I came out of the dress room with the gloves that Leah left on her five-year-old birthday. I was trying to get ready to go up to the Islands.

After taking care of the territorial affairs, my father said he would go up to the Islands. Of course I'm coming with you.

'It's gonna take Dad a while to take care of things, but we're gonna have to send them off one by one.'

Even Dubled's carriage takes two days from territory to Islands, and a round trip lasts three days.

Even the weight of the load that could be carried was not long enough to go to the Islands and suffer if it was not poured a little in advance.

"This too!"

Leah smiles as she runs to Dodo with her gloves on.

"Wouldn't the bag close if you put it there?"

She looked at her luggage and said, "I've swallowed groaning."

This time, the luggage was already baked, so I didn't think I would enter any Scarves.

There was a limit to what I could carry on the carriage, so I couldn't carry it as much as I wanted.

"Gloves will be poured the next time."

"Then should I tell you to keep your gloves so I don't forget?"


These gloves are precious.

Leah was not as gifted as the knight, but she unknitted it several times and made it again. Reduce your gross sleep and keep your eyes open all morning.

The finished gloves were very sloppy for noble children, but they were very valuable to me.

I wish I had a long-distance mover.

"Is there anything else you need?"

I said, "Ah!" I nodded.

'We have to take that too.'

I went out the door.

The destination was the room of the portrait I saw when I first saw the library.

I glanced at the magnificent portrait whenever I saw it.

He was an old man with blue eyes, a symbol of the Dubled family.

'Now I know who your grandfather is.'

I didn't know when I first saw it, but later the employers told me. I know that the man in this portrait is Dubled's invitational householder.

I looked at the portrait and felt like I was gathering my hands and praying.

'Grandfather, if you'll excuse me.'

And I pulled the chair and went up on it. He then reached out to an amendment placed in the middle of the top of the frame.

As soon as I saw a portrait here when I was four, I was knocked out.

'At first I thought it was Bune's voice.'

But I didn't think it was a bear.

I remember the first word Boone said from the sleeping mineral.

[I finally met the baby.]

It was a word.

'You haven't seen me until then.'

So the voice is more likely to be from another demon than Bune.

So far, it has been within the fence of Dubled, and there has been no crisis enough to summon the devil.

Above all, there was a danger that the divine power would be empty because the devil's wishes could not be returned unless he obeyed them.

So I didn't touch it, but I was going to take care of it because I didn't know what kind of danger it would pose in the future.

"I got permission from my dad. '

"I don't want to touch it..... Shuffle."

I whimpered and listened with all my might.

'I got you!'

By the time we had only removed the amendment from the framework of the portrait.

"What are you doing?"

I heard a strange voice.

Surprised by the sauce, I ran and lost my balance.


He fell and fell.

Oops! The chair fell with the sound and I fell down like a frog.

'Who, who?'

Let's raise our heads,

"You're acting strange."

As soon as I saw the boy who said that, I knew at first sight.

Even if it wasn't a symbol of Dublin Red, like the cold silver hair and the deep cyan blue eyes, I knew him. Because.

'It's my father.....'

It was my dad's boy version!

That he resembles the father of the three Dubled brothers the most…….

'John Dubled.'

I hardened.

It was when John looked at me unanswered.


Duke Dubois, who ran in a hurry, opened his mouth to John and found me.

"No, you're not a baby. Haha, have you already said hello to Master? You two have never met. This is Johann, the baby's big brother. And, Johann, this is..."

"I know."



He looked at the amendment in my hand and said,

Five years after Dad and his two brothers crossed the mountain. I finally met the last mountain to climb.

If you do, you'll look like a thief! '

* * *

Dubled's whole family gathered at the restaurant.

On the top of the round table, the father sits, Henri and Ishaq on the left, and John on the right.

I sat across from my father and looked at John's eyes.

Ishaq, who saw me that day, made an impression and said,

"Haven't you solved your doubts about the kid yet? That's what my father told me to do. I heard."

John cut the meat with a knife without changing his face.

"I know you don't have to say it twice, not foolishly."

