I stared at three little pebbles. It contained the souls of the clans that Pymon gave them.

'A man with an impossible dictionary is better.'

In case you don't know.

But even a centuries-old soldier will be of great help to the war. I think I can borrow wisdom as usual.

'But the only thing that helps right now is an angel with a torch.'

He said he had medical knowledge, so he would need it after he went up to the system.

I fell on my desk groaning.

'I want to make it all part of the family!'

But there are only six of them. I could not use the opportunity.

I heard a knock while I was thinking about it.


My maids come into the door and shake with something in their hands.

"It's bread."


"It's pudding."

"I'm not hungry."

She raises her head and says, she stretches her eyebrows.

"You haven't had a good snack lately."

"I brought all the delicious things."

"Especially mine is delicious."

My snack time was originally a small refreshment with my family.

Usually the family always calls and goes for snacks. But recently, everyone was busy, so I missed the snack time too.

I nodded because the minds of the caring maids were beautiful.

"Yeah, I'll eat."

"Would you like to go to the garden and have a drink?"

"The spring came and the day was completely unravelled."

"The gardeners planted tons of flowers that your baby loves."


I placed the soulful pebbles in the drawer well and followed the maids to the garden.

I feel better when I sit on the white roof gazebo where I often go and eat snacks.

The maids gave me a whole bunch of stories to enjoy.

"So Particie in the library....."

"Ishak, look at this!"

I heard Mireille's voice from a distance.

Turning his head, he saw Ishaque walking with a frown and Mireille chasing him. Mireille had a wooden sword in her hand.

"Mireille, you're very good at swinging now. North complimented you, too?"

"I told you not to come after me because it's annoying. I can't squeeze this Bamtol."

I met Ishak, who pushed Mireille's forehead against her waist.


He smiled widely and came to me.

"What are you doing here?"

"Eat a snack. The maids gave it to me. Bread and fruit and peaches."

Then the maids laughed bitterly as they showed off their snacks.

Ishaque tucks a trimmed orange piece into his mouth and jaws over my shoulders.

"We haven't had a snack together in days."

And I said, "Because of that." I looked at Mireille with a growl.

Ishaq was busy recently because of Mireille.

Among his brothers, Ishaq was the most comfortable, and he went to school every day chasing after him.

"You can't tell Mireille that. Your dad?"

When Mireille lays her hands on her waist and pretends to be warm-hearted, Ishak sighs loudly and rubs her forehead on my shoulder.

"I'm going to die, really."

In the meantime, Mireille waved her wooden sword. Then I hit the gazebo pillar and sat down.

After sighing, he caused Mireille.

"Please go. Uh? Henri's in the library, so go play with him."

"Henri told Ishaq to play with him."

He grabs his waist with one hand and hugs his head. My arms and legs are long, so I look like a picture.

'By the way, Ishaq is very big.'

The average height of an adult male now seems to be the same.

I will grow more in the future, but I feel much bigger than I've ever seen before.

Somehow, I smiled.

"Why are you laughing like that?"

"Ishak, you're so big."


He grinned like a bad boy, pulling my balls all the way.

"Aha! (Hurts!)"

"A child who doesn't even know how to hold a sword yet."

"I know."

I learned everything from the knights.

"Do it. I'll see to it."

Then Mireille frowned.

"I don't want to see."

"If you lend me a wooden sword, I'll see you next time, kid."


Mireille's eyes were filled with tears. Ishaq winked as he squirmed his lips.

"Why, again!"

"Brother Ishaq, I hate you. You're beautiful and you don't play with Mireille."

"Because you're bothering me."


Mireille burst into tears. The maids panicked and asked me to soothe her.

However, Mireille did not stop crying easily. I also went to soothe him.


Mireille picks, falls.

* * *

Mireille was rushed to her room for medical attention. When the doctor who had steeped the child raised his body, his father asked.

"The status quo is good."

"There is nothing more. It looks like the environment has changed and you haven't changed color, but you've been stressed. You need to take a good look at it to be stable."

Mireille opened her eyes. He wrinkled his nose and back with tears again.

