The next day, the Chairman came to see me.

"You had a nightmare. I heard that the castle is in a state of chaos."


"Is it because of me?"

The Chairman's eyes were slightly blurred.

I used to whistle cocoa and drink Horoc.

"It's time for me. It's the blame of the bowels."


"What are you going to say?"

In my words, the Chairman coughed and said, "Well..." I muttered and turned my gaze.

"I have one thing for you, Guromon."

"Why is that connected? I overreacted at this age because I was doing your job last time."

I laughed as cute as I could when I said it was absurd. The Chairman paused and sighed.

"…… just say something."

"Get a doll and make a fake identity."

"If it's a doll..... do you mean a spherical joint doll?"

A spherical joint doll was a kind of horse-drawn tool.

A doll that looks exactly like a real human being. It can be used as a band if you inflict magical or divine power.

"Normal, in his late twenties, he's the one who's going to lead the Hope Merchant Guild, bringing together a whole bunch of businesses. Oh, I'll run the Yongbundan, Knight."

"It's going to cost a lot of money. There is only one puppet technician in the Empire, and Dublin's intelligence is hard to find."

"Two bucks for spinel. There's a little money left in the asylum fund I gave you to buy the land."

"How are you going to get out if you use it?"

"I don't do it."

I stood up and looked at the Chairman.

"I live here now."

"There's a risk."

"I'm going to seek asylum."

"What are you talking about....."

I smiled and said.

"I'm going to free Dublin Red from the Empire. An independent state without the interference of temples and imperials. That's the notice of my exile."

I'm evil, so I can't live without just believing that this Dubled is protecting me.

I definitely need a way to be safe.


The Chairman's face hardened.

"It's not possible. From the Invitation Week to the current Duke, everyone has set a goal, but no one has achieved it. It's just a dream."

"Why does your mouth tremble when you say dream?"

He spills the real picks.

"It's foolish to say independence at this age."

"Isn't that too honest?"

When I held the cocoa cup with both hands, the Chairman's eyes shone sharply.

"Everyone who has enemies in Dublin is honest with their desires. The hypocrites of the Empire call us villains."

"The doll will be in the band until I grow up. Save Joe."

"It looks like my birthday present from Louis was not Spinel, but the baby."

The Chairman and I looked at each other and laughed like villains.

* * *

There was much to be done for the new goals. Fortunately, some work had been completed on preparing for asylum.

Top of line hops for funding.

Powerful helper.

"All that's left is the troops. '

Dubled's military might is excellent, but it is not enough to fight the Imperial or Temple at the same time.

So I called Andy to the castle.

As soon as he entered the room, he opened his mouth with an overwhelming expression.

"What room……."

I gave him a cookie basket that was muffled by Gigi.


Andy, who owns the cookie, looks at me.

"But what did you call it? …… yo."

"There are no maids. He won't pay his respects."

"Come out on your own. …… yo."

"Andy, don't you want to be worth living here?"

When I asked, Andy, whose eyes only turned red, tucked the cookie down.

Andy, who spread his palms, swallowed his saliva several times.

"Now, now, wait."


"Since when?"

When he tilted his head, Andy asked, his face widened.

"Since when do you like me? From the moment you gave me the bread? I was so kind to strangers that I thought it was strange...."


"Gosh, it's hard. You're cute, but you're four and I'm thirteen. There are too many age differences. I'm not the scum that sees children as women."


"You're really cute, but honestly I've never seen a child as cute as you, but I'm not a pervert."

.... What are you imagining.

"You're my knight."

When I look in the blurry eye, Andy says, "Huh?" I asked.

I didn't cancel my plan to find Zakari. But I needed a subpoena right away.

"Zakari may not be my man, even if he finds it. '

But Andy obviously had a crush on me.

Even though he was weaker than Zakari, his abilities were excellent enough.

I think it was a four-year-old misogynistic kid who drove much stronger adult men.

The strategy used then.


Courage to be at the forefront.

Taken together, I gave him a very high score.

"I don't have money to buy horses and weapons. Who accepts me as a seed?"

