Merchant escorts were frequent in small battles with bandits attempting to take their luggage. His head would definitely help.

Going deep, I looked at Henri and Ishak.

"Here's the gourd."

"What is it, LeBlaine?"

"What! Tell me everything. I'll buy you everything!"

"Monmont." (The bruise.) "

You two are dumb. "Monmont....." I murmured.

* * *

Me, Henri, Ishaq, and the maids came out of the castle.

I wanted to get a dog, so I went to see it together.

Ishak said he'd bring me the prettiest puppy, but I insisted that I go see him.

[What if I don't like Le Bou much when Mont brings me? Mont Pour.]

In my words, the connoisseurs looked really puzzled and replied.

[There's no way there's a creature in the world that can hate you, is there?]

The beanstalk is getting thicker every day.

However, because they gave me responsibility, we could go to see the puppy like this.

The destination was Plum Street beyond Dublin Red. It was because there was a pet shop for the nobles.

'And a private nursery with zakari.'

When I was thinking that, the wagon stopped.

I grabbed Henri and Ishak's hand and got off the wagon. And I looked around the street, and it was as lavish as the Dublin Red Shop.


The maids used to laugh because I was surprised.

"It's the biggest casino in the Empire, isn't it? Diners and shoppers form around the casino, so there's plenty to see."

It was definitely a fun place to watch.

I grabbed the maids' hands and chased after Henri and Ishak with chewing gum.

'Casino, it's really big.'

At that time, Leah looked back and whispered to the Confucians.

"I followed something."

"I felt it."

Ishaq's eyes rarely narrowed.

"Four…… No, five."

"Trained people. I'm good at ambushes."

When I open my eyes in circles, Henri and Ishak look at me with a fine look.

"LeBlaine, stay with the maids for a while."

"Uh, I'll be right back."

I was a little nervous and said, "You have to come...?" I caught the collar of two men's clothes.

"Are you worried? Idiot, I'm so strong. You don't have to worry about anything."

As he said that, Ishak grabbed me and rubbed his face against my cheeks. I guess I was worried sick.

Henri grabbed his back, threw it to his side, and laughed.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be right back."

'What I'm worried about is the people who followed me....'

I think Ishaq will slit their throats.

I repeat, "Come here." And Ishaq and Henri left Leah and the maids with me and disappeared.

"Baby, shall we go to the bakery? Plum street plum sorbet is delicious. Soon after this alley."


Leah, and went to the bakery with the maids.

The maids kept talking like this in case I was anxious.

"Which puppy will you bring? You want a big, hairy puppy, don't you?"

"It's cute even if it's small and hairy."

"A little puddle that looks just like the baby."

"Do you want me to get a catalog of the Pet Shop while you're at the bakery? Would you like to find out which puppy you like?"

As I was just entering the alley, I found someone laughing with a matchlight in front of a shabby building.

"I don't think I'm gonna be okay with all my money, you fucking bastards."

The boy mutters silently and throws the fire seeds into the building.

The maids were staring at the building that was starting to set fire.

"Oh, my God, this is a dog-eyed gambling parlor. If I catch him, I'll be pissed."

Uni from Loop Dealer said.

"I have to help you."

Of the three maids, at least it was the words of the molester, Dalia.

"It's not even our job."

Linda, the metabolist, asked.

Honestly, the thinking of the adult LeBlaine agreed with the thoughts of the maids. But I, a child, was stabbed in the cock.

'It looks like thirteen, but you can't just get hit by a scoundrel and watch him die.'

It's not that hard to turn off the fire.

I sigh and shake Leah's sleeve.


Then the maids opened their eyes and ran and stepped on the fire.

"Bad fire that makes our baby's eyes open."

"Bad Fire!"

The boy made an impression when he saw the troublemakers.

"What kind of climax is this?"

He looks absurd.

"Ladies, why are you interrupting other people's work!"

"It's not a blaze. It's a crime."

And I said, "What the hell is this?" Moaning and staring at me.

"Are you the owner of these crazy things?"


"You want to die? Stay out of my way. It's not ugly."

Then the maids who were stepping on the fire stopped their feet. Leah, who was holding my hand, also became angry.

"What did you just say...?"

"Who's ugly?"

"Unni, go get my rod."

