I look at Pymon with a shivering eye, and he raises his head slightly with an arrogant expression.

"They were all the most prestigious materials in the world. A special soul that even a demon can't get."

"What can I do if they belong to me?"

When I asked him, he smiled.

"If you possess an army of centuries, you will be able to put the world in the palms of your hands. Whoever was his master had to take two steps in vain to get him."

A young man with long hair covered his mouth with debt bowed lightly.

"A man with an impossible dictionary is an excellent longevity, emperor. If you dream of a great emperor, you'll be a good guide."

A tall, middle-aged man stares at me with an arrogant expression.

"The angel with the lamp is an outstanding reformer as well as an administrator and a healthcare worker. By keeping her by your side, you can possess a better healthcare worker than anyone else, and complete a regime that goes beyond centuries."

A woman in a nursing suit smiled.

I stare at them with a stubborn face.

"…… why? You don't like it?"

Pymon spoke with a choking expression.

"These are truly brilliant souls."

I gave him a hot stone of John's magic stone.

"That's the best! Cool! '

I looked at the three talents with a dazzling eye.

'I don't choose who. Who am I supposed to be?'

But I didn't make the decision right that day.

Pymon gave me time to ponder, and each of the three souls was stoned.

If I decide to be in charge, the two remaining souls disappear naturally. He said he would go back first.

"I left the West empty for too long."

I said so, but I quickly became foolish that I wanted to make an instrument out of magic stones.

I didn't care if I had time to choose my place of residence. I received information about the Long Range Mage and sent him away.

* * *

The next day, I headed for Dubois.

I thought the atmosphere would be bad because of the reproach of Duke Dubois for hiding John's condition, but Mrs. Dubois welcomed me as gently as before.

"I'm glad to see you so often, baby."

She smiles with no tea. I didn't mean to be sorry.

"Hey, I'm sorry about this....."

"That's right. It's a real shame. The furry Dubois should be more cheerful."

"…… Yes?"

"I never told my parents that my child was injured! It's really stupid. If the hairy Dubois had kept their mouths shut despite my sons' injuries, I would have smashed my ass."

Then I looked at the two big men standing at the door.

The men said, "Uh, Mother... …." I was embarrassed, "she laughed.

I was careful not to get in trouble. I accepted her consideration and smiled face to face.

"Let's go up."


Mrs. Dubos, who took me to the second floor, knocked on the door, and Veronica popped out.


"Hello, Veronica."

"Absolutely! Come in."

I went into her room alone with Veronica.

The room was very dizzy.

"Would you like to see my horse-drawn tool today? This is chasing bugs during the summer...."

"I want to see more fun horse-drawn tools."

"What's more interesting……. Oh, there's a horse tool that automatically removes makeup. Can I show you?"

"No, there's something else I want to see."

Veronica laughed at her head as if she were what she was, and I looked her straight in the eye and said,

"Long distance travellers."

"Oh, baby, that's not possible. Now, the only thing a mobile can do is travel five kilometers, because that's the only distance a human can travel in a mobile. If you go beyond that, your whole body is twisted, your limbs are torn, and..."

"It might not grow. Like Veronica."


Veronica's eyes were filled with the sharpness of the old man who was indisposed for a moment.

Pymon told me.

Dismissed by all kinds of knowledge, he knew that there were similar cases to Veronica during the risk of failure to travel long distances.

"How do you know that? No one knows what my failed experiment is."

"It was a guess. Veronica is a brilliant wizard. Magically curious. I was like," Why don't we have a long haul? 'I'm curious, but I think Veronica had a question before me. "

"…… that's amazing. That's right."

"What if you could protect your body so you could move long distances?"

"It's not a dream for long distance travellers. But there's no way....."

As I murmured, I smiled.

"There is."


She woke up.

'I knew you'd be interested.'

Veronica failed the experiment and did not grow. He said he was nice because he was cute, but he didn't have to be really nice.

She was so lonely that she liked me so much just by giving me a little kindness about it.

I know how much loneliness suffers.

Despite that pain, Veronica was still experimenting with magic and making horse-drawn tools.

It was because of a pure passion for discipline.

She was blinded by the fact that she could succeed again in such a failed experiment.

