Me and the Chairman looked at Lane with blurred eyes, mobilizing their hands and feet to explain the situation.

"When I met the Duchess of Valois, I was already told that the temple and the Duchess of Marche would be supported by one million francs each. I thought I would borrow money from my master...!"

"So, you decided to do it alone."

When the Chairman looks at the sharp eyes, Lane sniffs with two fists on his chest.

"But you communicated, but you didn't receive it...! Master, it's not my fault. This is all because of that stupid old man."

And the doll said, "Don't hate me!" He hugged me.

I shook my head at a lane with a ponytail.

After five years of hydroentanglement, my spherical articulated doll lane was crafted with the extraordinary skill of a doll.

A spherical articulated doll is a very special tool, few in the world, and the maker is a goldsmith.

Because of the possibility that it can be used as a weapon of war, the crafting itself is prescribed by gold.

Due to this, Dublin's brilliant two-factor team only found out about the producer after two years, despite the fact that the chairman, who had the authority to contact Amzo, mobilized the entire team.

The Producer flirted with the Chairman who went to buy a doll.

[Your master is very lucky. I got a very special nucleus. An extraordinary object with a different trajectory from the doll I've made so far will be completed.]

The producer who said that demanded three times the quote for laughter.

'When I first heard the Chairman, I tried to say no.'

Being a buyer of new development products was not necessarily a good thing. It's like saying it's hard to be prepared for the dangers of a product.

Above all, I was also uncomfortable selling dolls that special.

Nevertheless, the reason we bought it was because we also cut the price while we were thinking about it, and most of all, we liked the new doll's features.

Normally, while controlling a spherical joint doll, the doll has to stay focused and send a powerful Mana, and the new nuclear doll can move on its own.

'I thought it was just the sound of being able to move without Mana.'

If I could move without Mana, I could control Serena and Chairman instead of me. But the last Lane,

'.... I'm really moving by myself.'

Surprised by the horse-drawn tools I hadn't heard of, the Chairman called the maker, but he wasn't already splashing.

I received a lot of money and finished it, but it was worse than I thought.

Lane needs me to recharge her sacred power so she can move. If I recharge her and open her eyes, she'll keep trying to kill someone in front of her.

'Usually a spherical joint doll can be destroyed if it's weird.'

He will be recovered from destruction unless he destroys the nucleus.

And I was the only one who knew the identity of that particular nucleus.

Divine, arrogant paws.

'The artifact that became the material of the slaughter doll used by the enemy army as the final weapon in the Holy War....'

It didn't move until Adrian destroyed the nucleus with the Holy Sword....

God of Evil…….

I thought he was a goldsmith by making dolls. I didn't know he was really a goldsmith.

I wanted to educate the puppeteers about how to eat mustard because I couldn't destroy it by bringing the Holy Sword in the diocese. I could really educate them. It was also very clever.

I laughed deeply.

'I didn't know this. Creator.'

Once caught, he will be beaten to death, but Lane was useful to both sides.

"I missed you, master."

He's a very young man.

I pushed the stable-faced lane against my cheek.

"I have to check the situation first."

The Chairman said, "Yes." When I tried to stop the tooth on Lane's shoulder bone, "he replied, raising his nails and staring at the Chairman.

"Get your hands off me, old man!"

"I will steal my holy sword one day."

"Hm, I'll kill you before then."

"I taught him to die...!"

I shout out loud, pushing lanes and chairmen looking at each other with bitterness.

"If you fight again, you'll get confused!"

"I was wrong, master....."


Ugh, I took out Lane's teeth myself after sighing and grabbed Lane's hand that stopped moving.

As always, what Lane went through was pushed into his head.

[The interest rate is 30 pro in ten days? Isn't it the annuity?]

[But, honey, if you get the money from Duke Marche, it will be resolved soon. Even the operating costs of the Islands Mansion will be insufficient right now.Without Lord Lane's help...!]

Sir? That's funny! He's just a low-paying bookie trying to take down a mortgage on a mansion!]

Duchess Valois' quarrel.

[I wonder if I can accept this…….]

[Don't you like it?]

[No way. I've never seen a necklace with a few large diamonds.]

[Looks like Duke Valois is too cold for his wife.]

The Duchess of Valois, who fell in love with Lane.

[Oh, my God, I've never seen a casino before.]

[It's a great skill for the first time. Look. The dealer is surprised, isn't he?]

[It's fun.]

