After Henri handed over the followers to the castle, he came here with the Duke.

It would not have been so difficult to find me because I had a tracking spell.

Together we rode a wagon to the castle.

I was locked in my thoughts the whole time.

'What happened?'

Why does Andy know Zakari's tactics?

The boy's name is definitely Andy. The list also clearly said Andy.

'Above all, it's really weak.'

I think I'll get it from the maids, so I cried.

I couldn't match Zakari, who was so strong and thoughtful.

As I pondered, the cold touched my cheeks. It was Ishaq.

"Sorry, I didn't hear it in the basement. I should have gone sooner."


"... Kid, why do you always say you're okay?"


"They say it's okay to live in the same place like that, and they say it's okay not to protect it, and they say it's okay to give you a gift."

Ishaq was really upset.

I repeated a few regressions, but I always lived hard. I was used to it, so I didn't know anything about it.

Life here was really satisfying. If you're not ready for asylum, you don't want anything.

Ishak, who was staring at me, shook his shoulder. Henri's eyes sank, and the Duke said nothing to those people.

When I got off the wagon, the sun was peeking.

Ishaq and Henri went back to the room with a powerless face, and I cared about them.

When I was restless, the Duke bent his knee and stared at me.



"Don't ever do anything dangerous again."

I'm angry that he's just going through an accident.

I didn't mean to, but how many times I almost got in danger was a nuisance from a guardian's point of view.

Gigi dies and stretches her eyebrows, and he smiles faintly.

"I'm glad I'm not hurt."


"Take a break."

The Duke said so and gently scattered my head to the castle.

I touched the hair that touched the Duke for a moment.

It felt strange.


I keep tickling my throat, so I rob Purr's head. Then he closed his eyes and ran to the other side of the duc.

'I don't have time for this. We need to find Zakari quickly.'

I ran out of my mind and ran into someone because I couldn't look ahead properly.


Let's hit him pretty hard and rub his forehead. "Baby?" I heard a familiar voice saying, He was the Chairman.

"What's going on?"

"They have to prepare for asylum. You know, this is what I was thinking. So the chief...!"

He glances at me with a quick grip of his fist. It was the eyes that seemed to be dug through the insides of decency.

"Does your restlessness have something to do with your return with the Duke and the Confucians today?"

"Goo, Goo Ron or not!"

"That's right."


When I answered with my eyes closed, the Chairman groaned and looked into my eyes.

"Why did you set such a dangerous goal as asylum?"

"It'll be dangerous in the future. When Mina comes, I'll be a sacrifice."

"If you have the protection of the Duke of Dublin, the situation is likely to be different from before."

"But someday it will be different."

"It's different, D."

"You just think of me like a freshly bred pet."

Their affection is like making a cat come into the house cute. It's strange to like a day without a drop of blood.

How can you keep someone else pretty? I'm not a sunny kid like Mina.

"Baby, do you know how difficult it is to protect a baby that has become more special than your previous life?"


"You have a lot of loyal and talented people. Eugene North is an imperial talent. But he always stands in the way of the baby, aside from them."


"Theodore Dubled, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't do such a nuisance for pets."

I said nothing, and the Chairman looked at me quietly.

"Now it turns out that asylum was not a means of life, it was a golden rule."

Scratch, my shoulders are up.

"Go. Why don't you talk to the elder...."

"You forbade yourself from believing that you would be exiled anyway?"

"Go away! I can't hear you!"

"You were afraid of being abandoned by your family again. than the danger of a failed asylum, before it was abandoned."

"Don't tell me!"

"Rather than returning, that's what you were most afraid of."

I stared at the Chairman with blurred eyes. He bites his lips and grips his cheeky toes to avoid crying.

He gazes at the day of Farr's departure for a while, bending his back and passing by.

I'm the one who jumped into the room! I closed the door and hid myself in the blanket.

It seemed like a box that was tied together in chains and concealed.

* * *

I quickly realized that I had opened my eyes in the invisible darkness.

This is a dream, a nightmare that always comes after me.

When I realized it, my surroundings began to change.

