The Chairman told me what was hidden.

Nine years ago, the opponent pushed by his father did not give up until the end and attracted a freak.

My father left the castle for a while because of work, and Reset had to take refuge in Mansack's boat.

It is said that it was Leah who was here at the time and Leah's sister Reyna, who was Lisette's maid.

The three of them left the castle safely, but they rushed into the nearby mountain because of the sudden onset of labor by Reset.

The Duke's wife gave birth safely. It was Reyna who helped with the dissolution and received the child.

In the meantime, Leah confronted Cain's army, which alone was too much to defeat that large number of soldiers.

In the end, the Duchess died, and Rayna entrusted Leah with a baby wrapped in fur.

Rayna tries to bait the tracker, but she finishes her life with the tracker's blade.

Leah also desperately kept the child. But I missed the child on the arrow that was pouring.

"…… Since then, sir has cleared the rebellion and searched the area, but I can't find the lady."

Hearing what the Chairman said, I nodded.

"You are the leader of the rebellion, and you have no choice but to hide Reset's work."

Dubled's honor would have fallen to the ground if it were revealed that he had lost his wife and children to the sword with the Sunbae.

Above all, it is said that the father who lost his child and wife at the same time collapsed for a while.

If another enemy came after my father when he was scolded, the situation would be unstoppable.

That's why Duke Dubois' family members gathered their strength to cover the case.

It is a virtue that you went to realize that the child is a Dublin infant.

The daughter of the inn she was traveling with looked so much like her father, that she told Duke Dubois.

Duke Dubois, who knew the truth of the affair, sent someone to check it out, and an innkeeper who didn't have a child was found and raised in the mountains.

"But why did I only find a baby bird in this life? It wasn't in my previous life."

There is only one case where the future changes. When I intervene.

"Where did things change?"

As he muttered, the Chairman put sugar in my teacup and said,

"Thanks to you, the girls were able to travel because they got a vacation. It's a coincidental overlap."


"Or it could be fake."

"The second one is almost unlikely. There are very few people in Dublin who know that Reset died giving birth to a child."

The girl has both silver hair, cheongan and the symbol of Dublin Red.

I even checked to see if I had magically changed my body for one case in a year.

And even Dubled's energy.

'Dubled's warden must have misjudged Lynn. He is a brilliant wizard and deeply loyal to Dublin Red.'

He was a loyal man who would later protect his father and die.

It was Chalna who thought so.

The door to the greenhouse is choking! It opened and a girl of my age came in.

I was surprised when I met the child, and my eyes widened.

It's a baby bird.


Leah and the maids of the library who followed her rushed out and bowed their heads to the Chairman.

"I'm sorry, baby."

Then I whispered to the baby bird.

"If you go into the conversation, you can't use it."

"But Mireille, I missed you!"

I blinked when I saw a baby bird who called me a big sister.

"Affinity is poor. '

I felt wondrous that I didn't get along well with a lot of strangers.

The baby bird who came to me smiled and said,

"Hello, Mireille.... Ahchacha."

After a short pause, the child widens his skirt and bends his knee slightly.

"The fourth Duke of Dublin, Mireille. Nice to meet you."

And he said, "What do you think?" When I looked at Leah and the maids, Leah smiled as if she had no choice, and the maids laughed at Cook.

"Mireille introduced me, so I should introduce you too!"

Suddenly, my gaze was focused and I felt so awkward. I cover my face, but I'm embarrassed that I keep hooking in.

"Hi, I'm LeBlaine....."


That screaming Mireille grabbed my arm.

The maids glittered and said, "Cuteness plus cute is so cute……." and muttered a little.

"Let's go with Mireille. We're going to eat."

"Ah, but I……."

I have something to talk to the Chairman about.

Mireille looked at the chairperson and said,

"Grandpa, Mireille wants to play with you. Can I play?"

"You're not going to let me."

The Chairman replied gracefully, and Mireille snapped her lips and pulled me.

"Let's go, sister. It's not allowed."

I walked out of the greenhouse and said to the chairman, "Sorry." I said. The Chairman nods lightly.

Mireille was a really bright girl. Throughout the walk, I became a god and buzzed with a bell egg.

"Mireille and my sister are actually in the same family. Mireille's mother gave birth to Mireille in January, and her sister was born in February. But Mireille is the youngest. You're the youngest one, aren't you? So you do it."

"That's not what I can do....."

"Mireille is a very valuable person. So they told me to do whatever Mireille wanted to do. I said I'd make you a sister, so I didn't say you shouldn't. My dad is so precious to Mireille."

I thought Mireille's identity would naturally be corrected if it was cleared up on paper anyway. "I said.

