"Give me someone I can trust. Four, no, five."

"What are the conditions?"

"Be good at saving lives."

Seria looks suspicious, but nods within.

"Where can I send it?"

"Count Bartu, with me."

If Leticia doesn't have the time to meet, maybe you should make her some time.

* * *

Leticia blinks at the people who have been visiting Bartu Mansion since this morning.

"You're here to see an interview?"

"Yes, my lord."

A middle-aged woman with a loving impression took off her Beremo and lowered her head lightly. The people who came with her also smiled and greeted her.

It was doubtful.

Employer advertisements are paid weekly, but it was a star-raiser in the sky to save people because the payroll was pushed away.

I haven't seen anyone come to the interview in the last three months, and I can't believe five people come in one morning.

I also wanted to be a fairly skilled person because of the age and hardness of my hands.

"What's going on?"

I heard my voice on the stairs. It was Count Bartu who came down with the newspaper.

Retisia, who looked at the people, approached my father and lowered her voice.

"He came to see an interview."

"That's good. I've been bothered by the filthy mansion, so I'm going to have to ask you to work today."

"But it's five. It's hard to pay one person, but how can I use five?"

"Duke Marushu won't be able to help us soon. Moreover, your brothers are ahead of graduation, so they will soon enter the Imperial Palace. I've only got a few things left to do, but you're worried sick."

My father's belief that Duke Marche will help the Bartu family has continued for four years, but Marche never helped them.

Rather, Bartu was being mortgaged all the way to the campground, making his work for Marche worse.

Leticia knew that it was only her father's dream that her sons would attend.

I put a large amount of money into a college attended by senior nobles, but my brothers had been suspended for years.

When Leticia is making an impression, the Count Tsk, kicks her tongue and shouts to those who came to see the interview.

"Let's get to work from today. Start cleaning right away, and one of them brings the car to the library."


I heard a child crying upstairs.

"Don't make useless noises, don't make me hear those boring noises. If you come back with your butt lightly teased, at least not to your parents."


When his father kicked his tongue, Leticia moved forcefully.

Upon ascending to the room, the five-year-old son was crying to make his nose red.

"I'm sorry, Leonele. I'm surprised you yelled."

His son buries his face on his shoulders with a sparkle on his nose.

"I don't like my grandfather..... harass my mother."

"Even if you speak roughly, you have a lot of deception."

"I lie all the time..... Grandpa's a bad guy. He said it was good. He said we should go play. He left yesterday alone."

"Okay, let's get out of here today."


"Yes. So, my dear, let's stop crying and get dressed."


The child who woke up crying when he cried ran to the closet.

'I have to get my handwriting.'

If you cross the unmanned Rossell Bridge and go around Bing Bing to the Shop District, you will be able to go anywhere without noticing the presence of the child.

Leticia sneaks out through the back door dressed in her child's clothes.

Leonele walked alone for the first 10 minutes and quickly began to frown. With a heavy child in his arms, he walked a distance of more than four hours and thought of going all the way to the writing room, his eyes blacked.

It was then.

"Bartu Young-ae!"

I heard Ath's voice.

Turning his head, LeBlaine Dubled, wearing a black hat with a blindfolded ear, shook his hand.

"Where are you going?"

"Ah, in the shop district……."

"I'm on my way! Will you come with me? Tell me about the old fairy tale again!"

Behind LeBlaine's back was a sumptuous, huge wagon of black wood that was hard to even see in the Islands.


"But who is she?"

Leticia is flawed. I wanted to explain how, but LeBlaine said, "Aha." I said.

"Your cousin? I got it right!"


"It's gonna be cold. Come with me. Our wagon is very warm."

At last, Leonele coughed.

'I don't think there's an adult. A Dublin infant would explain the situation well.'

Leticia follows the child who pretends not to win.

* * *

That's Leonele Locar, the Grand Duke's only son.

The child looked at Dubled's wagon and opened his mouth. Heh. I've never been in a wagon like this before.


The child flinched as he spoke.

"…… Hello."

I laughed and pulled out the popsicle cookie from the little bag to the side.



"This is delicious. Eat."

I looked at my mother as if she was okay. Leticia smiled faintly and said, "Thank you." I told him.

