After a stroll through the escorts my father gave me, I married Adrian who would be Dubled and Enemies, and if I made a mistake and sold Ishaq's name, there would be a thunderbolt in Dubled.

Ishaq read the letter.

"…… are you waiting for me to see you again?"

I stood up and said as if I were jumping.

"Well, well, you got it all wrong! Cookie mugger than that. Drink it."

Then I sat down and tried to steal Ishak's letter....

Henri said with thinned eyes.

"In this castle, there is only LeBlaine, a girl who can wear those shoes."

Then Ishaq's face became harsh. Dad said.

"Some guy."

Henri and Ishak stared at his father in a fierce manner.

"Please perform the tracking spell, Father."

"Father, I'll take the lead."

.... Since when did you feel this right?

I desperately pretended to be sick.


As I took hold of the boat and groaned, the flawed Dubled rushed to me.

"Are you okay?"

"What's going on!"


I feel ashamed and sorry for my family, but it was the best way to eat.

I pretended to have a grunt "Pear Apo…." He murmured slowly, and his eyes widened, and he shook me! I heard you hug.


And he forgot to page me, and he took me to the medical center himself.

A forgotten letter from everyone was placed in the garden, and I signaled Leah with a gesture of my hand.

That one! Mine! '

And Leah, who was faithful, looked around and slipped a letter into the apron.

* * *

The fever and castle sickness smoke were properly eaten, and the letter situation was forgotten.

Only Leah, who brought the letter, looked at me and opened her eyes slowly.

"I got a nickname when I went to the temple! I told you to send me a letter because I couldn't write to Guronde Le Bou."

When I made a awkward excuse, my sweet Leah gave me a letter without asking any more questions.

I left Leah, sighed and touched the letter.

I had a terrifying imagination that if my father and brothers knew I was a prince, they might just kill me.

'I don't think so, but I'm glad Dubled and Adrian didn't see each other.'

The two were future natural.

People said.

If one of them dies, it's definitely the other one.

In fact, Dubled was hit hard by Adrian, and Adrian was almost killed by Dubled's scheme.

I unfolded the letter.

There was only one line that Ishaq had read. I didn't even know who I was.

That alone seemed to me to know how much Adrian wrote after deliberating.

Adrian knows me as a wizard. And a smart man would know how dangerous it is to contact me.

The Emperor's clan almost hated his contact with the Wizard.

'Shoes..... you saw my shoes.'

Noble Kid's shoes are very soft leather. I didn't have much time to walk, so it was just a pattern shoe.

Mine is much more comfortable than any other shoe, and it's not decorative, but it's made for noble kids anyway, so I walk a little.

But I walked hard that day and walked all the way to the mountain, so I was not in good spirits.

"A delicate girl. '

I smiled and hid the letter in the invisible place.

And I wrote back.

'Too bad we can't meet right now.'

Adrian's circumstance, and my circumstance, I couldn't find her.

If you get involved with me, Dublin's infamous and fateful child, the Emperor's restraint on him will be even worse.

I couldn't guarantee Dubled's future if I got involved in the emperor's fight.

But I cared about her.

After losing his pride, he was sitting like a mangrove tree, and he kept remembering.

I tore up the sketchbook and wrote a reply.

[Thank you for the gift. The shoes were pretty, and the flowers were so pretty. I'll think about you looking at the things you sent me. Often let's write!]

After that, I sealed the letter well and asked the Chairman to deliver it to Adrian's temple.

My father came to me in the evening.

"What about the boat?"

"Oh, Harabuji is getting better!"


My father lightly rubbed my eyelids with a hand, and dragged a chair into the bed and sat down.

"Lev, I have officially told you that I want to educate you in the temple. What do you think?"

The Emperor decided to take his hands off me, so I was in a hurry.

In my father's words, I touched my hand.

"Dubled has many enemies. As long as you're here, you'll be in danger. Most importantly, if you're staying in a temple, you don't have to get a finger that Dubled is evil."


"We can also get support from the Emperor, and we can fully develop our divine power. That's good for your future, too."

"…… do you want me to go to the temple?"

My father smiled faintly.

"You'd be surprised to know what kind of gruesome things I and your brothers did to keep you from going to the temple."

