"You need to see a doctor. Wait. I'll tell them to bring it in."

"That's enough!"

John snapped my wrist and I snapped his back with the opposite hand! I hit him. I felt a blemish while he was sick.

He looked at me with a rather brutish expression.

"Bane's wounds are all over the place. It won't be better to purify it! If you stop it again, I'll pinch the ball."

As if I were blackmailing you, I fell out of the hand of John.

I brought a gyroecologist to see me, and I called my dad.

My father's face was dark when I saw John lying in bed. I looked angry, and I looked tired.

"It hurt."


"You've endured the wounds of mercenaries all by yourself. I don't even have a hemisphere."

"I received care from Jacques Dubois."

That's why you went to Dubois.

I swallowed a sigh.

Dubled shitheads. '

His stubbornness seems to continue for generations to come. Not only John, but his father, Henri, and Ishaq were all stubborn.

"You two were fooled by me. Fearless."


Look at that. I never say I did anything wrong. My dad's eyes were getting cooler.

"Dad, Dad."


"The doctor said Johan should take the medicine. And meals."

When I stretched out my eyebrows, my father, who was frowning toward John, withdrew.

My father heard about John's condition from the doctor for some time, and only then did he leave the room.

Even the doctors and the employers who were helping with the move left and the room calmed down again.

"Whatever you want."

I coldly bit John and narrowed my glans.

"I'll make you more upset."

Then I sat in the chair in bed. I floated a little chicken soup on the bedside table and gave it to him.

"…… that's it."

"The medicine the doctor prescribes, if you don't take anything, it's a lot of medicine."


"Hurry up, or you can go out now and tell people 'John is sick!' I'm going to say and carry on."

I'm going to lose my hand.

I gave out the soup once more. He soon opened his mouth a little while I looked at the spoon.

Scaredly before he swallowed the soup, I gave out the spoon again.

"Right. One more time."


"Just one more time."


"One last thing."


"Eh, I've got this one left, but I eat it all, right?"


"Wow, it's really the last time."

I emptied the soup in a small bowl and gave out the medicine.

"If you eat this much, it won't bother you today!"

John swallowed the pill with a sigh. He rubs his mouth with the back of his hand and looks at me. It was a deep, dark gaze that I didn't know what it meant, but I was not afraid of John anymore.

* * *

A few days after that.

John now stares at LeBlaine who comes into my room with a chewing gum.

I took a bunch of flowers and put them in a vase today. And I said, "Beautiful." and stare with a dazzling eye.

In the last few days, she almost left my room.

I went back all the time talking about what I had to say.

[Have you eaten?]

[What about the medicine?]

[I had shrimp soup today and it was delicious. He said he'd give me chicken soup tomorrow.]

If you give me a cotton swab to get out of here, I'll come back this afternoon and ask you if you've eaten, if you've taken any medicine, or if you're in good shape.

LeBlaine, who put flowers in the vase, sat in my chair in bed as always.

And then I put my elbow on the bed and started rattling my belly eggs.

"So, Duke Dubois was very upset. My dad didn't say anything, but I think he's very scared of himself."


"And today, Uni mishandled her employer's laundry, and everyone had to wear blue or water. He's mad at the butler. Tomorrow he'll bring in new clothes."


She was blue.

A blue that fills the duchess with noise that has always been quiet.

I tried to ignore it and read the book, but it doesn't go beyond the butcher page.

"So, I had French toast in the morning, and it was delicious by sprinkling oil. Oh, right. I had a really good car today. The doctor said Johann can drink too. Leah, give me a ride."

She was really weird.

At first, I was scared of me like everyone else, and at some point I became the most annoying person in the world.

She wasn't the only one who bothered. Even the ones affected by her are disturbing.

Yesterday evening, Ishaq came. I was looking at me with a grumpy face, so I thought I'd come to see you, but I moved a boar into my bedroom.

[I was just passing by, so I brought it. I didn't catch it on purpose.]

Henri came this morning. He grabbed a beautiful document on my desk and looked at it.

[You don't have to do this. It's a burden on each other.]

I went back.

The next one I came to was my father. My father often comes with LeBlaine and looks back without saying a word for about 30 minutes.

LeBlaine, who was holding his gaze on the book, was silent for a long time.

As I glanced at him, he sat in a chair, buried his face in the bed and fell asleep halfway.

John looked at the child with a zigzag.

The white cheekbones are like flour dough, the nose is small and round, and the lips are like chicks' beaks.

A child who has nothing special.

The castle was changing because of her.

