Zakari in the preliminary round was clearly different from the other soldiers, no matter who saw him.

Those who have watched the Virtual War have heard the rumors, and even those who have not suffered his misfortune will feel a crisis.

Schuheil's soldiers did. They were astonished.

'It's worth it.'

I only knew in the morning that even our soldiers would put Zakari in.

[You didn't say that you have ears on the wall.]

It was Zakari's word.

Agreed. It is useless to watch out for people outside the family in the system. There's also a rumored gull in the mansion.

I was particularly well aware of the rumors that Lora received from other employers of the family.

Not only our soldiers, but also the Imperial Palace, which was notified of Jakari's input, immediately before the Virtual War, came to verify the results. So how embarrassing is the Shuhail army?

Zachari, who ran on horseback, swung a huge spear and destroyed the advance of the Shuhail army that surrounded the building.

"Avoid it!"

He shouted!! Broke into the window with a sound and hugged me.

I looked at him with a ridiculous look.

There is no reason to break into the middle of the enemy window and save me.

Zakari is clever, so there's no way he knows how inefficient and dangerous this is.

Looking out the window, the new footage was floating on top of the building where we were trapped.

So this.....

'It's all about making me look good on my own.'

I stared at him with cold eyes.

"This has got to be more of a hit on Leah."

"Please tell me that you believed that you would save me if I went outside."

Even the ambassador he designated laughed.

"How are you going to get out!"

"We have an operation."

I heard a tremendous sound from afar before he finished speaking, and a scream burst out.

"Argh! It's a monster from Mount Redgers!"


I was surprised and looked at Zakari.

"Mount Redgers isn't a virtual war zone. Did you come out?"

"No way. I dragged him in."


"I was starving before the Virtual War. I've sprinkled pig blood and chicken blood that monsters love over here. Let the hungry come in."

"Isn't that against the rules...?"

"It's not called a horse tool, but as a rule everything within the Virtual War zone is available. What's wrong?"

.... That's how it is.

Mount Red Gus is adjacent to Dubled, so it is difficult to solve the problem when 'Dubled's soldiers tried to defeat the nearsighted monsters to protect the mansion before the Virtual War'.

"Above all, who would dispute with us that Duke Dubled is standing behind his back?"

I'm the one who made Duke Dubled his father, and Zakari uses it more.

I shake my head, and Zakari shouts out the window.


Our soldiers, with their pockets in their pockets, threw it at the Shuhail Army like a ball.

Puck! Puck!

Every time a pouch flies out of the Shuhail Army, it flies.

Chicken blood and pig blood! '

The monsters are aiming for the bloody Shuhail army, and they flee in flames.

Zachari came out of that gap, and he snapped his window! I jumped over and headed towards our troops.

The Shuhail army, on the other hand, had to run like crazy to avoid monsters, and in the end, they were exhausted by their health.

There were some who fought in the middle, but it was not enough.

Individuals classified as monsters, not beasts, cannot be dealt with as ordinary weapons.

You can only decorate or defeat the Punitive Army that contains Magistrates or Shrines.

There will also be a Magician over there, but it is natural that he is weaker in battle than the Knights. There will be no sorcerer who will be foolishly alone in a situation where the electric line is completely collapsed and not protected.

Our soldiers giggled and watched the exhausted Shuhail army.

As a rule, I went out in the middle because they should not die.

* * *

"Oh my God....."

The nobles who saw the horoscope shed their resilience.

No one focuses on one screen.

In the screen, a young lady, about half a dozen articles, drew a starter.

The Dubled Army had a strong bond with the Shuhail Army. The perfect defense gave LeBlaine plenty of time to start, and the empty jeans were immense and delicate.

"Is it possible at that age?"

The Emperor asked the court wizard. The wizard swallows dried saliva.

"It's the only thing I know."

The chairman calmed down, and someone muttered.

"Child of Destiny……."

Daughter of God who will protect the Empire.

Who the hell called him a fake?

He's just a lucky kid who can't use his divine power. Who's the ignorant greeter?

People looked at the cardinal who had caused a beeping as soon as a starter in the air arose.

The Cardinal's eyes, which were not agitated at any moment, were shaking nicely.

After a few words of whispering with the undertaking, he immediately left the position. It was clear that the destination would be the diocese. To announce that the child of destiny, whom they considered to be a fake, was the daughter of the real god Gizil.

So far, everything has been going according to LeBlaine's plan.

