A gaze was drawn on Valois's hat.

"Wow, we, we....."

Duchess Valois, who was blushing with a dull face, found no excuse. She grabbed my son's wrist and dragged him.

Niels, who was drawn to the Duchess, tried to tear me apart and kill me, but I shook my hand freshly.

* * *

"This is Michaela Georges. It's powerful, but it's educating the kids."

"It's called Candira Dimonte. As a young woman, I worked as a maid of Her Majesty's Emperor."

Famous godmother candidates surrounded me and introduced themselves.

They're all blurry as if they were Tom.

He's a Dublin infant, even if I adopt him. It was not given by the last name of the deceased Duchess.

And the last Luminous incident brought the Emperor's attention to me.

I also interpreted verses of the Bible that I didn't know about, so it was obvious that my share price had risen to the ceiling.

I laughed quietly, trying not to be overwhelmed.

'You should keep it a secret that you know how to read ancient language.'

Even now, it becomes more annoying when it is revealed.

I heard a roaring voice at the door as I was distressed by the crowded nobles.

"Lady Camilla, please!"

The people who were gathered together bowed their heads as they retreated to the wall.

I also approached my aunt and bent my back a little and saw Mrs. Camilla.

I saw it in my previous life, but I still felt a great quality. There is not a bit of movement wasted on elegant steps.

The organizer, Countess Wiltro, approached the goddess with a smile.

"You've made a valuable step. It's an honor, godmother."

"That's a great party. I feel like I've been paying close attention."

"Glad to hear that."

The godmistress looked around the inside and said,

"It's a great party, so enjoy it all."

Those who put their hands on their chests and bent their waists a little deeper were the only ones who were in a position to do so.

Noise returned to the party hall again.

Mrs. Camilla sits at a table that is neither too corner nor too centre.

Not much room, but it was a good place for people to come.

'It's also a social factor.'

It was completely different from the Emperor's when he was a seeder.

The faction is overwhelmed, but the fight is stopped.

Let us enjoy the social world freely, but we do not see the collapse of order.

'There are still a lot of people who would like to ask as a godmother.'

The young ladies and children's parents shrieked around her.

Mrs. Camilla was a reforester. It wasn't just because it was strong, it was because it treated everyone equitably. She didn't even become anyone's godmother.

'I don't even talk first.'

It was then.

"The Dubled Youth."

I was surprised to see her staring at me.


I stepped on my plan to be a godmother, but I didn't know you'd call me in public.

When I looked at my aunt, she nodded and I turned to Mrs. Camilla.

"See you, Mrs. Camilla."

"Come sit down."

Then he said to the people around him,

"I have something to talk to you about, so please leave me alone."

It was unnecessary to say that people were surprised. As they retreated, they all moved this way with curious faces.

"It's only been a few days."

"Yes, godmother."

"What have you been doing?"

"I took a walk, I read a book."

"Is there a book that I told you about last time?"

"Yes! It's my favorite book."

"Thank you."

Then the goddess looked at me with soft eyes.

"I want to give a gift to the infant. They thought about what they would like the most and decided to give them what they needed. Do you have anything you want?"

I blinked and asked to avoid any suspicion.

"Give me a present?"

"Yes, thanks to the infant. Thanks to you, I couldn't miss anything valuable."

I think I've decided to accept Leticia and Leonele.

'Soon you'll be a Grand Duke and a Confessor.'

I smiled without speaking any more.

"Don't you wonder what's precious? You must be a curious age."

"I think it means something like a goddamned wise man. And if you don't tell me more, it's something you shouldn't be hearing right now."

Her eyes changed as if she was treating me like a child.

"Young love is clever. Very good."

"That's a compliment."

"No, it's really clever. I mean it."

She stares at me. I didn't avoid those eyes.

"I appreciate what the godmother said, but there's not much I want to have."

"What you want to have is different from what you need."

"If that's what you need....."

I shake my head as I pretend to think with my horse tail extended.

"But you can't give it to the goddess."

"If there's very little I can't give you, isn't it that my infancy underestimates me?"

