When I was very pleased, the eyes of the centuries-old soldier curled.

"You know. Then how do you find out.. Ugh!"

Suddenly my head spins as I speak. My vision narrowed and I felt like I had a stone on my chest. I feel like my eyes are pingling and I can't breathe.

It was a pain comparable to the intoxication of long-distance travellers.

When I stumbled, Seria and the Chairman were surprised and accommodated.


"Are you all right?"

The soldier of the century said, "Well." I narrowed my glans.

"I'd better go back."

When you cut off the power you send to your family, the army of the century disappears and the pain seems to have filled your lungs.

'It's harder to summon a demon than to summon a demon.'

When I summoned the Devil, I shared my divine power with them, and they took care of it.

It's all about building forms and holding onto handovers.

But when I was in charge, I had to handle everything myself.

I don't know how to keep my pride without wasting my divine power like a demon, so it leaks like I turned the faucet to the cleaner enemy.

'I need a demon or a guild to teach me to control the delicate divine power.'

As I was groaning, Seria brought me the water cup again.

After drinking water, I was able to regain consciousness.

"How are you, baby?"

"I want to go home....."

I gasp and breathe, and Seria and Chairman open their eyes.

'It's a big deal. It's hard to control adult accidents.'

Why is that?

At the age of nine in another life, I was able to control adult accidents.

'Ah, I see. If you use enough force to be dangerous, you can usually control adult accidents, but you can go back to the age of the body.'

In my previous life, I didn't know that I had never used this power because I was a sacred vigilante.

"You better go home first."

As I muttered with a depressed face, the Chairman nodded.

"Yes, I'll take you."

Seria looked at us saying that. I didn't tell her about me and the devil, so I had a lot of questions.

I held her hand powerlessly.

"I'll tell you everything soon. I was going to tell you today, and now I'm like,

"I'll be waiting."

Seria smiled, and I smiled faintly.

'Seria always believes in me.'

"I believe in seria, too."

"It's an honor."

As we are smiling face to face, the Chairman said, "I hope you share your companion's heart and go back to the mansion right now." He embraced me.

I waved my hand to Seria and left with the Chairman in my arms.

Moving to my room in the mansion, the chairman laid me on the bed and covered me with a blanket.

"Seriously, baby..... I thought I knew how to do the right thing when I took my authority out on my own. I said," No. "

"No, I didn't know I was so strong....."

"Are you sure you didn't know?"

The Chairman flinches his eyes, and I turn my gaze.

"…… I was expecting a little."

"Don't always worry about yourself!"


"Please amend. I'll keep it."

When he mentioned the amendment taken from Dubled's invitational Gaju portrait frame, I looked at the bedside table with a blemish.

"Looks like you're here."


I can't control adult accidents, so I can't hear them all.

"Oh, no! That's assumed to be the new devil's passage."

"That's why."


"You've never heard the voice of a demon unless you use your divine power, even when you're bourne or when you're Pymon. But this passageway first spoke to the baby. I don't know how powerful the demon is, but what if it's in the hands of the youngest baby every time?"


"If you need it, you can use it cold without worrying about yourself. Isn't it?"

"Something like that!"

No! You have to say something, but the children of LeBlaine are not very good at lying.

"That's right."

"I keep it. If you need to talk, we'll take a look at the situation and send it to you via the mobile team."


"Don't think about going anywhere and take a break for a while. Valoia and I will look into it."


"Sleep, rest!"

"…… Yes."

Then he left with all the paperwork I had hidden under the bed.

* * *

My condition did not improve the next day.

I couldn't sleep until the morning, so only after the sun rose in the middle of the sky did I force myself to wake up.

After leaving the non-chubby room, the three brothers who were coming to talk across the street found me.

"You slept late, kid."

"Good night, LeBlaine."

"…… Hello."

Ishaq, Henri, and John spoke in order, and I nodded.

"Good morning……."

He nods with his eyes closed halfway, and Ishak opens his eyes.

"What, what's wrong with you?"

"Are you tired of refreshments?"

Henri, who said that, stroked my cheek and closed my eyes and said, "Ugh..." And he frowned.

I keep groaning.

Then, under the stairs, he said, "Baby!" I heard a call. It was the voice of the maid Laura.

"Lunch is ready."

It's Bob!

I opened my eyes and ran down the Uganda stairs.

"Hey, fall down, kid!"


Ishaq and Henri chased me, and John followed them.

But I went into the restaurant as cold as I could without even looking back.

