After sending the Chairman back, I made a tougher call.

"Oh, my gosh, it's Sachsin. '

After a few days of hard work, I feel powerless because I wasn't comfortable going to bed.

It looks like the neck is a little sharp and the whole body is a little puffy. I felt my skin a little hotter than usual when I touched my neck and, um, nodded.

'You're here, body.'

You eat tons and you sleep all day!

During the holidays, I have a cold and I know how to find my health quickly.

'I have to ask for cinnamon honey tea.'

I decided so and went to my room, and the lights were on. I opened the door because I wanted to see who was there.

There were tons of people in my room. Leah and the three maids, Henri and Ishak.


The maids called me very carefully. I wanted to know what was going on. I waited calmly for the back words, and I bit my lips a few times without being able to speak easily.

She shrugs as she looks at the penetrating maid and the hardened look on Leah's face.

'Is everything more complicated with Mireille's work?'

Everyone was really happy to know that the baby bird had come back, so how annoying would it be?

"Everyone stop going….."

It meant returning with a bit of excitement, and it was the look on the faces of all the maids and brothers.

Henri comes to me and sweeps my eyes lightly.

"Yeah, call me when you're okay."

'It seems like people are having a hard time because of Mireille.'

I nod a little.

After people left the room, I changed clothes and sat in bed.

I tried to get into the blanket, but the room was warmer than usual.

'I like it because it reaches Leah.'

She knew all about what I was suffering from, what I really liked.

'You should always thank Leah and the maids tomorrow.'

I pulled the rope and asked my servant to bring me Cinnamon Honey Tea. I took the medicine from the medicine box in the drawer with the Cinnamon Honey Tea and went to sleep.

How long has it been?

"... Gi!"


I wondered if I could hear a loud noise around me, but I felt my body hot as a lump of fire. Not only that, I don't breathe very well.

'It hurts.....'

The more I tried to breathe forcefully, the tighter my lungs seemed.

I barely opened my eyes, and there were family and maids around the bed.

Leah hurriedly raises my body halfway, and the doctor spills the diluted liquid into her mouth. Bitter. Medicine.

I was able to guess the situation without difficulty.

'I think the honey in the cinnamon honey tea was Haro Flower Honey.'

By this time, Haro Flower Honey will be released for the first time.

The problem is that I have a Harrow flower allergy.

I feel ticklish and rash when I smell the scent of Haro Flowers.

If Elza Tree Flowers are good for people with divine power, Haro Flowers are good for people with magical power.

Some people with divine power have allergic reactions when they eat things made from Haro Flowers very rarely. Those who were pure in divine power did so.

The high purity of divine power also meant that it was excellent in purification.

It's like allergic symptoms in the process of purifying the impurities in your body.

Mina left this.

[It's like a fever when you have a cold. because your body is feverish to get rid of the virus.]

He said:

'I didn't know it was Haro Flower Honey because of the smell of cinnamon.'

I felt like I was really going to catch my breath, so I took a few rough breaths.

"Baby, wake up. You can't go to sleep. You need to keep breathing consciously!"

The maids cried out.

It was the first time anyone had come to the castle so sick that they were all so surprised.

"Do something!"

Ishak shouts, grasping the unsteady doctor's collar.

"Ha, but I don't know why...!"

"Why doesn't the doctor know that?"

"It's not because of the cold. But it doesn't seem to be a food allergy.... Honey and cinnamon were not your favorite."

It's a harroflower!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Haro Flower!

Help me!

I whimpered to say it, but I swollen my throat and couldn't make a good voice.

I really don't want to get any bigger in front of my eyes.

My father, who was looking at me with a stiff face, said to the knight who was standing by.

"…… Bring Taylor from Oxa underground."


The knight shouted in astonishment, but I didn't think my father's gaze would fall fixed on me.

"Bring her. Tell her that if you fix my daughter, she will restore her identity."



The knights and the employers nodded their heads as their dads clashed.

I looked at him last, closed my eyes.


"Baby, please!"

People screamed at me, but I couldn't hold on to the ritual of being locked up.