Henri smiles at my brother as he lays down the fork with a napkin.

"But what's going on in your territory? I heard you were raided while you were on your way to the Islands, and you must be very anxious."

That was, "Are you here to hide because you're scared? 'It was a slumber. In spite of that, John reacted without hesitation.



"Don't push your eyes. I hear something frightening."

Henri's complexion changed over time.

Ishak kicks his tongue and sits stiff.

"So, what brings you here?"

"It's better to be scared than to be pathetic."

"You mean that to me? Shall we stick together?"

It was like a blue spark on Ishak's forearm. That's when, Gwen! I heard sharp cutlery. It was my dad.

"When you're in front of me, I told you not to fight like this, but to kill someone."

In my father's words, the spark that was blooming from Ishaq's forearm shrivelled.

And I was strangled.

'I think I'm going to check.....'

Although my father and brothers had been uncomfortable with each other, I was very embarrassed.

Rumor has it that the Dublin family's past life was more fascinating than the northern winds of the winter.

'Although, Henri and Ishak didn't get along very well at first.'

I wasn't particularly fond right now.

When his sons shut their mouths, he asked again with his dishes in his arms.

"So, John, why are you here?"

"This is the third time I've been raided near the border."

Ishaq frowned and asked.

"What's that? A few years ago, me and my brother Henri were raided on their way back and forth."

"That's the problem."

John stabbed a chunk of meat, Cook said.

"It's natural for Dubled to be raided."

"The nobility restraint always puts you at risk of kidnapping. One or two bandits trying to use their children to blackmail their parents and raid expensive wagons?"

"Who dared raid Dubled's wagon five years ago?"

Henri and Ishaq's expression changed as his voice was lowered to the ground.

"For you, dumb Dubledman, I have to tell you why it was an exception."

Henri narrowed his glans and replied instead of Ishaq.

"The ones who did the harm destroyed the Three. There were no people who were being asked because they were afraid."

John looked at his father and said,

"Honestly, it bothers me. I'll deal with the pyramids."


"A toothed tiger is a leather stripper."

"You're talking to me."

My father and John's gaze ran cold in the air.

I quickly bowed my head and focused on the meal.

'Let's eat and run.'

It was not a mistake to say that the whale fight exploded like shrimp. However, I noticed it before I just got out, so I quickly chewed the meat.

"You've lost your fear of birds you haven't seen."

"I wouldn't have had to be bothered if I was scared."

Come on, come on.

It was almost chewing like a thistle. My gums are tingling and I hear a thud inside.

I was surprised and bit my tongue.




Henri and Ishak said, "Are you okay?" I came near asking.

"Did you bite your tongue? Look, look."

I cried and opened my mouth. At that time, something fell on the plate, tucked and rolled over the degururu.



Ugh! What's wrong with my pronunciation?

I was surprised to see two plates.

'That's right, I was in the middle of this.'

The slow growth of the body means that children usually lose their teeth by the age of eight.

I cried and looked at my brothers. Ishak came out with a panicked face and looked at my missing teeth alternately and said, "Phew." I burst into laughter. Henri also turned his head and shook his head.

"Don't laugh! (Don't laugh!)"

Two teeth fall in love with each other and the pronunciation lingers.

"I was talking about tiger teeth, and I really..."

Ishaq smiles as he hits the table. Henri's shoulders were also shaken more vigorously.

I looked him in the eye.

'Look at your brothers!'

I looked for help, and my father's mouth was shattered.

* * *

After dinner, the maids surrounded me.

"Baby, don't be so depressed."

"Of course. Everyone has teeth. You were fine when your front teeth fell off."

"Hachmann, isn't this funny? (But isn't this funny?)"

I have to go to the Islands now. Wouldn't it be funny if I had two teeth missing?

'My goal was a glorious Dublin Imperial.'

When I became gloomy, the maids said quickly.

"Not one!"

If that's the case, it might be comforting.....

"Is that so? (Is that so?)"

As soon as I opened my mouth, I said, "Unh!" Cook, "Cook!", "Kuchup……!" I heard laughter.

Liars. That's funny!