I had tons of snacks at dawn, but I was so hungry.

A large steak, salad, butter, and honey rye bread with egg fries came out as soon as I sat in the chair and lifted the fork with my god-faced face.

"Shall we also prepare the meals of the trainers?"


The three of them sat at the table and looked at me as I was eating hard.

Ishak smiles and pokes my cheek like a squirrel.

"Today is better than usual."

"Don't touch it during meals."

Henri opened Ishak's hand and said,

In the meantime, my brothers' meals also came out. Ishaq was meat, Henri was pasta, and John was seafood grilled.

"Shall I give you this too?"

Henri bites and I quickly nod.

"You want some of mine, kid?"


Following Henri and Ishaq, John also handed out my plate.

My brothers laughed at me when I was eating well.

"Eat well."

"I will."

"…… I eat too well."


"Huh? Ugh!"

When I emptied my brothers' plates, Ishaq and Ali opened their eyes.

"Enough, LeBlaine."

"Kid, the ship explodes!"

I'm the kid in the head. 'More! You can eat more! It seemed like overeating was destined!'

Two men grabbed my hand from both sides.

"I'll eat more."

"No, people can't eat here anymore!"

"Wait. Let's eat after we digest, huh?"

Someone grabs my side with both hands and raises it. It was John.

"Get rid of the food."

While I was rolling my feet in the air, Henri and Ishaq handed them to the employer as if they were flinging plates.


I felt like a child, and I gasped and breathed.

'What are you talking about? Are you crazy, me?!'

Then I came to my senses, and I saw a dining table that was devastated.

At that time, it was popular at the restaurant's door.

"Why bother your brother?"

It was my father's voice.

He narrowed his glans as he watched John shake his legs in the air.

"I didn't harass you."


Ishaq and Henri looked at their father with an unfair expression.

My father walked up and embraced me carefully.

"What's going on?"

My father asked the butler who was on the market for the meal. The butler said with a shameful face.

"The trainers were drying your baby's meal."

"Why give me what I want?"

Then Ishaq said,

"Did you eat all that?"

Numerous plates in the maids' hands were left with no herbs for plating.

My father looked around the empty plate and looked at me with his belly convex like a frog, eating too much and not breathing well.

At that time.


Trim came out of nowhere. When I saw him that day, my father said quietly.

"Bring me the digestant."

* * *

A few days later, Duchess Valois, who attended the charity fund auction, a social event in the spring months, squeezed her lips.

After coming to the party hall, not a single person spoke to her.

A mid-range movement made with great care by the Duke of Valois began selling, but there was not a single ant cub in the shop.

As the movers are so expensive, it is to wait for the price of Dublin's long-distance movers to come out precisely without the purchase of a Shy.

The Duke of Valois suffered a severe financial hardship, and the Duke's wife and son, Niels, had been interrogated by the security services to get an unauthorized copy of the Bible, so there were no nobles to hang out with.

I didn't want to come to the party! '

If my husband had not asked me to meet the mistress of the family who borrowed funds for the development of the move, I would not have come.

"Lord Lane has purchased Yuriaden's vase for 500,000 francs!"

Elasticity erupted all over the chairman as the organizer shouted.

"500,000 francs"? On a vase? '

The surprised Duchess of Valois looks at the woman in the red pantsuit.

A woman who spent enough money on a vase for one or two years in the Wenyan family smiled and handed the organizer a pocket.

When the organizer confirms a diamond filled in his pocket, a thunderous applause bursts.

'Lane……. If it's Lane.'

Is that the woman who was doing the art fair?

He's a baron from a small town, and a few years ago he founded an art gallery in the Islands.

'But they say they run a ring payment business behind the scenes.'

There were many young people who thought she was from a marginal province, despite her beautiful appearance and unspeakable intimidation.

Lord Lane, who received a vase from the organizer, stood near the house of the Duchess of Valois.

"Nice to meet you. Noah Lane."

"…… I've heard a lot about it."

"It is an honour for the noble lady to know. I've been looking forward to seeing you."

The Duchess of Valois glances at her as she pours out her debt.

"You mean me?"





The Duchess of Valois looks at her.

"What do you mean?"

"Enemies are comrades, aren't they? It's deeply empathetic."

"…… are you referring to Dubled?"

"To be precise, the lucky adopted Dublin girl."

The Duchess of Valois opened her eyes.

"Tell me more. What does that mean?"

"I am the one who awaits the child of true destiny. It's not a fake."