But it's not possible. Reset died in Sango in January. I am born on February 29.

When Javelin looks at Javelin's face, even though he knows it's ridiculous, or when he sees his father looking at the baby bird's shoes, he gets wind of it.

"You know, if I was a baby bird, it would be so sad to see Javelin."


"It really breaks my heart that my beloved aunt is sad about herself."

Javelin laughed with caution.

"Be careful and go back."

Then I scattered my head a little, and I smiled with joy.

The next day, my father and brothers, and I left the institution with the blessing of both the mansion.

* * *

Returning to territory and fortifying.

"Hello, baby."

"Did you have a good dream?"

I went to the maids and dress room with greetings from the employers.

I wake up too early and drowsiness spills. Dalia, Linda and Uni say, "Cute!" I listened to the footage.

Beyond being cute, their hobby of being continental was to video-share me.

This reaction became awkward and frustrating after just a few weeks in the Islands, and I got used to it as I used to.



I was flawed to see the dress room, the visitor, and the employees standing outside the window.

"There's more footage today than usual."

When I waved Leah's sleeve, the three maids laughed and replied.

"It's a monumental day."

"That's right, it's a special day."

"Your first tea party!"

I did. Today is the first day I meet with children in the Territory.

Dad gave me a tea party as promised.

So far, Dubled has only met people and high-ranking psychics in the castle, and now he meets people all over the country.

Leah, who sat in the chair, brushed her hair and asked.

"Aren't you nervous?"

"... I'm a little excited."

It's the first time I've had a tea party in my name other than my first life, so honestly, I was a little excited.

When I turn red the ball, there's a video stone nearby! I heard him go back.


"Lovely even today!"

I shook my head.

Melvain's dress and seria, who had purchased it from the Islands, chose the power of the hybrid and put on ribbons, shoes, etc. to side with the costume.

"You're very pretty today."

"I know!"

I'm dressed in a red dress with a family emblem. I look fine to me and pretend to have strapped my back and raised my head.

Employers laughed afterwards.

After preparing, I checked the party, so it was around lunch.

It was time for the tea party to start.

People are crowded, unlike usual, as they go into the garden.

A lovely little gentleman in a big bonnet and a cute little lady in an embroidered suit were talking about Dorando on a catering course.

"Yesterday I heard there was a Bibo in his house. I'm so sorry."

"Yes, I slept with Lord Lawton, a long-lived smallpox... Lord Lawton was a really brave long-lived smallpox."

"Oh my....."

The children played a modest role in following the adults' socialization.


My peers are making out for the first time, and my heart is pounding.

As he entered with excitement, the workers who were guarding the party floor bent their backs at the same time.

Then the children got up one by one and gave me an example.

"Welcome to Dublin Red's Honor."

I greeted him with my head down for about 10 degrees.

North, who taught me how to do this, shook his thumb from the corner of the party leader.

"Good to see you, gentlemen. LeBlaine Reset Dubled."

I introduced myself and raised my eyebrows once, meaning to sit down.

'How about this?'

Looking at North, he smiles like an arm and hears a pair of thumbs.

I laughed in my heart.

I practiced a lot because it was hard to raise my eyebrows.

The table I sat at was the one in the middle.

It was the seat of a high-ranking psychic restraint or an external guest.

'There are... no guests. Where have you been?'

I humbled my head, but other restraints quickly came to me and fell into conversation.

"Thank you for the invitation. Viscount Michaud is my father."

"Duke Zeichel is my grandmother."

"This is Baron Kruola's youngest."

Excellent children introduced themselves to me.

"What's your name?"

In my words, infant, the foods say, "Huh?" I asked.


I was happy to see such small and loving children every time I saw such scary grown-ups in the castle.

At least one of the children at the table said the older son of Viscount Michener.

"This is Killian Michaud. Twelve years old."

'Oh, it's Ishaque and Donghua.'

Killian's face blushes when he smiles.

"I am the eldest son of Viscount Mi Sang-k……."

Suddenly his voice crawls.

I was too shy to draw their attention.

Contrary to Ishaq, who slapped the monster wolf that came down from the mountain yesterday, I found him very cute.

As I was smiling, the children who were looking at me and Killian said quickly.

"I'm Sophie Neschl!"

"Max Cruola!"

Other children at the table also stumbled in and introduced themselves.

It wasn't polite behavior.

Parents who tried to steal the kids out of the garden were embarrassed and said, "Oh, my God!" I muttered.

