"I don't know what Mireille's talking about. This isn't mine."

"But you're the only one who writes this in the castle."

LeBlaine smiles and drops her stuff.


"I don't know what it is!"

"You don't know the dye? Dye, dye. You really don't know?"

When Mireille hardened her face, LeBlaine said:

"Shall I let you know?"

"I'm good."

"This. Use it when dyeing cloth."

"I can't believe it."

Charlna LeBlaine, who was about to root and flee, grabbed Mireille's hair.

"I also use it when dyeing people's hair."

The voice was instantly lowered.

LeBlaine looked at Mireille, who was less buoyant, and opened her mouth again.

"Like when you dye your hair to fool Dublin Red."

I looked at Mireille, who had avoided my gaze without knowing what to do.

I did.

That hair, a symbol of Dublin Red, was the result of dyeing.

I saw the red hair grow black when Mina moved to the next dimension. When people asked what happened, Mina said,

[I dyed it. It's bleaching, to be precise.]

I knew then that a man's head could be watered too.

However, some people who haven't gone through Mina know that they can dye their hair.

"Puppet detective."

Dolls that make spherical joint dolls were often dyed to suit the customer's needs.

I was able to easily guess that Mireille had used dye because I had once designated the color of my head and pupil by purchasing a spherical joint doll through the Chair.

Mina's world dye seemed mild, but not ours.

It's a very poisonous dye, so it's used on things that aren't alive.

Mireille didn't just get knocked down because of smoke, she dyed her hair every time she grew up, so she really wasn't in good shape.

"You found someone who resembles Reset and dyed it, right?"


"The wall is not a rare color, so fortunately you had a wall that resembled Reset."


"You fake."


Mireille screams like a seizure.

"I have the energy of Dublin Red! How do you explain that?"

"It's not Dubled's energy, it's John's magic."


"Johann's raid on the enemy's return to the Empire was not a life-saving or kidnapping. I tried to give you magic!"

When he shouts like a thunderbolt, Surprised Mireille sits down.

I snatched him and grabbed his shoulder roughly.

"Do you know how long you've been waiting for a baby bird? Do you know how much Javelin went through to find the baby bird and how sorry Leah was for him?!"


"It should have been real. It was just a nasty baby bird!"


Mireille sprayed me roughly.

"I only did what I told you to do because I said I could live as an aristocrat if I went here! Just dyeing in time will make you feel better for the rest of your life...!"

It was then. The surroundings were brighter.

'You're here.'

Mireille, who became like a corpse, looked at the numerous workers who carried the torch and the people who stood before them.

My father and brothers, Leah, Javelin, and I were chairman.

* * *

As the Chairman spoke, Mireille brought people in at a time when she had been silent.

We were able to keep up with the timing because we shared our progress through the communication stones.

Me and the Chairman summarized the story by saying, 'The suspicious thing is the Chairman, and at the Chairman's request, I was keeping an eye on the kid next door to Mireille.'

Mireille was immediately taken to the castle. The frightened child vomited everything as soon as he caught up.

And I found out that Mireille was not nine, but twenty-one. It was also a prostitute.

She was the daughter of an innkeeper couple who said she raised herself. My parents didn't really do the inn, they were farmers.

Everything happened in collusion with my parents.

A couple of innkeepers stayed near Dublin to receive the Congo from Mireille.

Tortured in chaos, they lathered and replied as they were asked.

"A gentleman came to me..... and told me that he would make my daughter..... noble....."

"Yes, if you do as I say, I will give you the treasure to play with for the rest of your life.... If my daughter goes to Dublin Red, we can howl over the top of the noble's head....."

My father looked at Mireille, who was frozen by the innkeeper's couple.

"What happened to your body?"

"I don't know that! Seriously! I blindfolded and went to the place where the man was guided, and after the terrible pain, I became like this!"

'You've used gold.'

I wasn't the only one who thought so.

North stares at Director Mao.

"If it wasn't for gold, why didn't the director catch it?"

"Not by 'keeping' the magic, but by changing the shape, because the body had already been completely transformed by gold."