Lane, who rented the entire casino and tricked the Duchess of Valois. Thanks to those lanes, Duchess Valois had fun gambling.

After I took my hand off Lane, I put the tooth back in and nodded.

"Good. Good job."


Hehe, a smiling lane raises his head confidently.

"I had a lot of fun gambling."

Of course. The Duchess of Valois in her second life is also in gambling.

'In this life, I've had fun for five years.'

I nod.

"Give me tons of gifts, keep spreading my rumors badly. Do you understand?"

"Yes! I am your good doll!"

"That's right, Lane's not nice."

"You're a good man too!"

The Chairman said that the evil masters were kind to each other, and when he saw them laughing, he opened his eyes.

* * *

A few days later, Duchess Valois headed to the racetrack with LeBlaine's spherical articulated doll lane.

After a few races, the Duchess of Valois, holding the big gold in her hand, trembled with excitement.

"Oh, my God. As Lord Lane recommends, I bought the Horseshoe and it all worked out!"

"I was lucky."

Lane smiles and advises her to drink iced red tea.

"Let's go back today. I feel like I want some money."

The Duchess of Valois looks at the board, swallowing the dried saliva.

'The biggest edition left.'

The eyes of the Duke of Valois are filled with greed.

"One last time."

"This race is hard for me to figure out. I don't see any good words in my condition."

"…… I'll do it again with a storm."

Of the nine races, the horse that won six was the Black Horse, the Turtle.

Duchess Valois has so far borrowed a lot of money from Lane to buy tons of Jill Horse Vowels.

And start the race.

Today's exceptionally good storm ran from the forefront until it hit the track for the second time.

"Run, yes!"

The Duchess of Valois shouts excitedly.

However, the last time I turned the track, the brown horse rider who followed me to the left ran close to the whirlwind as if the medicine had gone up.

The riders fought each other. The whirlwind and the brown horse, which ran like a threat to each other, swung loudly and fell side by side.

All the other horses were stumbling and dancing.

The spark that was running in the air spurts between the horse's right and left and jumps over the fallen horse.

"That's ridiculous!"

The Duchess of Valois screamed.

However, the fallen horse did not think it would happen, and the white horse, who was laughing at the horse, crossed the white line.

The Duke's wife sat down with the horseshoe turned into a piece of paper.

As if Lane had seen her white-fried, she put her tongue over her coat.

"Didn't I tell you to go back?"

"My money, my money....."

"There's going to be another great opportunity."

You already spent 200,000 francs on your master's money today.

Everything was going back to LeBlaine's expectations.

Duchess Valois, who tasted money in several races, lost his mind and borrowed the money from Lane again.

The amount of borrowings accumulated by turning on was close to 3 million lent to Duke Valois.

[It's hard to make money, but it's really easy to spend.]

The doll smiled bitterly at the owner's words.

* * *

I looked at the pile of gold coins that Seria had brought with a dazzling look.

Where does it come from? It's from me!

I hugged a gold coin box that was hard for the two of you to carry.

'Well done, spotter!'

Today's race was remembered much more vividly than any other horse race.

Because no one expected it to happen. It was the first day the spotter who had been fingered won the race.

The percentage of horseshoes is 512 times.

Only one person didn't make money on the spike. And this is all mine in this life.


I screamed happily, rubbing my cheeks against the gold coins.

The Chairman and Seria smiled at me like that.

"You have enough money and you still like it."

I was surprised and looked at the Chairman.

"The more money, the better."

Seria nods and sympathizes.

"The singularity is correct. Money is good."

I took care of some of the gold coins and handed over the rest to Seria.

"Take care of this and lend it to the Duchess of Valois."

"Yes, I put together the special jewels and minerals that your baby said in the warehouse. Would you like to see it?"


I grabbed Seria's hand and headed to the warehouse. Then our chairman came after us.

When I opened the door of the warehouse, I was filled with lavish jewels and unusual minerals.

"That's incredible."

It's rewarding to spend money like water.

I sat in front of the minerals and looked at them one by one and threw them back and forth.

Seria asked with a suspicious expression.

"What are you going to do with them?"

I looked into a mineral with a particularly shiny exterior and said,

"I will summon the devil."


As the Chairman said, the amendments entrusted to him are dangerous. It can be dangerous to summon a demon enough to talk to me first.

So we need to summon a new, safe demon.

'Again, like Boone..... No, I hope he's a good demon!'

I laughed and breathed divine power into the mineral.