* * *

After I found consciousness, I was blindfolded. I couldn't open my eyes because I was scared. Because the pain is gone as if washed away.

'What if I had to regress.....'

I woke up again, and what if I crawled over the cradle of the Emperor's room, and my arm felt like I was weaving a sausage again?

But it was then.

Cook, I heard a strange laugh.

"Why don't you open your eyes if you're awake?"

In the first voice I heard, I raised my sleepy eyelids.

A young man with a clear blush on his head, like a raven, whistles into his face.


Surprised and pushed, he grabs his chin and frowns.

"So much so, I saved my life. I'm hurt."

I'm laughing loudly as I say that.

"Who are you?"

He tucks his chin straight with his elbow on the armrest of the chair.

"To whom?"

What, this weird guy.

Looking around, this is my room in Dublin Castle. I'm glad there's a man in my room who doesn't know how.

The bear thought to me, "Maybe....." I looked at the man.

"…… Taylor?"

He laughed, one by one. It was a smile that resembled Henri's.

"I want you to call me uncle."

Oh, my God.

You got this crazy guy to heal me.

The words calling this man were pox.

Dad and Javelin's youngest brother.

A private boy who was born by mistake overnight.

But the most famous words were set aside.

'Mad doctor.'

The psycho who had God's hand was that man.

"It's been a long time since I've seen a Harrow flower allergy. You'd make a pretty good believer."

It was about seven years after the discovery of a rare Harrow flower allergy among people with divine power.

'You knew that from this point on?'

No, Taylor Dubled was imprisoned in an underground prison for nearly 10 years by a senior for attempting to poison his father several times, so he knew exactly 17 years ago.

"So, what are you going to do to me, the savior of life?"

"..... I told you that my father will restore my identity."

"Not Theodore, not you. You're the party that owes me life."


He smiled, Pic.

We should be able to recover the fortune he gave us.

Above all, this brilliant doctor will be the one who comes with the money just to go out right now and asks for help.

"Then, uhm……."

As I pondered, Taylor grabbed my chin lightly.

"I'll give you a kiss from my cute niece."

What is it?

Taylor's face soon approached. With my lips. When I touched, when I was dying.

"You lunatic!"

The dagger flies like lightning from the door. When Taylor was trying to avoid Zec, shh! The leaping Ishaque kicks his face.


With a scream, Taylor rolls out of the chair, staring at tons of excited Ishaque and Henri, who walks behind him, stiffening his face.

"Isn't that too much. To my uncle in 10 years."

"You're shaking. Get out of here before you take off your leather and sell it. I gave him a chance to live because he saved the kid."

Taylor stood up shrugging. And then Ishak said, "Get the fuck out of my way," to my cheek! I kissed her.

"I want to die...!"

Gear pulls out his sword, and Taylor pulls the envelope of medicine out of his jacket pocket.

"I think we should give them a chance to live more often."

"What is it?"

"If this chick is going to recover completely, she's going to have to keep taking my medication."


When Ishak rolls his sword, Henri holds him.

"Not until LeBlaine gets better."

"Damn it."

"I'll rip off my limbs when I'm healed."

Henri glances at Taylor with a tranquil burning eye.

Taylor shrugs and comes close to me.

"Let's not leave the medicine today. You kiss me when I come to get you some pills tomorrow."

He laughed loudly.

"You threaten me with my life? '

I looked at my brothers' eyes and whispered.

"Haro Flower Allergy will end in a single injection?"

A smile disappeared from Taylor's mouth, smiling all the time.

"How could you....."

"Have you caught any clues about the Meria grass you're looking for to make antibiotics yet?"


"I know."

Taylor looked at me with a blemish.

'This is what intimidation does. Dude.'

I smiled and said,

"Get up and get out of here quietly before you burn down all the little Meria grass in the Empire. Keep the door closed."

Taylor looks at me like he's out of his mind. Bored for a long time, Cook laughed low.

"That was fun."


"That's a big deal. I think I really like it."

Taylor, who murmured like that, went out of the room to greet her with his eyebrows.

Be sure to close the door.