"if it's not related to Dublin Red."

When John raises his voice without hesitation, Camilla's mouth slowly rises.

"I have always thought that the most important thing about engagement is the opinion of the parties."

That is true.

So he's a small family compared to the Grand Duke, and he didn't let Leticia in as his daughter-in-law, who had obvious parents and siblings who were responsible for all kinds of accidents.

John drew my hand and said to the goddess Camilla,

"Let me tell you what Mrs. Camilla meant. I don't know what your father would think."

"Are you blackmailing me?"

"No way."

After he opens the door, he looks at the goddess.

"However, your father said that if a blackened man is to cross the Dublin Red threshold, he needs at least an angle to kill him or an angle to die."

John gently pushed my back out of the room and added,

"Of course, it's only a matter of time before your father."

Mrs. Camilla was flawed.

* * *

The godmother came back from me, and I sat on the couch and looked at the family.

"My grandmother is old!"

The whole family was excited to hear from John.

As soon as I heard about my daughter-in-law, I was so angry that I had already received information that she had my granddaughter.

'I'm scared, Dublin Red.....'

It was only for a few days that the godmother found her daughter-in-law and grandson.

Even Count Bartu, the father of Leticia, was unaware of the relationship between my daughter and the Grand Duke.

I don't think they're still acting like Duchess Marche's poop dogs.

'By the way, I already know how far the intelligence line extends.'

I was afraid and I swallowed the drool.

Henri, who touched the teacup handle with a cool expression, said to his ugly father.

"Give me contact rights and Eugene North. I will expel them in four days."

Gee, Ishaq, who went through with it, also looked at his father.

"Give me 1,000 Islanders. I'll take all their necks."

There was nothing to give, but I could see that what my brothers were saying was that they were the Grand Duke of Camilla.

I almost screamed, as if my father's hand had decided to knock on the tuck, tuck, and couch armrests.

We're in trouble! '

The godmother who saved him flew away.

Dubled's back became scary when he imagined the collapse of the godmother's mansion at his feet.

'You can't do this.'

I wrapped my cheeks around my hands and sighed deeply.

The family's gaze was on me at a time.

"What's going on?"

Aunt asked and I deliberately stretched my eyebrows.

"I don't need a fiancée!"

Then the Dubled men, who had bruised their faces, winked.

I cried out with even more melancholy eyes. Emotion was a fighter who carried almost one branch of water and jumped into the sea of fire.

"I only want to live with my family for life."

Then Ishaq coughed with a loud voice and asked.

"…… really?"

"Yeah, you and your brothers are the coolest in the world."

"That's right!"

He smiled and I opened my eyes and said,

"Dad and my brothers are all knights. Knight who protects the weak and doesn't kill the weak! Isn't that right?"

"Huh? Uh... That's... that's it."

Ishak panicked and I looked at Henri.

"The bad aristocrats just used their power, but not my family. Isn't that right?"

"…… uh-huh."

Then I looked at my dad.

"He said it was much, much harder for North to be a good monarch than a good steward. It's the hardest thing to make the right decision. Dad's a good monarch, so he's the coolest guy, right? Yes?"

"…… yes."

I laughed and clapped, mate.

"My family is the coolest, so I only want to live with them for the rest of my life."

As you go.

My father and brothers were flawed.

"Let's rethink that. It may be a hasty decision."


"Yes, I am a righteous knight."

When I heard what the family had to say, I nodded.

Thank goodness.

I don't need to get a new godmother.

I sighed with relief.

And then I said, "Dad, you're the coolest. 'About a hundred times, I was able to get out of the room of the tiger thorn.

John asked when he was coming up the stairs.





"... I'm done."

Then he walked to the other side and I tilted my head.

* * *

A few days later, it became the first day of education for godwives.

Mrs. Camilla arrived at me and I greeted her from the wagon.

"Good to see you, godmother."

"…… yes."

The goddess greets me with a displeased look and looks at the articles of the three squadrons that came with my wagon.

"I don't have a tea set for all of you at my mansion."

Articles replied loudly to the commonly used fancy livestock decree in the social world.

"It's okay to be a three-year-old!"

"I don't have a chair in my mansion where you're all standing by."

