Camilla's face was thin when she saw the nobles who had returned the invitation.

"What are you doing here?"

"Goddess, forgive the disrespect of the past. I wanted to apologize to the spiritual child."

Mrs Georges Sein, dressed in social media, said in a mixed tone. She was staring at me as she spoke.

'Georguga said that there was a considerable battle between Changnam and Gaju's knowledge.'

The Georgian fleet will pass on the will of the neighbors and the throne to the Chinaman. Earl Georges ignored his father's will as the backbone of the family and Duke Marche.

As the soldiers who had been expelled to Knoxstone became Tier 1 mercenaries in the defence, the long-distance movers would be eager for Count Georges.

I don't know when, where or how to get attacked.

"If you knew it was an excuse, you should have thought about it."

"Madam, don't you know my situation……."

When Mrs. Georges tries to grasp her arm with a difficult expression, she sharpens her hand. The look on Mrs. Georges' face became heavy.

"You have not counted the face of your mothers in the presence of your love, but do I need to count your circumstances?"

"Ha, but...!"

"Go back. Don't even think about showing your hair for a while."

It was my wish not to attend social parties.

And the nobles said, "Goddess!" I hung in tears, but the look on Mrs. Camilla's face was not released.

'Absolutely. I sent back the invitation.'

It was disrespectful that it would never happen again in the social world.

I was going to mess up my first tea party with the idea of not seeing the godmother in the first place.

If I didn't have a long-distance mover, I wouldn't have an apology to the end.

"Young-lov, what happened the other day is a really big excuse...!"

When the godwife's apple didn't eat, she started begging me herself.

The goddess glanced at them and gently dragged my hand.

"Spring flies are polar, let's go in."

"Yes, ma'am!"

I smiled brightly as a child, pretending to know nothing, and followed the goddess without giving any attention to the nobles.

When I went inside, there were people snoring in front of the party hall who pretended to have found my refreshments on the first floor. Of course, some of them included people who sent back invitations.

The godmother and I went in alone, and the guests who first found the hall aroused themselves.

"Good to see you, godmother."

It was they who responded to the invitation, knowing that when they came to my party, Duchess Valois would live in wrath.

Some of them were deeply connected with the goddess, and only the sweet ones wished that the first tea party of the young lady would not end in failure.

"Thank you for coming. I will not forget your hearts."

"You're exaggerating. The second floor of the Robte Salon was a place that I really wanted to come to someday."

"Sweetheart, I want to say hello to the nobles."

The goddess stroked my back lightly and said, "I grabbed the tip of my skirt and bent my knee.

"Nice to meet you. It's LeBlaine Reset Dubled!"

Speaking energetically, the guests laughed and introduced themselves to one another.

"Candira Dimonte, little lady."

"This is Cole Siacott."

From the nobleman of old age to the young infants, they were all very impressive.

I filtered people by accident.

This is all due to Duchess Valois.

'Thank you, Duchess Valois!'

They were all caring people. The elderly in the Wise Family led the conversation to make it easier for the family to blend in with the small or young ladies.

It was an ever-evolving atmosphere. By the time the conversation was ripe, I told Laura to bring the box with me.

"Oh, my godmother."


"For those of you who came to the first party, my aunt told me that it was about preparing a small gift. So I got a present for you, too. Can I have it?"

When I asked shy, the goddess laughed, "Of course." I said.

Laura gives the envelopes out of the box to the guests one by one.

And the most lavish envelope was brought to me, and I held it and looked at the godmother with my barefoot face.

The nobles who opened the envelope first took a deep breath.


I nodded and said,

"A long-distance traveler says he needs to share his location with the family. So this is a scroll that has been upgraded for gifting so that it can travel up to 20 kilometers!"

Then the faces of the nobles who received the envelope hardened.

The faces of the original guests were also dull. I can see Mrs. Georges twisting her mouth and buzzing.

I laughed deeply.

Henri thought that the plan to present the movers to all the invitees was a good one.

[Why don't you give the Movement a present.]

[Can I just give you something to move? When I wrote it, I had to tell my father.... Long-distance movers say it's dangerous just to own it.]

[It doesn't matter if you adjust the range of movement.]

Henri smiled freshly and added:

[Sometimes you have to share what's in your hand to make the land grow in front of you, even greedy burrows.]

Henri's expression is really evil, so Ishaq says, "You know, you know, when you're ugly, you're ugly!" Then I got one shot.

