The work went according to LeBlaine's plan.

The Duchess of Valois, starting with the schedule, relied on Lane for all sorts of trivial things, such as the color of the dress.

Lane carried the Duke of Valois on his back and entered the central society in earnest, and was in contact with numerous nobles.

And the Virtual War…….

"Did you hear? This year's Virtual War...!"

"If the fate of the child were to participate, we would still be talking about him."

"What the hell are you thinking? Nine-year-olds, that's not a girl either."

"The Dublin Confederates are not allowed to participate, so we're going to show off the military power of adoption."

"It's cold. It seems that the rumor that Duke Dubled cares for the child of destiny is just a hoax's cubicle. How can you send a child to a festival where there is only one sword?"

"Yes, but..... There must be some sort of yellowish number between the sides."

The aristocrats who gathered at the table continued to make my arguments. News of LeBlaine's participation in the Virtual War had brought the system into disrepute.

That Duke of Valois.

The Duke of Valois, who knocked on the table nervously, broke the purchase.

"Motherfuckers. Burn stands in my way."

He looked at the sons standing in front of his desk muttering like a chew.

The Duke of Valois's younger brother Niels shrugs at my brother with his father's eyes.

The eldest son, Hayton, smiled.

"Participating articles are boy soldiers under the age of 17. What are you so worried about, Dublin's proud Erie?"

There are also boy soldiers here, but they are all magicians who use Aurora.

Users who come to Virtual War are not allowed to participate as a rule.

Valois has been supported by the Crusaders who have been secretly raised in the Temple, so no matter how Dubled's soldiers are, he won't be able to make a big difference.

"If there's not a big difference in skills, what matters is the skills of the commander. A nine-year-old girl will follow my toes."

It was he who raised his mouth arrogantly.

"Above all, Dubled's soldiers will take it very seriously to be the commander and to protect the foolish girl. You get your ankle before you even start."


"In that situation, a vulgar bitch is no match for me."

After listening to his son's arrogant words, a smile returned to the face of Duke Valois.

"Yes, my child cannot be lost to such a weak adopter!"

He smiles aloud and hands at Hayton.

As his son approached, Duke Valois whispered with his hands on the back nail.

"The rule is not to hold an opponent accountable for injuries sustained in a virtual war. Hayton, don't send that girl back to her holy body."

"Absolutely. You have to make a mutt to relax."

Face to face, the rich man raises his mouth.

* * *

I put my back against the wall and stared straight at the brothers who surrounded me.


I shouted loudly at Ishaq's words.

"If you think you're going to get hurt, you run!"


"If you run into the opposing faction's soldiers, you start blackmailing them!"

Henri smiled, "What did I tell you to do?" I asked and said as coldly as I had learned.

"Dubled will double what he received. Destroying the Three is my family's specialty."

As I told you, he slackened his legs and nodded his head.

"Well done."

"... but really, can you do that?"

I stretched my eyebrows and asked.

It was the rule not to retaliate in a virtual war.

If you retaliate, you will be buried in the social world, and the Emperor will also pay tribute.

Ishaq answered me.

"You don't have to worry. Little brother is a dirty masterpiece. Even if you make such a threat, my little brother will take care of it and take care of it... Ugh!"

Ishaq, who said so, kicked Henri.

John gave me a few papers.

"I'll elaborate on the Virtual War, so sit down."

Then I pulled up the chair and nodded and sat down.

When John noticed, the clerk and North spread a large map over the table.

"Virtual Wars will cover the pairs in the form of tournaments passed by the qualifying families."


"The preliminary round is in two weeks' time, and the 23 family members will strike in the area shown on the map."

I looked at the map with my eyes wide open.

"In the Islands?"

There are also some shopping districts.

"Yes. For preliminary information, see Treasure Hunt. The person holding the hidden hand can enter the main line until the time limit is over."

"How many handouts do I need to find?"

Henri answered my question.


"I see....."

I nodded and John said,

"If you keep a few rules in the preliminary round, you can take advantage of anything like a real war. resourcefulness is important."

The rules of virtualization are simple.

[Don't kill.]

In other words, you can do anything in a line that kills you, whether you're a participating nobleman or a military.

In the early Virtual War, I used to stir up the bones of captured soldiers and extract enemy information.