The knights said loudly, even when they said, "Get out of here."

"Even on the roof of the house, we're fine!"

"…… do as you please."

The goddess, who spoke in a dull tone, turned her back and followed her with a chewing gum. Then he reached the entrance stairwell and grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?"

"When you enter the mansion, you have to act like a nobleman's nourishment, so even now you don't have to give it to the godmother!"

'Actually, I grabbed my arm because I knew my knee wasn't good.'

Camilla's godmother couldn't be as sick as an old man, but her knees were especially bad.

But she hated doing the old inner color. In front of others, she was in such a bad shape that no one knew that she had a joint ache.

'But I know.'

I'm glad there was a godwife on the list of about 100 Luminous buyers.

Why did she buy Luminous Medicine, which is not swayed by rumors, but I knew it by looking at her closely.

All the parties that the goddess attends are step-free.

And every time she sat in the chair, she frowned marginally.

"My knee hurts. '

I smiled like a child. But the goddess guessed my deception, Pic laughed.

"Tom is the one who had to kill me."

I smiled and supported her and went into the mansion.

The place where the goddess took me in was a huge room where all the walls were windows.

I saw a garden gathering grass and beautiful broadleaf trees outside the window.

"This is the training room where you will be educated in the future. In front of this garden, inside the garden, is a glass greenhouse. Let's have a look."

"Yes, godmother."

As she calmly replied, the goddess avoided her position so that I could look inside.

After opening the glass door, the sour grass fills Koan's mouth. It was full of sunlight, and the wind was good and it was a great place to walk.

I reached the greenhouse and stopped walking.

Adrian's family? '

Five years ago, the small fish that looked like a mate was still there after it disappeared.

I'm a little bored.

How powerful is Adrian? '

It was almost seven years now that he retained power for about two years.

The fish approached and tickled their cheeks with their tails.

Like a puppy, I smiled because I had a lot of flirtation.

Reach out your hand and hover in the palm of your hand.

"That's right, that's right. He's nice."

It was then.

"Come here, Amand."

Amand got out of the palm of my hand terribly before a familiar voice could be heard.



"How are you?"

When I asked, a clear red eye stared at me.

"The Dubled Youth."

'You noticed.'

Strange not to know.

Her eyes sank deeply. I told him to be a friend, and he also told me his name was a lie, so I must have felt betrayed.

'So in this case.....'

Adrian asked me in a no-goose voice while I was pondering.

"It was fun deceiving me."

"You did it wrong!!"

In this case, it's best to play a player!

I have to beg like crazy.

"When I accidentally entered the shield, I was scared to name my brother! I knew I'd never see you again!"

"Then why bury Army?"

"I'm sorry!! I should have told you then, but I lost my mind, so I forgot!"

"How do you feel when you get a letter?"

"I will reflect!! I didn't mean to deceive you!.. That's right. I'm sorry, you deserve to be angry! I'm bad. I'm really reflecting. I'm really sorry. There's no excuse. No wonder you're mad!"

Adrian panicked when she saw the rain sprouting before the words were finished.

* * *

About a year later.

Adrian looks at a girl who is dying all the time with the same look.

Adrian, who was staring at a child like a frightened squirrel and a little bird just before he flew, opened his mouth slowly.

"You weren't trying to trick me because I didn't like it, were you?"


"That's it."

When Adrian said that, LeBlaine blinked. "That's it? 'I felt like it was written.

"Do you forgive me?"


"So easily?"


"... Adrian, you idiot?"

The girl frowned. I was more frustrated by the subject I said I was sorry.

"I fooled you. Then you must be angry!"

"I tried to get angry, but when I saw you, everything was just fine."

"Idiot. I'm empty because I'm afraid you're angry. We have to be damned."

The girl shook her chest like she was frustrated. And I said, "You're a bad boy, so you have to be angry."

"Okay? I was weak. Huh?"

"Drugs don't tell people that they were weak."

"How can I live because I'm so nice?"

Adrian smiles faintly as she knocks on her chest.

"Then will you let me know? Your real name."

She won't know. In fact, the drug was really me.

I was so sorry, if I had a debt and thought of myself one more time, it was good.

Even if you're not as eager as I am to reveal Sakaman Night as one of your memories.