Pymon frowns at me with one eye. Then Tsk, I kicked my tongue and looked around.

"There's no music here, there's no place to march. You must have lost your mind summoning me to such a rude place. What are you doing.I can't greet you so low right now!"

The first demon I summoned, Bune, was somewhat unnoticed, but he was graceful and kind, but not Pymon at all.

'But she's so pretty.'

It was as elegant as Javelin's. Pimon opens his eyes as he carelessly thinks.

"I'm your brother!"

And he said, "No, it's a man!" and rectify.

'It feels a little clumsy.'

"What? How dare you, human!"

I'm fine!

A sharp breeze whistled. The wind is like a blade used in combat magic, so I closed my eyes and covered my head with my arms. I felt no pain over time.


"Rain, damn it……."

Pymon, can't you attack me? '


He shouted, but his face was filled with the word "horny." I laughed, humming.

'I see. If summoned from me, no demon can hurt me.'

Bune was so gentle, and he called me a baby, and he was so cute. I had no idea there was any risk of attack, but the summoned demon had these constraints.

'Anyway, I got it. Let me ask you a few questions.'

"Why should I answer human questions?"

'Cause if I don't, I won't give you a wish.'

"What?! If you call it in, you have to listen. Where is it? Do you think it's possible to keep me? You won't last long either."

'If you don't like being called that, you can go back. But why not?'

"Well, that....."

You're not going back. You're not going back. '

Pymon's eyes shook sharply.

The reason I couldn't go back was not difficult to guess.

1. I can't go back unless I listen to my wish so earnestly.

2. The condition is that I fulfill the devil's wishes and all of them return to me until the devil exercises his power.

Pymon is not as friendly as Bune, so I can't ask which one is right, but it's as clear as one.

'I know that it is the country that has the advantage of this deal.'

"You, you, demon...!"

I shrugged and laughed.

'Thank you for the compliment.'

"What do you want to ask!"

'First of all, Veronica didn't see Pymon. Why would you do that? Bune was human, so people could see him.'

"He doesn't even know how to use it. If I tell you to be moderate, you just have to be moderate. I don't think I should let the creature of handover recognize my flesh."


I was silent and reminded of Bune's stubborn smile.

"So what's your wish? '

Pymon flashed his eyes and said,

"Pure magic power."

'You already have tons of magic power. You said you were a senior demon.'

"A musical instrument made of human beings does not sound more beautiful than the magic of the devil. I will make a trumpet to play a more magnificent appearance on the enemy to be summoned to Inverse. Therefore, it is imperative that the purity be high."

Pymon hugs his arms as if ecstatic. I looked at Pymon with my eyes blurred and shook my head.

'Then the third. If I give you pure magic, what can Pymon do?'

He smiles and raises his eyebrows.

"Let all men look up to you. The shiniest honor in the world will be yours."

'Not really…….'

Balua was the most prestigious of the five dukes in the family of scholars for generations, but he fought valverdun to defend that prestige.

Even though he was a duchess, the day after tomorrow, the nobility said he should not covet the money, but only to defend his honor, because the warehouse ended up empty.

At the end of the day, the money turned upside down enough to pay the emperor for the tea leaf trade.

Such honour meant nothing to me.

"I'll make you the best musician in the world."

'Not much…….'

"I'll make you a writer who can make a masterpiece pox. In the future, let your emperor say, 'You can hand over the kingdom, but you cannot.'"

'Not really…….'

I'd rather help Bune's abilities. If that's the case, I can show the Chairman Louis one more time.

When I thought about it, Pymon's face was distorted.

"Where do you compare me to that? I am good at all kinds of arts, and I am the most brilliant devil in science and magic!"

"Magic"? Can you make a special machete? For example, a long haul or something. '

I open my eyes in circles, and Pymon spills the picks.

"Of course."

I hugged Pymon with a twinkle. He panicked and said, "Well, what are you doing!" I had a face, shouting, but I had already turned an eye into a franc for a long time.

"Ha, but even if I tell you how, it's useless without a technician. I'd rather have the honor."

'Yes, technician.'


I have swept away the northeast, but I know where the genius of tax evasion is that it is not executed.

I looked at the door with a smile. Exactly. I found Veronica's room outside that door.

'If you make Veronica my person and acquire the knowledge of Pymon....'

I recall what Mina used to say when she did this.

'It's the second lottery.'

