Hayton shouts, supported by evil.

"It's just a threat! Dublin's infancy can't hurt me! Come on, let's attack."

His screaming face hardened. It was going to be under my chin. Because I just cut it.

[Crying] And from the inside of the neck to five centimetres deep, it's a fatal injury. If you're going to make a threat, it's safe to cut inside four centimeters from the end of the jaw.]

Thinking of Ishaq's words, I laughed, Hihee.

'Well done, me! It's only three centimeters from the tip of the jaw.'

Hayton looks at me with an unbelievable look.

"You, you...!"

[You don't have to answer. The silence is scarier than what the opponent says.]

After laughing without saying a word, Henri's advice made Hayton think and swallowed up the drool.

Valois' soldiers did not approach. I glanced at the rocks in the air, and again I turned my gaze to Valois' soldiers and shouted like a child.

"You're the Sully. Count to 100 and chase me!"

Speaking in a humorous voice, I could only hear the sound of Valois soldiers bursting into their clothes.

The participant, the noble refrainers, was right-handed. It was because I didn't expect to have a marriage from the beginning.

Dubled's Boy Soldier pointed a sword at Hayton's eyes instead of mine, and another soldier hugged me and quickly splashed on the statue.

The area where the Virtual War was taking place was already easy to move by removing all the people.

Then I went to a building that had been pre-checked and walked to lock the door.

I knocked my shoulders out of the arms of the soldiers.


The armor is too heavy.

In virtualized warfare, the use of unauthorized horse-drawn tools was strictly limited, so even children could not wear light and safe armor.

"Let's take it off."

It's too heavy to walk. I think I'll get caught by the other person by trying to stop an arrow.

When I touched the armor strap, our soldiers, who were eager, jumped.

"You're hurt."


"The spider of my nails... …!"

Then I tied the rope hard again.

"…… Why do you keep talking about the raspberry?"

The soldiers looked at each other and swallowed up the drool. Some told me how terribly intimidated my father and my brothers were before the Virtual War by crying out their hands and feet.

"I'd rather go to a real war."

I said with a trembling expression.

"Don't cry because I'm going to kick your ass....."


During a few words of light conversation, Hayton squawks.

"In Dublin, you teach your children how to be mean!"

I opened my eyes in circles and looked at him.

"How did you know?"

Hayton's face twitches as I brazenly confront him. I smiled.

"But if I was mean, wouldn't I be a contributor? You hid the soldiers, too."


"When you tried to move to the camp, you tried to kidnap me."

Hayton's face hardened.

'I knew it, man.'

I smiled deeply and tightened the rope that the soldiers had hung on Hayton.

"Stay here. Do you understand?"

Then the blind spot is mine!

* * *

Valois' soldiers scoured the area of Virtual War.

The soldiers of LeBlaine and Dubled, who took Hayton and threw him away, were rarely seen.

"There are no stores."

"All that's left is Deschon Street and Mount Assis. Shall we search?"

Carrox, the commander of the Valois Army, has his teeth and tongue full.

"Mount Assis is where our camp is. We've been setting up barracks since the start of the Virtual War, so there's no need for that."

"So it's Dechon Street, too."

"Yeah, you can't use a bomb."

"The building is dense, so if you do something wrong, it could collapse and cause casualties."

'No way I expected that.'

Who the hell is that?

Is there anyone in Dubled's army who knows how to use his head?

It's not going to come out of the head of a young girl who's not ten years old.

Carrox narrows his eyes slowly after checking the map.

"Yes, if the Islands are to be seen, we must not lose the palm of our hands."

The Dubled Islands are mostly marshals and adults. If it's not a virtual war, it's definitely the best knights, but they can't participate in a virtual war.

'There was no native of the Islands on the Dublin Military List, which Cardinal Dublin secretly grasped.'

At present, the soldiers of Balois who participated in the Virtual War were the only ones raised in the Temple who had trained for the Virtual War for several years and were natives of the Islands.

Carrox, who touched the sharp head of the map, spilled the real picks.

"There aren't many good places to hide on Deschon Street."

Valois' soldiers quickly moved to the straw building that Carox had built.

"As expected, I feel popular underground."