Anyway, I asked Veronica to make an upgrade.

"You can't get something so precious."

Mrs. Dimonte put a road marshal in an envelope with her trembling hands.

"My aunt did. It's not a good gift for a precious relationship."

I smiled and said to the godmother.

"Don't say no because of the child's kindness."

"…… I will thank you for that."

Even if they refused, the five-kilometer movement on the market was a greedy gift, even if they thought it was very expensive, reaching 300,000 francs. Everyone was excited.

I gave the most lavish envelope Laura had given to the goddess.

"This is my gift to the goddess."

"Thank you... baby, this is...!"

The goddess's face hardens as she pulls out the mover in the envelope.

That was a complete long-distance mobile that could travel up to 8,000 kilometers.

When the goddess who had already seen the shape of the card moved from the First Prince's Elongation hardened, those who saw the card in the Elongation shouted out like screams.

"Long Distance Movement……!"

"No way... Really?"

I nodded again this time.

"When Veronica tested it, she traveled 8,035 kilometers. Use it when you need it."

The goddess grabbed my hand.

"Honey, you can't give this to someone else. Come on, put it in."

"I didn't give it to you..... It was a gift to the godmother!"

Since she is a goddess of Camilla, her face became strange when she said she could give it to me.

It looked embarrassing and shocking.


"My dad said it's okay if I give it to my godmother. And the godmother just said that she doesn't refuse....."

As she deliberately stretched her eyebrows, she wrapped one cheek around her.

"This is why I have to be careful what I say."

Then laughter erupted all over the party floor.

I smiled widely and hugged her waist.

"Please accept! Yes? Yes?"

"Really.... I am the godmother of a great child, and there is no heart left."

And the guests said, "Blessed is the goddess." I said, The goddess gently stroked my cheek.

"Thank you for this. Next time, we'll go Nomadic together."


Hehe laughs. I look at people who have frozen like a corpse outside the door.

Soon those who shut their mouths began to disperse.

You're gonna get sick, right? '

I laughed in that way.

Go roll the Degule and spread the word that Dublin Red is starting to unravel throughout the Islands, migratory birds.

* * *

The Duchess of Valois looks at the empty garden and bites her lips.

"Brother, is no one coming to our party?"

Niels stares at my brother Hayton with an embarrassing look. Hayton choked and made an impression.

"Shut up."


Niels was muttering, sunshine!! I heard a sharp rupture.

"Uh, Mother....."


The Duchess of Valois, who swept the vase and tea set on the table with both arms, said, "Huff……." Moaning. Dark red blood pours out of your hands.

"Bitch to tear...!"

This was all the fault of that poor orphan girl.

Neither did me and Neils get interrogated by the security services, nor did Neils get a revocation order from the Imperial Academy.

And the mid-range movement with 300 million francs of Guy's funding became a stalemate...!

"Take it easy, Mother."

"Your father! Where is your father? What is he doing while I'm being treated like this!"

"To attend the Central Meeting……."

"What are you doing with my friendship money, carrying a bunch of useless shifts!"

Duchess Valois' voice echoed in the garden.

At that time, the central tower.

The nobles' gaze was drawn to a beautiful man near the top of the table.

Theodore Dubled did not have a single eyebrow, receiving the gaze of the prodigal nobles.

"I..... Duke Dubled. If you don't mind after the meeting..."

"Uh-huh, this guy! I'm the one who created the seat and waited for it!"

"What's all the fuss in the meeting room? Do not dizzy the planting of the Dubled Ball."

The meetings were back-to-back, and they were all tactile about where long distance travellers used them, or when they started selling.

Even Duke Marche, chairman of the Central Conference, waited for Theodore Dubled's mouth to open.

Duke Dubled opens his mouth as he slowly knocks on his armrests.

"There are those who sent back my daughter's tea party invitation."


As the faces of some nobles flushed blue, Duke Dubled spoke with a desiccated expression.

"If you want to be me, come quietly after the meeting."

The hands of the people who wanted to be me trembled.

At that time, a knock was heard in the meeting room.

"I beg your pardon."

A man dressed in a robe bearing the emblem of Dublin came in as a heavily sunk meeting chair.

He whispered as he approached Duke Dubled.

"I have found someone who has been in contact with Mireille and the Innkeepers."

Duke Dubled's eyes sank coldly.