The owner's eyes twitched. A crowd of boys were also grumpy to wear.

"That's ridiculous……."

A big boy murmured, but I really sucked the seal on the receipt! I took a picture.

Then I dragged the toy bow by type and gave it to Leonele.


"Oh, my lord!"

Leticia quickly approached me and grabbed my hand.

"Bite me now. You can't give me this expensive toy. That's not one or two either."

"I'm lending it to you!"


"I'll lend it to Leonele and pick it up again when I want to play with it."

Only then did Leticia let go with a sigh of helplessness.

I sent the two of them to the bakery first and looked at the boys who were staring at me with a surprised face until then. And I asked the knights.

"Find out who they are."

"Yes, baby."

Boys flinched and traded their gazes. Even though they were still Islander nobles, they were not sure who stood in the way.

I don't think there's anyone else.

The big boy who took the bow from me shouted.

"Take care of my name, you crazy bitch!"

Oh, my God.

I remained silent toward the child who had spit a cold swearing.

I insulted the master in front of the knights, so the warning would never end.

The eyes of the knights have been eye-catching ever since.

"What, what, what."

I sighed and said,

"What is it? It's because of you that your house is so rich."

* * *

While Leticia was gone, I sat by the bakery window and took care of Leonele.

You wiped Leonele's mouth while eating heavy bread.

"Eat slowly. Would you like some milk?"


I gave the milk in a glass bottle according to the cup.

The child began to hurt the bread hard again. I asked the knight to bring the extinguishing agent in the wagon just in case.

Then I twitch my chin and stare at Leonele bluntly.

I haven't seen a kid younger than me in a long time.

'I've never seen you at a tea party.'

All of them were North's chosen and chosen nobility restraints, but they were somewhat clumsy, but they knew the nobility's example.

But Leonele looked like a completely normal child.

'I remember the time at the nursery.'

There were many younger children than I was then, so I acted like a sister.

"Leonele, what do you do when you're home?"

"Umm.... Sister, look at you working. Or reading a book, playing a block or……."

"Then you want to play with me next time?"


"Yeah. Oh, can I get you some more bread?"

"But I told you that you shouldn't take any more...."

"It's just bread?"

"I also received a bow....."

"It's okay."

It's really okay.

'Cause your grandmother's gonna be my godmother and pay me back 2,000 times.'

I laughed deeply.

It turns out that Leonele is the son of Duke Rokar only a month from now.

Leonele sneaks out of Leticia's mansion and falls into a wagon in an accident, which was very serious.

I needed money to do the surgery. However, Count Bartu took the money once and spent it on my sons' education and living expenses, but he did not give them a penny for his grandson's surgery.

After all, it was the Grand Duke that Leticia had no way to find. He sent excellent doctors to operate on his son.

Leonele saved her life, but unfortunately her arm died of a delayed surgery.

I healed my son's arm while offering an unspeakable amount of money to the temple, but not enough.

Leonele lived with a cantilever.

'We have to make sure that doesn't happen this time.'

But if Leonele doesn't have an accident, Leticia won't find the Grand Duke.

'I'm afraid my family will stand in the way of the Grand Duke.'

Duke Rokar was the son that Sunbae loved the most. The Emperor was inherited by his eldest son, Aleksandr, but the Emperor gave him the status of Grand Duke and gave him the most oily land in the Empire as a territory.

'There are rumors that they have given away secret property and soldiers.'

The greatest obstacle for the Emperor, of course. I'm turning on the lights in my eyes and looking for reprimand.

But what happens if I turn my father into a Grand Duke's craftsman who is certain to have an accident?

'I almost killed the Grand Duke by actually making him live.'

So Leticia won't be able to see the Grand Duke again unless Leonele's life is at stake.

'That's why I prepared this assignment.'

This is the grandmother of Leonele and the godmother of Camilla!

It's time to get down to bed.

I looked at the door. How long did he look outside?

The door opened and the old man in the cape came in.

'Lady Camilla's maid.'

The maid walked straight to the counter.

"What did you ask for?"

The woman who seemed to be the owner replied.

"I'm finishing up. Please wait."

I deliberately asked Leonele, who was sitting near the counter.

"Leonele, where did you live?"



"Yeah, I lived with my mom and dad in the grove!"

The maid's gaze was on the child when she said, "The forest of the fatherless."

No wonder. It's a forest famous for monsters. No one lives there.

That's why the Grand Duke sought shelter in secret.

"So you moved in with your dad?"

"No……. Mom can't live with him."


When I asked, the child's face became gloomy.

