I sit alone on a gazebo bench and stare at the mirror with a faint face.

No matter how much you look at it, the two seats directly next to the upper teeth are pierced with monkeys.

'It's ruined, it's ruined.'

My peers are starting their outdoor activities around this time. It's not a full-fledged tea party, but it follows your parents to face the outside of the house.

It was because at this time, everyone who had fallen in love was new.

'But now I'm in love.....'

In addition, two of the teeth on both sides of the lower teeth were shaking.

Hold on, guys. If you fall in love, it's really ugly. At least leave at the end of the spring social season. '

When I was praying eagerly with my hand in the mirror, I heard the sound of my feet. He was the Chairman.

"I brought a letter."

Seeing the envelope, it belongs to Seria. I put out my hand.



However, the Chairman did not intend to hand over the letter and he was staring at my face for a while.

"I'm here to see this."

"Can you show me? Not necessarily, Seria asked me to take a picture and send it to her."

Then pull out a large video stone.

"I brought you something like this."

"Really! I'm worried about one thing."

Speaking with a sharp expression, the Chairman shrugs.


"It's weird. You have to pay a lot of attention to the pronunciation. I'm still trying to talk."

"If you do that, tell Dubosse's family to grow their teeth."

I opened my eyes in circles.

"Is it possible to control human growth? I've never heard of that.... Ah."

Veronica Dubois, a Dubois family member, is a sorcerer who fails to study and does not grow older. That is, it stopped the growth of the human body.

The Chairman nodded.

"In that field, it's going to be a factor."

"I want to go."

A monkey tooth was revealed in the whirlwind. The Chairman said, "That's cute." I smiled, but it didn't matter now.

'If Veronica lets you grow your teeth!'

I immediately paged the knights, because my father said it would be good to go anywhere with only three escorts.

* * *

But why did this happen?

Sitting on the wagon chair, I looked up at John sitting across from me.

'I feel uncomfortable…….'

All I wanted to do was ask the Knights to go to Dubois Mansion, and I was accompanied by John.

I fell in love with them because they were training in the spring. So I was the only one here who could take me to the mansion who wrote "John's Escort" and read "The Watchful Heart" to my father.

[What should I do, baby..... Oh, right. Johann has something to do at Dubois Mansion. Why don't you come with me?]

Of course I thought John would say no, but I brought him out too.

"Hey, thank you……."

John's gaze turned to me.

"What is."

"I'm glad you took me."

"I have a story to tell in Dubois, and when I take you, the attention of surveillance is dispersed, making it easier to talk. Where are you going to be grateful for this?"

John spoke with an insensitive eye, and I rolled my eyes.

"That's... Aha, I see. That's not something to be thankful for."

I nodded cheerfully and John's eyes became strange.

"According to your aunt, you're a freak."




"Most of the time, they say, 'Still, thank you.' Trying to stick your tongue together."

"But would you say thank you...?"

When I stretched my eyebrows and asked, John twisted his head a little.

"I like the one thing that doesn't bother me."

"Then I won't apologize either!"

When I laughed, John looked at me and turned his gaze.

'Never bother John.'

He does not reveal his claws unless others are annoyed.

When Henri and Ishaq didn't sharpen first, as they did at dinner yesterday, they were also indifferent to their brothers.

'Father, from John's point of view, it was the original breastplate that bothered him.'

When I was thinking that, the wagon stopped.

Me and John entered the mansion with the hospitality of the Dubois family.

"Nice to meet you, baby. This is Melanie Dubois. She's Dubois' wife."

An exceptionally white middle-aged wife greeted me.

'He feels good.'

Smiling is sweet, and words are fun to relax.

"Hello, beautiful Dubois."

"Oh, my gosh, how lovely you are. I've heard a lot from my husband. My husband always enjoys talking about her."

"You're not mimicking, are you?"

When I looked at Duke Dubois and said, the Duke jumped, and Madame Cook smiled.

"If you're so feeble, I'll press charges. Here you go. The Lord is waiting."

That's what she said. On the stairs. I heard him do it.


The sound of Veronica rolling down her face.

She grabbed both my hands as soon as she came down.

"I'm glad you found me! I was so excited to receive the letter that I was waiting for you. And I have tons of confectionery...! That's right. Melanie, I don't have the chocolate biscuit I asked for."

"The servant hurriedly went to buy. More than that, Lord, why don't you go upstairs and talk?"

When Melanie asked nicely, Veronica said, "Yes! Yeah, that's right!" He led me.

"I'll show you the lab. It's a lot of fun."

