook Purr's face to regain consciousness, but I kept crying.


When I was crying hick-hick-hick, the maids came into the room.

"Oh, baby. What's going on?"

When I saw the deceased tears, the surprised maids came to me quickly.

"You're on your own....."

The maids were reluctant and soothed me.

"Sleep, baby, don't cry. We have some good news."

"News of the rooftop Joe?"

When asked, the maids used to exchange their gazes.

"Your room is complete!"

You're finally done.

I was staying in the guest room the Duke gave me when I first came to Dublin Castle.

I had to have my room in the library right after I was adopted, but the time was delayed in constructing the safeguards.

I have completed a complete shield by going back and forth between the Witches of the Witch Tower and the Court Wizard.

'My room....'

Somehow, my heart was filled with tears.

Only having my room decorated for me is the first time since my first life.

'Even in my first life, it wasn't totally my room.'

I put a desk and a new bed in one of the rooms in Duke Amitier's room.

The maids led me to the room.

'You're in the library, too.'

I walked after the maids while watching the library.

"Here it is."

After opening the door, I took a deep breath.

Large sunlit windows and neat colored walls.

All the furniture in the room is white, and the corners and pedestals are decorated with a splendid embossed gold tee.

The sofa is a lovely apricot. The sofa table and bookshelf contained sweet scented candles.

It is immense compared to the guest rooms I have stayed in so far.

"This is the reception room. This door is a private library where the baby can read or study."

"There's a bedroom on the right side. There are bathrooms and dressing rooms in the bedroom."

"I put new clothes and ribbon accessories in the dressing room."

"There is also a large, spacious tub in the bathroom. It's a nice place with warm water all day long. And……."

While the maids were explaining the room structure, I was hardened.


The maids looked at me like they were suspicious.

"Don't you like it?"

I didn't say anything, held my hand, opened my mouth, closed my mouth, and felt relieved.

Duke Amitier let me stay in this beautiful Mina's room before handing me over as a ritual offering.

Duke Valois let me rest in such a pretty room before experimenting on me.

[LeBlaine, it's time to fulfill your mission.]

[I let you enjoy the excess, so you have to pay for it.]

The voices of Duke Amitier and Duke Valois came to mind in a row.

Where they were dragged into their hands, they hugged their crotch and said, "I was wrong. I was wrong. I'd rather kill you. I was wrong." I, too, was desperately begging.

At that time, familiar people came in from outside the open door.

Employers retreated sideways like the Red Sea, and the accents who walked in between looked at me.

"I wanted to be loud, but you moved the room."

Ishak looked around my room and said,

"Near our room. Hey, kid. Can't you just come and tell me you're scared at night?"

And he said, "I only come three times a week. Do you understand?" And he coughed.


"What, why aren't you answering? Oh, I got it. You can come four times a week. Are you ready?"


"What. What's wrong with your face?"

I looked back at the maids as if Ishaq were asking what was going on. But even the maids shake their heads as if they don't know why.

Henri asked.

"What's wrong?"

"This isn't Le Bou's room."

"Your room is right, LeBlaine."

"But, but..... this is the princess's room!"

Henri said, "What?" I said, "and Ishak said," What do you mean? "I was puzzled.

"The room is too big and cramped....."

"What are you saying? Hey, kid. The bigger and prettier the room, the better! And the room you've been in so far has been spacious and nice."

"That's the guy who rented the guest room. Joa, the guest room! But Le Bou's room is narrow and dark. So it's not my room. It's not my room because it's big and small!"

Stop talking about the big Leblans in your head! I seemed to say it, but I kept getting scared of my child.

I'll give you a nice room like Duke Amitier and Duke Valois, and if I'm happy, you might hit me in the back.

What if it hurts like that again? What do I do when I come back?

In regression, it really, really bothers me.

It was the pain of my whole body splitting up and sticking back together.

I looked at the Confucians with a frightened face. Their eyes trembled.

* * *

Henri stares at LeBlaine as if he had been beaten. Then, when the tears started to settle in his eyes, he woke up.

"Now you don't have to stay in a narrow, dark room."


"This is your room, this castle is your home."

Henri wipes LeBlaine's wet eyes with his sleeve.

"So don't cry. My heart hurts so much."

I was very careful with my stroke of the head.

After LeBlaine calmed down, Henri told the maids.

"Keep him in the guest room for the time being."

"Yes, Master."

Leah came to me at the end of the day and said, "Oh, my God, baby!" I took a child with red eyes.

Henri watches LeBlaine leave with Leah and turns around.

But Ishaq remained steady, just as LeBlaine began to cry.

"What, stay out of the way."

Henri narrowed his glans. Ishak stares at my brother because Gigi died like a puppy with ears and tail extended.

"Brother, what room did LeBlaine live in?"

Born the youngest contributor to the Dublin family, he could not easily recall a narrow, dirty room.

Even the dormitory he was staying in seemed to have attached about two guest rooms that LeBlaine was staying in.

That was the same for Henri.

"The office of the Administrator has LeBlaine's records from the Emperor. It should say where you grew up."

"Let's go."


The officials immediately headed to the administration where North is located.

When the princes who invaded without difficulty asked me to give LeBlaine's records, they were all embarrassed about what was going on, but soon I gave them to them.

"Do you have any nursery data? Same thing inside the room."

"Yes. I checked it out the other day…… Ah, here it is."

Ishaq looks at the painting the Administrator gave him and narrows his glare.

"No, the room the kid used to live in. Not the barn."

"That's the room."