This was the altar of the Imperial Palace. where the whole body was torn from the first life as a sacrifice.

There was an elephant bag on the altar. It was a bag packed to prepare for asylum.

Someone grabbed the bag. The owner of the thirsty hand, through which the blood flows, was "me."

I've got a half-cut head and a whole body.

[Stupid LeBlaine, do you want to put yourself through that and trust someone else?]

A low-muted adult LeBlaine stares at me with a woodchuck.

'But…… but, I think the Dubled people are different.'

[So did Duke Amitier. My father is different. You did the same thing in Valois. I'm going to live differently this time.]

'Maybe it's really different this time. In my previous life, there were no people who were as good to me as the Dublins.'

Adult LeBlaine approaches with a twist on the purchase.

[Because now I know you're special.]


[If Mina comes, it'll be different. If it turns out he's a child of fake destiny, he'll be thrown away again!]

I blocked my ears with both hands.

The pain of being sacrificed in his head and the pain of being beaten by Duke Valois seemed to flow.

The elder LeBlaine who came to me was divided into three, Mina, Amitier, and Valois.

[Do you want to beg for affection like a jerk again?]

[And if you return, I will decide again. No one's gonna believe it this time.]

[As always!!]

Their screaming faces were distorted.

Black essence flows out of my body, and my mouth is full of creepy sharp teeth.

'Oh, don't come. Don't come!'

I got up on the floor and ran.

But they persistently cling to the shadows.

[Sorry, LeBlaine. But this is destiny. Die for me, for the country.]

[Mina is a special child.]

[Motherfucker. There's nothing wrong with you!]

It overcame me into a completely black realm. He suffocates like a swamp.

I shuddered away from the cliff that swallowed me up to my neck.

'Please save me. No, I don't! Please save me!'

The dream was always over until I was completely encroached upon by the darkness. This time, too. I unleashed my hand.

At that time, I saw a fine light in front of my eyes.

"…… b."

"…… Lane."



I hurriedly opened my eyes. My whole body was covered in cold sweat.

In front of my eyes I saw Ishaq, Henri, who had no choice but to hold my hand, and the Duke who was hardened.

"Are you okay?"

"Are you surprised by what you did today?"

"Wake up."

This place was in the light.

I swallowed my tears as I looked at three people whose outlines were blurred by the light of the light.

I felt my face wrinkled ugly without even looking.

I held the Duke's hand tight. Even if I tried to endure it, I kept crying.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

When he broke his lips tightly to not make a sound, Ishak made an impression on me.

"You idiot! Why don't you make a sound and cry?"

By saying that, I put pressure on my forehead to avoid dropping the tears in my eyes.

Henri pushes that Ishaque out and strokes me in the head.

"Did you have a nightmare?"


"You were scared. I'm sorry I didn't get here early."

Henri hasn't apologized since one day, but he keeps apologizing to me.

I said I was sorry I was late to protect you, and I said I was sorry I didn't know what I liked.

The Duke hugged me.

"I don't know what to do when you cry."


"I just want to destroy the world."

In his words, I laughed.

The Duke, who didn't know how to love me or how to love me, clumsily made me feel funny and warm.

"Me in Dream" is right. I'm a fool. I've lived four times before.

I wanted to believe it again.

I knew that I was more likely to get hurt, and I knew that running away was a convenient way to go, and I didn't want to miss the warmth that touched my skin.

'One last time.'

When I smiled with all my wet face, Dublin's men's faces were brightened. I can't help but feel glad that Dunlea and the maids of Dongdong Cave and Foot have also stretched their shoulders.

"…… Dad."

When I called, the Duke's gaze trembled for a moment.

It was the first title I've called since I received Etwal.


Henri and Ishaq grow as if their eyes were falling, making their mouths tingle.

"Oh, oh, brother...!"

"LeBlaine just told me……."

"No, you did it to me!"

"You told me, you idiot."

When I saw the two of them, I buried their faces on the Duke's shoulders.

I was in the light. Now that nightmare wasn't scary.

That night, I threw away the elephant bag.