Then he told the other clerk who was with me.

"I'll order it with that. In red."

"I caught him first……."

All dresses here are designed to be seen only by design.

I couldn't buy it right now because I chose the design, added color, cloth material, decoration, etc.

However, it is usually polite to pick something else if someone is carrying clothes first.

The girl frowned and said,

"I told you to order first. I hate overlapping designs, so you pick something else."

Then a middle-aged nobleman approached.



"What's going on?"

"I ordered it first, and you're protesting that she caught it first."

The middle-aged nobleman looked carefully at my face and clothes.

"You give it up. Our Eugenie was invited to this year's seeding ceremony. Wouldn't it be better for clothes to be presented in a more spectacular setting?"

The dress on my face I didn't know was dull, so I didn't think it was a child in the house who could attend the seeding ceremony.

"I'm going to the seeding ceremony."

"Yes, I understand what you're trying to say. But you shouldn't lie."

"No, I really do."

"Kid, if you talk like an adult, will you use it? You don't have any family education. How my parents taught me."

When the nobleman looks hard on her face, a child called Yuzheimer's spills the picks.



Henri and Ishaq approached at the time. Then Melvain was with him.

Melbane looked at the nobleman and Eugenie.

"You're Mrs. Lyon. Are you here to buy a lady's dress?"

"That's right. I'm glad we got Eugenie to play Pipe Organ this time."

The nobleman's face was full of pride. She shrouded her daughter's shoulders and laughed and said to Melvain:

"I'll take care of it this time. We'll split the money by the summer."

"What's with the look on our kid's face?"

Ishaq, who cut off the nobleman's words, looks into my face.

The face hardened when the nobleman just got lucky with home education and parenting.

Henri raises his head in front of me and looks at my face quietly.

"I don't feel so good. What's going on?"

They narrowed their glands and looked at Lyon's mother and the clerk who was with Eugenie.

The clerk who couldn't see Melvain, who was happy to see us while he was with Eugenie, fell asleep.

Melvain asked.

"You asked me what's going on."

"Well, that..... The dresses chosen by the Imperial Gods overlap."

The clerk pointed at me with both hands.

"That yellow dress over there was holding the start, and the spell was done by Lyon Young first. Mrs. Lyon asked me to surrender to the young lady over there...."

Melvain glances at his brothers in astonishment. Then I started dragging the clerk exaggerated.

"You just saw it!"

"No, it's not that. I can't move because I'm embarrassed by the story of home education and the story of my parents.."

As soon as I heard about it, Ishaq's face suddenly turned ugly. I thought he was gonna pop out, so I hung up on my waist.

"No, no! Lady!"

I was pissed earlier, but I couldn't see Ishak become a woman's menacing scum.

Henri said that I was desperately hanging from the balcony.


Seeing Henri's low voice and the day he hung, Ishaq calmed down with malice.

"Ishak? Where have you heard so much... Oh!"

The muttering nobleman was astonished and blocked her mouth with both hands.

"You're the Dublin Red Confucius! Then she.. Ah, that...."

The reaction is the same as when Melbane was born.

After a few regressions, when I was introduced, the Empire's response was the same.

'That, fake.'

Even though the divine power was increased, I thought that I wanted to make a child of destiny in the temple, as long as it was already prejudiced as a fake.

The nobleman smiled awkwardly and said,

"You've committed a felony. I don't know. Please forgive me for making a mistake. My child will choose a different clothing."


Eugenie yelled, but the nobleman said, "Bit." I raised my mouth and dragged my daughter's arm.

"Yes, sir."

Henri nods gently.

'Thank goodness. Henri is rational.'

I was a little worried that it would splash out like Ishak, to be honest.

He just stood there and watched her pick a new dress with his arms open.

"Isn't this okay? My daughter will look great if her skin is made of a dark cloth."

"…… Yes."

It was at that time that she was just picking out the design and calling the clerk.

"That's what we buy."

Henri said.

The nobleman noticed Henri again and dragged his daughter's hand.

"Then we'll go to something else..... Oh, and the dress with the ribbon on both sides is so cute."

"That's what we buy."


I panicked and looked at him, and Henri just smiled.

"Let's pick a dress next to it."

"I'll buy that too."

"Then wear the dress behind...."

"That too."

The nobleman looks back at Henri with a bluish face.

"I, Confucius....."

"Pick. You'll never be able to buy anything again."

"What are you talking about?"

"Of course, it's not about silk dresses. A home to buy, food to eat, clothes to wear, medicine to necessities."

When the nobleman hardened, Henri closed his eyes and said,

"How many people must starve to death?"

I hardened.

'Exactly, when Henri was angry, he was much scarier than Ishak.'

It was then that Duchess Lyon hung on Henri.

"Cow, I beg you, Confucius. We really don't know that this child is Dublin Young Lady..!"

I tried to move on without an apple because there were only children without a guardian, but Henri came out like this.

His hands tremble with waves, and his face is like a corpse.

Henri stares at Mrs. Lyon with a dry eye.

"You have the wrong target to apologize to."

There was nothing to say that I was properly apologized to Mrs. Lyon and Eugenie.

We sat on Melvain's costume couch and returned to be pardoned by more than a dozen Lyonians, including Lyon's mother and child, Eugenie's grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, aunt and aunt.

Melvain and the clerks watched as they trembled less.

* * *

Melvain's dress arrived a few days later.

There were many more fancy and lavish outfits than the beginning.

The last time Melvain was scared, he worked desperately.

Melvain's passionate clothes were truly beautiful.

My brothers smiled as they watched me walk around in their clothes.

"Turn around one more time, LeBlaine."

Henri said kindly, turning one turn to the left and then around the baking!! And I heard the footage go back like crazy.

"Don't miss a lash."

When Ishaq warned the workers, they all swallowed the drool and fixed the footage.

'Oh my.....'

I'm starting to worry about the banquet.

Not to make a mistake at the banquet, but to see who dies at the banquet.

I reached out with my brothers' sleeves as I remembered.

And I looked at them with a serious face.

"Why does my brother look so cute?"


Henri and Ishaq spoke in turn, and I spoke in a solemn voice.

"You can't hit people at a banquet."


The two of them were speechless.

I said, "No more." I said firmly.

"But in USAID....."

"I can't anticipate what will happen where the nobles gather, so the answer is....."

In a word, it doesn't work.

But I know the answer to this.

"You'll sleep in the blanket."



Ishaq and Henri stood up screaming in order.

I slept in a blanket a few years ago and got the flu. I went in and out of my childhood, and then my family went halfway out and came back.

I gave up human dignity to save the doctors because of that. "Dad, I love you!" Thinking about how much you did, tears cover your face.

After all, this became a very well-eaten threat.

"Okay! You don't have to hit me!"

"…… okay."

In the end, the two of them answered softly, and I nodded bluntly.

* * *

Henri and Ishak say, 'Absolutely! You should never hit anyone.' I gave LeBlaine an ironclad answer.

After that, the child went up to the room in peace of mind to prepare for the banquet.

Ishaq said with a gloomy expression.

"What if I can't hit anyone?"

He succumbed to LeBlaine's blackmail, but Ishaq and Henri were good brothers who kept their promises well.

Henri said in a gloomy voice:

"I told you not to hit, I didn't tell you not to kill."


Then Ishaq's face was brightened.

"Kill him in one shot and you won't have to hit him."

Henri looked at Ishaq, who pondered his head, and said, "Yes." I laughed wickedly.

Employers who watched the appearance swallowed dry saliva.