"I don't know what you mean... Mireille..."

Then you shouldn't shake your eyes like that.

I fell away from her and smiled.

"I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"…… yes."

I looked at my family.

"We're both fine, so don't worry."

That shortened the fight.

* * *

After returning to the room, I immediately communicated with the Chairman. The Chairman laughed in vain after hearing what had happened in the herbaceous meadow.


"I guess."

[You should inform the President.]

"You have no proof."

He had silver hair and blue eyes, symbols of Dublin Red, and was very similar to the Duchess.

In addition, Director Mao determined that Dubled's energy flowed.

In the meantime, Mireille is a fake! All I said was shave my bones.

[In your previous life, I can't completely believe that Director Mao was loyal to Dublin. Because people can vary depending on the situation.]

"I have to call Veronica by the castle. You're a better wizard than Director Mao, so you can reaffirm it."

[Yes, I will investigate the vicinity of Mao and Mireille.]

"You've also found Mireille. And I'll formally introduce Veronica to you tomorrow, so come to the castle."


I immediately wrote to Veronica after I shut down the communication.

The next day, afternoon.

Veronica came to the castle. She shook my hand up and down with a ton of reminded faces.

"Thank you for inviting me! I'm really excited because I've never had a formal invitation before."

"No, I'm glad you came. Would you like to go to my room?"


I held Veronica's hand firmly and climbed the stairs.

I encountered Mireille who was coming down at the end of the day. The boy who saw me was flawed, and he turned his head.

Me and Veronica pass by with her. After being quite far away, Veronica looks back.

"Is that her? There's a kid I need to check out."

Briefly explained by letter, she was getting a sense of the situation. I nod.

"As secretly as possible. Can I do it without a starter?"

"Absolutely. If you just give me time to confront you, I can make sure you don't know who you're being examined for. The Duke behind me is special....."

She smiled shyly when she said that.

'He's a good match for Dubled, too.'

I laughed.

Then we went into my room together. The maids from Tura stood by the wall to pick up their feet.

"You can go out."


"We're going to have a secret here."

When I deliberately whispered, the maids blinked.

"If you want to tell me a secret....."

"What do you ask? There's one thing you should know about secrecy."

When Uni smiled and said grudgingly, Dalia blinked and thought, "Oh, my God!" I turned my mouth.

"Spring to our baby?!"

"Shh, shh."

Uni drove the maids out of the room and laughed.

"Have a good time."

The maids' voices leaked out of the room.

"You don't notice. You have to pretend you don't know that."

"Who, by the way."

"One of the foods I met at the tea party?"

"I heard that Viscount Michaud's eldest son is a mimo."

The maids who say that scream little. I think it's a story that we share in secret, but I can hear it all.

At that time, Veronica glittered.

"So there's no man you like?"

"That star is my star, this star is your star." Imagine doing it. Oss creeps me out.

I shook my head firmly with a stroke of my arm.


"Too bad."

I looked at Veronica with my eyes blurred.

"I'm not interested in men."

"That could be the case for your age."

"Aren't there any Veronica peers?"

"I always dream of love. However, I don't have any inspiration for my taste……."

I sometimes flinch when I realise Veronica's age.

At that time, I heard a smart knock.

More like "Chairman." '

"Come in."

The door opens, and the chairman walks in. Veronica raised her body. He seemed to be trying to say hello.

If she raises her head, I don't see it.

I had a glittering eye in a different sense than the one that saw me.

"…… Veronica?"

"Ah! Yes, four!"

"I'm Chairman of the Dublin Senate."

She widens her skirt and bends her knees lightly.

"This is Veronica Dubos. It's the first time I've heard it in words."

"This is Jan-Marc Nuanok. Nice to meet you."

The Chairman explained the situation in detail, with the exception of the three regressions and the possibility of summoning demons, as he had told me in advance.

"I doubt the Duke of Valois. So I'm in the middle of an investigation, and if the Lord confirms Mireille....."


"Lord Dubois?"

"Oh, yes, four!"