It was customary, however, not to inflict excessive harm until now.

"Prepare the Virtual War on a family basis. A preparatory committee has already been set up for the families of the participating nobles. North, me, and Henri and Ishak will help you until the Virtual War."

"You're gonna win!"

I will repay those who help me, and I will get my blind spot.

Ishak smiled as he opened his eyes.

"All right, let's start with training."


I brought soldiers to participate through the Long Range Movement. Everyone was waiting outside the window.

Ishak is training me and I think it's good, but people stare at me.


He laughed at his head and said, 'No way.....' I asked with my eyes.


You want me to train?

There's only two weeks left to make tactics.

Ishaq threw a wooden sword at me, and I received a wooden sword in the frost.

"You have to learn to dodge."

"I have divine power, so open the shield...!"

"Do you think there are only blacksmiths in the virtual world? Of course, it also includes wizards and preliminary evangelists. Those who can destroy your shield will be the pox."

"My shield is pretty strong."

I set up a shield for the demonstration. By the way.

Fruit and vegetables!!

Immediately destroyed by the wooden sword thrown by Ishaq.

I'm not hurt. Henri opened the shield one more time to stop the wooden sword in the air.

I looked at Ishak with my hardened eyes, and he laughed with his hands.


"…… I was mistaken."

Henri smiled as he cried.

"Just because the divine power is strong doesn't mean you can open a strong shield."

I became gloomy, and Ishak opened the door.

"Follow me."


I had to learn to avoid, line up and threaten to die before the Virtual War.

And two weeks went by.

Virtual war has begun.

* * *

The nobles gathered in the Imperial Palace focused their gaze on the massive horoscope.

Young nobles wearing armor bearing the emblem of each family bowed to the flag of the Imperial Palace with their delicate eyes.

"Shin Young to the Empire……!"

"Shining Light on the Empire!"

The nobles who saw the children shouting with their left hands on their chests said bluntly.

"There's an extraordinary number of participants this year."

"Because of the Prince's Royal Guard. Since the Duke participated in the ceremony...."

People watched Hayton in a cape with the emblem of Valois in the middle.

And move your gaze to the side.

The little lady's shoulder armor was engraved with the emblem of Dubled, whining about how big the helmet was.



Really small.

LeBlaine was smaller than his native peers, and since his bones were among the great teenagers, a group of tigers seemed to be rattling chicks.

"Duke Dubled's greed is overwhelming."

Someone whispered and most nodded.

"I wonder if I can hold the sword..... properly."

The nobleman said with a sad look.

Camilla, who was looking at LeBlaine through the horoscope, sighed and looked at Duke Dubled's brushes.

Duke Dubled and the three princes stare at LeBlaine, who is hard on both hands with a helmet that flows without blinking a single eye.

'Don't let go if you're worried.'

As most people were concerned, the child did not fit into the fictional battlefield.


In the horoscope, the vice commander of the Imperial Knights who was in charge of the referee shouted.

Participants bent one knee and bowed their heads.

Hayton and LeBlaine, the Duke's restraints, each approached the statue with a torch.

At the same time, they lit a huge torch at the beginning.

Hayton, age 16, easily lit the fire, but LeBlaine barely set it on fire, whispering how heavy the armor was.

At the beginning of the fire, the sound of the book was heard.

Bang, bang, bang!

When the referee shakes his hand in the air, the wizards mark the time limit in the air.

[10: 00: 00]

It was the beginning of a virtual war.

The nobles who were looking at the horoscope groaned.

"The first dropout is probably Dublin Young Lover……."

It was when someone murmured like that.

LeBlaine, who clasped the chord, shoved a sword at Hayton's neck in a single breath.


It was when the boy who threw away the heavy helmet looked at Hayton and laughed.

Dubled's soldiers, who were hiding in the square, appeared at a time and wrapped themselves around Hayton and LeBlaine.

The nobles open their mouths to the extraordinary attack of the child who was the first to be eliminated.

* * *

When I shoved the sword in my eyes, the whitewashed Hayton told me.

"What have you done from the beginning……! It's customary to attack after returning to the camp!"

"It's customary. It's not a rule, is it?"

I learned it as a beggar.

Pre-Bread Win.

Fighting is about winning.

'I can't let you go on the battlefield.'