"For real?"

Lord Lane nodded lightly and the face of the Duchess of Valois changed.

"What are you talking about?"

Lord Lane, who looked around the Chairman lightly, whispered to the Duchess of Valois.

"There must be a lot to talk about."


The duchess who folded the debt laughed.

* * *

It was only a week after I summoned the centuries-old soldiers that I got better.

Linda, the maid by her side, laughed and asked.

"You're lively today."


"Then the day is better. Would you like to take a walk in the garden?"

"No, I want to stay in my room."

There was a pile of work. You should also check the merchant documents and hear from the Chairman and Seria about the surveillance of Valois.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring down Valois. He has spent a week in vain. It was too late to hit the ground.

"So shall we prepare a cool juice?"


Linda told Laura to bring lemon ice cream, and Laura quickly made delicious ice cream.

I liked the sound of ice cracking and shaking in the glass cup.

I grabbed a straw and drank cold ice cream on the side.

"My baby would be happy to have anything."

The three maids in the Territory said, "Ha 'ang…." Looking at me with groaning, the workers of the Islands mansion were flawed.

'I know all about the workers of the Islands mansion.' I sent a loving glance.

Dubled only employs skilled workers. He said that he had to endure an alcoholic struggle, whether it was an ambush or elsewhere, in order to become a high-ranking employer of territorial integrity.

My three maids were very senior in hospitality at the castle, and there were quite a lot of admirers.

I would be surprised if admired supervisors were wandering around.

For five years, I've been accustomed to their iron-plated beanstalks, and sometimes I'm flattered, so how embarrassing are they?

Only Laura, the strongest of the Islands' workers, glanced at the three maidens in the territory with a dazzling expression as she cut my hand.

And Laura said, "Oh, my God." He said.

"I've had some interesting rumors lately, have you heard?"


When I asked her, she nodded.

"The Duchess of Valois fell in love with Lord Lane."

Linda, the fastest rumored of the three maids in Territory, said, "Lord Lane?" I asked.

"Sir Lane, the one who said he was doing art?"


"But why Sir. Knight?"

"No. It's called affection among young people. Lord Lane is popular! It's called the Twin Wagon with Javelin."

I opened my eyes.

"There's no way someone as cool as your aunt could be in the world again."

I heard picks and realities at the door in a decisive way.


My aunt, who was holding medicine and candy in one hand, came to grin.

"Thank you."


As I tilted my head, she stroked her head and sat on the opposite couch.

"By the way, Aunt. What is that?"

When I looked at the medicine cart, my aunt put the medicine and candy on the couch table.

"Digestive agent. I'm afraid I've overeaten again."

I'm usually better fed than the rest of the kids, but if I'm not in good shape, I eat twice as much there.

Two days ago, the house was turned upside down by eating it upside down, avoiding the eyes of fathers and brothers.

The maids smiled single-handedly and spoke on my behalf.

"It's okay. You only had three meats today."

"Only three plates?"

Auntie had a serious expression.

"It's much less than usual. Maybe you should see a doctor." No appetite "

"뉑? (Yes?)"

While my aunt is talking to the maids, I put two large candies in my mouth and I make a ton of pronunciations because my cheeks are baked.

"I don't think so."


The maids again said, "Haaah...." I groaned and covered my cheeks, and Aunt Cook smiled and stroked my head.

"It's good to eat well. Kids should eat well."

I took my aunt's hand and laughed, 'Ahcha.' and looked at Laura.

"The Duchess of Valois fell in love with Lord Lane?"

"He didn't just fall in love, he just fell in love. The Duke of Valois is very busy dating people."

Yes, it is.

Even if Duke Valois is a Central Noble, if his family's history is short, he won't fight him.

It was frightening for my sons to hang out with a noble child who did not meet my standards.

I nodded and Laura said with her eyes open.

"Sir Lane has a rumor that he's a lookout merchant. Of course the Duke hated his wife hanging out with such a person, but the Duke's wife didn't know...!"

People in my room focused on Laura with curious faces.

"What are you running away from?"

"That, the Duchess?"

The Duchess, who was so scared of people, ran away openly?

"… then where is Duchess Valois now?"

You won't have a penny for a mid-range mobile development project.

"He's staying at Lord Lane's mansion."

The aunt even burst into laughter.

"Amazing. Lord Lane..... Who the hell are you?"

"People finger the Duke of Valois. Lord Lane helped me with the almost collapsed family.Three million francs."

I shouted in a loud voice.

"Three million?!"

You spent three million francs on Valois?

I hardened my face.

