Today's party was the 10th anniversary of Earl Wiltro's marriage.

Both were born in a prestigious family, and the Earl's wife is a gathering of countless ladies. There were as many young attendees as that.

'That's why Aunt Wiltro chose the Earl's party as my first party.'

"Long time no see. Earl."

The Countess, the host, welcomed her aunt.

"What a party."

"It's rewarding if you can see it in the eyes of Count Arige."

A few words of greeting come and go, and Countess Wiltro looks at me.

"This little lady....."

I widened my skirt and bent my knee.

"This is LeBlaine Reset Dubled."

"Ah, that..... You're the baby."

The eyes of the Countess who looks at me seem to have become an appraiser. This was characteristic of social nobles. Making sure that the child you've never seen is the child you put under me.

It's the beginning of Faction expansion, so everyone looks sharply at the first child they see.

The Earl's wife's eyebrows were scratched, and she went up. But when he did, he smiled and took off his gloves and asked for a handshake.

I shook hands with her and smiled deeply.

'I bent my knee to be just 140 degrees obtuse.'

No matter how hard I tried to say hello.

Earl's wife said to her aunt,

"Share the secret of how you educated your baby. I was so impressed by the way you feel."

"Well, I didn't really teach you anything. I think I've learned a few lessons from the Administrator in the Territory."

People crowded in between the two people talking.

"Good to see you, baby."

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You're a much more elegant lady than I thought."

She added in a somewhat arrogant voice when she smiled and defended her dignity without panicking.

"It's a natural shape."

"Oh, my God."

I was a little embarrassed.

'I didn't embarrass my aunt.'

Well done, me!

I laughed in my heart.

When the aunt and the adults started talking, the host, the Earl's wife, called out a black-haired girl like a black dagger in a group of children.

"Isabella, let me introduce you to the baby."

"Yes, ma'am."

Isabella, who is coming, said, "Shall we go?" I gave him a way.

Isabella, who went in between the children, introduced herself first.

"I'm Isabella Hadeloro."

"Good to see you, Miss Hadello. It's LeBlaine Dubled."

Starting with that, I greeted other children and had a small conversation.

"Which academy did Miss Dubled attend?"

"I studied with the gangsters in the castle."

It was then.

"That would be stupid, then?"

A boy walks in between the children with a glass of juice in both hands.

The children split up like the Red Sea, and gave her the path calmly.

He was a good kid.

'Niels Valois.'

He was the second Duke of Valois.

* * *

As long as I lived in the Islands, I knew I would meet you one day. But I didn't expect to meet so quickly.

I had a vivid memory of the bad guy.

[Why can't you do my homework for me? Ah, I guess it's because I still want to get it today.]


[Run! Hehe, cry!!]

I think I got slapped on the cheek when I said I couldn't do my homework.

The day I was so hungry that I snuck out of the kitchen at night and ate lettuce, I think I kicked it.

It also made me run like a horse the day I couldn't walk properly and laugh with my friends.

I hid my trembling hands in the rich taste buds.

"Smart kids come up with an offer first. Don't you think?"

When Niels spoke to a group of boys who followed me, they praised him.

Isabella and the children who were there looked at her with a difficult face and said,

"This is the Duke of Dublin..."

In the words of the girl, Niels shrugs.

"By the way?"

She's more rude because I'm a Dublin infant.

Because the Duke of Valois is the Dubled who takes off his studies.

In his second life, Hayton and Niels, the sons of Duke Valois, were told that they should not be boring Dublin.

But in this life, I took away the tea leaf trade right, so how much more did I grind my teeth?

He targeted me because he couldn't face the three princesses.

"I'm not a home teacher in the territory, and I can't even see what I've learned from the goblins."

"So where are you going?"

"I'm going to the Imperial Academy soon."

I saw him speak with a flattering face, and I nodded.

"You were offered to go, too."

When they say that, Niels' followers say, "No wonder." He said.

"Neils is the son of that Valois. The descendants of the great sage."

"Duke Valois has dedicated himself to His Royal Highness."

"Different level than anyone else."

Neal immediately yells at me.

