Billy looked at me trembling. There was a slight burn, but it was fine.

"How…… how…… without a starter……!"

It took time for the Magistrates and the New Testament to extinguish their power. The signal that Young Chang is complete is the starter.

Everyone in the Empire knows I have divine power. Nevertheless, the reason Billy rushed to me was because he thought I was unsuccessful.

When I'm not ready, I'm going to take it down.

In fact, the majority of cases in which the Magician or the Shrine had no time to die by the knight were also immortal.

When Billy was shaking less, I shook the air with my arms once.

The branches of the gardeners grew and rushed to him. Then he slaps his cheek with his butt.


Nolan Billie runs out of the nesting garden.

I put my arms up and raised my eyebrows.

'Yes, go and tell the Islands that I have this much strength.'

That's why the Islanders care about me.

I was preparing to meet the authorities one step at a time.


The children who were pulling their faces out over the bush shed resilience.



I looked back at them.

I'm sorry about the kids. '

If you had come and checked the party floor in advance, you would have known Billy was here instead of the Delaware.

If they did, they wouldn't have had an unpleasant experience with Billy.

Above all, I was so sorry for the girl who was beaten by Billy.

I approached her.

"Are you okay?"


She stares at me in a daze.

Only after I put out my hand did I reddish my face and grasp the well's hand.

"No, it's okay……."

I think I'm surprised that my voice is small and I don't know what to do.

I looked at the girl with a worried little face.

"Would you like to rest inside?"

"Oh, inside? The nature of your baby's daily life?"


The girl's face was brightened.

I asked North to tidy up the party scene and take the girl to my room.

She gathered her hands to her chest and looked around my parlour.


I pushed the warm chamomile tea that Leah brought to her.

"Drinking will calm you down a little bit. Oh, I didn't even hear your name."

"It's Veronica! Veronica!"

Suddenly I woke up and yelled at the table and I was surprised.

As I blinked, Veronica sat on the well couch again.

"Duke Dubois..."

Dubois has only two sons, and they're not married, so he's probably next of kin.

"It's my nephew."

As expected, I nodded.

"Aha, Miss Veronica is Dubois's niece....."

"No, no."

She shook her hand quickly.

"Dubois is my nephew."

"…… Yes?"

"I'm going to Dubosca's."

Well, if Duke Dubois' father saw a very, very late man, it would be possible, but why don't you go?

The Dubois family home is still a woman. However, her tinnitus was a witch in the west, and she defeated monsters with her predecessors.

"I heard Dubosca's family is an old man...?"

"Yes! Seventy-seven this year."

Veronica blushes and mutters.

"I wanted to tear my limbs and make my gut vomit. Your baby's dried up and avoided murder."


"I'm glad I didn't kill a bloody kid at this age."

Seeing her expressing her gratitude with a shy face, I swallowed a drool.

'It was strange not to see you at the central table.'

Of course, if it was the spirit of Duke Dubois, it would have to be at the central table.

She said, "Oh, wow!" I took out a few sheets of paper.

"It was extracted from the footage that Drew brought to the mansion. Oh, Drew is the name of Duke Dubois. Anyway, it was so cute that I kept it all the time."

You extracted more scenes from the footage than that?

It was an amazing magic.

No, I don't know why the picture looks like this.

That was me, Waang, opening my mouth and poking in the cake.

"Everyone was so scared of me..... that I thought you wouldn't be kind to me about the baby..... I'm really happy, as expected."

When I saw Veronica holding my hand warmly, I swallowed a drool.

* * *

Finish the tea party, dinner.

After taking a bath, Henri said to me, dressed in pajamas, who was hanging out in the oblast.

"Veronica's at your party?"

I nodded as I drank water.


Ishaq, who was sitting in a crooked position, shook his tongue.

"That's why you bothered Duke Dubois when you asked him if he could give you an invitation to the party."

"Did you know Veronica?"

Henri dried my hair with a towel and said,

"I'm the one who set the stage for us to be allied with the Horse Tower. He's from the stable."

"But he looked so young."

"I guess I failed my research when I was a kid and I'm still living like that."

"You must be jealous of the other elderly."

"Not really."

Ishaq leaned on the couch backrest and said,

"People are afraid of something different from themselves. In Dublin Red, at least someone will answer you if you talk, but you don't run away from the Hornbeak Mountains by treating them like monsters just by showing up elsewhere."