Director Mao looks at Mireille with his tongue.

"You won't have to pay for it, but it will collapse soon."

Mireille raises her head.


"If we can regain our youth, who will not use the gold of the world? I'm reluctant because I'm at risk of not even trying."

"What does that mean……."

"In the near future, bones and flesh will melt away."

Mireille cried out in a loud voice.

"That's ridiculous! You're lying!"


"Please fix it. Help me! I'll tell you everything. Please...!"

I crawled up and pleaded for a bummer, but no one could give her back.

* * *

After Mireille's family was all taken to Oxa, I spoke to the Chairman in the greenhouse. He turned to the chair and looked across the window and asked.

"Where did you go to find Mireille?"

"Clean. No one had ever recommended a destination to you on purpose."

"Psychics already knew where to go."


Then it hurts more.

Doesn't that mean that Sezac is in Dublin Red?

"What is the connection with Duke Valois?"

"Duke Valois once bought Mireille. He said he liked it quite a lot."

I stopped and looked back.

"That's it?"

"That's what Mireille said. It is also possible that Mireille was used by Valois without her knowledge."

I touched the end of the table and opened my eyes.

'Anyway, we need to make contact with Valois.'

"All right. Keep Valois on the lookout."

"Yes, but the problem……."

"Why? Is it hard to investigate Valois?"

"That's not it……."

The Chairman said with a difficult expression.

"The timing was a little different when Mireille dragged people to the moment she started talking."

"…… how?"

"I mean, do people know how long you've been waiting for a baby bird? 'I've heard it since."

I stretched my shoulders after so much tension.

That's all right.

If it had been before, you would have considered me suspicious, but I can wrap it up in the anger of a rather clever child.

* * *

Leah walks down the hall with a half-sane face. LeBlaine's three maids tried to support her with relief, but she shook her hand without strength.

"Go do your job."


"I have to do what I put off."

"…… I will help you."

I'd rather focus on my work. Rather than resent yourself for lying all night.

Leah enters LeBlaine's room. To clean up the child's bed.

By the way.

"Why is the room……."

It was clean to others, but in the eyes of skilled workers.

The clothes in the dress room changed location, and the interior was colder than usual.

LeBlaine was very cold and her maids always kept the temperature in the room somewhat high.

"Oh my God……."

Not only Leah, but all the maids who had brought Levine to Mireille, so the other employers did not take care of it in detail.

"Oh, baby, you must have had a cold."

"I think it was a little snoring in the evening."

There was a trace in the dress room that went through the wardrobe.

It was up to Leah and the three maids to pick out LeBlaine's clothes. They were all happy to pick out their clothes, so Leblane would have wanted to dress himself, but he would have worn the clothes they gave him.

"It must have been cold. He's trying to take out the thick clothes."

"Ask the other servants."

"Then Javelin, who went into your master's ear and gave us to Mireille, would be in trouble."

"You must have been cautious because you were clever."

While the maids quickly adjusted the heating equipment, Leah found an ointment barrel in LeBlaine's bed.

"Where did your baby get hurt?"

The door opens and Henri and Ishaq come in before she scarcely asks the maids.

"Kid's hurt?"

"What are you talking about?"

"There's ointment."

Henri said, "Give it to me." Give me your hand. After confirming the smell of ointment, he frowns.

"It's a medicine for bruising."

"No way. If he was hurt, he would have gone to the doctor."

"No, you won't. If I go to the doctor, I'll get in trouble again."


"Mireille was injured when she pushed."

There was a little bit of ointment, but there was a red part. I felt like I was torn somewhere with a bruise.

There was a trace of a meal on the table next to the bed. While Mireille and the Dubled were dining together, they were always alone here.

Leah covers her mouth with both hands.

'You were crazy, Leah Shabanol.'

She had a habit of doing anything by herself.

I knew best that if I didn't really need it, I wouldn't have to step up and hide my pain so often that I wouldn't have to look closely.

I was drunken by the joy of finding the fourth, and blinded by the guilt of not being able to keep him, I made a little girl who didn't even know the law to wander alone in such a large room all the time.