Leah smiled at me and said, "Baby, close your eyes and count to 30 here." I said.

I glanced at the brave boy and calmly closed my eyes with two hands.

"One, thick, seet……."

The boy's screams echoed in a narrow alley.

* * *


The boy clings to the wall, twinkling his arms and shed tears and tears.

The maids gaze at such a boy with their slender eyes.

"Can't you hear me? Relief!"

As the maids shout, a gruesome boy cries out.

"You're the cutest baby in the world!"

"One more time!"

"The baby... in the world...!"

When I shouted, I heard a rumbling sound from the boy's stomach. He cried and said, "Child." I mutter.


"What do you care? …… yo."

When he sniffed, he looked at the eyes of the maids and quickly admired them.

I shook my hand at the maids who had chewed some sprouts in the royal year around the boy.

The maids retreated with haste, and I reached out to him. Then the flawed boy shrugs. I thought you were gonna hit me.

I rubbed the black dagger on the boy's cheek with my fingertips and erased it.

"For burying yogi."


"Our bakery. Let's go value."

"I don't have any money....."

I trace the bag to the side and take out a handful of gold coins.

When I heard that I was going to Plum Street with Henri Ishak, it was the allowance that the goblins secretly gave me.

"Let me do this!"

"Is that all yours? …… yo."


"Wow, I'll spin thirty wheels."

The boy glances at the maids' eyes and nods.

I went into the bakery with the maids, and the boy.

The maids said, "My baby, you'll love this, too. You'll like that too, and this too....." I've been stacking bread on a tray like a mountain.

The bread at this bakery is quite expensive, so no one lives at once. The clerks and guests look at us with their mouths open.

I gave the bread that the maids had brought to the boy.



He looked at me with a slightly cautious eye and took bread. When I tasted it, my eyes grew. Then I put it in my mouth.


I fed her too quickly and gave her milk to cough her throat.

"Why don't the grown-ups get you something to eat?"

"Who gives an orphan food? …… yo."

An orphan?

The only nursery near here is a private nursery where Zakari was.

"Is this Zakari? '

Thinking, he stared and shook his head.

Zakari was one of the 'Four Knights', a man of great honour.

It doesn't make any sense that Ishaq was so strong that he was so young.

Normally, the strong have noticed the mechanisms of a man.

Even Ishaq, who was five years younger than this boy, noticed the underpinnings of those who followed him before Leah.

However, the boy made a fire without even knowing he was chatting right next to him. It meant that my senses were too dull.

Above all, the boy is as progressive and thoughtful as Zakari in the rumors.

"I was lucky. I wanted to know how to meet Zakari, but this kid might get a chance to meet her in the same nursery. '

I answered as I grabbed the milk cup.

"I'm an orphan, too."

"…… Lie, you have maids."


"Are you from the state or the public?"

"No, Mingan. (No, private.)"

The boy's eyes widened.

"Wow, you just blew up."

Few cases are adopted in private nurseries. Even if they do, they are often taken from farms that lack one hand.

"In the same position, didn't those monsters even dry me up?"

The boy whispers while holding the bread.

"I don't think so."

"You almost got hit. Almost right."

"I'm not really a hit man, Gurachi."

My maids are criminals, but good criminals.

'There's something strange to say.'

The boy kicked his teeth, tongue and put the rest of the bread in his mouth.

Then I looked at the maids' eyes and hid some bread under my shirt.

"I interrupted my work, but now that I've given you something to eat, I'll see to it."

"I didn't mean to interrupt. It's a gambler over there. Why did you want to start a fire?"

"Bur gave it to his clan, but he manipulated the wheel. Siburals."

Tsk, he frowns with his tongue.

"Don't gamble, Ang Hamon."

"Are you stupid? How can you not do something so fun?"

Idiot must be you....

I sighed deeply.

"But if you start a fire, this time you're not taking money, you're taking organs."

"Oh, you look young, but I also know you take organs..... You're an orphan.I have a bad feeling."

After he smiled, he lightly pressed my cheek with one hand.

It was then.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

I heard a cool voice at the door.

Ishak looks at the boy with tearing eyes.

Ishaq, who has walked big, grasps the boy's wrist.

"What? Touch my brother."

Ishaq's mood was very bitter. The boy swallows the drool, and a span smaller than me stares at Ishak.