I said, "Yes, four! 'This is the second. I looked at the two people alternately with an anxious face.

Girls and grandfathers, on the other hand. The real Nairon Veronica side was about twenty years older than the Chairman.

Either way, I couldn't cheer.

I grabbed Veronica's clothes all the way to the bathroom.

"Do you like 20-year-olds?"

"What do you mean....."

"What about the girl?"

"I think all adult men who target girls deserve to die. an older man who dreams of romance with a younger woman."

Your words.

Veronica returns as she nods.

When she sat down, she asked.

"So what do I do?"

"It's time for Mireille's snack. It's going to come out on the terrace, but it's about 10 meters from the terrace of my room. Can you see the distance?"


When I saw Veronica smiling confidently, I smiled. I chose one person well.

Veronica and the chairman, who cooked the face, left the room, and we decided to wait for Mireille on the terrace.

Veronica saw the chairman passing under the handrail and said, "Haah……." I shed a sigh of suffering.

"Hey, Veronica....."

"Yes, baby."

"Do you like the Chairman?"

Veronica said coldly when I asked with an anxious face.

"How did you know?"

I rolled my cheeky toes with a puffy expression, and Veronica spoke with a puffy expression.

"She's the perfect minor to put among my dolls!"

"... a doll?"

"They collect the same dolls as people. Just leave it to the grandfather of the new child this time! Ah, where can't you get a doll like the Chairman? I should leave it to the puppeteer to make a similar impression."

Then I sighed with relief as I watched Veronica shrug her head around one cheek.

'I'm so glad.'

I almost dried it while packing my lunch box.

Thinking about it, I nodded my head, and I heard a popular voice on the terrace of Mireille's room.

'It's snack time.'

I glanced at Veronica and hid in the room. I thought Mireille would get away with it.

I heard Veronica and Mireille for a moment.

"You're so young, you go to Dubois? Amazing!"

"She's not younger than you think."

"But where did you go?"

"The baby left for a while."

"I can't believe I'm just leaving a guest. That's bad. Hey, Veronica. Why don't you come over here and have a snack with Mireille? You know, Mireille was upset. Yesterday, my sister told Mireille...."

Veronica was silent while Mireille bellowed by herself.

'I guess I started checking.'

And in about three minutes.

"The baby must be back. I'm going in."

"Yes? It's too bad..... Next time, let's play in Mireille's room."

Veronica, who returned to the room, closed the door tightly and killed her voice.

"I checked."

"How was it?"

Veronica narrows her glans and says,

"I think I could say it's the energy of Dublin, like Director Mao."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't say Dubled's energy was cut off, but it felt very similar to the energy of a great master."


"As soon as the great master was born, I was summoned by my predecessor to feel the magic. It's almost like the sensation I felt back then."

"No appearance alteration magic?"


Then is Mireille really a real baby bird?

I remember talking to Veronica while the bear was thinking.

"A doll?"


The piece that was tangled in my head was completed.

I bit my lips tightly.

* * *

Deep night.

A figure protruding out of the darkness rushes down the corridor quickly.

Secretly spiraling past the middle to the outside was a treatment plant built near the forest to dispose of the castle's wastewater and garbage.

After finishing the garbage at the smelly waste disposal plant, I grabbed a huge bucket of water that I left behind to wash my hands.

I stabbed my hand with a small gap between the head and the wall. But I don't have anything to live for.


The embarrassed In-young lit the lamp that he brought to light the barrel.

It was then.

"Looking for this?"

I heard a small voice right next to me.

The shocked soul retreats and drops the lamp. The fire in the wick moved to the grass, and the little foot stomped, stomped, and trampled on the fire.

The person who saw the face shining in the light of the Asrahan lamp twisted his mouth.


"Don't play around at night. Horrible to Leah..... Mireille."

Mireille squeezes her cheeky, cheeky toes as she looks at LeBlaine smiling.

"Uh, sister, why are you here....."

"I came to give it back because I thought you'd find it."

LeBlaine throws something at the grass. Mireille takes a deep breath when she sees something rolling around.