She barked a little. I shook my head firmly.

"You can't give a man."

"A man? Does the infant need a man? There's plenty of room. Beautiful and capable father, exceptional brother, and the most popular aunt in the Islands. I heard that there are talents all around."

"All I need is someone to teach me the system. My dad did. I'm the Dublin Young Queen, so I have to replace my aunt later. But I'm still young, so I don't know anything."

"..... there must be a lot of people who want you to be a godmother?"

"But you can't save people. She said she's not just a teacher of social attitudes. She's my second mother."


"So I really need someone I can trust, someone I can follow like my mother."

Mrs. Camilla tapped, tucked, and knocked on her desk.

"I see. The Eternal Love is right."

At that time, a chocolate fountain came in. It was an organizer's gift for children.

I wanted to see the children who were running after God, and I was so fat.

'I should be excited too!'

That's what I think. "Come on!" I shouted.


In the words of the goddess, I got up and greeted her and went to the chocolate fountain.

While walking, I was focused on Mrs. Camilla behind my back.

In a sparkling fountain, Mrs. Vipin Vakila touches the maid and looks at me.

'Dublin Red..... find out..... how far is the education..... come on.'

I barely read the shape of my mouth in the fountain, and I put the biscuit in a bowl and raised my mouth.

Looks like I'm about to be called godmother.

* * *

'And as expected!'

I shook my feet and looked out the window of the wagon.

Mrs. Camilla invited me to a meal. Dubled's people panicked because it was unprecedented.

My family talked about what the hell I was, and I said, "I want to go cold!" I said.

My dad finally decided to send me to Camilla's godmother.

"I get hurt if I don't sit properly."

…… with John.

I said, "Yes……." I replied and remained calm.

Although escorts and surveillance are in place, they are fine. We'll talk to the godmother alone anyway.

The men in shiny clothes greeted us from the wagon.

"I see Dubled's ghosts."

Then I went into the room following their instructions.

John waited in the parlour, and I headed to the room next to the parlour.

"If you ask a difficult question, call me right away."

John whispered so much that I nodded and went into the room.

"You have been contacted by the Imperial Palace and have left for a while. You will be here soon, so please wait."


After the butler left the room, I sat carefully on the couch.

'This is the precious reception room where the goddess Camilla invites only a few who share her heart....'

One of the high priests in the temple once heard about my reception room between the goddess Camilla and her best friend Zigi.

I said "Wow……." I looked around with a small admiration.

It wasn't extravagant, but one ornament and one carpet all sparkled. It's full of gorgeous cool.

The parlour had a terrace, with large windows pouring out sunlight and lots of lush trees and orange flowers outside.

'Huh? Is that a Haro flower?'

When I saw the blue flowers stacked on the seven layers of petals, I screamed.

This is the flower I had allergic reaction to last time I drank honey tea.

I can smell it, but the belly is buzzing. I make sure it's really a Haro flower, and if it's right, I head to the terrace to close the window.

'The terrace is connected to the outdoor reception.'

When I thought of that, I lowered my head under the handrail.

I heard someone calling from a distance.

"…… where are you!"

"…… Master."

"Prince Adrian!"

And tuck.

Something snapped on top, and fell.

I turned my head in amazement. And what I saw...



A bright breeze scatters the hair of glorious blondes, and a clear eye is revealed.


While I was frightened, he opened his mouth while he was stiffened.

"Ishak, why are you....."

He was muttering.

From the window next to the parlour, I heard a creaking, hinged cry.

"John in the next room! '

I swiped him and hid behind the curtain. And I quickly grabbed Adrian's shoulder and bent her knee.

I felt like folding it into my pocket if I could.

The heart jumps.

Adrian and John could not support the migration separately. It was the ultimate static, aiming only for the chance to put a blade in each other's throats.

I leaned my head against the wall because John wanted to open the door.

But all I can see is the swallow-tailed collar of a lightweight suit.

'The butler must have opened the door.'

I sighed and looked inside the room again and looked forward.

His pupils narrowed and he stared at me. At a close distance where you can feel your breath.