"Then why don't you want me to go to the temple?"

"You're the one who fits in the light."

My family didn't think I'd come back when I got used to it.

Dubled doesn't get it because he's covering his territory. It's like you don't pick up your identity and origin on an administrator or an employer test. Of course, it's good for criminals to hide.

And in order to prosper the family, the Dukes of Dublin did whatever it took. The gargantuan and the territorial people followed them.

The Empire called Dubled such a villain.

My father was protected from the temple, and it seemed to me that I was being fingered together when I had to hear the sound of a hero.

I would never do it if I were Theodore Dubled, so I frowned a little.

I put my head in my dad's big hand.

"I'm Yogi Zoe."


"My dad and my brothers and Joa are with the Dubledus. So I'm not going to the temple."

He stroked my hair and smiled faintly.

"You remind me of a time when I thought I'd be a good father."

Looking at my father's sweet eyes, I thought,

"I'm going to live here with my family. '

It's safe to achieve your goals.

So be prepared to go out of the world.

Time went by like oil.

That's five years. I turned nine.

* * *

Sunny morning.

Sitting in a chair, I look in the mirror with my hair in Leah's hands.

The fingers that were short like maple leaves became quite long, and the shaky hair that was shaking from the shoulders now touched the back.

"Will my hair be braided, or will I tie the ribbon?"

"Well, I like the ribbon."

So long for a warm, short tongue!

With the power of desperate pronunciation practice, I was able to use elegant words.

I cover my mouth with a sheep fist, and I hold back what I want to laugh about.

The maids brought the ribbon with a smile.

"You're very smart today."

"Le Bou, I'm nine years old now... No, I'm nine years old now. It's all grown up."

He shook his face and said, and the maids turned their heads and shaked their shoulders thinly.

"I pretended to be too much of a kid, and I had a triple chin on my mouth. '

No, no, no.

I'm nine now. It's all a big lady.

How hard you've been in the last five years. It was the day when tears covered the front.

I had to live as a beggar and almost forget the noble rule, so I had to endure Mrs. Confine's hell training.

Now you can go beyond local arm 's-length to continental arm 's-length employers. Kids have to play! 'I endured the attack and learned silently.

'The hardest part was divine power training.....'

I used to be a sacred vigilante in my past life, and it was the first time I actually used magic.

Due to the inability to get help from the Shrine, the wizards of Dublin read me a book about divinity, wearing hoods every day.

However, they could not understand all the divine power, and sometimes the divine magic failed and they fell to their knees.

Every time, my dad and my brothers ran pearls.

'Le Bou, the sorcerers,' he said to his father and brother, who was running to slap the sorcerers' necks all the time. 'The day I had to soothe you.

Thinking about the other day, I stretched my shoulders with a blurred face.

It was then.

"You've arrived!"

I heard the deacon's bright voice.

I quickly came down from the chair and made a visit. The maids drowned after me.

Heading to the gate, you can see the Dublin Knights returning from the victory procession in the Islands.

I saw a man with a slender black horse with a gray mane at the forefront.

A luxurious perovs down on armor and shoulders that support a firm body.

A more noticeable appearance and cool intimidation than a beautiful look.


He was the father who returned from the battle against the Kruger Kingdom to conquer the ethnic and eleventh kingdoms.

Last year, the Empire, swarming by the suicide of the Allied marshals who had been condemned to death, sought support from their father who had subjugated Kruger in just eight months.

And a year later, the Allies surrendered and kneeled under Dubled's feet.



My brothers, who had joined my father, jumped out of the horse and ran to me. I ran quickly towards them, too.

Not to my brothers who opened their arms towards me……, but as a loot box.

After running, I shook my hand and swung, swung, and searched the box without hesitation.

I only waited for today to come after hearing the news of the victory.

'You brought it, didn't you? Didn't you tell the Emperor?'

I searched the box with a desperate face, and I found it.

Give me a cotton bag with what I want.


It was when I cherished my pocket. Somehow, the ambient temperature seemed to have dropped.

I looked next to the sluggish.

"I see it in a year……."

"The authentic product before us……."

I saw my brothers looking at me with their bare faces.