"Thank you……."

The child opens his eyes with a mouthful of cookies. Then I took out one as if I had hidden my eyes.

"I've never tasted anything like this before……."

"Come play at my house! There's something more delicious."

"Really? But what's your name?"

Leticia panicked and said, "Leonele." Quiet, "he called his son.

"You can't be rude to someone you've never seen before. Let's be Duke Dubled."

"Your Highness?"

She looked at me and said that, and I nodded.

"It's LeBlaine Reset Dubled."

"It's Leonele!"

"Good to see you, Leonele."

I greeted her and looked at Leticia.

"Where can I drop you off?"

"I'd appreciate it if you could step down from the rear entrance."

Leonele is furrowed by the sound of the rear door.

"It's a handwriting again……. If you go, I'll be alone again."

In front of people, Leonele was accustomed to calling her sister.

"Then will you stay with me?"

I told you, Leticia opened her eyes.

"You can't hurt your lungs like that."

"I'm fine. I came out to play, and I was lonely because I didn't have any friends. I'm going to tell Leonele the old story that she gave me."

When I smiled, Leticia smiled at me.

"Thank you so much."

"No. Can I go to the bakery with Leonele?"


When I was talking like that, the wagon stopped. We descended from the rear door and walked all the way to the corner.

While she was on her way to the handwriting shop, me and Leonele decided to be at the bakery, but even before she learned Leticia, the kid was stuck in the grocery store showwindow next to the bakery.

"Whoa, whoa! I know this! This is so cool!"

I wanted to see something, but recently it was a fashionable toy bow in the Islands.

That toy bow pulls the demonstration and gets a very mild firearm or cold from the round magic stone that sticks in place of the bow.

Naturally, it is a relic of noble children as long as the Magic Stone is attached. Of course, it was that expensive.

"Can't I see this? Yes? Yes?"

Leticia looked at the child who was starting to frown and had a hard look.

Because you can't just look at it. When I touched it, I almost froze on the floor to buy it.

But Leticia seemed to be a very weak mother to her son.

"I'm coming to see you for a second. You can promise, right?"


The child replied loudly.

And a while later.

.... I knew this would happen to me.

"Buy it! Buy it!!"

"He's so cute!"

Leticia tried to force the child to stand on the floor.

However, Leonele pulls the dragon's toy bow and rolls on the floor.

Leticia sighs and checks the price tag on the toy bow.

10,000 francs.

That was how much she couldn't earn if she spent the whole month writing all night.

"Wake up. Let's come next."

But what does he know?

"I don't like it. Buy me this. Please buy……."

A group of noble boys came in, dressed in tears and landscapes, while the two men were fighting in the desert.

The largest child came in a straight line to us.

And when I saw Leonele on the ground, I kicked her tongue and picked up a bow that was much more expensive than the bow she was holding.

"Wow! You're new. That's the most expensive thing to sell at the Hope Merchant Guild."

"My father said he could buy."

"What did you do with what you bought last time?"

"I threw it away. I wish I could play with it."

"Wow, Mr. Cool, you! I wish I was rich."

"Not really. Oh, but you don't have to ask me to buy you a cheap piece of shit."

Then the boys look at Leonele and giggle.

Leonele also stopped writing to see if she understood what the boy meant.

Leticia's face hardened.

"You guys, what are you saying...!"

"Eh? You know me."

A big boy looks at Leticia.

"The grandfather's daughter who came to borrow money from my father last time. What was that? Bar, bar, bar... Bartu!"

The boy smiled as Leticia hardened.

"You were right, too."

And I'm going to pick up the new bow, so I'll snap first! I got him.

"I'm going to buy this."

"What? Hey, you bitch! I picked this first!"

I called the owner of the grocery store. The middle-aged man who was organizing the shelves approached Hudadak.

"What's going on?"

"Pack it for me."

"Hey! I picked it first! Uncle, sell it to me. Or I'll never come back!"

The boy was quite a regular and the owner panicked.

"Hey, lady, you should pick something else instead of this...."

"I didn't say I only bought it."


I pretended to take out Dubled's seal, and said,

"I buy all the toys here."