To be a knight is not just to be strong.

Horses used as horse-drawn horses were more expensive than cows, and it was a huge burden for ordinary people to scam. You have to buy weaponry that's worth it, and you have to do it under the knight for years.

It must have been a difficult dream for Andy.

"I have a lot of money!"

I showed Ishak gems such as pumpkins and diamonds in both hands.

"... Are you sure you want to make me a knight?"

"Oral. When you become my knights, you will receive the advice of Dubled. Plus, I can give you the ledger."


He changed his attitude as coldly as possible.

'Well, I'm in a good position. It's the savagery that suits Dublin Red.'

I nodded as I was satisfied, and Andy said with a clear face.

"Do you swear allegiance to this? I know all about it."

At first, I want to make a third loyalty vow.

I saw Andy wake up with a face that said, "Let's talk and finish."

"Andy greets the lord."

Don't talk, frown. And he said, "Isn't that too common a name for an article?" I muttered and nodded.

"Okay, I'm going to rename it like an article from today."

He kneels to the floor and looks up at me.

"Knight Zakari greets the Lord."

"... hmm?"

I hardened and looked at Andy.

"What did you just say?"

"Zakari. Isn't that a knight?"

I looked at Andy, no, Zakari with a ridiculous look.


Are you sure about that?

Are you sure Andy's Zakari?

But Andy is so weak!

If Andy's a real Zakari, why didn't he fight the maids' attacks at all?

"Why didn't you confront my maids last time?"

"You can't hit a woman."

"You cried."

"That way you'll be less fit."

It was a plot.

It's really awkward.

I'm so sorry I didn't find Zakari, but Andy was Zakari!

But it's not Zakari's fault, so he presses his glance and sinks his injustice.

I pulled the rope and paged Leah.

"Zacharite Leah taught me the sword."

"Was her name Zakari?"

"…… as much as I can."

"I see."

Leah nods at Akari.

"Follow me. I'll teach you the sword, especially since it's your baby's command."

Zakari seemed to doubt that the maid taught him the sword, but he followed her relatively mildly.

And that day, Zakari really cried.

* * *

"You better teach Zakari the spear than the sword. I have a gift. As soon as I learned how to breathe, I was amazed."


"Hehe, he's a funny kid. It's a big fantasy about the article. You have to act in front of other people."

Leah, who taught Zakari for the past week, laughed, saying every day was a series of horrors.

I was blurry in front of my room. I looked at Zakari swinging the spear with the old man.

Somehow I was pissed, but decided to be positive.

"There are two of the four articles in my house. '

Ishaq and Zakari.

Hossages say that when those four gather in a thud, half the Empire's power will be deceitful.

'I grow Zakari hard and use it.'

I decided to hold my fist lightly.

I originally tried to escort the Merchant Corps, but it would take years to raise them properly.

So I told Seria to make a deal with the mercenaries first. A mercenary who was a beggar on errands in his last life and had a shorthand with God.

'For now, we need to raise a Merchant.'

The more money I had, the better, and I needed money to use it out of sight.

'And until you grow up, you'll have plenty of time outside of the Merchant Guild, so you should get along with your family.'

After deciding not to wall the Dublins, the Dublins were ordinary fathers and brothers.

A normal family who wants to spend time with her daughter, and tries to take good care of her.

"I have a family that doesn't hate me. '

I was delighted when I thought of it.

I was wrapped around my cheeks and I heard a knock.

"Your master is looking for you."

Your dad?

I nodded and followed my servant.

When he reached the obliteration room, he saw Ishaq, who was busy on the couch, and Henri reading the book.

Henri looked at me and said with a smile.

"Good morning."

Ishaq also shook his hand.

"Good night."

I said, "No." I sat between Henri and Ishaq, "he said.

"Did the Duke call you?"

Ishak bites me and nods.


At that time, my father came into the obliteration room with North.

There were three small boxes in North's hand.

When Dad sits down, North puts three boxes on the table.

"Open it."

The three of us opened the box with a suspicious expression.