I opened my eyes in surprise.

'That's the Duke's wife's name!'

I looked at the narrow side of the perimeter with a ring. It is also engraved with writing.


It was then.


I heard voices at the door before I went crazy reading all the writings of the ring.

A woman leaning on the door frame with her arms open, staring at me and saying,

"Who are you? Why are you in my room?"

Smooth, soft hair that goes down the chest branch.

A transparent blue eye, a symbol of Dublin Red.

One tempting point on each eye and cheek.

Everyone who passes by knows that person who has a beautiful appearance and a low and sweet voice to look back at once.

My great-grandmother, Javelin Arige.

"Why are you reading Reset's note in my room?"

Javelin's room?

I almost jumped by surprise.

I never came in on purpose.

I didn't realize Javelin's room was too narrow and shabby for Dublin's brother to be in charge of the Islands mansion.

"Hey, I....."

It was challenging to find the answer.

"Take it!"

The dagger flies with Ishaq's voice. Javelin turns around lightly and gets the sword between the index finger and the stop.

"That's shallow. You must have hid the guitar to hit from behind."

"Who knew it was gonna happen? Instead of greetings."

After laughing, Ishaq, who was approaching Javelin, found me in the open door and opened his eyes.


He ran to Hudadak and looked at me.

"I didn't know you were here. Aren't you hurt?"

"I'd have stopped your sword, so I wouldn't have been hurt."

Javelin speaks in a quiet voice, and Ishak shouts.

"Kid's fragile, so he's broken his heart!"

Javelin's face became subtle, so I wanted to hide in a rat hole.

Ishaq frowned and said.

"What did you do? You're just a kid, aren't you?"

"No! No!"

I quickly tore Ishak apart.

Even if it's a misunderstanding, it's my fault I came into someone else's room. I should have checked Javelin's room in advance. I didn't know you were using a narrow room with no windows.

I got up and approached Javelin.

"I'm LeBlaine Lise."

"A child of destiny."

She just stared at me and said nothing. However, I was not embarrassed because I had heard the Holy Spirit.

She doesn't give well to her side, and she is cold to others. I didn't even say hello, so there were people who were proud to say hello to her.


Then Leah came to see if she had found me.

"You were here."

"I can't see, Leah."

"I don't think so. I was in a hurry because it was my baby's meal time."

Leah bows her head as she smiles.

Javelin, who saw Leah, loosened his arm. The fine hair drips gently into the clavicle.

"When will you be mine?"

She then lightly raises Leah's chin with her index finger.

The maids who came with Leah blushed and blushed.

Javelin's popularity pierced the sky even though he was so cold-tempered. It is more important to women than men.

She was right.

Gullcrush in the Islands.

Young ladies say, "Please take me too! Woman waving a plancard screaming '.

He was the first escort captain of the Empress and the commander of the White Horse, a unit of female knights.

It was Javelin Arige.

Leah smiled afterwards.

"You have to be kidding me."

"It's no fun not to panic."

Once again, she nods and closes her visit.

"Shall we go, baby? Your Excellency is waiting."


I nod and hold Leah's hand.

When I went down to the restaurant, my father and Henri were sitting face to face. Ishaq, who followed me, sat down first and gave me the chair.

It was only after I sat down that the meal began.

Ishak, who transferred the milk cup to me, said.

"My aunt came."

Henri, who cut the meat and put it on my plate, asked.


"Yeah, I was with the kid."

"Is everything all right?"

In Henri's words, I nod.

"He just asked me who it was. I didn't know if I was Javelin's room...."

"That room is a mistake."

Henri stroked my head, saying he was sorry he didn't tell me beforehand.

"Kid, your aunt is a real, real scary person. If you are not careful……."

Ishaq then drew down his neck with his hand. I flinch and hold the fork tight.

Javelin's prayers were fierce. You're my father's brother, even if you're a half-brother.

"Don't scare me. Auntie never touches a woman."

"Maybe you don't know. He hates the Temple more than anyone in Dublin."

It was also a famous story.