* * *

I prevented people from recognizing Pymons, so they came after me quietly.

Then she went back to Veronica's room, and she looked at me and smiled brightly.

"Baby! I finished what you asked for."

Pymon was summoned and the Iron Armor Dragon's fossils returned to normal. Veronica has beautifully trimmed the stone from which my divine power flows.

She turns the stone into a thin rope and carefully wraps it around my wrist.

When I looked in the mirror, my teeth were completely in the same shape.

'This technique, this speed.'

I grinned as cute as I could, holding Veronica's hand hot. She said, "Awesome." He looked at me with a shy face.

"I want to be close to Veronica."

Very, very, very bad.

Her face brightens as she blinks as she hides her insides.

"Me, too! It was my wish to have a friend as strong and cute as you! All the other children are scared of me as a monster..!"

"I'm my best friend from now on."

Veronica wrapped around her cheeks and said, "Haaah……." I groaned.

"Thank you so much for your teeth. Next time, I'll invite you to my castle. Play with us!"

"Well, is that so? Then I'll take tons of fun horsepower too!"


I grabbed Veronica's hand and left the room. Then she listened to the tale of the bellowing magic after she became a god.

"Every mediated mineral has a different horsepower conductivity, hardness, and purity, so the calculation is really tricky…."

Veronica was extremely impressed when she saw me shining her eyes without a dull inner color.

I greet Veronica and come down the stairs. At the end of the day, John was standing up to see if the story with Duke Dubos was over.

"I've seen everything."

He bites and I nod coldly.

"Yes, now go back……."

At that moment, I felt a vibration going to my body. It was because Pymon connected to my soul was excited.

[It's him!]


[Look at this purity and depth. You're the best I've seen in a hundred years. I can make a nice trumpet.]

Then I was flawed by the glittering barrel of eyes.

'Calm down. There's a lot of other people's magic, but why John's? Veronica, from the Horse Tower, also has great magic power.'

[It's contaminated.]

'Pollution……. Because you failed your research?'

[That too, but I'm too old. Originally, Mana was the purest when I was a kid.]

I snorted, groaned. Then it will be difficult to obtain the powerful and pure magic power Pymon wants.

Humans are all born with manas, but few have a way to eject them.

An outlet is for example a faucet. Only hot water comes from faucets with hot water, and only cold water comes from faucets with cold water.

Of course, as a child, you don't know how to eject, so the older you do, the easier it is to eject power.

We call them geniuses, like the Dublin Three brothers and Adrian, who can control the capital with free materials at a young age.

'There can't be another genius like John.'

There was only one, but he was the owner of the divine power. Adrian.

I asked Pymon, groaning and pondering.

"So how do you get magic? '

[I can take it very easily.]

"Oh, thank God! How do I do that? '

When I heard the answer, I wanted to shake Pymon's collar.

'That's easy!'

* * *

A few days later, the Duke's office.

The three princes of Dubled, gathered in the executive office, stood side by side in front of the Duke with an insensitive expression.

"John, what is your plan?"

"I intend to stay in territory for a while and track down those who raided me. I will return to the academy at the end of my vacation. Please attach Duke Dubois to the throne."

"Yes, Henri, you are."

"Now that I have graduated from the Academy of Gifts, I am going to go to the Academy in the Empire. During the semester, I will live in a dormitory, and I will be educated at an Islands mansion during my vacation."

"Ishaq is the same." The Duke glances at North.

"Yes, sir."

"As John graduates……."

The Duke's gaze turned toward the hallway in the middle.

Henri and Ishaq's eyes were gently curved as he turned his head along his gaze.

A light brown elbow pops out.

The Duke watches the small spy in the window with his arms open.

I look like I'm moving cautiously, and every time I walk, my possy hair swings round.

This time, he dared to put his hand on the window frame. And I raised my head at noon.


When his eyes met all the people in the room, he swung and hid under the hood.

John narrowed his glans.

That doesn't make it impossible.

He's as strange as he first felt.

Even if you become a noble infant, you try to do anything by yourself, or if you were someone else, you would laugh coldly even if you hurt your pride.

But what was really weird, it wasn't her.

"Oh, it's a good day! What's the kid doing?"

"You must be taking a nap."

"North, see if LeBlaine sleeps in a blanket."

"Yes, old school!"

They are desperately trying to pretend that they don't know even if they have eyes on the child.

They were the weirdest.

Are you crazy? '