"Long time no see!"

Duke Valois smiled and greeted his father.

If I could only see my father's shadow in my second life, it was foolish of him to be so friendly.

It was because of the arrogance of Dublin that he could go beyond Dublin's wishes by holding a medium-range mover in his hand.

The Valois family is certainly a powerful family compared to other noble families, but it was the lowest among the five dukes.

Progenitors regarded honor as a priority for generations to come and saw nobles pay attention to money-making.

But now it is based on the experience of all sectors.

You need money to raise soldiers, and you need time to raise factions.

Because of that, Valois was the lowest of the five dukes, not only in money, but also in military power.

However, according to the Progenitors of Valois, Dubled, who 'threw away the honour of the nobility and only made eye contact with the golden blob', was so successful that he was upset, how sick he must have been as Duke of Valois.

'Now they are also honorary, the history of the family, and have thrown them all out and settled on the same subject as the temple.'

The Duke of Valois looks at his father with his mouth up.

"When I asked you to set up a conversation the other day, Duke Dubled, who was also busy, attended the party today. Do you have time to talk today?"

Now that I have a mover in my hand, I was wondering if you were here.

But my father didn't care about Duke Valois, and he looked at me a little while back.

With one knee bent and my father staring at me, I raised my eyelids a little to see the pupil.

"I don't think it hurts."

Duchess Valois' mouth trembled.

"There's still no time today."

Then my father's gaze fell on him.

"If you know, don't stick around."

"... I can only hear you pretending not to know the gold mine in front of me because of your pride."

I knew what was in my hand and wouldn't bow my head.

My father raised his body. When my father stood taller than Duke Valois, he looked down at Duke Valois for a while.

"The wild dogs that have just found food are not dumb. I think a full predator wants what's in my mouth."

"What, what?"

"It doesn't matter if it's a three-kilometer drive or a 30-kilometer drive. We already have the capacity to buy large quantities of mobile units on the market."


"If you're thinking of doing business, I'll go to the beekeepers to buy a move."

"The best sign on the continent," said Dad.

The Duke of Valois' face flew red. But I didn't say anything.

'That's right.'

I laughed in my heart, Ihihee.

Even without Duke Valois's Movement, using two Movements sold in the Horse Tower is a good thing!

'If it wasn't about 30 kilometers, it wouldn't be worth much to my dad.'

Of course, only a father can buy 300,000 francs a day like a child's toy.

With a splashy lips, Duke Valois snaps and turns his back.

Whether he went or not, my father looked at my condition again. I grabbed my father's hand when I asked him to bring me a doctor.

"It doesn't hurt!"

"But I just……."

"It's because I'm nervous."

Then Ishaq said with a serious face.

"Kid, you don't have to be nervous. If anyone bothers you, I'll kill them all."

"Don't kill me!"

"Then I'll rip your limbs off."

I was going to yell, "No."

"Your Majesty!"

At the sound of the Emperor's entrance, the people split across the Urr Wall.

I too took John and Henri's hand and walked across the wall, bowing my head.

Looking at the center, the emperor in a lavish red robe appeared with a man with blue hair and a beautiful nobleman with the same blue hair.

'Emperor Yvonne and the First Prince.'

I looked at Empress Yvonne smiling elegantly and Prince Andre smiling with arrogant faces beside her.

Yvonne Louerg, the eldest daughter of Duke Marche.

She spent the night with a drunken emperor with the help of the Emperor and gave birth to the First Prince.

Even the Emperor's seed could not be treated like an Emperor or an Emperor's Resurrection, so the Emperor sealed Yvonne as an Emperor for his children.

Andre became the first prince, but it was only a name, and Adrian, born five months later, was given the title of Atom (the eldest son of the Emperor) by Emperor Elza.

Of course, authenticity is superior to Adrian.

The Emperor Yvonne was trying to tear the Imperial Law apart from the nobles to give my son the prestigious badge of the Imperial eldest son.

'So this time I will empower the Duke of Valois.'

When Duke Valois put the amendment of the Imperial Law on the agenda, even the nobles who are sensitive to authenticity will be forced to take my side.

"I would like to thank everyone who attended the First Prince's Thanksgiving."

When Emperor Yvonne smiled and looked around the Chairman, the nobles lowered their waists deeply.

"Let's shine in the wilderness of Louerg!"

"Shin Young!"