There is a story I heard in the days of the Duke of Valois, Javelin, who said he was rarely drunk one day, like a golden keg.

[I took all three precious men from the temple.]

I don't know all three, but one can be sure.

Emperor Elza.

She was a soldier as Adrian's mother.

Most people thought he was a soldier, but he was close to the Empress, and I was noticing.

It's not a soldier, it's a questioner.

It took her less than a month to die because she began to suffer from a healthy acne.

It was only because the divine priests said it was a contaminated disease that they ended up as soldiers.

Javelin seemed to regard it as the work of the Temple of the Emperor Yvonne. And I too.....

'Ugh, then how miserable I am to be sent from the temple.'

I felt like I knew why my eyes were so cold.

"Once she's angry, she's also the youngest woman in Dublin."

When I look at Leah like I really am, she smiles awkwardly and nods.


I thought with a dull face.

'You should never be disturbed... But you already bothered!'

I went into the room and even read a letter.

It must have been of special significance to me that I kept a letter containing the memories of my father and Reset.

Now that I've read those precious things, I have nothing to say but eyes.

How can we make up for it?

'Let's do a gift or something.'

After the meal, I went back to my room and asked Leah.

"What do you like about Javelin?"

"I don't know. I've never seen the duchess die and reveal the arc... But why?"

"I want to get along with Javelin."

"Be kind. Good news for Javelin. You're a loner."

Javelin is lonely?

I tilted my head.

She drives numerous followers as the king of the social world. When I heard that I was attending a party, I received invitations from all sorts of places.

"Because all my friends died and I couldn't give a damn about anyone."


"Your Majesty and His Majesty. He especially cared a lot about you. Fourth, you waited as long as you and your master were born."

"Fourth……. I know, baby bird, right?"

That was the fourth name of my father, who died unborn.

The people of the castle were delighted to hear that the fourth was their daughter.

So did my dad. There were little girls' shoes in the drawer.

At first I didn't know it was the fourth. I asked North if there was any question about the word on his shoes.

He replied with a difficult expression for a moment.

[Fourth lady's. He waited a long time to make baby shoes.]

"That's right."

"You're the kid whose middle name was supposed to be reset..... Ah."

I understand why you stopped talking when you introduced me to Javelin.

'I received the fourth from the temple, the child.'

I got a little heavier.

'Everyone would have been happy if the baby bird had been born safely.'

Then, Reset will never return to Sango, nor will Father and Javelin be alone. My brothers would have been happy with their relatives.

I was thinking that, and Leah's face became dark.

You seem to be worried that I won't get along with Javelin.

Leah kneels before the visit and gazes.

"You'll get to know Javelin. Your baby resembled Reset a lot."


I have seen the portrait of the Duchess.

Unlike me, who is a pale brown hair, she is a glorious and beautiful blonde, beautiful enough to attract everyone's attention.

I've changed a lot in this life, but I'm not comparable to Reset.

"I don't look like any of them. I have such a bad eye, but Reset is so sweet."

I raised my eyes and lowered my tail, and she laughed.

"It's not the face, it's the face."

"On that side?"

"You say something surprisingly similar to Reset sometimes."

She playfully grabbed my foot.

"The viscosity here is similar to that of Reset. So I felt like the fourth girl that she passed away."


It was a spicy voice.

Me and Leah turn their heads in flaws. It was Javelin.

It's much colder and more violent than before, so Gigi dies and shrugs.

"Who is the daughter of Reset?"

Leah's face was tinged.

Javelin seems to care about Leah, but she said that she is a person who is not cut out when she is stuffed.

'I've heard of it before the regression. Javelin killed him without holding his hand even though he pissed him off.'

I quickly approached Javelin.

"Hey, there! Leah didn't say that, she didn't say I was Reset's daughter! He was just trying to comfort me. I just wanted to get along with Javelin! That's why!"

Javelin's eyes narrowed as I shook my arm in haste.

"Why are you with me."

"Because it's a family....."

Speaking in a crawling voice, Javelin's face became strange.