"Of course! Do you think I'm an idiot like you? I've already deciphered the Bible and memorized it."

Between the children "and……." An admiration exploded.

At that age, no one memorizes the Bible or begins to decipher it. It's mostly in higher education. So since I was 18.

The Bible was not as recent as it was a book written a long time ago. It was very difficult to interpret because it was mixed with the ancient language.

How much do the empires know about the Bible? 'It is a tolerance to ask for a measure of knowledge.

Valois' followers blinked and didn't miss Abu's chance.

"That's amazing."

"You look like a Dubled Confucian!"

"Even the Dublin Confucians won't be able to decipher the Bible."

Everyone was amazed, and Niels began to recite the Scriptures with arrogance.

"In the beginning, God and the Rosary were one in chaos. Chaos has come to this land and created God and Shepherd...."

When the children saw the child reciting the Bible, they were greatly amazed and even focused on the adults' gaze.

One by one, they began to gather and eventually became surrounded by a huge crowd.

"Can the Valoist interpret the Bible already?"

When someone asks, the nobleman of dark red hair pours out a debt and says,

"I've always lived in books and newspapers since I started walking around looking like my father, and I haven't been able to decipher the Bible since last year. I'm worried. I think I'll just sell books like my father."

"What are you worried about? I envy you, Duchess Valois."

The Duchess of Valois draws her lips as she sees her son reciting the Book of the Fireworks.

As his attention became focused, Niels became increasingly excited.

"God created man by the blood of a shepherd, and the shepherd cared for and loved his brothers. Give the hungry brothers three eggs of potatoes, a handful of oats……."


People's gaze was focused on the moment.

I turned my head and said,

"Did you really interpret the Bible? It's weird."

Niels frowns as she hovers.

"What's so weird!"

"Not three eggs of potatoes and a handful of oats. The word in the seventh line of chapter 2 is read as potatoes in the imperial language, but sadness in the ancient language."

"What, what?"

"The shepherd shared three halls of sorrow and one hall of joy among my emotions. I can't even interpret being hungry like that. It's a brother born empty."

"What nonsense! I was right. What do you know? This is..."

"It's from the imperial decryption."

I didn't decrypt it myself. I memorized the decryption of the Imperial Palace.

'The imperial antidote that Duchess Valois secretly sent to Yvonne to get my son into the Imperial Academy.'

Niels' face is new. Pupils narrow and squeamish several times.

I said with a smile.

"I saw a handwritten copy of the interpretation in Her Majesty's book, and after a few moments, I covered it up because there was a misunderstanding."

"There is something wrong with the textbook of the Imperial Academy...!"

"You announced last week that the New Testament found two letters of the ancient language. Didn't you read the paper?"


As Niels said nothing and swallowed the dried saliva, words came out among the adults.

"Yeah. It's also weird being an oat."

"Yes, I usually read it as barley, not oats."

At that time, my aunt and host, Earl Wiltro, looked at me.

The Earl's wife asked with a surprised face.

"How did you read the Bible?"

"I interpreted it when I was bored in territory. Time is running out because it's fun! But it's too bad I'm not going to be around long now....."

When I deliberately look up, Niels yells.

"No way! That's not even my brother! Even in the Temple, we only interpreted the second line of chapter 8: ninety!"

"The shepherd prayed for 193 days for the mortals who lost Izzie and the world became disordered?"


A flag burst out in an instant.

I grabbed my aunt's sleeve from among those who were twisting their mouths.

"Aunt, I want to go to the Imperial Palace Library. There must be a lot of fun books there, like the Bible, right? I want to borrow it!"

"The Imperial Palace Library can't enter except for the royal family or the authorized ones. Removal is illegal."

"But she read the Bible Antidote of the Imperial Palace..?"

As I tilted my head, Duke Valois froze hard.

I raised my eyebrows with thin eyes and said discreetly.

"So she committed an illegal act?"

Neils couldn't help but wonder if he felt something was wrong.

'You're wrong.'

Because the Imperial Academy, the only pride of your life, doesn't accept people with criminal histories.

And you and your mother will be arrested soon!

I really made a big laugh out of it.