The nobles stare at the child of destiny with an astonishing face. The dead Emperor started talking to the child, and it became brighter.

After bathing without salt and changing into soft clothes, the Emperor followed a cold horse.

The Emperor's stubbornness, though mild, was astonishing to follow the child's words like a doll.

The child also put cream on the body of the Emperor after changing clothes.

"What do you usually apply?"

"There's oil that the priest gave me."

"How do you eat?"

"I'm eating meat-oriented foods because my health is important to get rid of the disease."


The child twists his head and blinks.


"The priest seems strange....."


"There's a lot of patients in the temple. There are more patients with unusual illnesses, but I'm going to try to get treatment somehow. Why didn't you know Atopie, who I know?"


"I said that crude oil or meat is bad for atopy. He's getting worse."

The Emperor's eyes widened sharply.

'She's right.'

Somehow, I was doing what I was told to do in the temple, but I felt that things were getting worse. I've always believed in the feeling of catching a jeepurragi.

If the child knew, he would have known it in the temple.

But the only thing that hasn't been treated properly so far is to keep using yourself.

"Goryan things! '

How much have you done to the temple so far? As I moved away from the Emperor, I helped with the work of the Temple.

"You're the only one who thinks about me."

When Emperor LeBlaine spoke loudly, LeBlaine laughed.


Then he ran to the nobles and said,

"You were all worried about Your Majesty. They all said they were worried."

"Is that so?"

When LeBlaine does not forget the notary, the nobles' faces are brightened.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I couldn't help but feel sorry for everyone, but I was worried."

"I will not forget the hearts of my wives. Looks like I'm not in vain."

I never had a chance to get acquainted with the Temple and only the majestic nobles, but I felt that the portrait would change in the future.

The nobles looked at LeBlaine as a child who made this situation.

'All right, I liked the social reapers.'

I'm not guessing it's a savage trick.

"I did what the kid said, and it became less itchy than usual. What kind of prize should I give to a smart kid?"

When the Emperor laughed and asked, LeBlaine clasped her hands.

"I'm fine. If you're not in trouble, I'm glad of that."

"It's amazing in the world. But it makes me happier to say what I want at a time like this. Tell me, what do you want? Toys? Gems?"

"It's okay…… Well, then I'm a book!"


"I heard that you have many precious books. You're always so wise to keep your books close."

When the four-time ritual of life began, Emperor LeBlaine sat on his knees as if he were willing.

"Yes, I have a great book. Pick one. I'll give you whatever you want."


When I saw the happy child, the Emperor smiled.

"But what was the child's name?"

She asked for her first name, which she never remembered during the three regressions without naming it herself.

It was the moment when the Emperor of the Empire came into the hands of LeBlaine.

* * *

Javelin and I held the book of the Emperor in our hands.

God saw me and Javelin asked.

"I don't even have a few ancient books in my possession."

That was a good look, too.

"But it's different from the books in the realm!"

This is the original of the Bible!

'I didn't think this would be mine.'

I didn't mean to take this.

As proof that Emperor Hu came into my hands, she was about to receive a gift that she cared about.

However, the book was meant to be the most unusual gift the nobleman wished for the child.

'I picked the source of the Bible myself, and I turned my back on the temple completely.'

I called into delight.

I have completely divided between the temple and the treasure of the temple that cannot be bought with money.

It was the perfect finish.

'As long as I'm holding this, it's not easy to touch me in the temple.'

And, of course, Duke Dubled, my guardian.

"If it were like another kid, I would have said toys. You said you could read the Ancients."


"But you can't go anywhere and tell me that you know how to read ancient language. It's gonna be a nuisance."

I nodded coldly.

It was satisfying to me that I could read the Ancient Languages, a secret only to the Dublin family and the high ranking officials.

When I returned to the mansion, my brothers were here.

"Is it true that you took the child to the Imperial Palace?!"

After Ishaq sharply interrogated, Javelin tugged and pushed his forehead.

"Don't ask if you know."

"The Temples are falling in the Imperial Palace right now, but what if we take the boy!"

"As soon as I left the mansion, I felt countless Dublin Knights. I thought you were out of the war."

"You won't make it into the Imperial Palace."

"I won't be aiming for the child at this time when the temple blows up. I'm not an idiot."

She takes the necklace out of her clothes.

A necklace made of a rope of wood with the emblem of the Vulcan family.

'Uh, that's Duke Amitier's.'

I secretly called that necklace a wish. I told the Emperor that I could do it only once. It's a very special right, so it's a very rare case.

In his previous life, it was clearly the work of Duke Amitier.

'Oh, I see.'

In this life, Dubled has taken over Kruger. Decorated the end of the Continental War with a meter.

Originally, Dubled did what Duke Amity had to do, and he received that necklace from Dubled.

She needed Javerine to rule the Islands mansion more than her father in the Territory.

'Yes, if that's it, you can ask the Emperor to inherit the Shrines.'