Carrox, with his eyes open, said:


'It was a game in the first place that wasn't the opponent.'

Now I'm confused with an unexpected casualty, but the plate will flip as soon as I find Hayton.

The soldiers of Valois opened the door of the cellar at the same time.

And you are.

[I thought you were here. Idiots!]

"…… what is this!"

A piece of paper was attached to the column-tied jeepugi doll. It was a crooked child's writing.

"Damn it!!"

Carrox shrieks with a pinch of medicine.

That time, the Imperial Palace.

Elasticity flowed everywhere.

"Oh, my God. Mount Assis, not Dechon Street!"

Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of. "

"A nine-year-old had such a backlash…."

In addition, LeBlaine is now descending from the mouth of the Assyrian Mountain, accurately measuring the travel time of the Valois army.

Hayton was dragged around with nothing to do.

People stare at the Duke of Valois. Before the start of the Virtual War, the arrogant face was blurred with contempt and anger.

'That filthy girl...!'

He shouts at Duke Dubled as he lowers the table.

"Where is this nonsense! You attacked as soon as the sacrament was over!"

"I got a start signal and I moved."

"No matter how much this...!"

Duke Dubled looked at Duke Valois with an imaginary expression.

"It is the difference between those who are prepared for attack and those who are not. My daughter just came up with the best defense against the attack. Wherever the rules say you must not attack after the sacrament."

Henri and Ishaque laughed and said, "That's right, Father." I said to myself,

And then it was.

"Oh my God!!"

The surroundings began to become noisy. Ishaq's face hardened.

Nine of the participating families surrounded the Dubled Army and LeBlaine at the entrance to the mountain.

[Hand over the Valois Confucius.]

Marquis Hademos' son pointed at the sword and said:

Hayton Valois was captured by LeBlaine as soon as he began. I had time to talk to other participants.

However, when the Baloic army was unable to rescue Hayton, other families besieged the forest and pressured Dubled's soldiers, meaning that they had dealt smuggling beforehand.

And I found Hayton, who didn't even find Valois's soldiers.

It means that the nobles and Hayton who shared the covenants can send and receive signals.

"Does the Valois have a Communication Stone?"

John looked at Duke Valois with a dry expression. The duc coughs and leaves the body.

"No way. My son cannot mobilize unauthorized horse-drawn equipment."

Henri, who was watching the horoscope, burst into laughter.

It was driven to the palace and used the last resort.

"There was someone else who was really mean."

"Be careful what you say!"

Ishaq shook his tongue.

'It bothers me.'

Nasty, sleazy Hayton Valois made a pact with the restraints of the Nine.

Number of participants who are very few in the majority.

If you formally dispute Hayton's objections, you won't be able to avoid punishment, either.

This will end the Virtual War. In this virtual war, even the Emperor's plan to create and display the royal guard will become a bubble.

'It's almost like that, but even if I have a formal objection, I can't hear you properly.'

Yuyamu, you'll get over it.

Ishak looks at Henri, who is rolling a dice in his hand with a cool expression.

"What do we do? I'm going to flip."

"I'm thinking."

But it was then.

LeBlaine in the horoscope covered her mouth with a sheep's fist and laughed.

It wasn't the look on the child's face.

And you are.


When LeBlaine blows the whistle, the rope descends to where Dubled's soldiers are.

Exactly ten of LeBlaine and Dubled's military causes, so eleven ropes.

As they grabbed the rope, someone pulled them over the mountain.

"The rest of Dubled's soldiers!"

The remaining ten, except for the military column that took Hayton.

Ishaq opened his eyes and said,

"Wasn't the other half looking for a hand?"

Henri and John also looked at the horoscope with a firm face.

At that time, a strong water gushed down the mountain like a flood.

"I destroyed the dam!"

When someone shouts, Duke Valois raises his body.


On the mountain, a boy with blue hair with a robe appeared. The arm was hung with a relaxation that meant he was a captain.

LeBlaine shouts.


One of four articles.

Tactical genius.

Articles of incorporation.

Later, the name of Zakari, the strongest escort called LeBlaine Reset Dubled's last line of defense, rang out for the first time.