"I don't know. I came all of a sudden. I decided to hunt together when I saw my father's eyes..."

"You must be upset."

I looked at the depressed Leonele and stretched my eyebrows.

Suddenly, I would have been so lonely and embarrassed to be separated from my father. I rubbed my eyes slightly with the palm of my hand because my child was unhappy.

'Don't worry, Leonele. Soon you'll be able to go hunting with your dad.'

Because the maid jumped out with a stiff face.

I'm guessing the situation and trying to confirm it. I also forgot to ask us how embarrassed the name was.

So I deliberately calculated the new bread with the seal of Dubled.

So that the maid can come to see me.

Soon after, Leticia came to the bakery with tons of work.

"Thank you. Stay with your child and make a wonderful gift. I'll make sure to repay you next time."

"It's okay. I was happy to have a friend. Right, Leonele?"

"Yes! We decided to see each other again."

I drove Leonele and Leticia to Bartu Mansion by wagon.

* * *

The next day,

Retisia, who brought breakfast, stares at her son, who touches a toy bow.





What's wrong with her? '

You look like you've been bruised ever since you got back from the shop district.

Leticia puts the tray on the table and sits in front of her son.

Leonele stretches her eyebrows and looks at Leticia.

"Where does it hurt?"


I looked on my forehead, but it was nothing like usual.

Leticia looks at the child's face with a worried young face.

"Somewhere. You have a fever? You think you're gonna puke?"

Leonele grabs her cheeks with her little hands.

"My cheeks keep getting warm, and my throat gets tickled."

"Is it a cold……."

"Again, I just felt good, I felt bad, and my heart was pounding. LeBlaine says Leonele in his head."

Then he sighed.

[All the toys here.]

He looked like a warrior, pretending to wear a ring with dignity.

[Eat slowly. Do you want some more?]

And when you follow the milk, it's like a princess.

Leticia couldn't stand the laughter when she saw her son with a long face.

When I got off the wagon, my face was strange, so I felt the first love that came to my son.

Leticia barks "Hm." And I opened my eyes thinly.

"When you think of the Emperor? Hmm, then I'd better eat carrots."

"I hate carrots!"

"You don't like children who hate carrots."

Then the flawed Leonele grabbed my mother.

"No, I like carrots."

"Yeah? Can I eat carrots if I give them to you?"

When Leticia takes a finger-sized carrot in a fork, Leonele swallows a gulp and dries it. Then I put the carrot in my mouth and chewed the filth.

It has a strange taste and I keep writing impressions.

When she chews, she swallows, and Leticia blows out a new carrot.

"Wouldn't you like two?"

Having eaten one, I don't want to eat the second more.

Leonele stares at the fork with a very conflicting face.

Seeing his son through the trials of love vigorously, Leticia swallowed a laugh.

* * *

I rolled in my bed and touched Etwal.

'It's time to get back to you.'

Three days after I went to the bakery.

If I were a rushed Camilla godmother, it would be time to check already.

"It didn't work? No, obviously Mrs. Camilla was famous for her grandson's love.... '

When you think about it, bang outside the door! Kung! I heard running.

"Baby, baby!"

I forgot to knock, and when I saw Laura coming in, I called for joy.

'You're the goddess Camilla!'

"The Emperor is here!"

.... What?

No, why not the Emperor?

That, too?

"Find your baby. I think you should go down and see."

I said, "Uh-huh." I answered quietly, changed my clothes, and came down to the reception room where I only entertained the deaf.


The Emperor came to me with a smile.

"I put a light on the wilderness. I see the mother of the Empire."

With his skirt widened and his knees slightly bent, the Emperor shook out his hand.

"You don't have to be so polite to me. How are you?"


"Come, sit down."

I sat carefully as she pointed to the opposite side.

"I was so happy to hear that you came to the Islands."

"I am glad to come to your institution, too."

It was Channa who said that. Knock, knock. When I looked at the Emperor, I nodded and said, "It's okay to come in." I said.

"I beg your pardon during the conversation, baby. Your guests are here."

"A guest?"

At that time.

"I'll talk to you."

Along with an urgent voice, a greedy orange hair comes in a slightly bleached old lady.

'Lady Camilla!'

As soon as I saw her, the Emperor's face was distorted. Of course, the look on Mrs. Camilla's face was not good either.

These are two people who were famous for being bad during Sun-hyung's life.

"What are you doing here?"

"Your Majesty, I wonder what happened to you."

"I have a job for you."

"So am I."

And the two of them looked at me.



…… Please save me.