"I asked him what happened."

Leah hesitated as Javelin's voice cooled.

"It was an accident during the conversation. She's young, so she can't control her emotions."

"It's a child of destiny to see you wrapped around here."

"…… It's my fault."

Javelin looked at me, but he only swallowed a sigh and said nothing.

In the meantime, Mireille stares at the beautiful woman in her arms.

"Who are you...?"

"Javelin Arige. A good friend of Reset and your aunt."

Mireille takes a deep breath with a sweet smile that melts.

* * *

"Are you really Mireille's aunt?"

Mireille smiled in Javelin's arms as if she was about to fall.

"Yes, I am your aunt."

"Mireille, I didn't know you had such a wonderful aunt. It's exciting!"

Javelin smiles and rubs Mireille's cheek with a finger.

"It's exciting to show up so late and burn everything in your aunt."

"But it's not Mireille's fault."

Leah's eyes were blurred at the end. But he smiled quickly and said, "Yes." I said.

The maids who stood at Odokani's door said to me in a small voice, "Shall we go, baby?" I said.

I nod and leave the door.

When I left the hallway, the chairman was standing.


I deliberately welcomed him brightly, but the Chairman's face was stiff. I guess I was watching the situation inside through an open door like me.

Me and the Chairman headed to the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse alone, I heard a glass of juice brought by the maids.

"It's already spring. Time is fast, right?"


"Oh, I told you, you have to choose your country. Who do you think would be best for the Chairman? I wonder if an angel with a torch would be better."

"Don't make me laugh."

I swirled orange juice with a straw.

"No big deal. Just, you know, fighting with your brother for a second."

"It's no big deal, but why are you looking so bad?"

"No, it's just an old idea."

The longer I'm alone, the more I keep circling. It was because I had an old idea.

The first life of watching Duke Amitier and Mina behind the scenes, and the second life of stealing the family of Valois and swallowing puffy bread.

'Let's not get depressed.'

Positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts!

Dubled's family makes me very pretty. That's because Mireille hasn't been here in a while, and she will share her interest with me soon.

Even now, Henri and Ishak often come and take care of what they eat.

"I heard that Javelin finally assigned the maids to Mireille. Why are you standing still this time when you just flipped over?"

"It's my dad's daughter."

I know how much my father misses babies.

My brothers didn't look strange either, but sometimes I stare at the baby bird who looks like the Duchess.

When I look at the Chairman with clear eyes, he sighs.

"A letter came from Seria. It looks like she caught the tail of a 'guest' who ordered her abduction five years ago."


"I found someone who worked in the House of Hope and was involved in the slave auction. I told her to give the news to the baby as soon as she came into contact."

I nod.

He asked me to discuss a few more stories about the Chairman and the Hope Merchant Guild and see what progress Veronica was making in the long distance movement.

After the story was over, the sun was already out.

I encountered John while walking in the red bitten corridor.


"What are you doing here?"

"I just spoke to the Chairman. Did you eat?"

Javelin is here today, so I'm going to eat with my family.

When I was in the greenhouse, the maid came to pick me up, and she refused because she thought it would be inconvenient.



"I hate noisy spots."

"I see."

"Have you eaten?"

"Not yet."

"Let's do it together."

"…… Yes?"

"Let's eat together."

I opened my eyes in circles.

'This is the first time Johan asked me to have dinner with him.'

I said, "Now, wait a minute!" He asked me to catch the passing servant and set him up for dinner.

"Where do we set it up?"

"Umm, that's....."

John said as he pondered.

"To the herbaceous meadow on the third floor."


Were there herbaceous meadows in the castle?

With such eyes, John passed by me and said,

"The place my mother used to take care of in her life. It's not for now."


I answered and followed John.

On the third floor, I wanted to know where I could use a herbaceous garden, and it was at the end of the hallway. I didn't even know the door was there because the tapestry was hanging.

'I've never been here before.'

The fields were not managed at all. The soil dried up and the surrounding grass was all dry and twisted.

On the right edge of the field was a gazebo and a marvellous table.

It was wiped clean enough here.

John took off his shoes and went up, and I was surprised.

"Can I?"

"This is a place my mother made because she said she wanted to lie down as a godmother when she got tired of taking care of the field."

I've felt it since I saw Duchess and Dad's note at the Islands Mansion, but Duchess is a really funny person.

I kicked, kicked, laughed. And John said, "Why?" I asked.

"Because you're unusual."

"It resembles you."

"Me? It resembles Mireille."

Mild-looking Mireille looked like she was made by the Duchess.

"Well, I think you look more like your mother."

"Yes, yes. That's what I do."

I didn't feel bad because I resembled a beautiful and attractive person like the Duchess.

While I was having a brief conversation with John, the food arrived.

With tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese stacked in a single mouthful, my mouth was ecstatic.

'Library chefs are really good.'

Dubled's ingredients are of excellent quality, making them the best they can be.

I took out all three capresses on my plate, and then I picked up a fork to target the pasta.

Then, John stole my mouth with a napkin.

"Buried and eaten. This is the same thing as my mother."

John seemed to remember the Duchess clearly as he was the oldest of the three brothers.

I thought I might not have met well since I was educated under the Sunbae, but I'm glad I look like I have lots of memories.

"The Duke's wife is an adult, and you ate while she was buried?"

"Especially watermelon. My mother was very fond of fruit in Ruskun province, and my father saved it a lot."

"I know watermelon. I eat a lot in the summer. I really like watermelons."

That's what I said.


I heard a scream.

Surprisingly, Mireille looked at the door and said that she had a reddish face.

"What are you! Tell me you look like your mother!"


"You didn't mix a drop of blood with your mother! My daughter is Mireille, and why do you look like her?"

Mireille, who said that, ran and pucked me! I pushed it. Immediately falling to the ground, I rubbed my ugly tailbone.

"What are you doing... Argh!"

Pasta cotton, basil and salad statues have flown.

So much excitement, Mireille picks up the food and throws it into the hot air.

"Cancel it! Cancel it! Sneak your big brother away and talk nonsense! You fake!"

"Stop it!"

"Did you think I wouldn't find it if I was hiding? Mouse!"

I gripped the dirt tightly.

"A mouse?"

"That's right! People did. You're adopted because you don't have Mireille. He said he brought her into Mireille's band! If you're adopted thanks to Mireille, you have to show some kindness. Argh!"

Mireille's body came to mind.

It was by the magic of John.

He looks at Mireille, who grabs food in both hands with an impression.

"Let go of me. Get off me, big brother! Aaaaaah!"

When Mireille started crying out loud, the people who heard the commotion jumped in.

"Young lady, what..... Oh my God!"

Employers who found him in the open air tried to pull him down.

However, Mireille, enchanted by magic, was not easily dragged down.


I heard a rupture somewhere. It was the sound of Javelin cutting off the magic of John from Aurora.

Mireille snapped and fell to the floor. Mireille, who smashed her ass like me, cried even louder.

"Huff, huff!"

"Young lady……."

Leah quickly hugs the child.

Other families were also entering the herbaceous meadows. Dad narrows his glans, and Henri and Ishak look at the messy herbaceous garden with ridiculous faces.

I woke up robbing, tucking food.

Meanwhile, Mireille cried, "Leave here."

"Hurt! Hurt!"

When I saw her crying like she was screaming, my father looked at Henri with an impression.

Henri swallowed a sigh and reached out to Mireille.

Goo Woong.

With a small vibration, a starter popped into Henri's hand's back and Mireille's red leg returned to my color.

'Oh, yes.'

Henri was the owner of a very rare healing ability among wizards.

Even though it's not divine, it can only heal small wounds, but Mireille's buttocks won't hurt anymore.

"What's going on?"

Mireille sniffed at my father's words and said,

"My big brother came here... but..."

"Say it right."

"My sister said she resembles Mireille's mother."

John Gozer said in a voiceless voice:

"So I pushed LeBlaine and threw away the food, you know."

The face of the family hardened. Mireille trembled.

"But she's Mireille's mother. You spend a lot of time with your family, but Mireille doesn't. You're the only one who cares about Mireille, but if you take her away..."

Ishaq choked.

"You're talking nonsense!"

"That's no reason to push the Leblans and throw food."

As it cools down to Henri, Mireille's shoulders shrug.

Javelin opens his mouth.

"Stop it. You did it because of the anxiety of the child."



Henri and Ishak called, but Javelin looked silently at him.

"If you had cared more about the baby bird, this child would not have been so anxious and would not have fought the child of destiny."

"You're a talent for bullshit."

When my father raised his voice in a low voice, Javelin's eyes twisted.

"If the baby bird had originally been raised in Dublin, this would have happened. This is all our fault for failing to protect the baby bird."

My father and Javelin's gaze sharply hit me.

"It's okay!"

When I shouted, everyone's eyes became focused.

"I'm fine."

"But, kid....."

"It wasn't a big deal. It didn't hurt much because of the food. So don't fight, okay?"

Everyone kept their mouth shut.

I approached Leah and looked at Mireille, who had embraced her.


Leah let the child go carefully. The child facing me stared stubbornly at the floor.

I whispered as if I were slashing my child's shoulder.

"What is it with you, Duke Valois?"


Mireille hardened soon.

[If you're hiding, I can't find you. You boastful mouse.]

[If you're lucky enough to adopt a few great scholars, you have to show some kindness.]

All he shouted was the Duke of Valois's mouthpiece.