Zakari pulls me down the rope late.

"I'm sorry I'm late."

I climbed up the mountain and looked down.

Under the mountain, the submerged soldiers and participants were sitting on the throne.

We watched the participants and their soldiers sweep around the water for a long time.

And I almost became a chopstick and rescued it like I was fishing. It was because if you kill a person as a rule of virtual warfare, you immediately drop it.

The enchanted enemy tied them together by a rope and threw them over the tree.

All the soldiers of the Alliance family are under siege, and the contestants who are not here cannot save the contestants, so they have lost and lost.

Hayton put it in a pit.

The sun is going down, and the wild beasts are going around.

Others are on trees, but there is a possibility of wild animals approaching Hayton in shallow pits. She'll probably have to drop less until the qualifying period is over.

I shook Falang Falang's hand toward Hayton, who was stuck in a pit screaming.


Hey! Hey!

Hayton looks at me smiling brightly and makes a scream.

"You... just... leave me alone!!"

I was swept away by the water with a fragile body, and I laughed, Hehe, when I saw him who could not speak properly.

After finishing the job, I went to find a relaxing paddle.

After destroying ten families, including Valois, on Mount Assis, the rest of the participants did not intend to battle because they were afraid that we had taken care of the nine families.

"Found it."

It was hidden in a monument of the Founding Emperor on Deschon Street.

I checked the golden falcon, the symbol of the Emperor, and smiled widely.

"Then let's go break the rest of the paddles!"

If other participants can't find the defeat, then there will be fewer main participants.

This will make the tournament less likely to win at least once.

When I had a mean look on my face, our soldiers said, "Yes!" I said.

Of course, it wasn't easy to break a hand. Because the rest of the participants have desperately resisted.

They mostly targeted me.

My knights in the Virtual War consisted of Dublin, the most brilliant boy soldier in the world, with no family or personality at all.

Because the equipment was too heavy to handle all of them, it was much easier to target me, a stumbling nine-year-old.

But no one approached me.

Luckily, even if he defeated other soldiers, he could not cross the mountain called Zakari.

* * *

The nobles gathered in the Imperial Palace, looking at the horoscope, burst into resilience.

"Who's the author?"

"The name of the list is Andy Zakari. It's a name I've never heard of."

A talent like me was hiding in the field.

Zakari was certainly dazzling among Dubled's knights, who only hire soldiers with skill.

The opposing faction's soldiers had no access to LeBlaine. After stopping him, he fell down like a matchbook in front of Zakari.

Strength of wielding a huge spear at once, a two-handed spear unsuitable for ultra-near combat, and a skill that doesn't push enemies against inspectors. There was nothing short of a brain reading combat at at speed.

Moreover, even though he was still a teenager, the nobles and young infants who were already close to completion sighed sadly.

"This is an example of an article."


When I saw the people moaning like they were suffering, some shouted with an unworthy expression.

"Are you sure you're under the age of 17? No matter how much you look at it, it doesn't look like it's still growing."

In the horror of such words, Marquis Beryl's accomplice in battle with Leblane's army said.

[Rain, coward! Where are you taking an adult out before you go virtual?]

[17] That's right. Eighteen in four months.]

LeBlaine was an unfair expression.

Beryl Confucius shouts.

[Lie! You're old!]

[It's just old age!]

Why do you want to kill my baby?

At the end of the following day, Grand Lady Camilla smiled and said to Duke Dublred:

"Did you hide the secret weapon?"

If I'm a good escort, I can be reassured.

"All the soldiers who participated in the Virtual War were borrowed by my daughter."

I was surprised to see Zakari's skills, as was Dubled's brushes.

In the first place, Zakari was not a prominent man.

I often cared because LeBlaine told Leah to train him, but that's all.

I didn't know he was so good at it, so Dublin's three officials didn't want Zachari to be the boss.

The three princes recommended him as commander was Zion, son of Seylen, commander of the Islands. LeBlaine insisted that it must be Zachariah, so he was forced to accept it.

I was going to get rid of LeBlaine Zachari without even knowing it when the war was over.

"I guess the infant had eyes for talent."

The goddess also said, "Ho……." I spilled elasticity.

The army of the Lebanese Army was astonishing.

You instantly defeat each opponent with a stunning precept and skill based on Zakari.

The virtues of this virtual war were entirely with Zakari.

Of course, the nine-year-old LeBlaine, who abused him and had remarkable judgement in areas beyond tactics, left a strong impression on people.

Duke Valois's face became more and more fistful.

While LeBlaine was flying in the Virtual War, Hayton was still shaking in the pit.

'Damn it, damn it...!'

Balua's plan to re-leap to the beginning of the Virtual War became a bubble.

The face of the Cardinal who watched the virtual battle beside the Emperor was also fierce.