"You know, Mireille's never seen a castle like this. Are all the people good to Mireille?"

"Everyone's a good person."

"But my grandfather seems bad."


I was surprised and looked at Mireille.

"Mireille asked nicely, but she's just pissed."

"I'm not mad. The Chairman is not used to children."

"Why? My grandfather would have kids, but why aren't the kids used to it? You don't have children?"

"There is. I have the Chairman's son who was in an accident in the old days...."

"My grandfather's Symbol is nasty and my son is dead. Right?"

I was so surprised that I stopped walking and looked at Mireille. I frowned.

"You can't say that!"

"…… huh?"

"A mean word that makes people sad."

Mireille looks gloomy and stretches her eyebrows.

"…… okay."

I sighed and grabbed Mireille's shoulder a little.

"The Chairman really loved his son. If you say that, your heart will hurt so much. Can't you ever say that next time?"

"I understand..... Mireille must have done something wrong..... Don't be mad, sister. Huh?"

I nod. Then Mireille looked like she was gloomy again. I walked into the restaurant, but I couldn't rest my mouth.

The restaurant had a father, North, and a couple of wimps.

As I glanced at North, Mireiindu sat by his father's side and waved his hand at North.


The spineless men who heard Mireille's voice looked at the child with a blemish.

"Your voice is with Reset...."

"Yeah, it's hard to tell if you're growing up."

Meanwhile, Mireille was in love with North.

"We saw it yesterday, right?"

"Yes, miss."

Mireille covered her mouth with both hands and laughed, "She said." I was delighted.

"Mireille sounds awkward."

"You'll get used to it soon."

"Yeah, get used to it. The sound of the lady, the talking, the whole thing! Otherwise, you'll just keep making mistakes."

"A mistake?"

"Mireille upset my sister today. He said he said bad things. Mireille isn't used to noble painting yet."

Everyone in the restaurant looked at me. Then I turned around with an awkward expression.

"So where do you live now?"

"Ask me something. Library."

"Is there a room left in the library for the young lady?"

My father repaired the library where Dubled's blood lived after the death of his predecessor.

I completely refurbished the room of the Sunbae and the room of the dead brothers.

Then I had less room for the child, so I could only have my room after I got into Dublin Red, and I had a new room construction.

Dad asked North.

"Construction started."

"Yes, unlike during the construction of your baby's room, stockpiling the spinel will not take much time to install the security devices."

"The duration of the contract is five years."

"I'm expecting it in two weeks. I've unpacked the lady's luggage in the next room, but can you stay there?"

At that time, Mireille flashed her arms and said, "Proposal!" I shouted.

"Mireille wants to use the same room as her father!"

"Lady, that's....."

"I think it's too big here to be afraid at night. Yes? Yes? Dad!"


"Are you okay?"

The garbage bags had a rather difficult look, but the kid seemed cute.

"Your Excellency, I'm sure you're the first one to gloat."

"Yes, he was a child."

"Stir in Mireille. Eat beans."

And when they picked up the beans that came out of the dish, they laughed, and they said, "He's very excited." I told him.

In the meantime, I ate quietly by myself. It was convenient to eat because the goblins didn't tell me so much as usual.

That evening, a psychic who was about to return to his room approached me. I was usually so pretty that I was a ripe psychic.

"Hey, baby....."


"For the time being, it would be better not to quarrel with Mireille. because the eyes are focused."

I thought Mireille's words made me angry.

"No, I didn't argue."

"Well, thank goodness. I think she cares what she heard from the baby."

Then I nodded my head, laughing as if the psychic was reassured.

It seems like everyone cares about us if Psychics come and advise us separately.

'Let's ask Mireille to be well.'

I went to the room of candy that my father fills every time and brought out snacks.

Bear-shaped cookies are something I really care about, but they melt in my mouth when I eat them with milk.

I put the confectionery well on the tray and took the milk and headed to Mireille's room.

As I tried to knock, a bright voice leaked from the crack in the door.

"The inn's dad always read Mireille a fairy tale book. I'm a habit, so I can't sleep unless I read a fairy tale book. Can't you read it, too? My dad has a really good voice, so I think he's going to be able to sleep."

I heard Ishaq's grumbling voice.

"Just sleep. I know what it's like to call everyone, but it's bothering me."

"I have a habit of sleeping without fairy tales in the future."

This was Henri's voice.

"That's the first day Mireille came. They all want to sleep together. Ahh, don't go, big brother. Dad, please tell me not to go!"

"Let go of me."

"Mireille, lie down."

You're spending time with your family.

I had to find a family in nine years, and I would need a loving time.

I turned my back when I stood in Odokani and touched the tray slit.