That's why I'm so glad I'm so friendly about you.

Well, I'm groaning, "Oh." And Henri said,

"I heard that Pegnac's son was crushed at the party."


Ishaq got up.

"Why tell me that now!"

"LeBlaine has completely stepped on it, so don't sit back."

Ishak nods, but Henri grabs the nail clipper with an insignificant expression.

And I was gonna cut off my nails.

"This time it's my turn."

My father, who was sitting in the living room with me, stared at Henri with his eyes darkened.

Henri, who was trying to shave his fingernails, shook his tongue without a sound.

I ordered it a few years ago because I fought with a nail clipper. Leah, Ishak, Henri, and Dad.

"Didn't your father take my order last year?"

At that time, Henri and Ishak were at the talent camp, and they were looking forward to shaving my nails during the holidays.

However, as soon as my nails were a little long, I had nothing to shave when my father came back to the castle.

Henri thought he continued to be in the system, taking the order. So I studied like crazy, but I got a diploma that year.

"I don't look back on what happened."

My father spoke solemnly and hugged me and sat down beside me.

And I held my hand and lifted my nail clipper.

When my dad shaves his nails, it's a little less.

Leah was delighted that she had so much to shave, but I don't know what to say every time I see my dad shaving his nails in fear of getting hurt.

"You took my order last time."

The LeBlaine Nail Shaver War broke in again.

'Argh, again...!'

I panicked and looked around at them. The crowd was swallowing the drool and begging my master to be the winner.

It was because the servants of the loser in the nail clipping war became distressed for days.

I swallowed a sigh and put my hands to my knees as the leaders of each of my men looked at me weeping.

"If you keep fighting, you won't let anyone shave you."

When he spoke, the three men shut their mouths with a shocked face.

"I didn't fight!"

"Yes, LeBlaine."

"Today is my turn."

I opened my eyes and said, "Won't you fight?" I asked.

The three quickly nodded.

"All right, so today, you cut your right index finger, stop, and ring, and your little brother cut your left index finger, stop, and ring. All that's left is my youngest brother."

I said, "Yogi, yogi. 'Focusing, the three of them sat quietly on the couch in order.

And soon he trembled and became keen on shaving his nails.

* * *

That time, Pegnac.

Billy shouted in front of my father.

"That crazy bitch really tried to kill me!"

"I'm repeating the same thing a few times already."

"Are you going to stand still like this? I almost died! The girl from the plain orphanage...!"

Earl Pegnac swallowed a sigh.

Not indignant.

When my younger son returned from the battle, his voice echoed.

But what can I do for a child who is rumored to be very special to Duke Dubled?

Since the last State Council declared my daughter the cutest in the world, people have decided not to step on the shadow of LeBlaine Dubled.

'But it just hurts my hypocrisy to move on.'

He rolls a walnut egg in his hand and is locked in his thoughts.

At that time, the Countess, who came in with tea and tea food, smiled.

"What are you so worried about?"

"How many people will finger us now that we've even lost the battle with the bitch."

"I think it's cute."


"Is the child of destiny really going to protect the children of the sealed family I've never seen before?"

When she said with a smile, the Count asked.

"Is there another reason?"

"They also express their interest in other ways. Where does my son usually go?"

Billy opened his eyes.

I think so too.

It was strange to yell at a girl who had nothing to do with it.

Aren't you jealous of showing interest in another girl? '

Earl Pegnac looked at his son and asked if he really was.

"Well..... my eyes sparkled."


"I also stopped the other girl from talking to me."

"Huh. I'm interested in you...."

Count Pegnac's purchase was twisted while rubbing his chin.

'Then this is not a disgrace to hurt, but a can of noodles.'

Even if adopted, the Duke's affection.

A child of destiny there.

It's not bad for a daughter-in-law.

If he were to take control of Dublin Red, he would be able to carry their light on his back and enter the Imperial Brain Department.

"Go and see her again."

"Yes?! I don't like it! Why are you knocking on me?"

"Don't be silly. If you get married, Dubled's wish is all yours."

"I don't want to marry such a violent girl!"

"After marriage, you can live with your favorite concubine."

Billy groaned.

'Well, then.'

I'm glad I'm that good. There's nothing I can't find.