Faced with the cardinal's gaze, Duke Valois bowed his head like a dog with a scratched tail.

'Bitch to tear and kill.'

His bloody eyes were filled with rage.

The total number of defeats found by LeBlaine right before the end of the time limit is eight.

The number of families entering the main line is all three.

LeBlaine found defeat at the shortest time of all virtual wars, and won the most spectacular event in nearly a hundred years.

The two families who entered the main line were defeated and the winning family came to the finish with LeBlaine.

* * *

After the qualifying banquet.

It was a banquet designed to celebrate the main players, but today's main character was me and Zakari.

In particular, Jakari received the attention of the incumbent knights, including the Central Knights and the Imperial Knights. I didn't expect to leave him until the nobles who were knighted there.

"Now, give my blessing to the newly emerging hero."

"I beg your pardon. Drinking during escort is against the military decree."

After biting even the remnants of the powerful, he received the cup that the young connoisseur gave shy.

"Are people discriminating?" With a joke, "he replied.

"It is the Lord's command not to embarrass the hands of children and women."

The central knight commander laughed when he saw that the Lord's orders preceded mine, rather than the military's.

"The baby has a great story. You borrowed him yourself?"

"I was lucky!"

The knights laughed when I was jealous.

"You're all humble."

Zakari nodded gracefully, and people favored a new skill that was progressive and humble.

After enjoying the banquet for some time, me and my knights left the chairmanship on the pretext of preparing the main line.

After returning to the mansion, I entered the strategic room designed for the Virtual War with Zakari.

As soon as I got in, Zakari.....


I hit the wall puck, puck, puck.

'You coward.'

Unlike five years ago, Zakari grew unknowingly.

The body matured beyond adolescence, giving it a relaxed interior flavor, and the voice that was close to aesthetics became low and firm.

But there's only one thing that hasn't changed.

This monkey.

"I deliberately dropped the rope off Mount Assis earlier!"

Zakari smiled as I glanced at him.

"That's how my presence kills me."

I looked up at him with an absurd expression. Growing up for a long time, he was now as big as his father and had to look up high.

"My heart almost snapped!"

I thought my heart was popping out of my mouth in case something went wrong.

Zakari smiled.

"It was a hot shot."

"I don't know about that, but I think Leah's breasts are getting hot."

Then Zachariah raises his mouth.

"Now that I'm part of your escort, you can't lose."



He screamed.


Someone enters the strategic room and kicks Zakari's ledge.

It was an inevitably quick move.



Leah looked at Zakari with her cold eyes and said, 'I thought I'd be right.' I nodded with a face.

"Why are you hitting me! No, you can't hit him now!"

I opened my arms to Leah with a smile, and she embraced me.

I said to Zakari in my arms to Leah.

"Why can't you hit me? Leah's your boss now?"


Zakari, who was yelling like that, rushed to say "……" when Leah opened her eyes? "and gave him credit.

"Leah is now my escort general. I came back here."

Leah was invisible while she was in the Islands because of her training to return to the Territory and Islands.

Instead of Leah, Laura and the three maids took care of me mainly for the same reason.

Leah said to Zakari with a dry expression.

"I didn't teach him properly, so I hurt my baby. Zakari, bring me my wand. I have to fight."


"Bring it."

Zakari, whose face was fisted, stretched his shoulders and headed out of the barracks. Go get Leah's clubs.

I rubbed Leah's cheek and laughed.

"When did you get here? Can't we go to territory now?"

Leah smiles.

"Training is over. I now have a baby by my side."

I can't believe I turned these territorial creatures into sinful stubble. That was Leah's own test.


When I shout, Leah rubs my eyes with a hand.

"I'll help you prepare the mainline. Princess Shuhail and Princess Ragnar entered the mainline, right?"

"Yes, my brothers will probably be in the finals with Prince Schuheil."

"Even the Shuhail Islands, but the Confucius itself is a brilliant knight. Those of that age will be the only ones who have the skills, other than the Jakarina Masters."

I jumped out of Leah's arms.

"The main line is more likely to be a horse race."

"Well done. Isn't that special to Zakari?"

"Yeah, thank God."

As I was talking, Zachari came in with Leah's clubs. It was when he crossed the rod with a gloomy expression.

Leah grabs his hand with a stiff face.

"Since when did you……."


"When did you express Auror?"

What did you say?

I was surprised and looked at Leah.

'No way.'

Before the qualifying period, when the court wizards validated the articles, he clearly did not express his opinions.

Zakari has just begun his training as he is about to enter his adolescence, so it is not time to express it yet.

'It must have been expressed during the qualifying period.'

I looked up at Zakari with a firm face.

'Something went wrong.'

User is not allowed to enter.

If Zakari falls off the mainline, the win is too much!