LeBlaine, who chased out the monster, stared at the glittering stone in the air.

'Even if I wage an all-out war with Valois, I won't be able to stand by my eyes in the temple.'

Think about whether it's real or fake. Just like I did in my first life.

'As long as you don't catch the reed, I will beat Valois.'

LeBlaine smiles in the clear.

Afterwards, the Lebanese army captured all the Shuhail forces who had lost their horses and lacked health.

It was a perfect victory.

It was the moment when the youngest winner of all virtual wars was born.

* * *

Four days after winning the Virtual War.

Me and the 20 soldiers who participated in the Virtual War marched through the system and showed off their usefulness.


"Zakari! The strongest boy knight!"

The only thing that stood out was Zakari.

He held on to this humble and progressive attitude, despite the recognition of his skill.

Many are skilled, but very few are skilled. And that person is always popular. Zakari's popularity rises to the sky.

"Huge…… Puchup…… Cook……."

I don't even know what a penny is.

"People will listen."

Speaking quietly, Zachari straightens her mouth and straightens her back. But his eyes were so flattering.

After the march, our soldiers had the honour of receiving the Moon Warrior from the Imperial Knight Commander, and I, the participant.....

"The emergence of a new hero in the Empire!"

The Emperor put on the Moon Palace himself.

He smiles and knocks on his shoulder.

"Come to the Imperial Palace often. Jim has a lot of questions for you."

"It's an honor, Your Majesty!"

I laughed bitterly.

Afterwards, I had a winning party in my dad's hall.

The party was prepared by my aunt, so I could see how luxurious it was only after I entered the hall.


I looked at the rich man behind me with a slightly bored face, so I looked at my aunt.

"More than 2,000 francs a bottle of ultra-expensive liquor……."

"My God, that chandelier is a real jewel."

It was much more spectacular than the palace party.

"Aunt, thank you."

When I said it, my aunt smiled.

"Go make fun of yourself."

Then I pointed to the garden, and the young noble children who had entered before me forgot their dignity and said, "Horrolo!!" Yay, yay! "" I heard him scream with joy.

I wanted to do something. When I left, the belly shaped instrument was joyfully rocking back and forth.

It was not the only instrument I had ever seen. Afterwards, afterwards, backwards, backwards….

How much did you spend on the party? '

Three times in my life, I felt like my whole body was sinking with blood.

But thanks to the massive expenditure of money, the guest shrieked. Everyone was enjoying the party with an excited expression.

The goddess Camilla, who is not very good at these parties, also brought me nobles and infants.

"Congratulations, baby."

The goddess who said that kissed my cheek, and I kissed her cheek too.

"Thank you, godmother!"

Others also gave congratulations.


"Hello, baby."

"Long time no see. I'm happy to congratulate you."

Surrounded by sweet little ladies, I wrap my cheeks around my feet with both hands.

'Beautiful, nice.....'

Why are peers so cute? I was really happy when a four-year-old girl who was still lactating handed me a bunch of flowers.


"Thank you!"


'It's been..... Cute.....'

I was flattered when I enjoyed the Glug Glug Party with my peers.

'This is not the time.'

Today's objective is the Duke of Valois. There must have been a reason for him to compare his intentions to participate in an unavoidable party.

I'm looking at the chairman with the eyes of a hawk....

"Hello, Young-ae."

"Nice to meet you, baby."

"Do you remember me?"

A group of boys came to me.

Unlike when I was an infant, I roughly said, "Oh, yes……." I was looking into the chairman with my own eyes, "he replied.

"Would you give me the honor of kissing the back of your hand?"

"Yes……. Yes?"

I hesitated to answer and stared at a snack with a bunch of acne like a tall, growing boy.

He's a Derivative. '

The son of Earl Deriver.

So it was Edgar Schuhale's cousin, who was the finalist, and Niels Valois' best friend.

Neil's friends don't have the right person, and neither does Deriver.

I like alcohol, I like gambling and I like women.

Especially on the female side.

"I felt like watching a virtual war. I took away my heart from you, who was exceptionally beautiful. Please, next time on the lips, not the back of the hand...."

It was when the Deriver master grabbed my hand in slow motion.

The chairman was present and the hosts of the party I was familiar with appeared.

So John, Henri, Ishaq, and Dad.

Soon they found me, who was beating the chairman. And I saw the Deriver Confucius who grabbed my hand.