'Wait, so the funding is settled now.'

Of course, we won't be able to solve everything, but the moon will last for a few months.

I put my forehead on.

'If you do wrong, things will go wrong.'

* * *

The Duchess of Valois gasps in front of the mirror with a sickening groan. Lord Lane smiled at her and asked.

"Don't you like it?"

The Duchess of Valois gave the dress to her employer when she coughed.

"Melbane always makes a dress that suits your taste."

"Next time, I'll ask Sharon to dress the Duke's wife."

"…… just what you bought at Melvain's shop this time would have been quite expensive."

As she glances at you, Lord Lane shrugs and leans against the wall.

"How much money would it be worth if I could get you the right clothes for a beautiful nobleman? Oh, I've also prepared a few accessories."

As Lord Lane pulls the rope, the workers who carry the lavish box line up.

From a necklace with a large diamond like a grape, to a beautiful ruby bracelet with a dark color.

It was full of priceless treasures that I never dreamed of living as a duchess.

Duchess Valois, whose face was filled with excitement, looked across the accessories and said:

"I'm sorry I always get it....."

"Because of me, my wife's house became noisy, so let's apologize."

"What did you say! It's all because of my careless husband. I don't know the grace of receiving enough money from Sir...."

"Tell the Duke my story. I asked you to meet me the other day, but the Duke still doesn't seem to like me."

"Absolutely. There must be someone as good as Lord Lane. I intend to go home and tell my husband about the Lord."

"I will only trust the Duchess."

Seeing Lord Lane gently pull up his mouth, the Duchess smiled satisfactorily.

At that time, the employer Lord Lane rescued approached as a bell step.

"Madam Duchess. Mrs. Georges invites you to meet her."

"You came in unannounced. It's rude. Tell him I'm not feeling well, so it's hard to respond."

Then Lord Lane, who was leaning against the wall, hung a splendid necklace to the Duchess.

"Don't do that. Let's meet."


The reason Mrs. Georges came all the way here was obvious.

Duchess Valois once asked her for money by secretly spreading rumors of a medium-range mover.

Mrs. Georges, who thought that she would be able to get the interest from Valois once she started selling mid-range travellers, lent her money coldly without her husband's knowledge.

However, the mid-range movement failed perfectly, and Mrs. Georges, who became impatient, communicated every time she met him, asking him to pay her back.

"If it's money, I'll take care of it. Not necessarily, we're going to dispose of one of the gem mines."

"No way. For me?"

"It wouldn't be too bad if it could help the Duke of Valois. Send the creditors the paperwork to pay them off in a matter of days."

"…… Oh my God."

The Duke's eyes were wet with emotion.

"Don't pretend to be a social gatherer. Our enemies are separate, aren't they?"

"That's right. That fake."

Duchess Valois bites her lips tightly. Lord Lane whispered in a relaxed voice.

"Tell me about what happened after you met Mrs. Georges. How distressed the Duchess was by a fake."


For the Duchess, Lord Lane was like a gift from heaven for himself.

Being by Lord Lane's side resolved the difficulties in an instant, enjoyed all sorts of luxuries, and even Duke Valois could not move in front of me.

Then I relied on Lord Lane for everything.

Starting with meeting people, even minor purchases of goods asked Lord Lane for his opinion and moved according to her will.

"Tomorrow you can go change your mood."

"Mood shift?"

"He said horse racing was so fun."

"But I don't have enough money……."

Lord Lane asked me what I was worried about, and as I lifted my eyebrows, Duchess Valois smiled.

"I'm going to see Mrs. Georges."

Lord Lane lowers his head lightly and clears the way.

After Duchess Valois left the room humming, the workers took the Duchess' luggage and left the room.

A man in black brightly dressed came to her before the room calmed down.

"The bird bites the bait on the sand."

Lord Lane's mouth goes up at the same time as the signal.

"Dublin Red."

"The old gentleman was also with us."

"Take it."

A smiling gentleman went out of the room when she gave the order.

Soon after, Robe's child and the chairman of Senator Dubled entered the door.

"It's an honor to find a place to hide."

"I will inherit the people. I have a story to tell you."

When the Chairman looked at the hires who brought me in, Lord Lane looked at them.

Soon! A huge door was closed with a thud and the noise outside was completely blocked.

Leblane frowns after taking off Robe's hood.

"Who wants to borrow 3 million francs? I told you to do it for 2 million."

Lord Lane stretches his eyebrows and hangs on his waist.

"Don't be mad, master! I did it wrong!"

LeBlaine sighs, staring at my jolly spherical joint doll lane.