"The nursery you were staying in was more likely to fall behind than other facilities. The kids were oversaturated, because they said that they slept in that room with Yenilov."

Ishaq was shocked.

Six or seven kids slept in less than half of my dressing room?

'Is this place hell?'

LeBlaine was taken to the Imperial Court in mid-August this year as a child of destiny.

I've lived in this place until this year.

Then LeBlaine had an unhappy side from the beginning.

I rarely used toys, greedy things, or swarming.

I grew up in a place like this, so I didn't even know how to hope.

After leaving the Administrator's office, Ishaq's face penetrated, and Henri's eyes blurred.

"At first I asked if the kid would eat carrots...."


"I grew up where I had to starve if I didn't eat carrots."

Henri also regretted being beside the depressingly muttering Ishaq.

Are you really mistaken that you can be my brother and sister? Don't be ridiculous. Who really regards an orphan without a drop of blood as a family?]

Why would he say that?

When I heard that, I was dumbfounded, and I remembered LeBlaine who blinked.

"I'm going to let the kid know that he can get a toy and stay in a good room."


Two people squeezed their fists tight.

* * *

After eating a meal with a burst of belly, I fell asleep for twenty hours, and at least my mind was restored.

And as soon as I regained consciousness, I ripped my head off.

'I'm crazy!'

[The Le Bou room is narrow and dark. So it's not my room. It's not my room because it's big and small!]

I was so embarrassed when I thought of the day I was crying.

"Here, baby, have some more. Leah brought it unexpectedly."

I rolled my eyes as I looked at Uni speaking with a flattering expression with a donut.

"I don't care, Cipher."

"You can expect this! You can expect a big, pretty room, delicious snacks……."

Then Uni cried out.

'No, it's not that. I ate too much....'

No matter how many countries eat five pancakes and even more doughnuts.

Yesterday, the eyes of the people who saw me were very sad.

The maids stacked up the snacks and said, "If you need anything else, please tell me." I cried.

The garbage also sent me toys and food.

After what happened yesterday, it seemed like it was spreading publicly about how I had lived.

Everywhere I go, all I see is a grudging glance, and I'm going to die.

"Let's run."

I have to kill time in the greenhouse until the water disappears from that gaze.

I stepped out of the room with an elephant bag.

I only sigh after I put the bag down in the greenhouse where no one is.

'I have to think about the top job.'

The Duke made a deal with Seria.

The Duke said he would buy all the spinels he was mining, even if he had enough spinels.

I think I intend to struggle with the Temple with Spinel.

'Then I'm the only one who benefits from this whale fight.'

If the Duke buys me tons of spinels, my warehouse will be baked.

Screw the temple and you'll be forced to sell the Spinel Mine.

Spinel Exclusive if I buy up to the mine!

I laughed.

Buy Spinel Transformation Papers and pay for the launch at the top of the Seria, but now the money is running out, but you will soon be rich.

"Hm, hmm, hmm."

Singing a nostril, I wrote a letter that I had prepared beforehand.

[To Seria.

I'm glad you're doing well. The name of the merchant is Hoff. If you want to make a deal in the future, use this name.

The man who will escort the Merchant Corps is looking into the back room. The Chairman's soldiers are Dublin residents, so every time I leave here, I have to keep an entry record. He said he might catch a tail, so we'd better get him outside. I agree with that idea.

And I heard you first met with the Chairman a few days ago. Why the hell did you two fight? We'll be working together in the future, so I hope you get along.

P.S Seria said he was an old goat who couldn't take the chair, but I think he resembled a leopard rather than a goat.]

I felt so popular that I quickly stuffed the letter in my bag.

"Ah, here it is."

It was Ishak. The kid who saw me waved his hand and looked outside the door and said, "Brother, stay here!" I shouted.

Then he came running to me.

"Interestingly, Anong."


"You know what?"

I looked at the treasure she was carrying and laughed at her head.

"You're the only one who couldn't play with this in the nursery?"

How else did you know that?

There was an accessory toy in the nursery, which was very popular because it was playful and sophisticated.

I never played with it because the big boy was exclusive and allowed me to play with it only for the kids he liked.