"Baby, tell me what it is."


"Of course you need a price, right? I'll give you all the horseshoes I've made. No, we can even tell you how to make it!"

"I don't need that."

"Well, then... even the seal of Dubosca...!"

"That's enough. There's only one thing I want."

"I like anything. Say it!"

After a sip of iced tea, I stared at Veronica, who was well placed on the coaster.

"All I want is Veronica Dubois. It's you."

Veronica hops her eyes and looks at me. My gaze trembled as I came in.

"I just……."


"It stings."

"…… Yes?"

Veronica said, "Ahhh." Moaning, he crossed his arms and hugged his shoulder.

"I knew it. I felt it when I first saw your baby in the footage that Dur brought! This is him, the sense of saying."

"Veronica, calm down……."

She grabbed my hand and snorted, humming, squirming.

"May I take an oath of allegiance now? It was a dream."



She looked desperate, and I replied trembly.

"Yes, well……."

Veronica's face brightens.

* * *

Returning to the castle, I sang a humming nostril.

Veronica said after the oath of allegiance, "I can't believe the day I take the oath of allegiance is coming...!" I was so excited. I sweated to dry her like that, but it's okay to think about today's harvest.

I told Veronica that it is' Elza Tree Bark 'that can protect her when she travels.

Even I heard it from Pymon and opened my eyes, saying it was ridiculous, but Veronica hardened as if she had gained a great enlightenment.

[If it's an Elza tree..... Ah, no way! Why didn't I think of that? The experiment failed because the premise was wrong from the start.]

Then I immediately started writing hard calculation lines, and I got proud.

'All right, it's only a matter of time before you get the Long Range Magic Squad.'

Even the continent's greatest horse-maker is mine!

When I thought about it, the wagon finally stopped. Leah opens the door and I take her hand down.

"You should eat now, right?"

"Yeah, I decided to eat with my dad and my brothers."


I took Leah's hand and went into the castle to change.

But it's weird.

Employers usually rush around to finish the day at this hour, and there is no one in the hallway today.

By this time, I didn't even smell the food I had to taste from the first floor of the middle government.

What is it?

I grabbed Leah's sleeve while laughing at her head.

"Leah, what happened to the castle today?"

That's what I said.

"Lord Shabanol!!"

Someone upstairs called Leah's knight's title.

Since there was no one to call her this now, I looked up at the handrail with a suspicious expression.


North, faced with Leah's gaze, rushes down the stairs. I've never seen a North that looks so urgent.

Leah also felt an unusual atmosphere and narrowed her glans.

"What's going on?"

"A child, presumed to be a fourth lady, appeared. Sir, you're looking for him. Go."

What did you say?

Didn't the baby bird die after labor? '

I looked at Leah in a panic, and she was hardened.

From Leah's hand, which grabbed my hand, the power is released. Naturally, my hand fell and Leah's warmth became far away.

Leah ran immediately.

Me and North followed her, too.

Upon arriving on the ground floor, I saw a middle-aged man with a hat and a girl of my age.

Silver hair. Blue eyes.

The girl had all the symbols of Dublin Red.

My father and brothers were facing each other for the first time. His expression was inexplicable.

I told Leah that my dad was taking a bad breath.

"You are the one who is with Reset and the last of the child, so look with your own eyes."

Leah bowed her head and approached the silver-haired girl.

"Would you please... show me your neck."

When the girl looks at the man she came with, the man nods.

After the child handed over his long silver hair to one side, a long wound was revealed behind his neck.

Leah vomits a hot breath.

"You were wounded during the battle."

She was shaking her hands and couldn't even hold the child.

My father murmured with dry eyes.

"Wizard, finish the check."

A man in a golden robe in the middle left of Al Reality came out as a bell and put his hand on the palm of my hand.

Soon after the blue starter came to mind.

The wizard vomits a hot breath and falls low in front of his father.

"Dubled's energy is correct. Reduction, sir."

"I give you a reduction, sir!"

The nobles in Al Reality shouted at a moment.

My father looked at the child without even blinking. It was an expression of emotion, but I knew it.

It means that the power is in the hands of the father holding the handle of the chair.