"I'll be back."


After receiving a greeting from Seria, I tore the card that was being sold in the stable. It was my room when I opened my eyes again.

I heard a ripped movement in my hand.

"Too bad."

You cannot move more than 5 kilometers. You can only move things that weigh 30 kilograms or less, but you have to pay 300,000 francs per chapter.

With the care of the temple, the noble benefactor was flattered by hearing the amount of Mina Scroll that was being paid.

[300,000 francs, so..... 300 million won?!]

I don't know how big the 300 million won is, but I know 300,000 francs is a year's worth of royal mistresses.

'Two such movers....'

My heart hurts considering how much I spent today.

'But the relationship between the Emperor and the Temple will be irreversible, so this amount of money is weak.'

I changed into my pajamas and snuggled into the blanket and hugged the doll.

* * *

Adolf, who failed to prove that there was no problem with my medication, was imprisoned.

It was natural that the country was overturned because the Emperor and the Shrine were intertwined.

The Emperor woke up, but it was hard to carry.

The emperor was very angry at the fact that he left deliberately and mistakenly and harmed the royal family in the temple. After reaching the Pope, I tried to comfort him somehow, but the Emperor's will was very firm.

Adolf's public execution.

From the temple's point of view, it was like a thunderbolt.

The reputation of the temple is shattered if the last of the three great powers of the Neriad parish, Pope, Cardinal and the 21 priests, Adolf, are publicly executed.

It's not just about reputation, it's about the Emperor's declaration to reduce the power of the temple.

Of course, the temple was driven by the Hoff Merchant Guild and tried to take Adolf out.

Due to the lack of thorough management oversight, I tried to intimidate myself by robbing the surroundings.

However, I didn't have a tail to blackmail because I had started from the book and finished preparing for the pans.


After watching the situation, I smiled.

I tried to divide between the Emperor and the Temple, but it took the Emperor a while.

It was a virtue that Adolf himself was called a snowball.

* * *

I went down the stairs and approached my father who was just about to walk out the door.

"Are you still going out today?"


"Be careful."

When I stretched my shoulders and spoke, my father grinded my teeth.

Yesterday, Adolf was told that he was against his plan to play with the Islands and that he would tear Adolf to death with his own hands.

My father was busy without a new courtyard because of the Adolf case. The annual Grand Noble Conference was held, and the Emperor wore the temple and the evil Duke of Dublin, as he would see it.

I hugged my father once.

Javelin approaches the door while my father is standing at the door.

Javelin is also scheduled for the Imperial Palace today. It was because of the gathering of the reapers of the social world to plague the Emperor.

I looked at her and said, "Wow……." I groaned a little.

Javelin was really cool wearing a furry coat and a pear-shaped peacock feather hat on top of a tan trouser.


Having said that, Javelin's gaze touched me for a moment.

"Get in there."

"Calm down, yes." I said.

'All right, I've got 10 seconds of snow today!'

Every time Javelin went somewhere recently, I learned it hard.

Almost every day, there was a schedule outside, so I woke up every day like dawn, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and emptied her.

You didn't even fight at first, but now you can see it!

Leah, who was waiting in the back, said.

"You must still be alone today. Can I get you a book to read?"

Then Javelin stopped looking out the door.


Leah replied.

"Yes, you two went to the talent gathering."

Ishaq grumbles and is drawn to Henri. Talent gatherings were also a reason for parents to spend their time and send their children to talent.

This is the place where the great nobility's restraints and future powers are gathered, so it is an opportunity to make a strong connection.

Other families have such schedules that I have been mostly alone lately.

Javelin, who narrowed his glans and looked at me, sighed.

"Prepare to go out and come down."

"Your baby?"

"Yes, I'll take him."

Me and Leah open their eyes.

I was surprised that Javelin didn't know how to say that.

Originally, Dubled's social work required her to take me around, but she didn't seem to want to carry me around.

My father and brothers didn't force Javelin to introduce me because they thought I would twist my fly if I did social work.

Leah said, "Now, wait a minute!" He took me with him.

"Get dressed……! Coats and outing shoes!"

Laura and the maids who heard from Leah jumped around and decorated me.

Javelin was waiting for him when he came down to prepare for Buriaburia.

"Let's go."


I followed her behind and climbed onto the wagon with chewing gum.

The wagon to the Imperial Palace was quiet. I looked at her eyes and said, "Hey..." I said little.

"Thank you."

"What is."

The introduction was her duty, and she asked why she was grateful.

"You're taking me with you because I'm still alone!"