But I didn't have this much of an accident.

'It's also weaker than expected.'

I was so nervous that I wanted to pee.

"Aha, the granddaughter of Duke Neschel. I heard from the Viscount last time. You play the piano very well?"

I took care of one child and one child.

The faces of the children at the party hall were bright.

But then.

"Huh? I'm asking!"

At the entrance, I heard a rumble.

He was a tall, hoarse boy, with only a slight back pain.

"Ah.... That's him again...."

The children shrugged their shoulders in a gloomy voice.


When asked, Killian raised his eyes and replied.

"A guest from outside……. It is the restraint of the noble family."

"I yelled at the enemy that my baby wouldn't be here before....."

"The Dublin kids said they were just impolite idiots. It's so....."

I looked around at the children who were dying and aroused myself.

and headed to a noisy place. The Urr children chased me.

The girl who was being beaten by an in-laws was about to burst into tears.

The girl was as cute as a doll, with beautiful green eyes on the black grasshopper's hair.

"I was surprised that I, not that, suddenly touched my face...."

Touch it?

The girl looks at least fourteen years old, and the boy looks about fifteen.

I'm sure you know that it's common sense not to touch Lady.

"Thank you, if the nobility's immediate family asks the child of the sealed family for his name." Where! "

I stumbled between the two and hid the girl behind my back.

"What are you again...!"

The boy was Billy Pegnac.

[Count Pegnac's younger brother. If you ask him his name, thank you. Where!]

I was a pervert who stroked my back in my last life.

And I also met him in my second life.

He was the eldest son and best friend of Duke Valois.

Earl Pegnac was a prestigious writer, and his brother was a high-ranking official, and Valois was often associated with him.

The one who looked at me with a grumpy gaze every time I came to Valois.

At the end of the day, at the age of seventeen, I was captured by the guard by the fear of my only daughter, who was released on the pretext of being drunk and the afterglow of my father.

"... Are you the baby?"

Seeing the seal of my finger, he coughed as much as he could.

"This is Billy Pegnac. I attended instead of Delaware. You're making a fuss."

"Yes, you made a fuss at my first party."

"That's …… yes, well…… sorry."

"I think I have the wrong target to apologize to."


I held the crying girl's hand and looked at the children of the party.

"You should apologize to my guests for being unpleasant."

"You should apologize to the baby, why am I in a sealed family..!"

"As you said, they are the restraints of Dubled's House of Servants. These are my children, whom I have to protect."

What have you done to our children?

Then the kids looked at me with a glittering eye.

Borly frowns at me for her lack of pride.

"I can't! How can you give me these figures! You're not even a real Dubled anyway...."


"You're right. You're adopted."

You were an orphan, so the workers at the party hardened.

The look on the faces of the parents who tried to steal the garden also became cold.

The girl who was holding my hand also winked and gave me strength in her hand.


When I mumbled a little, I wondered if Lolly thought Gigi was dead.

I took off the gloves I was wearing and threw them in front of him.

Billy, who saw the meaning of the duel, swallowed up the laughter.

"You've seen a lot of novels. What a girl can do to beat a man is what happens in the rocks."


"Don't hurt yourself with arrogance."

Billy smiled as if he was watching.

"My body will care, so follow me."

"I am. It's ridiculous."

"Before I officially protested against the Pegnac."


Then Billy's face turned pale.

I didn't even get a formal invitation to Dublin, but when I get a formal protest, it's hard to find even the best father.

"..... you don't want to fight?"


I shrugged and said,

I stood by the door and said, "Go." Billy kicked his tongue and went out first.

It's ridiculous for a gentleman to compete with Lady, but I felt like there was an excuse, since I even had an official protest.

Besides, he was lucky enough to be an orphan, so he wanted to beat up the adopted girl in Dublin.

I went a little further away from the tea party area and saw Billy.

He raises his mouth with the wooden sword that my servant brought.

"This is what your baby started?"


Billy smiles and hits the ground. I quickly came out and narrowed his distance.

But he couldn't reach me.

When our distance is less than three meters, it is jammed by a shield.

And in an instant, a lump of fire surrounded him.

"Now, now, wait…… wait!"

When he screamed, the fireball said, "Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!" He turned into a lion and swallowed him up.


Billy hesitates and blocks his head with both arms.

Pants have become damp.

I smiled and said.

"Surprised at the girl?"