It's scarier than usual to come through the battlefield.

The hardened knights swallowed the drool.

They were more than happy to see how much they've been rolling around my family in the past year.

North, who was behind my father, rubbed his hand against me with his desperate face and said, "Please spare me." and muttered.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Uh, that's..." I murmured.

"So..... I slept with the doll that my brothers gave me every day and it seems to be with the castle....."

"Every day?"


The two of you bite and I nod coldly.

"I wanted to see you all the time!"

Then the look on my brothers' faces loosened a little.

My father came down from the horse and hugged me.

"Didn't you sleep with the doll I gave you?"

My dad was a bit ambitious.

Although Kruger had not fought before in his last life, in Allied battles he fought at the end of the war and led the victory.

So I was reassured, and I was heartbroken when I saw the hard face.

I hold my father's neck tight and rub my face against his cheeks.

"I slept in my arms."

My father's hand was kind enough to stroke my back.

That night, the castle was noisy as a victory party until late at night. Dubled generously provided liquor and meat for the soldiers who had suffered.

Out in the middle of the party, I looked at a cotton bag and sang a humming nostril.

Subsequently, the Chairman, who followed me, asked.

"Soldiers who have won today almost died of a heart attack, right?"


"I hear you've welcomed more loot than Confucius."

"But look at this."

I took it out of my cotton pocket and showed it to the Chairman.

"What is this?"

I narrow my glans to see if I look humble before my family.

I smiled and said.

"Gold is better than treasure."

"Is this it? I think it's just seeds."

"Seed right. A seed that will divide between the Emperor and the Temple, and make us a great deal of money."

"There can't be such a seed..... What the hell?"

"It's called luminous. Only in Orgos, the southernmost part of the continent."


"It works on arthritis and neuropathy. It also works on post-imperial boring skin diseases."

"Skin disease? Does the Emperor have a skin disease?"

I nod.

Very few people know about the Temple, but the reason why the Emperor became deeply religious was skin disease.

The Emperor had a sincere heart and thought that if he worked for God, he would have a better skin condition.

Of course, that's not the only reason why I joined the temple, but skin disease is a big part of it.

I nodded my head as I explained it to the Chairman.

"But it will be difficult to get them into the hands of the Emperor. The drugs brought into the Imperial Palace have been under review for many years."

"So let the Emperor find it himself."


"If most of the elderly have seen the effects of drugs, they have no choice but to care."

I put my hands together and looked up at the chairman with glittering eyes.

"And there's just an old man in front of me?"

"…… Yes?"

He looked at me with an uneasy expression.

* * *

A flowering party in advance of the spring.

Filling the party hall was both an old gentleman and a nobleman.

Zhang Mark, who got off the wagon, looked at the party leader and pointed at his forehead.

'Why did this happen?'

[Before the relationship between the Temple and the Emperor gets better, you have to send the medicine in a hurry. So I need you to make me an ambassador so that rumors of Luminous can circulate as quickly as possible.]

[What the hell is an ambassador?]

[A youthful drug appeared, to what extent?]

The billboard was himself.

This Jean-Marc Nuanoke, who is the continent's fifth most famous symbol, is one of Dublin's most well-dressed senators.

Why is it that the Dublin Duke of Dublin had an epic battle with him?

Beyond yeshun, I became a puppet puppet of a nine-year-old.

For some reason, LeBlaine was a child who could not fight. The tale that kept her from moving the next generation didn't work on her smile either.

Zhang Mark sighs and enters the party hall.

As I crossed the door, I heard elasticity everywhere.

"My God, Viscount Nuanok....."

"You're extraordinarily nice today."

I deserved it.

Before coming to this party, he had to take care of his body with the wiping brush of LeBlaine.

And I had to choose the most suitable of the dozens of suits, and I went down to the territory to Serbia and put something on my face.

It was impossible for Zhang Mark to manage this much during his lifetime.

The nobles of the old age came to cover their mouths with a feather debt.

"How are you?"

"Long time no see, Nuanoke."

"You look different today than usual."

It's really different than usual. If it had been another time, I would have bitten the nobles with annoying eyes, and the voice of LeBlaine hovered over the Chairman's ear.

[Impressions at the party will end with the rumor of Nuanok's temper head!]

He forcefully raises his mouth.

"Yes, how are you?"

The nobles blushed their faces.

Even as a young man, the aesthetic power that cheered all the infants in their hearts did not disappear at any age.

'Oh, my God, why are you laughing like that?'