"Lady, don't cry."

Leah knelt over the bed and stroked her cheek. Mireille cried with such a hug.

"I want to see you....."

"Should I contact the inn?"

"A real mother……."

Immediately, the room was silent as if the cold water was in it.

Employers panicked and saw his eyes, and he and his brothers looked at Mireille, who was drifting away.

"If I had a mother, I would have scolded Ishaq. Play with Mireille."

"Young lady……."

"My dad is busy and my brothers and sisters are beautiful. Mireille is alone. I want to see her...."

With that, people treated Mireille almost like a glass doll.

It reminded me of a newborn who had never been touched by his mother and was dying alone in the mountains.

Ishak and Henri didn't avoid Mireille, and he said, "Mom!" I had to go to Mireille's room crying out loud.

A few days later, after writing a letter to Veronica, I blinked.

My room is connected to the rest room where my maids Dalia, Linda, and Uni are, and no one is coming.


Three people are very meticulous, leaving only one person in the break room. It was the first time that I didn't come right away, even though I pulled the strings like this.

I waited a while and didn't come, so I headed out of the room. He grabbed the passing servant and asked.

"Dalia and Linda, have you seen Uni?"

"You're in the lady's room."

"All three?"

For what?

I tilted my head and headed to Mireille's room. I tried to knock, but the door was already halfway open, so I saw everything inside.

"So can't three people be Mireille's maids?"


"We're with the baby……."


Leah and the maids were facing difficulties in front of Mireille.

Mireille mourns and hangs on Leah's arm.


"Lady, all three of you have been with the baby for a long time. If you promise to bring her, it's all going to get messed up, and I'm sorry about the baby."

"But Mireille likes those maids! Last time Mireille cried in the garden, she gave me a nice, sweet kiss. Mireille doesn't like those maids!"

Leah sighs as she starts to frown in earnest. Then I looked at three people.

"I'm going to ask you for a while. If you're stable, you can come back to your baby's side."

Even among Dubled's employers, who were flexible in their criminal careers, the three were particularly guilty.

That was because Leah had all the support they needed to become a superior employer with the nobility. Leah's virtues were also greatly appreciated in the selection of the employer.

Leah was a silver man, so I couldn't refuse her request.

Uni, who was biting his lips between Linda and Dalia, said, "But...!" It was time to shout.

Gear drops like chicken poop from Mireille's eyes.

Leah hurriedly bows her head, holding Mireille.


I opened the door.

"I saw it because it was open."

Leah and the maids panicked when she said,

"Don't take her. Dalia and Linda, Uni are the ones who asked me to put my dad on the throne."

"Baby, please."


Everyone in the room was astonished at the assertive words.

I looked at Mireille. She gave more strength and held Leah's waist.

"If you want to take my maids, ask me. Don't make Leah do anything difficult."



"Don't you hate Mireille?"


"You can call another maid because she's all employed. But Mireille hates me for not giving a maid to a lonely Mireille."

She shrugged her shoulder and shot me. Leah panicked and said, "Lady!" I shouted, but Mireille's eyes did not let go of her strength.

"My sister hates Mireille. That's why I keep taking my brothers. Mireille wants to get to know you..... but why do you hate Mireille?"

"Do you really want to be me and my family?"


"But why do you think they're taking my brothers?"

"…… huh?"

I said without avoiding her gaze.

"Why would I be with my brothers, my family, taking it away?"

"That's... that's it!"

"It's because you hate me that you think you're taking my brothers away."


"But why do I hate you for saying I can't give you maids?"

Mireille became dumb after eating honey. He was looking for something to say to his father, "Ugh..." I sat down.

It was then.

"Baby bird!"

A woman with red hair jumped in with a familiar voice.

It was Javelin from the Islands when he heard that he had found a baby bird.

Javelin hugs Mireille.

"What's going on? Why is the baby bird in this condition?"

Leah mutters in a panic tone.

"You are vulnerable to stress……."

"Someone put enough stress on this kid to fall."

Javelin asked with a hard face.