After greeting, the Emperor said:

"Raise your head."

The aristocrats took a right stance.

Immediately, Emperor Yvonne said, "Oh, my God." I looked at the people of the Duke of Valois.

"Ballois ball."

"Good to see you, Emperor."

"I heard there's something to celebrate with the family. You must be out of your mind, but you found the banquet hall."

"No matter how busy you are, you can't attend Empire Day."

She smiles and looks at the emperor.

"Your Majesty, have you heard? They produced great horse-drawn tools in Valois."

'Yes, as expected....'

But I didn't think I'd publicize it so openly.

The emperor was also an interesting expression.

"Jim was also familiar with it. Valois has advanced the magic power of the Empire one step further?"

When he looks at the Duke of Valois, the Duke walks out and kneels before the Emperor.

"Thank you for trusting my family."

The Emperor Yvonne asked.

"Rumor has it, but the Duke of Valois never confirmed it himself. Everyone is curious, but now we need you to talk about the movers."

At this point, Duke Valois pulls up his mouth.

"We have succeeded in creating a new mobile station that has increased its range of movement by nearly three kilometers more than the existing mobile station."

In a moment, elasticity flowed out in the left.

"The rumors are true, too."

"Three kilometers. You haven't increased your range by 300 meters in over a hundred years."

"The Duke of Valois will rise with wings."

There were already some who approached Duke Valois.

The Emperor said, "Oh……. Three kilometers." As he murmured, Duke Valois raised his head to him.

"This William Valois, Your Majesty, is the first Valois to dedicate the culmination of his technological skills."

Then he pulls out a bundle that has been moved in his arms. Apparently, there are about ten significant quantities.

He bowed down again in front of the Emperor and gave up the march. The emperor laughed loudly and listened to his movers.

"I will not forget the heart of Valois."

"It's an honor, Your Majesty."

When I spoke to my father, my face was red with pride, and I ran up in anticipation of the prize that the Emperor would give me.

'This is the time.'

I said, "Argh!" I shouted.

At that moment, the stare of the left turned to me.

The Duchess of Valois, the Emperor, the Emperor Yvonne and the Eye of the First Prince.

I pretended to be embarrassed and held my father's hand.

"I beg you……."

As the Emperor frowned, he looked at me and said, "Ah." Nod.

"You're a child of destiny."

In his words, Henri pushes my back lightly and nods.

I bent my knee with my cheeky toes wide open.

"This is LeBlaine Reset Dubled. I greet the sun of the Empire."


The emperor nods, and Yvonne looks at me.

"I wonder where Dubled's nobility was uncomfortable."

The gaze that should have been on Valois came to me in vain.

"Well..... I prepared a gift for you too, because Duke Valois gave me the same thing."

"You mean the Movement?"

Then Duke Valois burst into laughter.

"I think it's a movement on the market. Yes, the current ones are great movers."

The emperor smiled kindly at his father.

"An unusual thing. The kindness of sending it to Jim is enough, so you can keep it."

"I..... I didn't buy it from the Tower of Horses, but I made it with the Wizard of Dublin, and if you don't need it, I'll put it there."

The Emperor's eyes widened as I deliberately starved.

"The infant made it?"

"Yes. I talked to the wizard and told him a few things that came to mind, and they were all very surprised. And I finished it, but I think it would be good to give it to His Majesty because the Wizard is amazing.... Because the best thing is to go to the Emperor...."

As I pretended to be a child, the Duke of Valois, who was mixed up in the left, burst into flames.

"Maybe the distance traveled has increased a little."

"That's right!"

The Emperor laughed and said,

"Yes, how much can the Movement of Immortality move?"

I took out two pieces of sluggishly moved paper and touched them.

"So arm……."

"Palm meters" around here? "A", eighty meters? "I heard him say.

The brushes of the Duke of Valois family looked at me with arrogant faces, and even the families who didn't know about it focused on me with suspicious faces.

The Emperor asked.

"Eighty meters?"


"Do it."

"8,000 kilometers."

"…… what?"

I said I saw Duke Valois straight away.

"8,000 kilometers!"

You're only eight kilometers away? I got 8,000 kilometers, man.

At that time, the movement of Valois fell out of the Emperor's hands.

"What, what, what? Bar, what did you just say?"

I said, stretching my eyebrows.

"But I'll give it to you because you don't have to."

The Emperor's mouth was promising.