'I remember the old days.'

As the nobles stared at him and frowned at him, the old man, who was sitting at a distance, opened his eyes and scolded the floor.

"Yay, this guy! I don't know what kind of a bitch he is!"

The nobles frowned.

"It's better than doing it the way you do it."

"What do you weigh on the world these days?"

"Look at the kids these days. I don't have a man who makes me feel like a ball."

The old man shouted in Hillan's gaze.

"Say something to a man like the sky, say something!"

He approaches as if he were threatening with a stick. However, it was blocked by Viscount Nuanok who stopped the nobles.

"Be careful. There's nothing uglier than stiffening your head."

"Well, well……!"

The chairman, holding the end of the staff, slowly looked at the old man and said,

"When I was young, my memory ended, but now I might open the coffin lid."

The old man, who had two broken teeth in the past with Viscount Nuanok and Civi, winked and bit himself.

And I said, "Ew! I'm scared of shit!" With no excuses, I rolled my feet and walked out the door.

I approached him, even the nobles and some gentlemen.

"Uh-huh, I thought I'd lost my temper after I got all old, but I think I'm getting younger again."

"No, you seem really young."

"Does the ball hurt?"

[Joint talk is a sign. We just need to get the drugs out of there!]

LeBlaine's words came to mind.

"I'm on drugs these days."

In a trembling voice, the nobles opened their eyes.


"Getting younger."

"Do you have any such medicine?!"

The Chairman awkwardly pulled out the medicine carton inside the jacket.

And as LeBlaine informed him, he supported the underside of the barrel with his right hand and said in a polite posture with his left hand covering his back.

"About youth. Meet me at the Hope Merchant Guild now."

* * *

I hugged the book that Seria sent with a glorious expression.

'Ah, the honey of this money.'

I don't know how many zeros there are already.

With the effect of the live billboard, Luminous was sold fiercely.

To some extent, they lined up in front of the merchants, not only the elderly but also the middle-aged.

According to Seria, the line reaches 300 meters every day in front of the top store.

"I picked up a copy of the ad. '

There was nothing to excite the old like the word "youth."

I would have bought a few islands if I had sold them to everyone, but I only sold Luminous to someone who really needed it.

The use of a really sick person will be effective, so you can make the Emperor more interested.

'All you have to do is wait for me to get in touch.'

I hid the book well.

"Baby, should you eat?"


This morning's menu is French toast. It's my favorite menu, so I went down to the diner singing a nosebleed.

"Good morning."

"Even my little brother."

I answered Henri, covered my knees with napkins and grabbed spoons and forks.

The smell of french toast just came out swirling through the nasal cavity.

The smell of savory eggs and sweet raspberry jam combined and seemed to irritate the stomach.

I cut the toast long and folded it into my mouth.

'I am happy....'

A new toast came on top of it as soon as I got rid of one. It was my father's.

"Dad, don't you like it?"


I never said no to food.

Once upon a time, I thought I needed food because of an adult accident, but when I got older, I just loved eating.

I had a little fun discovering myself in my fourth life.

I even ate the toast my dad gave me, and I saw my family checking newspapers or letters.

"We're having a party at the Imperial Palace."

Henri puts sugar in my red tea and asks, and my father nods.

"In addition to the flowering festival and the winning banquet."

Ishak frowns at me by placing a salad on my plate.

"Ugh, you can't miss a victory banquet."

Henri stirs the sugar in my red tea to make it melt.

"If we don't go, others will intercept."

Ishaque sprinkles the dressing over the salad he puts up.

"We fought to die, but why would the ball intercept the victory banquet? I'll kill them all."

Henri lifted the teacup and fed it to me.

"Who told you to be careful what you say in front of LeBlaine?"

Ishaque also picked up the salad and handed it out as a fork.

"Because it bothers me. If you go to the banquet, the flies won't get tired of sticking around again."

I couldn't stand the red tea and salad I was feeding on both sides, groaning and groaning.

'Are you harassing me about the last time I saw more loot?'

I was thinking about it, and my dad grabbed the red tea and fork from both of them and raised my eyebrows.

"Don't play with me."

"But it's cute."

When I saw Ishak smiling, I had a fat face.

"I've been harassing you."

I shot two people with thinned eyes.

It's very mean of you to harass your brother.

This can't just go by, so I said it very strictly.

"Shouldn't we do that next time?"

Henri and Ishak shake their shoulders. Employers who were on the market turned their heads and stopped their mouths.