I spoke brightly, and she narrowed her glans with her legs twisted.

"You really are a strange girl."


"How can I stand by you every time I know I'm avoiding you?"

"But no wonder Javelin doesn't like me?"

Javelin asked as I looked up and said,


"I'm a kid from the temple. I adopted an orphan from civilian origin, and Dubled's face was injured, and I entered Javelin's room again....."

With each finger counted, her face was completely distorted.

"Who told you that?"

It didn't sound like it was coming out of the child's mouth, so I thought someone had said it.

"Everyone does. The Dublin people have to hate me. I think so, too."

There were so many nobles in the banquet hall.

Everywhere in the Islands, if you introduce me, you say, "Ah, that..." I had a trembling look.

Javelin sighs deeply with his arms.

"The reason I avoided you is not because of you."


"Because of my narrow insides."


"Whether it's from a temple or a civilian orphan, that can't be why you hate it. It's just an adult situation, because the child is not at fault."

I looked at Javelin.

I had never heard of it in person, so my heart was pounding. I squirmed my hand because Koan tried to use it.

"Thank you……."

"Wear your hat properly. My ears must be freezing."

Javelin turned his gaze.

I said, "Yes!" I answered vigorously and pressed my hat hard to cover my ears.

* * *

Upon arriving at the Imperial Palace, Javelin briefly introduced me to the nobles.

In front of the guardians who are as thick as the nobles in the social world, 'Ahhh..' I didn't take out what I was saying.

I greeted him and went into the palace of the Emperor.

The room was full of pearls, so we couldn't see the Empress' face.


The Emperor's voice was almost dying. The nobles spoke comfortably with a shameful face.

"How can a believer make such a terrible situation, Your Majesty?"

"The man who did this will be punished because he believes the investigation is being conducted."

It was Javelin's turn.

"Have fun."

That was the end of it.

'We all know Javelin's personality.'

Just because you're so popular, you'll get your attention for a long time, so you'll be happy with it.

"I brought a child of destiny."


"Oh, boy, come here. Hold my hand with the body I was born with."

The Emperor reached out a little beyond his pearl feet.

Even the nobles, who had achieved social success in her actions, had a ridiculous expression.

Consequently, it meant whether they still believe in God even after being templed. Even when the Emperor is holding a temple and a neural war because of himself.

'I don't believe in the power of God.'

With this, the Emperor would have completely turned his back on the temple. It's only God's power to lean on.

I saw a red rash over my extended hand.

It's a rebound.

It turns out the Luminous pill knocked him down, so he just cut his intake.

Disconnect Luminous Drugs at once to make them worse than they were before they were discontinued.

'The rebound that hit my foot made my skin ailment worse.'

It's because I wanted to hide the skin disease.

But that's enough for a skin disease rumor already.

Even so, the nobleman was in a state of total ignorance of the rash of the Emperor's hand.

I said generously.

"Your Majesty, I have a red one in my hand."

The flawed Emperor raises his hand to pull it out, and I hold it with both hands, pretending to be naive.

"You're very itchy, aren't you? I know, this."

"…… what?"

"This is Atopy!"


It is not a lot of illness now, but it will be a problem in the near future.

Noble children in particular suffered a lot, and only after I was eighteen did the reason come to light.

'Divine healing.'

Children who have undergone divine healing from the womb of their mother are strangely unhealthier than other children.

That was because divine healing completely cleanses the body, eliminating virtually all pathogens.

Pathogens were not the only bad thing. It healed, strengthened the immune system, and had its own beneficial pathogens.

But it cleanses everything and makes me immune. and why they developed these skin diseases, or were born with them in the first place.

Now, the divine healing is special, so only people who grew up in the clumsiness often receive it, but in the future, all nobles will receive it through the Temple's friendship policy.

'That's why Atopie showed up to a lot of kids.'

This was why the Luminous Drug was developed.

"Wouldn't you be more itchy if you ate greasy food?"

"Well, yeah."

"It's getting worse in winter."

"That's right!"

"I saw it in the nursery."

Everyone focused on me with their eyes open.

"Oh, my God, when I was in the nursery, I would have been at least five years old, and you remember that?"

"I'm more impressed with my observations than that."

While the nobles were whispering, I glanced at the shadows in my pearl feet with discreet eyes.

"I know how to make this less painful."


The excited Empress strikes her pearl feet and reveals herself.

"What the hell am I supposed to do...!"

I'll take it at an expensive price, sir.

I looked at the Emperor with a smile.