The people of Dubosca seemed somewhat embarrassed, but I went up the stairs with her without being agitated.

As soon as he entered the lab, Veronica explained this.

"This is Lightning Elza Tree Root, this is Iron Glove Dragon Fossil, and....."


I said Veronica opened her eyes.

"How are you?"

I greeted him with a smile. Veronica used to blush her face, "Ah, hello……." I frowned.

"Good to see you, baby. Welcome to Dubois."

"Yes, thank you for showing me such a wonderful lab."

She squirms her hands and mutters.

"They say it's a disgusting place... Oh my God! Sit here and say hello."

There were tons of snacks at Veronica's table.

As soon as she sat down, she was a donut and threw the cake on my plate and asked.

"But what brings you here today?"

"I have a favor to ask."

"Say anything."

"That tooth is missing. That's why I want him to grow up!"

"Why? It's so cute. I've been watching it heal because it's so lovely."

I stretched my eyebrows and blocked my mouth with both hands.

"Your majesty will not lose a tooth……."

"Well, I think it's cuter than being prestigious, but it's not hard to solve your baby's problems anyway."

I asked because my face was bright.

"Is that what makes your teeth grow so fast?"

"Of course, you can make your teeth grow faster. But everything that artificially grows is fragile. Your baby's teeth may crack again."

My new teeth are permanent. If it breaks, I'll have to live my whole life the way it is now.

It might be called "Tooth Monkey Inferno"! '

When I had a horrible imagination, my face turned pale.

"So what do we do?"

"I make imaginary teeth until they grow. The pronunciation is the same as the imagination, but I don't know if anyone else has teeth missing."

"Please do it!"

I want to anticipate all this, so Veronica smiles.

"Whatever your baby asks. Well, can you pay me back?"

Of course. I gave out the handbag I brought when I came out of the castle.

"I brought a lot of money!"

"Stir…… not money…."

As she squirms, she glances over her cheeks, shamefully twisting.

"I want to braid your baby's head. Haaah...!"

…… Veronica is not normal either.

'But that's about it.'

I nodded loudly.


"Wow! Let's get started!"

"Is it hard to make imaginary teeth? Does it take a lot of time?"

"No, I'm going to spill the information into the mediator and trim it. All you have to do is make accessories and walk around, so it's not that hard. Well, I don't think I can do any other wizards or eunuchs."

Veronica shook and threw objects on her desk as if she were looking for something to mediate.

"I don't know why that's so hard. The young boys are all idiots these days. I have to say, I've never worked so hard, so it's not desperate."

The face of an elderly man who opened his eyes in the face of a teenager glimpsed.

And I recalled what the Chairman said.

[Veronica Dubois is not afraid to be called a witch in the west? I think you misunderstood something....]

[Don't you think Veronica's appearance is scarier because she's not old?]

[Not to mention, no one would be as happy to have failed as Veronica Dubois. She's a fanatic who likes to be cute. Veronica Dubois was called a witch in the west because she turned the Northeast into a shy field, saying that she wasn't the only one talking to her at the party.]

[…… but were you still in the middle?]

[Of course, he was arrested and lived in a prison for a long time. But no one was told to kill such a dangerous man. because Veronica is a wonderful magician. There won't be any wizards who can keep up with her knowledge and skills now.]

I held hands with Veronica, thinking that we should be good.

Veronica was still searching her desk hard.

"No. Then I can't help it. Baby, we use that."

I saw the stone she pointed at and became zinc.

Isn't that the fossil of the Iron Glove Dragon you bragged about earlier?

"But that's very precious....."

"It's not more important than braiding your baby's head."

After what she said, she put the Iron Glove Dragon fossil on her desk and said.

"I need a few drops of blood, but would you like to replace your baby with one that is sacred? I don't want to hurt your cute hands."

I nodded and breathed a little divine power into the fossil.

At that time.

Goo Woong!

The heavens and the earth tremble thinly and tinnitus crosses the ear.

What's Veronica? 'I opened the window and checked out.

"I don't think it's an earthquake."

In the meantime, I was staring at the air. On that day, Veronica tilted her head.


"… I, I need to use the bathroom!"

"It's the second room in the hallway on the right."

I walked down the hall and into the room Veronica told me about. Bang! The door is closed.

And I looked up at the air again. To be precise, a beautiful person with long hair that floats in the air, down to the waist, no, something.

"I am the ninth pillar, Pymon. You're the one who called me."

I was just trying to make this tooth grow a little faster, and I called out a new demon.