The Emperor who is fighting with the Temple must have inherited it.

Henri said.

"But, Aunt LeBlaine, it's right to pay attention to going out."

"You're a poor kid."

Ishak said, "Why, my child is poor!" Javelin took off his coat and shouted.

"Overprotection is restraint. How long are you going to take what your child needs to know, what you need to see, what you need to learn? For the rest of your life?"

Henri and Ishak's face hardened.

"The child you saw today is not as bad as you need to keep him locked up in a cage."

When Javelin left, the two of them were speechless.

* * *


My father came to me as he thought about how to write the Bible.

I looked at him for something, and he looked up at the plate.


"The maid won't let him rot."

"You're the knight now!"

"Whatever it is."

He shook his eyes and pointed at the plate, and he woke up from the bed.

At the little round table next to my bed, I ate the cake my father brought me.

Dad said he was looking at me quietly with his chin fastened.

"Your brothers argued over Javelin?"

"Javelin just talked to his brothers?"

"But in the end, I got two people to argue."

I bite the fork in my mouth and recall Henri and Ishak I saw at dinner.

[Auntie's words are ulcers. I protected my mother, too. She even gave me a room with no windows!]

[Mother died and realized that it wasn't the right protection.]

The two of them struggled a little, and they ended up having a big fight.

"Do you want to meet someone?"



"…… a little."

I have faithful people who move on my behalf, but there are things I can't do without going out.

And I also wanted to experience other things.

This life was different from the previous one. Painful things in my previous life were often a pleasure in this life.

I used to hate bathing. The Duke of Amitier was small, so there was not enough warm water in the winter, and the Duke himself bathed in cold water.

It gave me warm water, but the bathing was always painful due to lack of it.

But I like it very much now.

The baths that unfold good fragrances in warm water, and talk to the maids about Dorando were one of my favorite things and things.

I didn't like going out in my second life. Duke Valois flatters me for hurting my body on the day I fell on the street.

I would rather not go out by catching one action at a time.

However, in this life, I waited for a time to go out to the territory's shops. A big hand came up above my head.

"If we go to territory, we should have a tea party."

"Refreshments? I can meet my peers!?"

When I opened my eyes, I had a faint smile on my father's mouth.

"You do what you want to do. It's up to us to think about keeping you safe."

I seriously thought about it.

'Maybe my dad's the coolest thing in the world.'

I'm overprotective because I'm worried, but I always make the decisions I want.

I was impressed and jumped into my father's arms. And when I kissed the other cheek, my dad's eyes widened.

I never kissed him, so he touched his cheeks with great astonishment.

"My dad is the best!"


"Yeah. Best."

Then he rubbed his face on his chest and said, "… Me too." The stupidest answer came back.

* * * *

The next day.

Duke Dubled attended the Council of State, which was attended by only a very small number of nobles.

Discussing a few agendas in a harsh atmosphere, relaxing.

The nobles sigh.

Marquis Mont Belle, who was sitting there with a solemn voice, was ravished. Most of the newcomers knew why he usually did not attend the meeting well before the meeting began an hour earlier today.

Inés Montbell, daughter of Yvonne, started the emperor.

The youngest of the Emperor's starters, only the young ladies were selected.

The young freshman took out the horse with an old heart.

"This time, the Emperor Monbelle's reign began, right?"

Marquis Montbell raises his mouth.

I was just waiting for the words to come out.

"You looked cute at my daughter at the party the other day."

Marquis Montbell was one of the few with the most oily territory in the Empire.

Following my father's long history of prestige and voting for the Central Conference, he was a powerful man called I.

The nobles laughed and sympathized with him.

"It's worth it if you're Montbelle Young. I heard that my brother-in-law's party was the cutest. I heard there are so many nobles who want to help with their education."

"It bothers me a lot."

"It's annoying. It's something I'm proud of. She's not the cutest daughter in the world."

"Is that what the ball looks like?"

It was then.

The power is in the hands of Duke Dubled, who was not in Saddam's hands.

He looked at the nobles.

Sirin's eyes fluttered with tears from the battlefield, and the nobles shut their mouths.

Do you not like the voted agenda?

I should have raised the tax to 10 instead of 7.

Or was it a bad idea to bring the wizards of other countries into the Imperial Palace?! I should have let you kill her like a saint!

The cruelty and terror of Duke Dubled was carved out by all nobles.

At the time of the outbreak of the civil war, he was still good when he slit the throat of the person who had broken into the Imperial Palace and walked with dark red blood, chimps, and flowing water.

I don't know why, but I was against planting something firmly.

Even the emperor who was sitting at the top of the table said, "Look, ball." It was a humiliating time.

Theodore Dubled, holding his fist, looks at the frozen nobles.

"My daughter is the cutest girl in the world."

…… Yes?

The chairman froze, and the prickly marquis of Montbell swallowed the dried bread.