It is always sunny in a castle buried in a dark tranquillity. The floor, which was only hard and lavish, was covered with a fluffy carpet. to prevent the child from getting hurt even if he fell on his feet.

'He fell well.'

That's how I run the garden, run the greenhouse, run the hallway.

Then, when I fell as a godfather, I got up and ran again without making a single cry.

It was not a noble infant, it was just an ordinary child.

Let's reach out with his unwittingly possy hair. "" And the child, who kept his mouth shut, took John's hand with both his hands.

A maid comes in with a tray, with a little knock. On the tray was a red tea that LeBlaine asked for John.

"Oh, my God."

The maid used to leave the car on the bedside table.

"I'll take you."

"Leave it."


John stood up and put the child to bed instead of me.

The maid's eyes waved for a moment, but she soon smiled.

John's room, which had always been dark, was soaking with calm sunlight.

* * *

When I woke up, the sun was falling apart. I blinked with a dark face.

I saw an unfamiliar ceiling as the field of view became clear.

'This is... Ugh!'

I came to nurse John, and he fell asleep. I have caused a heavy body.

'I even slept in a patient's bed.'

I felt the look on the couch when I was panicking. It was John.

I squirmed my hand and said,

"I'm sorry……."

I kicked him out, the patient, and I took the bed.

I thought it would be astonishing, but what I heard from him was unexpected.

"What do you want to have?"


"The price of nursing me."

"I didn't want that."

What do you see as human virtue?

When I frowned, John murmured.

"…… I know."


"Regardless of your purpose, it means I want to give it to you."

I dreaded my eyes and cleared my mind.

'So that means..... thank you.'

I laughed as if I had no choice.

Well, I don't want to have much..... While I was thinking about it, the light went out on the bulb in my head.

"Magical power!"

"Magical power?"

You can get your hair, but if you get it anyway, it's easy and fast to just get your magic power at once.

John narrowed his glans and said,

"It would be useless for you to have divine power."

"But, but...!"

He said he looked at me for a second.

"Well, good."




As I joyfully jumped, a small flute flowed into my ear.

I opened my surprise eyes and looked at John. His lips were gently curved.

"You really look like a chick."


I thought it was my dad's plate, but the smile is completely different.

'Maybe it resembles Reset.'

I followed John with that thought. Hehe, laughed.

When I came to dinner, there was a white and fine stone on the bed of my room. It was the Magic Stone of John.

* * *

That evening.

I look at John's Magic Stone with a dim face in the corner of the garden where no one is.

'It's an incredibly transparent magic power.'

[Now give it to me.]

'I'm afraid I'm just handing it over, but I'm just going to divide it into a few.'


The screaming Pymon frowns as he devotes himself with the red.

"Where is it!"

"I asked for pure magic, but I didn't ask for this magic stone."

"That! … but."


"You don't need it anyway."

"These precious magical stones are endless. If you sell it to the stable right now, it'll cost you a fortune."

"The country's first sign is your father, and what money is worth!"

"The more money you get, the better."

The panicked Pymon became an impatient expression.

"I'll make you some money."

"The banknotes are all coded these days, so they've just been tampered with and become counterfeiters."

"I'll make you a jewel!"

"When the summoned demon goes back and releases his magic power, it becomes powder," Boone said. What do I believe in and get bail? "

"I'll pass on the knowledge you don't know."

"The report of information is the power of Pymon. There's only one time you can get the knowledge."

I'll get information about the Long Range Movement.

Don't think I'm cheating. 'When I blurred my eyes, Pymon became a deaf man who ate honey.

But if John's Magic Stone really wanted to have it, he couldn't take his eyes off the Magic Stone without exhausting his anger.

This deep magic power is hard to get anywhere. The black magic stone was as white as pearls.

'I don't know, but the instruments that make this sound very beautiful.'

When I saw Pymon want it that way, I thought I was right.

"Okay, so you can give me something I can't get rid of even if I go back?"

"Well, then."

It was time to answer without hesitation and walk toward the Gazette.

A faint light appeared before my eyes, like a firefly, and it continued like a coincidence.

And what appeared…….

A hairy young man who wears unusual clothes and waves lavish debts.

A middle-aged man with an earthy beard.

And she was a woman in a nursing suit who came up to the calf.

A middle-aged man said.

"Who called us."

I looked at Pymon.

"These people……."

He backs three people and opens his arms.

"Military of the Century. A man with an impossible dictionary. An angel with a lamp. These are my clans I boast of."


"Pick one. Who you want to put in Etwal."