"Now play with tons of them."

Then he hugged me.

Is that a toy? '

It looks real to me. I grabbed something that looked like a pumpkin necklace, and I stared deeply and flinched.

'Isn't this the Scarecrow in the middle?'

Pumpkins are jewels made with hard songs, and sometimes they contain bugs like this.

It is considered more valuable to enter something like a bug.

Do you have any real scarlet in your kids' toys?

I flinched as I looked carefully.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey."


"This is a real jewel!"

"So it's real, huh?"

What do you do when you surprise a kid with real jewelry?

I quickly returned the jewel to Ishak and grabbed his beating heart.

'Calm down. I'll be rich. You can buy ten of those if Serigaa just finishes the deal safely.'

I tried to think of it that way, but in my last life, I was a jerk, and in my first car and second life, I couldn't easily calm down.

"You don't like pumpkins? Then play with the diamonds."

Then I grabbed a diamond big enough to hold it with both hands.

It was a large and large diamond that could be in the Emperor's jewelry box.

'I can't get this even if I have the money.'

"Come on, if you just bring me something like this, I'll kill you."

"It's not the Duke's. It's mine."


"I brought it from my second jewelry store."

"…… How many Jewelry Storages do you have?"

Ishaq blinked as if he was saying something natural.

Henri, who came into the greenhouse, saw me shaking with a diamond and gave Ishak a pincup.

"What did you do to scare LeBlaine?"

"I don't think I like my jewels."

"I said, let's get it from my third warehouse. You're just the size of it."

"Then give me this too and bring me something better from my brother's warehouse."


.... I was not disappointed when I thought I was rich.

The light of the real rich was dazzling.

* * *

"Kid, what do you want to do? Do you want me to buy you some clothes?"

"Why don't you bring a dessert artisan from the Imperial Palace?"

"I'll build you a amusement park."

I saw two people screaming, "I'll do this and that too."


If you enjoy too much in the Empire and exile, your eyes will be lifted.

I'm enough as a spinel.

'So we need to get an escort to the top and make a deal besides Dublin Red.'

Ishak stretches his eyebrows.

"Shall I kill the principal of the nursery?"

"Why would you do that?! (Principal) Why?!)"

I was surprised and asked, and Ishaq made an impression.

"You let me sleep in a room so narrow and dirty, The nursery will be funded by the state, but it's not like that dirty room has stolen the grant."

"That's not how parenting works in the country."

The country's nurseries are divided into three branches.

1. State-owned nurseries supported by the Imperial Government.

A nursery built in the country, run down by a steward. So the facilities are good, and the support is good. When I get older, I also pay for settlement later.

2. Public nurseries supported by temples or nobles.

A nursery that has been appropriately assessed by temples and noble families. Depending on where you support it, it's still generally a good place.

3. Private nurseries run by ordinary people.

Nurseries built for the purpose of grants. Even though small taxes are appreciated for use, they focus almost exclusively on refinements.

Above all, it is certainly the worst place for ordinary people to operate like a state or a public space.

Unlike elsewhere, there are few adopted children because they are not at all cared for.

So parents who can't raise children, or parents who don't want to pay their child's tax, leave it to them and come looking for it. This was the second means by which parents made money in private nurseries.

And that's where I was, the third case nursery.

I raised it because I needed a real orphan like me, but I didn't get much attention.

The principal took care of the child whose parents paid a lot of money, the child whose parents were sure to come to pick him up.

'That's why I wanted to be loved by Duke Amitier and Duke Valois.'

However, it is thanks to the nursery that I did not die every time until I went to Emperor Hu.

'Wait a minute, nursery?'

Because of the nursery, something passed through my head.

Later, there are four knights who will culminate in all the knights.

Knight of the Wind Gate who defeated the dragon, Duke Amitier.

Ishaq, called the genius of the century.

A Crusader called the Battlefield Nightmare.

And Zakari, the price of a military operation.

Zakari is from a private nursery.

He said he was a prudent and thoughtful man.

'If it's Zakari, we can trust the Merchant Escort.'

And it was near the nursery he was at.